Go! Has this happened to anyone else? |

Has this happened to anyone else?

2021.02.28 16:07 Cantue35 Has this happened to anyone else?

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2021.02.28 16:07 YouwontchangemyPOV Yassss Kingggg yassss speakkkkkk

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2021.02.28 16:07 sebb0o9 MEW TWO ADD 7699 7717 1116

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2021.02.28 16:07 DaringDASHER20 Trading out of game pets

Does anyone have offer for me for these pets Rhino,wild boar,Emu (I think it out of game),Australia kelpie,Albino bat
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2021.02.28 16:07 Sans_Sideswipe Which main villain would you like to see return?

Didn’t include RF since he’s obviously returning.
View Poll
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2021.02.28 16:07 Affectionate_Swim558 Prototype testing

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2021.02.28 16:07 A-Dock HELP! What food do you feed your dood? I have a picky 10 month old mini. Pics attached for cuteness....

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2021.02.28 16:07 Mqclikescheeze cant place call

everytime i try to call someone/group, it tries for a few seconds then says "Couldnt place call. Try again" i have my wifi one and have given whatsapp all permissions in settings
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2021.02.28 16:07 petitagus Do you want to see more explicit content and updates daily? Check out my OF! Link in profile and comments.

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2021.02.28 16:07 Key_Patient_7357 Grigory Sokolov, probably the best living pianist… Grigory Sokolov plays Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Brahms

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2021.02.28 16:07 tonantiuh Cow Xing

Oxford and Bosporus coincidentally share the same origin. Both refer to places where cattle passed through shallow water - "ox" + "ford," and "bos" (cow) + "porus" (passage).
Vancouver is related: it was named for George Vancouver, an Englishman whose family came from Coevorden in the Netherlands ("van Coevorden"). Coevorden is essentially the same as the other two - "cow crossing."
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2021.02.28 16:07 MetalandWoodworks Whats the best advice you can give for someone who just moved into their first apartment/flat?

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2021.02.28 16:07 Sbenny_Official Ninja Arashi LP Mod (in-app purchases)

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2021.02.28 16:07 Gallantpride Natives: What would it take for you to move away from NY?

Not just NYC but the state as a whole.
I've given some thought to moving away someday, but it's an odd thought. I've only ever known NYC and all my family lives in the tri-state area. I can't imagine moving except for job opportunity, economic issues, or some sort of disaster.
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2021.02.28 16:07 Amber110505 How do you not learn your lesson?!

My damn stepdad let the dogs out, then went inside and left them alone. The backyard is fenced in, but we know it's not safe to leave them alone, because they ARE capable of jumping it, they HAVE done so and escaped nearly 10 times. We have posts that we can tie them to! It takes all of a minute to hook them up! We bought shock collars for this reason! (Yes, I don't like the idea of shock collars, but we only use them to prevent them from escaping and it's a hell of a lot better than them escaping and getting run over one day) This EXACT situation has happened so many damn times! How long does it take you to learn that you CANNOT take your eyes off of the dogs if they're outside! They're very smart, active breeds and WILL escape.
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2021.02.28 16:07 AbuHurairahHDMedia আল্লাহর নেজাম || ডঃ সাইয়্যেদ মুহাম্মাদ এনায়েতুল্লাহ আব্বাসী || Dr. Anayetullah Abbasi || Waz 2021

আল্লাহর নেজাম || ডঃ সাইয়্যেদ মুহাম্মাদ এনায়েতুল্লাহ আব্বাসী || Dr. Anayetullah Abbasi || Waz 2021 submitted by AbuHurairahHDMedia to shamelessplug [link] [comments]

2021.02.28 16:07 Select_System Finally Platinumed All Main Entries!

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2021.02.28 16:07 Wilhelm_the_Composer Try to debunk this tnotards.

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2021.02.28 16:07 1taketeo Should I cut my wrists or forearm?

Planning on sh don't want to cut too deep.
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2021.02.28 16:07 Harri_ooo I tried the Sonic custom character in Rivals of Aether!

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2021.02.28 16:07 nillahoppz 31 [M4F] Anywhere / Midwest US - Instead of "Better Call Saul," how about "Better Beckon Ben?"

Alright so since my first post in the r4r realm garnered me exactly ZERO messages or chats, with my second being slightly more successful, I felt giving this another go. It would definitely be a novel experience to be flooded with messages from the wonderful, interesting, fun, and beautiful women of Reddit.
That being said, hey! I'm Ben, and I'm looking for something more substantial than a platonic friendship (as lovely as that is).
First and foremost, I realize that physical attraction is important and there's no shame in it acting as a gatekeeper function, so here's a pretty good glimpse of who I am: https://imgur.com/a/KagH0QF
If you are kind enough to reach out, PLEASE provide a pic or two of yourself, as I am very likely not to respond without that present. Thank you!
I've been a longtime lurker on this subreddit and have messaged a few interesting women, but in doing so, I've noticed that many posters are return customers, thereby limiting potential connections. I figured that there are many more viewers than posters on here, so in creating this, I hope to widen my net, so to speak. I'm also cognizant of the amount of cringe that exists on this sub, so I will absolutely do my best to not contribute to it.
About Me:
I am a criminal defense and family law attorney based out of beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. While I am a steadfastly proud Badger, I sometimes think I'm a subpar Wisconsinite in my: (1) very tepid affinity for cheese; (2) profound belief that Old Fashioneds are better with bourbon than with brandy; (3) the fact that I've never had a Bloody Mary; and (4) the blatant lack of blaze orange in my wardrobe. Some obsessions of mine include watchmaking (it's more than just Rolex, people); Star Wars (TLJ is a fucking triumph and the majority of my counter space is occupied by SW Legos); science fact/fiction in varying forms (Blade Runner 2049 is better than the original and I'm an alum of Space Camp/Academy); and dogs. On this last one, yes, the pup you see in my photos is a family dog, her name is Dottie and she's our 8-year-old Leonberger! I love her to the moon and back. My sister also just got a Bernese Mountain Dog (the breed we grew up with) puppy named Borris and I am VERY excited to be a dog uncle. I have a pic of the two of us upon request! I plan on having many, many large dogs. I also love playing ultimate frisbee in the summer and I play in a local rec league with wonderful people. Sadly, this league was a victim of COVID, but on the bright side, I was able to rest my aging knees for a summer! Oh, and I tend to be more of a dom.
I've given you a lot to read though, and I appreciate you making the effort in doing so. As I end here, I want to add one more disclaimer, and that is if you any way supported, were indifferent to, or acquiesced to the T***p Administration or the equally culpable GOP, fuck right off you treasonous, anti-American, mouth-breathers. Serenity now! And wear a damn mask!
I'm genuinely excited to hear from you! I'm open to both chats and DMs, although DMs seem to be less glitchy. Whichever works best for you!
Until then!
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2021.02.28 16:07 Sbenny_Official {Choice Of Games} A Wise Use of Time Mod+Paid APK

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2021.02.28 16:07 zackaryfloriano When the laser pointer is just out of reach

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2021.02.28 16:07 Zestyclose_Ad_3613 I cannot take pictures of the moon anymore with Samsung S21 Ultra

After the last update I received on my phone S21 Ultra, if I try take a picture of the moon the camera keep trying focus it and never focus. The moon shows as a big yellow bright circle. I tried Samsung customer care and the only suggestion was clean the data and cache of the camera app but didn't change the result of the pictures. Is anyone facing the same problem?
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2021.02.28 16:07 imbeingcoy Any kadabra raids?

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