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Google Map, sempre sendo útil

2021.02.28 16:18 ZingaStream Google Map, sempre sendo útil

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2021.02.28 16:18 d4ppi Thought this belonged on here, once did something similar with a tuna sandwich.

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2021.02.28 16:18 BehazinBeigzali App keeps stopping after i patched it!?

So i downloaded batman the enemy within and i wanted to bypass the purchases. After i patched it with lucky patcher they game didnt open and it keeps stopping what should i do? I need help guys! Also i didnt downloaded the game from google play
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2021.02.28 16:18 US_Hiker Current top-end magelos?

I haven't really played since raiding when TBM was live. What's gear like nowadays? Does Magelo still exist? What's a top-tier group and raid toon look like now? Tanks especially.
What's the highest buffed-out HP and AC totals you've come across?
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2021.02.28 16:18 gamingburrito7 (PS4) I want Lost Slamvan

Im new to trading, I dont think anyone will give me it but I will run you some 85/15 Cayo Perico replay for a Lost Slamvan. I dont really have anything of value like good modded cars because im new to trading.
If you dont want Cayo’s for the Lost Slamvan, Im sorry for wasting your time.
If you already have everything you want in the game, please help me out if you want.
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2021.02.28 16:18 cuddleswithsloths What in corn presentation

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2021.02.28 16:18 lonestarst8 God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel

Jacob's god was satan -1 John 3:8 Israel's God was YAHweh -1 John 3:9
YAHweh is the God of: Abraham, Isaac, and Israel -1 Chronicles 29:18
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2021.02.28 16:18 snowfromfire MEWTWO RAID ADD 2215 6952 4219

2215 6952 4219
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2021.02.28 16:18 Arma-gaming Here is my latest friday video! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! If you like the content I provide (like comment share and subscribe) Thanks!

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2021.02.28 16:18 _P4TR10T Nevada Governor Lays Out Plans for a City Built on Blockchain

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2021.02.28 16:18 oucho_louco Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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2021.02.28 16:18 silentrocker प्रधानमन्त्री केपी शर्मा ओलीको चुनौतीः मलाई हटाएर देखाउ

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2021.02.28 16:18 zakmackay Tying up loose ends. Usa to usa modafinil delivery with paypal modagod.com

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2021.02.28 16:18 seadevil13 23 Male in New Mexico wanting friends

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2021.02.28 16:18 _cutegiraffe_ Return Policy Question

Hi! I’m hoping someone can help clarify the following exception to Carvana’s return policy....
“put on a security as a loan, also known as encumbrance (other than Carvana's retail installment contract)”
Does this mean I cannot return a car if I financed it (not through Carvana?)
Thanks in advance!
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2021.02.28 16:18 Rangous I can’t stop winning and I don’t like it

Good morning everyone, at least for me,
This may look like a narcissistic post, but I promise you in no way am I trying to make it like that.
Context: So this season I hit a peak of 4491 and it was pretty fun but then I started to lose a lot and drop to 4.1 and become hardstuck for about maybe a month. Now I have started to win a lot again and currently 4276. I just don’t want to win anymore. Being hardstuck 4.1 was probably one of the most fun experiences in Overwatch for me. I played in 3.8-4.3 lobbies and that is what made it fun for me. Just the always playing in different lobbies was super fun, but when you get higher up, you start to get usually 4.1 or higher games and to me I don’t really like that because there’s so much stress on me to preform in stacked lobbies.
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2021.02.28 16:18 DonnieDynamo Looking for Bird Monster Models

Has anyone seen any monstrous bird miniatures about that are based on taller fishing birds like Cranes and Herons?
I've seen plenty of Phoenix and Roc but I'm looking for something a bit lankier and a little less "raptor-like".
Dragon Trapper did a neat Owl Variant and I'm looking to put together a diverse flock of flyers.
Thanks again.
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2021.02.28 16:18 lordvolkan [GM4A playing M] [Discord] LOZ, post Majora's mask, hero of time returns, Fi reawakens, fall of old hyrule

Hello there! So as you could see from the title, Im looking to start a zelda rp, or more specifically, an rp that takes place in the era between Majora's mask and twilight princess
I would very much like to have a partner that is willing to play as this incarnation of link, that is, the hero of time. Who, after leaving Hyrule with the Ocarina of time, not only to keep it safe, but so he could search for his friend, Navy, after seven long years, he was eventually the same age as when he had first pulled out the master sword all those years ago
However, He had intended to remain in exile...That is, until he suddenly got a vision in a dream, In which a mysterious blue glowing figure told him that Hyrule needed his help once again
Wanting to finally return to his homeland, Link would once again return to Hyrule... Only to find it was in the middle of an enormous war between the Gerudo and their king, and the rest of hyrule...
Will Link be able to lead them through victory, and save everyone from Ganondorf like he did all those years ago? or is the fall of old Hyrule, simply inevitable?
And so essentially that's the idea of what i wanted to do, Link returns to hyrule to fight a war against ganondorf, and i, because i very much like her character, will eventually play mainly as fi when Link pulls out the master sword
It'll have action and adventure, and, if you want romance, weather it be with zelda, Malon, Ruto, or even fi or any of the ladies from that time, I'll probably agree to it (id prefer if it was mxf when it comes to romance)
Id like a partner who is experienced in rp, and in action focused things, meaning someone who can post several Paragraphs without too much difficulty, and someone who knows the basic rules of action rp, such as no godmodding, things like that
I would prefer if my partner was 18+, and is decently active
Now, I'm not a zelda expert, that Being said i want to try and keep this as accurate as we can, so if i do stuff that you think is too far fetched or doesn't make sense in the canon, feel free to discuss it with me, and we'll find a solution
With all that being said, if you are interested, send me a pm that tells me about yourself, along with any questions you have about this, and hopefully we can work something out together
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2021.02.28 16:18 laeb163 POKER FACE "Fermented Foods" Challenge

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2021.02.28 16:18 maddwesty Attempted a comet landing.

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2021.02.28 16:18 mdavila4011 I have an Apple Watch and it shows the Dexcom G6 app available to install but it won’t install it. Any suggestions or fixes for this issue?

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2021.02.28 16:18 sifsand [WP] In the future, prison is no longer necessary. Instead, criminals are subject to a brand new technology that reverts them into children again.

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2021.02.28 16:18 greentopmop Lost Tapes of the 27 Club -- The Roads Are Alive [Classic Rock] (2021)

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2021.02.28 16:18 Ok_Championship_8047 Why is elven hero costume like the one shown in the trailer?IMO the trailer one looks way better.

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2021.02.28 16:18 _burner___ Thanks, I hate modern YouTube ads

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