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A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom. Are friends more important than family? What do you think? Are chores assigned to children in your family? Are you married? Are you pressured by your family to act in a certain way? Are you the oldest among your brothers and sisters? Are your parents strict? ... A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom. Are you a happy person? What is happiness for you? What do you think is the color for happiness? Do you think that happiness lies within you? Or does it depend upon other people and external things? Can money buy happiness? Is happiness a state of mind? What makes you feel happy? Virginia State Bar. ©2021 Virginia State Bar. 1111 East Main Street, Suite 700 Richmond, Virginia 23219-0026 Curriculum. Elementary Curriculum; Secondary Curriculum; A list of Policy and Resource Documents for the Ontario Curriculum: Elementary and Secondary is available. This page contains useful and current tools that apply to all publicly funded elementary and secondary English-language schools in Ontario. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Schedule a live training Already using Hawkes, but have questions about your grade book? We're on it. Instructor Resources Access PowerPoint presentations, training videos, sample syllabi, and more. Contact Us Need help? Our technical support team has you covered. Newly pregnant Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are about to give the interview of the decade to Oprah Winfrey – but will she ask the right questions? STYLE wades in to help the Queen of All Media out Featuring the iCatalog. SicommNet presents our new and improved iCatalog for all your purchasing needs. The website you are attempting to visit is obsolete and has been retired. Please visit the Official University of Michigan Medical School Anatomy pages.. Please direct all questions or concerns to AnatomyHelp@umich.eduAnatomyHelp@umich.edu We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.02.28 14:56 die_by_sci-fi Vallejo paints Noob questions.

Hi, community!
I recently bought Vallejo Game color sets - Intro, Specialist, Advanced. I never used Vallejo paints before and now I'm confused. Are there any analogues with Citadel paints, like base, shade and layer system?
There is no information in these sets and no info on website (Vallejo should learn from Army Painter, they have a very handy booklets that comes with their products). In general, in those 3 sets I received 48 cups, 2 of which are varnish and thinner and all other are paints. But some of the cups with paints have a different look (as you could see in the picture). What the difference? I'll be very grateful if someone can explain it or send a link to a website to read.
I also noticed that some of the paints was uneven, the paint split into 2 different colors and even frantic shaking wasn't able to help (you could see this photo). Should I get mixing balls to fix it? Or maybe I should add a bit if thinner inside?
And the last part, I would like to use all paints both for brush and airbrush (I'm not that rich to buy a separate Air colors). Is there any restrictions? And maybe you know some web-resourses where I could find info on optimal mixing proportions? Cause each paint seem to have a different density/viscosity.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.02.28 14:56 ABlackCatENJP Mito's Dinner Confusion Story Time [Nijisanji] [ENG SUB]

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2021.02.28 14:56 AndreiBD What do you guys think?

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2021.02.28 14:56 yummyboogerpop ‘Can't wait to tell my grandkids I was here’: The women arrested for storming the Capitol

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A lot of you may think that we’re be going to the moon this week. I love the optimism, but this isn’t the right way to go about it. We have to keep our expectations as low as possible and be numb to the whole thing. Numb to what so called professionals are telling us, numb to the dips (buy more lol), numb to big spikes (15-30$), and Just keep holding. We need to end the week over 10-15$ as far as I’m concerned that’s all I really care about.
I believe the short squeeze will be in 2-3 weeks. That’s what my research has lead me to believe (and many others from the looks of it). If it happens this week then great, hold until you bust a huge nut. But I’m holding until I have moon sex with your wife. Week by week we will see the price go to 15$, 20$, 30$ (big dips in between). Then, if everyone’s been a good ape with mighty diamond hands, we will see 100$,200$,300$ (2-3 week mark) as the market roars for AMC!
I won’t lie to you when I see that 300$ mark my balls will shrivel as the stonk goes up and down up and down, tickling my taint tempting me and everyone else to sell as we see our profit margins growing along with our dicks. But this is champion territory, Russian roulette territory. This is where most of you are going to sell and paper hand. This is where the AMC1000 dream will go to waste. Are we paper handed bitches with 5-6 figure profit margins? Or are we the millionaire gorilla gang? You tell me...
this isn’t financial advice, just a gorilla pep talk.
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2021.02.28 14:56 Dj_Pio NoapteaTârziu - SUNT UN COCALAR - Poze Amuzante

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2021.02.28 14:56 Subje3c7_Pix3ls Facehugger in a bacta tank!

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2021.02.28 14:56 dalk74 Hosting a mewtwo raid 10 invites 8828 0291 4279 be ready if added

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2021.02.28 14:56 ratslickme I raised this starling who's nest was destroyed the day it hatched, took good care of him and he loves to go for rides.

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2021.02.28 14:56 FrontEndBackEnd Chapter XIX leak—The new killer is “The Time Sweeper”

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2021.02.28 14:56 adithya17 What an amazing person

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2021.02.28 14:56 boahmali I just wrote up an explanation of what's going on with GameStop and why I like the stock, I intend to show it to family members and friends as a way to explain the recent dramatic happenings, I want it to be understandable and include most the information I need, does anyone want to read over it?

GameStop GME:NYS Fundamentals and new plans pointing towards a $100-$300+/share valuation:
evidence has pointed toward Ryan Cohen taking charge or at least becoming a huge influence at GameStop, he has also recently tweeted implying there has been a board meeting held about huge plans to increase GameStops value, plans seems to already be in play, for example GameStop just opened their PC shop, they have expanded their online retail and their rewards program, they have opened more than 50 thousand new job positions in areas of America, Ryan Cohen acquired chewy in 2017 at 3b, chewy is an ecommerce company that is now worth 40b, Ryan Cohen is well known in revolutionising companies, GameStop has a massive advantage in taking a huge chunk of the gaming ecommerce market with their huge network of retail outlets around the globe (EB Games is owned by GameStop) and the fact that many generations hold the company in high regard as they grew up with it, GameStop is also now the face of the biggest movement of the lower class, middle class and even the upper class banding together to take down the elite, personally I have not seen so much unity for one course in such large numbers (WSB community now at 9.3m). people have reported an increase in activity in GameStop stores with some reporting 15+ person lines even during snow storms and the pandemic, this is a result of a Reddit movement to support GameStop to try increase their earnings to help the situation. Short sales are shares that are sold short, meaning these market makers (hedgefunds) can sell shares that don't exist because they intend on finding the share later and have 21 days to do so, they do this with the intention of buying the share back at a cheaper price pocketing the profit, so they lend a share out that doesn't exist and than slander the company so the value drops so that they can buy these shorts back off the loss of the company and retail. Important economics note, over supply = less value, over demand = higher value, so flooding the market with these fake shares that were never supposed to exist falsely increases the supply and the price drops Short sale insanity pointing towards a $10k-$130k/share valuation: ~ GameStop has a float of 70m shares. Predictions as of 23rd of Feb: 250m shares owned by institutions and retail, 220m short positions = 430% of float shorted ~ +Option trades are where you make a call that the stock will be a certain price by a certain date, I can't option trades in out of America, it's the biggest risk vs reward but one call equals the option to buy 100 shares if it is in the money, so GME has these options going all the way up to 800, when the market closes on each Friday all the calls below the market price will be in the money, these shares can be called on, when they are called on the institutions that provided them have 2 business days to find the shares to cover, They are supposed to already have the shares but they don't because these options where opened on non-existent shares, that's how they make money, if short positions stay open until that company goes bankrupt than whoever had the short positions open gets all the profit and doesn't have to pay any tax (hedgefunds literally have incentive to run dying businesses into bankruptcy), that was their plan and that is what works so why not open up heaps of contracts expiring for months and months, so every single Friday when the price closes higher more calls will be in the money and will have to be covered, they can only cover by buying straight off the market which will shoot the price up which will cause FOMO which shoots the price up especially in this heated situation, but if everyone holds their shares then retail can literally name their price, keep in mind that the value of a share is simply the last value it traded at, that is what this is all about, also note there are over 100% of shares sold short, the short squeeze of Volkswagen had an 18% short percentage to float
+XRT is now the most heavily shorted ETF in the world at 200%, ETF's are like averages that contain many securities (companies), hedgefunds short GME through ETF's by shorting every security in the ETF and covering them all straight away except for GME, the Reddit community has found 63 ETF's containing GME all heavily shorted. XRT releases dividends March 20 (earliest business day before the 20th is 19th), if released at this level of shorted stock in XRT the tax rate on the dividend return would be like 40%, investors in XRT are expecting a safe passive investment that gains money gradually, ETF owners put customers first, so short positions would have to be covered or shit will go down, institutions controlling XRT could trigger the squeeze themselves or the millionaires that invest in XRT could, I'm sure millionaires would prefer their shares weren't lent out resulting in them having to pay massive unusual tax.
+Market makers (hedgefunds) have placed massive amounts of puts on March 19th for many mainstream companies like Facebook, puts are a bet that the price will be less so these hedgefunds are expecting a drop, The last few spikes in GME shows there is a strong negative correlation to the S&P500 and Dow Jones industrial average.
+Massive volume expected on 19th March: Stock options and index options expire on the third Friday of every month BUT all four asset classes will expire simultaneously on March 19th which means an expected massive amount of volume.
=The series of events that cannot be stopped: on Tuesday other hedgefunds (good guys) with the interest of taking out their competition Melvin and citadel (the bad hedgefunds) shorted heaps of shares at open on Tuesday causing a 10% drop but covered those positions soon after so not to affect the stock price too much (dropping price causes panic selling), when a stock drops 10% in a day it is placed on the short sale restriction list the next day, these other hedgefunds did this so that Melvin couldn't have as much control of the market on Wednesday, now that hedgefunds could only short on upticks this huge playeinstitution helped rocketed the price up over +100% and then peaked at +300% during after hours. On Thursday and Friday the bad guys shorted the hell out of the stock to combat the increase in price and to push the news that this was the final squeeze of what was left on boomer news in hopes people would sell, 55m shares were sold short. The other institutions did this not to trigger the squeeze but they did this because they knew Melvin would open many short positions, those positions are now public for us to see and they will have to cover them eventually, it massively adds to the short interest they have to pay so incentive to cover their position, it will also be included in the FINRA reports they have been trying to cover up proving officially that the short squeeze is not over proving they have been pushing lies on the news, this would help massively with publicity. Hedgefunds can leave a stock short for 21 days before they have to do a buy in to cover their positions, so they have to buy shares off the open market which will shoot the price up, otherwise it will be listed as a fail to deliver, tax incentives, Fintel short interest increased from 1% to 12% (basically the only incentive, SEC doesn't care and the corruption is being exposed enormously) I think GME may be short attacked more this week giving an opportunity to invest at a price that is safe (higher than fundamental assessment value), but because the price closed at 100 all calls between 40 and 100 could be called on, this could be enough to start the squeeze, also there has been enormous waves in the community with recent discoveries and final analysis' joining all the dots(I believe everything has been exposed at this point). We don't know how the price is going to increase over the next 3 weeks but it's expected to jump up in big increments every week with more and more calls being in the money every Friday, the short squeeze could also happen any moment if Melvin decides it's what they want to do or if a whale comes in (someone with huge money looking to help out most of the world) or another hedgefund that has interest in taking out the biggest players in the game and make some real money
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2021.02.28 14:56 graybarrow Posting a wallpaper a day until stone ocean is animated day 416: Steel Ball Run

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2021.02.28 14:56 DanEllijah Shoomery been shut down?

I cannot access the site. Tried several browsers, no luck.
Does anybody have information? Could somebody try for me?
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2021.02.28 14:56 AndWeLoveToTakeABath Crossposted for the ⭕️

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2021.02.28 14:56 filthyGuy6969 Blursed_pizza

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2021.02.28 14:56 eff50 Modi govt has been quietly following the idea of Aatmanirbharta for the past seven years

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2021.02.28 14:56 NoneVoidLeft Capricorns - 1969: A Predator Among Us

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2021.02.28 14:56 skinnycelery69 61 CRITICAL Rocket League Tips For New Players

Some new tips for beginners of Rocket League Click the link below :)
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2021.02.28 14:56 KhornateKid IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF

Well, now I have a cut on my thumb, and feeling of pride for even thinking it.
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2021.02.28 14:56 yeee725 Yeeee eeeeeeeeerr

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2021.02.28 14:56 WolfBlade666 Miss my cat Lucifer so much. Someone stole him about a year ago and a bit ago.I moved back to East Vancouver a few weeks ago; the other day sees a cat who looks exactly like him and no it wasn’t my baby. My heart started to break all over again.

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2021.02.28 14:56 orangeatom ETH down

Can someone share suspicions on why ETH is diving?
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2021.02.28 14:56 SilverMoonLunaris Total amount of Lapis for February 2021

I tracked the Lapis income of this month. As usual, I can't guarantee that its 100 % accurate but I did try my best.
-Daily+Arena: 2920
-Login Bonus: 3900
-Event Reward: 500 ( 50 k milestone reached for lightnings mk)
-Story: 3280
-Story Event: 2400
-Revisit: -
-Chamber of chrysts: 800
-Dark Visions: 500 (Requires 675 thousand points for full Lapis)
-Mission Complete: 1840
-Wheel: 1580 (Used my own value)
-Fortune Hunt Coins: 2400
-Fortuney Hunt Keys: 1100
-Chocobo Slot: ~ 4000 ( used the average value of some people)
-Give away: -
-Brave Challenge: 600
-Trial: 800
-Compensation: 350
-Expedition: 400
*Total amount: 27370 *
I hope some of you find this useful. ( And I can only hope that gumi will compensate the rather small amount of free Lapis we got this month in March...)
Ps: Here is the reference from January 2021 in case people want to take a look: https://old.reddit.com/FFBraveExvius/comments/l9kvk7/total_amount_of_lapis_for_january_2021/
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2021.02.28 14:56 LP_Video_Bot Stag Party - Valheim Gameplay

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