Go! Why shouldn’t I sell all my ETFs/stocks and double the size of my crypto portfolio? |

Why shouldn’t I sell all my ETFs/stocks and double the size of my crypto portfolio?

2021.04.20 02:35 thelastmemebenderrrr Why shouldn’t I sell all my ETFs/stocks and double the size of my crypto portfolio?

I’m 24, employed finance student, fairly fiscally stable, with about $25k CAD in very reasonable government student loan debt (aka I prefer high risk for higher growth potential).
In January I started learning about blockchain and invested $1.5k in BTC/ETH (80/20) and $1.8k in a variety of mid-high risk ETF’s and stocks. I’ve still got a ton to learn but I recently added some XLM, XRP and XMR to my crypto portfolio.
Since January my crypto is up roughly 30% while my ETFs/stocks are down -14%. Especially considering the recent dip, I want to cut my losses in my ETF’s and moving all my savings into crypto. Can anyone give me a good reason not to.
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2021.04.20 02:35 CyborgAirlinePirate Amazon literally is anti-union lmao

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2021.04.20 02:35 Nafedalbi Lego Woodland Mansion

It was a texturepack, but imagine what a killer set this could be.
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2021.04.20 02:35 Aubrey-David woke up and i feel broken

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2021.04.20 02:35 philcollins9543 VOTE THIS UP - Thee green are LIVE BILLBOARDS Across the Country 🚀🚀🚀🚀 People need to know 🚀🚀🚀🚀

VOTE THIS UP - Thee green are LIVE BILLBOARDS Across the Country 🚀🚀🚀🚀 People need to know 🚀🚀🚀🚀
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2021.04.20 02:35 indyglo Easy $25 Signup Bonus right now with Rakuten (previously $10; U.S., Canada offer) 💰

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2021.04.20 02:35 MooseMoves Hope someone else can find a laugh in my poor luck. I excitedly opened the box to find...TWO RIGHT FEET! 😂

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2021.04.20 02:35 TransTrent How to organize and archive content when you shoot on two iphones and a camera

I have such a difficult time archiving my content. I shoot, schedule, and keep it moving, and now that I’m a few months in it’s like oh shit I have very little to no system. I’m trying to re-sell content on other sites but it’s incredibly time consuming finding and reposting the content.
Any archival/organization system tips? Particularly keeping track of videos, video descriptions, captions, and teaser pics. Thanks!
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2021.04.20 02:35 Glum-Particular4417 Dont do it

Hold and buy new. Dont pull out
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2021.04.20 02:35 Mariaoia shake it like shakespeare

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2021.04.20 02:35 MysterZapster I dont get the bolter discipline it says double but rapid fire is already double so if a rapid fire 1 weapon have the conditions required it does 4 attacks?

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2021.04.20 02:35 dogsuffrage [LF] Stones, wishlist [FT] NMT, Sanrio items

Hello! Here is my wishlist , but I am especially looking for the following:

For Sanrio items, I have to limit to 5 per trade (all are available). I was thinking basically 2 stacks of stones or 1 stack of mushrooms per Sanrio (so 2 garden rocks or 1 tall garden rock, etc.).
I can also offer NMT and can take a peek at your wish! Let me know if you’re interested and what kind of pricing you’re looking for. Thank you!
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2021.04.20 02:35 hotsausce01 Magnet Forensics IPO

Magnet - Please don’t get too big for the small forensic guys.
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2021.04.20 02:35 ItsPlucky Visiting San Marcos, what places to visit?

Suggest me some cool places!
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2021.04.20 02:35 Ossit Late night in October

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2021.04.20 02:35 Thefilthycasual85 Dumb Noob Question

I am a dumb PS5 noob who just picked this up when it went into open beta. How in the literal hell do I switch to my tank weapons? I hit triangle to switch to whatever my secondary cannon is, it shows the triangle icon next to said ammo type, but then fires the other weapon slot. Are actual tank shells a level unlock?
Now don’t go all UppEr CaSe MeMe on me here, I’m not well versed in my WWII weaponry and machines, maybe the starter tank only has small caliber guns to start, but I just want some actual artillery with my tank.
For only 100 words or less, you too can support a poor, struggling noob. With each donation we will send you a picture of your adopted noob, and a small plaque commemorating the moment in which your noob emerges from his/her shell to reach his/her full potato status 🥔
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2021.04.20 02:35 DidNotTryAvcadoToast Recently discovered the name of this song and it had me legit crying man this shit was good

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2021.04.20 02:35 AssassinDiablo4 Who would win

Batman or Moon Knight
I personally think moon knight because he’s been show to be more brutal than Batman and has great combat abilities, but what do you guys think?
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2021.04.20 02:35 BergHeimDorf UNC Kenan Flagler ($$$$) vs USC Marshall ($$)

Hey everyone, this process has been a long, emotional roller coaster and I've learned to make peace with my past. I applied to schools last year as well and only got waitlisted, this year I finally have 2 solid offers that I'm truly grateful for. I'm deciding between UNC vs. USC and would love to get some outside opinions. Finance isn't a huge factor right now, USC offered 50K and I've got a full-ride fellowship at UNC but I may be able to transfer to USC so I'm working on that asap. Long term goal is going into tech some sort of strategy or operations role, I really don't care for the hot product manager roles, just want to find something at FAANG. Would love to hear from students at either program about the tech recruiting culture.
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2021.04.20 02:35 Available-Arugula193 @brainstormrn are they even real?

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2021.04.20 02:35 pythonapster [Amazon] 3M N95 Particulate Respirator, 9010, (Box of 50 Respirators), Amazon $39.30

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2021.04.20 02:35 cryptoxbc Guy tries feed fish with bait in his mouth...gets knocked out

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2021.04.20 02:35 iMazin77 69 days streak on 4/20 with 420 daily average cards, what a time to be alive!

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2021.04.20 02:35 Jaydee166 Fuck You

If you’re under 25 years old — or an immature 30-plus — I’m about to set your ass straight. So, listen up. Your music is fucking garbage. There, I said it. Mindless crap. Eardrum-bursting, dagger-in-the-eyes, ass-bagging, blow your fucking brains out — unadulterated dog shit. That pretty much sums up the type of music that’s popular with today’s young people. Listen, you stupid sons of bitches. I’m talking at you. I’m your elder. My opinion demands respect. Your music hasn’t got life. It’s fucking dead. Your music is void of humanity. It’s as fake as a porn queen’s orgasm. There’s no soul. It’s tripe. It’s a carp in the sea of music. The stuff you listen to was created by fucking machines. Today’s “artists” — there’s an oxymoron — don’t even need to know how to play musical instruments or sing. In other words, no fucking talent whatsoever is needed to succeed today in music. You heard me. No. Talent. Whatsoever. And, I’m fucking sick of it because the current generation is taking the gold we gave you and dragging it into a sewer. Listen up, you little pricks. I’m not stuck in some kind of classic rock time warp. Fact is, I expose myself to many different kinds of music. I give all music a chance. Even the techno-trash littering the modern music scene is something I’ve tried to digest, which I found to be like choking down a plate of raw oysters laced with salmonella. It would be nice to enjoy fresh musical acts. I want to hear new songs. I like some young people, especially when they get my order right. But real music is written and performed by humans, not a fucking computer program linked up to a laser show. Fact: The more fancy gadgets and distractions you need, the most your music just flat out sucks. Music should convey some sense of humanity — who we are, and what we feel. I know that’s a hard concept to digest since your idea of a relationship is picking up a new Twitter follower. Where’s the love and romance in the mind-numbing rubbish that’s played at most nightclubs? Is there any conveyance pain and loss? Or pride and joy? How about playing a catchy tune that’s just fun to sing along with? Is that too much to fucking ask? I don’t expect to like everything that’s new. As an amateur observer of the human condition, I freely acknowledge that successive generations are obliged to a continuation of the species which sometimes entails pushing boundaries and violating the preferences of their elders. History shows the more radically different one generation is from one to the next, the greater degree of innovations are sparked from such permutations. Music is just one by-product of inevitable cultural and technological shifts, sometimes mislabeled as advances. Yes, yes, yes! New music should piss off plenty of parents and leathery jokers like me. At least I’ll accept “cultural evolution” as being inevitable, and necessary. If you don’t believe this, take a look at the past century. Nearly a hundred years ago, traditional musicians hated a new sound called jazz. Later, jazz loyalists despised rock n’ roll and even the early sound of Motown. After that, the rockers hated disco music. Then, just about everyone hated New Wave and the 1980’s. Next came rap music which irritated everyone over the age of 30. Now, it’s hip hop and something called dubstep, which is essentially music made by computers and sound-making software. This garbage makes rap sound like fucking Amadeus. There’s a reason this “music” is used as a weapon on suspected terrorists, forcing them to wear earphones and being bombarded with such abuse for hours. I’m not making this up. This is the brain-frying shit they put on the headphones and strap to the ears of prisoners who are handcuffed behind their backs and sit naked in jail cells while they are forced to endure this madness. I’d rather blow my fucking brains out, and if I ever did managed to get out, I’d be running off to join the nearest terrorist cell in order to extract my revenge. I know what you’re thinking. You want to go after my music. You want to blast away at me. Go ahead, fuckers. See if you can top what I like at the conclusion of this article. You’re drawing so fucking dead you should even be in my game. So, what constitutes real music? Here’s a list of things I believe to be essential. REAL MUSIC DEFINED BY NOLAN DALLA: (1) Real music is created by humans, not by a machine or a computer. (2) Real music has structure and consistency. (3) Real music elicits real emotions — of love, loss, anger, fear, happiness, hope, inspiration, or anything related to the gambit of being human. (4) Real music requires talent. (5) Real music requires instruments and/or voices. (6) Real music should be cross generational. (7) Real music shouldn’t need gadgets or special effects to be enjoyed. When one of those fucking machines creates a sound that can somehow match this magical majesty, then give me a call. Until then, don’t label what you listen to as “music.” It’s not music. It’s garbage.
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