Go! Truscum similar to neo nazi? Also maybe if you don't have a good counter argument there's a reason for that..... |

Truscum similar to neo nazi? Also maybe if you don't have a good counter argument there's a reason for that.....

2021.02.28 15:04 reddit-rat- Truscum similar to neo nazi? Also maybe if you don't have a good counter argument there's a reason for that.....

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2021.02.28 15:04 TheDailyNick SpongeBob Music: Hillbilly Tension Build

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2021.02.28 15:04 illuminaty001 2020 be like:

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2021.02.28 15:04 wariobidness Пёсик Slang Translation?

Hi All,
So, this new short little clip by "Sqwoz Bab" Has the following words:
Я на подскоке, пёсик
Обкашлаям вопросик.
Ya na podskókye, pyosik
Obkashláyem voprócik.
I'm guessing there is slang here that I don't know, is anyone familiar with it?
Specifically, на подскоке would translate to "on a skip/jump". I'm not sure if that's right.
пёсик, is the maybe like saying "dog" to refer to a friend? Literally small dog. Some sources I read said translate like a low-life, "person who is ready to do low deeds at any time."
Обкашлаям, I think I understand the to be just a cool way of saying "to speak"? Literally, to cough out, cough up?
вопросик, "small question," I'm guessing just to get the rhyme.
Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@striplfren/video/6927520718032751873
Thanks for any help!
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2021.02.28 15:04 Seeker-of-Christ How to tell if you are studying the Bible with Shincheonji (SCJ)

How to tell if you are studying the Bible with Shincheonji (SCJ)
- The Bible study group you were invited to starts of with introductory lessons, which are followed by small class lessons (about 6 to 9 months), which would be followed by large class lessons (about one year and requires an interview)
- The Bible study group has teachers and students and is in a classroom format
- The Bible study group mentions about "history, moral teaching/instruction, prophecy, fulfillment" in any of their lessons
- The people who invite you to their Bible study group use clever recruitment tactics such as talking about research projects on believers, finding communities of believers in Christ, or a Bible study that explains the Bible in simple terms or makes the Bible make sense when they first meet you either on Zoom or another video call platform, by the phone, or in person
- The name of the Bible study group is not initially revealed to you
- Conversations with recruiters and many other members of the Bible study group seem to be fake
- The members of the Bible study group merely say that their group is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any church if you are not an official member of Shincheonji
- The Bible study group is heavy on parables, especially on knowing and understanding the parables (called the "Language of Heaven" by SCJ), and teach that one must know and understand the parables to receive salvation
- The teachers of the group draw pictures and write notes on a whiteboard or on a piece of paper which explain various topics they teach in each lesson
- They especially talk about spiritual harvesting, fruits, leaves, branches, vines, fields, spiritual food, seeds, birds, among other things, in their lessons
- They claim to go over the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, but only show snippets of Bible verses and passages in their lessons
- They talk about obedience and works, and teach that one cannot be sure they had faith or were saved until they do everything that Jesus said in the Bible
- All recruiters and teachers are initially nice to you until you show signs of doubt or confusion over various beliefs and teachings of their Bible study group, or if you're a follower of Christ, you point out to them that they their Bible study group could be teaching unbiblical things or you try to teach them the truth but they don't really listen to you
- Discussions with teachers and other members of the Bible study group and asking them questions about what they believe, especially about what Scripture teaches or about various theological and spiritual concepts, are not really encouraged unless you agree with everything that members of the Bible study group you were invited to are teaching you
- If you're a follower of Christ, the members of the Bible study group might accuse you of wanting to argue or debate with them or even with God if you try to have a genuine discussion about the Bible or various theological and spiritual concepts or if you ask questions to them out of curiosity regarding any of these things
- Many lessons are not taught to individual people, and if you ask a teacher to teach you certain lessons they will say you can only learn them in the small or large class
These are all based on my own experiences when I studied the Bible with Shincheonji last year. When I did my research on Shincheonji and compared it to the Bible study group I studied the Bible with and what they taught, I learned that the group was in fact affiliated with Shincheonji and that everyone I met online in that group was a Shincheonji member. Furthermore, I am thankful to God that I left that group and I'm recovering from my experiences including confusions with various unbiblical doctrines I heard while I was studying with the SCJ-affiliated group. One of my prayers is for more people to come to know the truth and to come out of Shincheonji, and to be saved if they're not already saved, and to be sanctified if they are already saved.
I also encourage anyone reading this post to come out of Shincheonji if they're studying the Bible with SCJ or if they're a member of SCJ who wants to come out of it, and I encourage any non-member or ex-member reading this post who knows someone who is an SCJ member or is at least studying the Bible with SCJ or with a group that might be affiliated with SCJ to share the information in the list with them so that hopefully they can come out of SCJ, if God wills it.
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2021.02.28 15:04 AnthillOmbudsman Worst restaurant in Tyler area?

I thought it might be interesting to widen out that other thread and ask about all area restaurants in general. Which one will you never go back to?
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2021.02.28 15:04 ExplorerCrane How To Meet People Through Others?

Hey all, I'm (almost 22M) am wanting to post this to garner some genuine and nonpatronizing advice on a subject that's been on my mind for a long time.
So there's these two family friends, a guy and a girl, who each have their network of friends and whatnot. Although I've recently gotten back in touch with them over the past few months and have had some fun with one another, this is where I always get stuck in social situations and others don't seem to get stuck.
How do I go from just being their individual friend to meeting their friends? Are there any ways to kindly suggest if they could introduce me to their friends?
I'm honestly saying this cause I feel like I'm running out of time to enjoy the "good life".
Some background information, I've only been reconnecting with them for about 3 months now so idk if I have to wait to get to that point.
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2021.02.28 15:04 pjsans Weekly Discussion & Poll: Do you think Black History Month is beneficial to society today?

Explanation & Clarification Definition and History
Black History Month (BHM) is an annual observance where an emphasis is put on learning about, teaching, and focusing on black history and culture. This initially began in the United States, but is now also celebrated in Canada, UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands.
Initially, the observation began in 1926 as Negro History Week taking place in the second week of February in order to coincide with President Abraham Lincoln's birthday (12th) and Frederick Douglass's birthday (20th). It was later expanded to Black History Month in 1970 by educators at Kent State University.
The thought process behind BHM is that students were not getting fair exposure to contributions by black people in history as well as the struggle for black people in history. BHM sought to remedy that by setting a month aside for specific focus on these things in attempt to balance the scales. Carter G. Woodson (the creator of Negro History Week) said this in regards to the importance of something like this:

If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today? The Hebrew keenly appreciated the value of tradition, as is attested by the Bible itself. In spite of worldwide persecution, therefore, he is a great factor in our civilization.
Another factor in the start of Negro History Week (and by extension Black History Month) was to counter the Lost Cause narrative.
Criticisms and Poll Clarifications
BHM has had criticism at various times throughout its existence by all sides - even sides that think it is overall a good thing.
For many, Black History Month is itself a racist observance as it specifically targets a race. A common criticism of Black History Month is that, if there is to be a Black History Month, we should also have a White History Month. Those who hold to this view would likely pick option 1.
For others, Black History Month is seen as something that was useful for a time and had a positive affect, but that it has outlived its usefulness and is no longer necessary. This sentiment (to one degree or another) can be found in both Conservative and Progressive strands. From the Conservative side, the thought is typically that issue of not covering the contributions and struggles of black people in the past has been adequately remedied. From the Progressive perspective, it can be seen as causing additional problems and possibly setting back the cause for progressive anti-racism. As an example, here is Robin DiAngelo from her book White Fragility:
As Wright pointed out, racism against people of color doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Yet the idea that racism in the United States can operate outside white people is reinforced through celebrations such as Black History Month, in which we study the Civil War and civil rights eras as if they occurred separately from all US history. In addition to the general way these color-based celebrations take whites out of the equation, there are specific ways that the achievements of people of color are separated separated from the overall social context and depoliticized, for instance, in stories we tell about black cultural heroes.
[Note, DiAngelo is not against Black History Month, however she has criticisms to how it is often employed]
Those that hold to either of these views would likely choose options 2 or 3. Feel free to clarify your reasoning behind the option you chose below.
However, many believe that on the whole, Black History Month is a good and beneficial thing. Those that hold to this view would likely choose options 3 or 4. Feel free to clarify your reasoning behind the option you chose below.
Questions for Further Discussion
View Poll
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2021.02.28 15:04 Aimichan0 شخصيتي🌸 الأسم كامل:أيمي أريان يايتو 🌸 العمر:١٧🌸 الحالة:متزوجة🌸 النوع:بشرية🌸 اخوانها/اخواتها:اخين فقط🌸 الصفات:مشاغبة/تحب المقالب/تكره المدرسة/لطيفة جدا🌸 الاشياء التي تحبها:تعشق القطط والشوكولاتة🌸 ضعيفة وماتعرف تدافع عن نفسها🌸 ودودة جدا وتحب الكل مهما كان نوعهم(بشر او مو بشر)🌸

شخصيتي🌸 الأسم كامل:أيمي أريان يايتو 🌸 العمر:١٧🌸 الحالة:متزوجة🌸 النوع:بشرية🌸 اخوانها/اخواتها:اخين فقط🌸 الصفات:مشاغبة/تحب المقالب/تكره المدرسة/لطيفة جدا🌸 الاشياء التي تحبها:تعشق القطط والشوكولاتة🌸 ضعيفة وماتعرف تدافع عن نفسها🌸 ودودة جدا وتحب الكل مهما كان نوعهم(بشر او مو بشر)🌸 submitted by Aimichan0 to gachacluboutfits [link] [comments]

2021.02.28 15:04 ai_jobs [Hiring] Software Development Engineer II, Machine Learning (Remote) (Remote)

At Remitly, we help people around the world send over $6 billion around the globe inspired by our mission to accomplish our promise to immigrants to send money across the world. Sending money is faster, easier, and costs less with our all-digital mon …
Read more / apply: https://ai-jobs.net/job/5504-software-development-engineer-ii-machine-learning-remote/
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2021.02.28 15:04 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Luster] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Cristiano]

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2021.02.28 15:04 introsort [Hiring] Senior Financial Analyst - Job ID: 1399588 | Amazon.jobs (Amazon)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Senior Financial Analyst - Job ID: 1399588 | Amazon.jobs
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2021.02.28 15:04 JMRZ27 How do I set my day counter?

Just joined, its all it says. Thank you :)
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2021.02.28 15:04 Reasonable_Sun8009 Moltres on me- 2604 1661 9414

2604 1661 9414
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2021.02.28 15:04 wtftastic Can’t add more than 30 items to my vending machines

Hi all,
I have seen that the vending machines are supposed to have an additive storage of 30 items per vending machine. I have three vending machine so (two Red Rocket and one basic) but I seem to be only able to stock up to 30. Do I have to have different vending machines types to take advantage of this? Or is something else wrong?
Thanks for your help
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2021.02.28 15:04 Pextag Just a gacha edit i made

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2021.02.28 15:04 D_Harm Prints turn out great for the most part... except for these lines, any tips on how to fix this?

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2021.02.28 15:04 Preston341 Ultimate Pokimane Thiccness Challenge

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2021.02.28 15:04 mayas_66 This tattooed Euro girl is here for you 💖 Daily exclusive content 💖FREE pic for new subs if you message me "european" 💖 I want to make you cum 💦 Link in comments ✨

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2021.02.28 15:04 fandomAlgamation Made some VFD wallpapers for both sides of The Schism

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2021.02.28 15:04 SpicyJ333 Byleth X House Leaders Romance poll

View Poll
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2021.02.28 15:04 EDMLiveset Listen or Download: A.Paul - Naked Lunch Podcast 322 - Loudon Kleer now

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2021.02.28 15:04 creepo_ Games crash to desktop but benchmarks run fine

Hello everyone, I made a post a few days ago but got no replies. Trying again.
Rog strix 2070s OC edition (card is barely 3 months old)
i7 9700f
gigabyte 750w gold standard PSU
970 EVO 500GB
2x8GB Corsair RAM 3600MHZ
Prime Z390-P mobo
Built my first PC in December and had to underclock GPU straight away to be able to play Warzone. Thought it was because the game is badly optimized and thats why I had to do it (stupid, yes I know). Now I found out after playing other games that I cannot run any game without an underclock. But benchmarks I can run fine even for 30-60 minutes. Only when I use MSI Afterburner and underclock to max values and run games at low graphic settings I can play without crashing. (Happens in Warzone, Cold War, Modern Warfare and Witcher 3). I also only have 80-90FPS on low settings in Warzone which should be way higher, especially on low settings even with an underclock.
I dont not get BSOD or unresponsive GPU, all games just immediately crash to desktop and everything else works fine.
Things I have tried so far:
Reinstall game
Reset this PC and reinstall Windows (have not tried clean reinstall from USB)
Reseating my GPU
Switching from single cable to dual cable from PSU to GPU
Switching out RAM
Flashing BIOS
Trying different nvidia drivers after uninstalling with DDU
Really at a loss here. Logically thinking it can't be my GPU because benchmarks run fine but games crash immediately after booting up.
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2021.02.28 15:04 konradempire 🦴post title

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2021.02.28 15:04 SAtechnewsbot How far you can drive in an electric car vs fuel-powered cars

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