Go! The new steering wheel looks weird |

The new steering wheel looks weird

2021.03.03 15:42 PrimaryEmergency The new steering wheel looks weird

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2021.03.03 15:42 NTG_BioHazard Good or nah?

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2021.03.03 15:42 GamerOverkill03 Theory: Twitch Chat are Canonically Citizens of the DreamSMP

So, watching Tubbo’s chat, I’ve realized that chat’s canonicity has always been in this weird canon gray zone, Techno being the sole exception with his voices.
Usually, I assume chat isn’t canon, and a streamer’s discussion are just them canonically talking to themselves. But now, where chat is ACTIVELY taking part in Tubbo’s investigation and feeding him information he didn’t have previously, the assumption falls through.
So, the only explanation is this; we are, canonically, residents of this server. We are citizens who interact with these different people, and are witnesses Tubbo has been interviewing to gather evidence, possibly even fellow investigators. This, to me, is the only logical explanation.
There are some holes, of course, and this isn’t always the case- see Jack and his villainous monologues-but it’s the best I could come up with to explain how we can give Tubbo and the other streamers info without the Techno explanation.
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2021.03.03 15:42 peasoup_number Best Hu Tao glitch yet ( sadly I accidently ruined it :,) )

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2021.03.03 15:42 FuNtImE_fReDd Saw this on r/PrequelMemes

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2021.03.03 15:42 KurkCuzzins Sega does what nintendon’t

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2021.03.03 15:42 babypantsdance Early Alzheimer’s and Continuing Care Retirement Community

Has anyone had any luck getting their parents into a continuing care retirement community after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s?
My dad is 65, in the very early stages of dementia (technically at “mild cognitive impairment”) but his neurologist is thinking that it’s Alzheimer’s. He is currently fully independent, living with my healthy mom (66), continuing to work, and doing all normal things, just with some memory lapses here and there. No other health issues at all. They luckily will have the money to pay for all the associated fees and are interested in moving ASAP to one of these if possible. They are already on one waitlist and will get on a few more with a 1-2 year waitlist. Basically even if he stays at this level when it’s time to enter, I’m wondering if he’s automatically “banned” because of the diagnosis.
Thanks for any experiences!
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2021.03.03 15:42 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha👌yes

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2021.03.03 15:42 cbvv1992 20% Clip Coupon – $55.99 Pickleball Paddle Set of 2 with Covers

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2021.03.03 15:42 ZoobBot 127680

This is the 127680th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.03.03 15:42 Allison-West Can you experience dissociation as a child but grow out of it?

I think when I was a little kid I might’ve experienced some dissociation that might’ve been more than “normal” but I’m not sure.
I used to very much believe in a spiritual/supernatural world or other dimension that was beyond this world, I believed in spirits and demons and monsters and all of that, everything and anything could be real. Of course all young children are kind of like this though. But I remember feeling at times like the world was otherworldly itself or that I was within or interacting with this other world. It had a very surreal, cerebral, beyond your comprehension sort of feel.
I felt like my world might’ve been someone’s drawing somewhere because the sky was white like paper. I felt like certain rooms that were white were some kind of spiritual plane that I was in that were outside of the regular world, more than the regular world. I felt like I was looking into this other world, spiritual world when I looked into paintings in museums. I thought I would find this other world when walking around and looking through a rug store, behind a rug somewhere or something. Etc.
I thought I was the only one who knew about all this or that was connected to it, I had a “sense” I guess that others didn’t.
And all of this connects to my greatest fears, feelings of darkness and other feelings that I can’t really describe about the world and belief of vulnerability to being hurt/danger in certain situations.
The world was dark and scary and there was unimaginable horror in it and I would be subjected to it if I didn’t keep myself safe from it. If I was alone at night then I was in extreme danger of being subjected to this unimaginable horror, I would be hurt by a supernatural being that would hurt me specifically and no one else (because I was the one who was connected to this world, I was the one who knew about it, had a sense of it, would be hurt by it etc.). And if anything can be real then any monsters or people that hurt people that I would hear about are real and coming to hurt me (through the work of the other world and because due to my connection and everything I would be hurt specifically) + generally anything like that would set me off into a different state of darkness, heightened fear, danger, other feelings that are hard to describe.
And also there’s the fact that the feelings of the unimaginable horror and darkness and feelings associated with that are beyond my comprehension as well, beyond me. Both the other world and the unimaginable horror and darkness and feelings associated with that are “beyond me” “beyond my comprehension”. The world is so dark and horrific it is beyond my comprehension.
So this stuff is all connected and similar in some ways and I realise that some of this other stuff sounds like derealisation at certain points?. But I don’t experience this stuff anymore so it must be normal and I grew out of it?. Is this dissociation? Can you dissociate when you’re little but grow out of it?. Or is this just normal kid stuff?. Am I just overthinking things?.
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2021.03.03 15:42 Ainsley-Sorsby A little nap after nursing

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2021.03.03 15:42 tominator_44 Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - NES Tips - from Game Player's Encyclopedia Of Nintendo Games - April 1990

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2021.03.03 15:42 xtilexx The drug test for my new job is being taken at E Jubal Early Dr

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2021.03.03 15:42 missilesovermoscow Lost Cascades - Crystal Sun finally on the way!

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2021.03.03 15:42 TweetArchiveBot Unathi Kwaza: The madness continues

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2021.03.03 15:42 shoegayse Is it okay to go to grad school at your alma mater?

sorry if this is a dumb question. I got accepted recently for my MA in History, but the school is the same that I got my BA at. will phd programs at other schools look down on this in the future? or does it not matter in the grand scheme of things?
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2021.03.03 15:42 nippyeyes Headset bearing help

My headset bearing has worn out and needs replacing on my De Rosa Superking.
I've found a Youtube video that makes it look like quite a simple DIY job but I can't find anywhere online regarding which bearings to buy.
There is a list i've found here:
Are headset bearings universal for road bikes? Or is there a specific one I need for my model?
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2021.03.03 15:42 elephantofdoom Yes I stole this from /r/loveforlandlords

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2021.03.03 15:42 Gili030 9280 3722 4963 Landorus

9280 3722 4963
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2021.03.03 15:42 eriki55 Tommy was the worst part of the smp!

Hope he never comes back
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2021.03.03 15:42 Secluded_Ghastly Le socks

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2021.03.03 15:42 cbvv1992 60% Off Code – $10.80 Toy Guns for Boy with 60pc Foam Darts, 12 pc Bowling Ball

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2021.03.03 15:42 Mrfrizzl Landorus - Can invite up to 9 - 2905 2195 2370

Be online and ready! I'll be leaving and rejoining to get the second group into the same lobby so please don't leave!
Looking to start in a few minutes.
2905 2195 2370
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2021.03.03 15:42 Starry-Wisdom Tales of a slightly "irresponsible" fish-keeper

New ideas are often frowned upon in the hobby. Often-times if the stocking of your tank is not a tried and true pairing, the fishkeeper will be berated. But what if there were possible stocking ideas that have never been explored yet? I, over the past couple years, have found out many different and unique stocking ideas that would likely strike some red flags with by the book keepers. I have used a lot of trial and error, which has resulted in some fish deaths in the past, but the positive outcomes have far outweighed the losses. I'd like to share these stories on here, if it would be something people are interested in hearing. My latest interesting discovery has been in my brackish tank, with the smaller fish my moray will and will not eat. Let me tell you those creatures are smart. Anything under two inches will be gobbled up by the moray. But the moray can actually tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous fish. He will not touch my figure 8 puffers or my poisonous butterfly goby, yet has eaten larger non-poisonous fish. He also leaves bumblebee gobies alone, which I theorize is because of their similar colors to the puffer. But this is just one of my recent discoveries, I have done much wish fish as well as amphibians and reptiles (never have lost and amphibian or reptile due to "adventurous" stocking, I don't play around with those guys). Let me know if this is something you guys would like to hear about or not.
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