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2021.02.25 10:13 Meme_Connoisseur290 Where are you politically?

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2021.02.25 10:13 avcibehd I was doing a medical research about the optical nerve and saw this visual acuity test on a doctor's web page.

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2021.02.25 10:13 seven_critical_blows dog picking and eating a tomato from the garden

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2021.02.25 10:13 yownjiii just simple color scheme swatches while studying for the exams earlier

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2021.02.25 10:13 Bearzgirl Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their recipes. With the assistance of your delectable ideas, and that of my own, I have lost 70lbs so far. 70 freaking unwanted pounds!!! Beyond excited!!
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2021.02.25 10:13 hcrider23 My Old Friends (24GenderFluid, 22F, 23M) and I (21F) aren’t close and Haven’t Been Close in Awhile due to Me, and it’s Killing My Mental Health Slowly. LONG

Title pretty much explains it as a TL:DR.
There are a lot of details to this so it will be long AF, but I will try my best to not drone on since I tend to feel deeply about this type of stuff.
I had a friend (23M)(not my same 23M listed above) that I have known since I was 14 and he was 16. We lived in the same neighborhood and met through Hot or Not of all places. We hit it off as friends at first but we both wanted something more which I already knew was not going to happen based on my age and not wanting to date, so we fell off after I started getting creepy vibes.
Flash forward three/four years later, I had just turned 17 or maybe was still 16, and had been single for about a year. I friended him on FB (he was 19 at the time) and we hit it off again and started hanging nearly every day. I helped him through a lot and ditto for me; from moving him out of his house he was evicted from, coping with shitty life stuff, etc, and we were basically best friends. It turned into a FWB situation about three months after hanging consistently, and after two years of only really sleeping with him and a few one night stands, we started dating. The two years we weren’t dating were hands down the best of my teenage years, and I met some people I thought were going to be life long friends (24GenFlu, 22F, 23M) and we all formed a solid group that did everything together. I considered them family and helped each of them through addiction, mental health, and personal family matters and they certainly helped me back, when I was open about it(which was rare; they all had such shittier situations going on I rarely ever talked about what bothered me, which was mostly my best friend(23M), especially while we were dating).
If you can’t tell, my former best friend’s actual relationship and mine wasn’t ideal. He loved the shit out of me and I loved him back, but eventually lost feelings and broke things off slowly. At the time I thought I was doing the right thing, but I basically strung him along for a month untilI I confirmed that we weren’t getting back together. He was shattered, and I was a jerk about it, because we still attempted to be close after since I didn’t want to lose this group of people, so I would get mad that he was affected by physically seeing me. Long story short, I lost them.
They all took his side of the story. But this was also for a few reasons, 1) they all lived together at the moment due to getting kicked out of other houses, 2) 22F had really apparent feelings for 24GenFlu, who apparently had a crush on me the majority of the time we had been close but never acted. They didnt even admit it to me until we were all fucked up one evening and it was never brought up again. Soon after they started dating(around the time i broke things off with my ex) 22F started acting really harsh towards me, even accusing me of dropping her, not caring about her, and overall being a shitty friend which i will explain in reason 3. She was very jealous of mine and 24GenFlu’s friendship and had known about the crush longer than me. She asked me to stop hanging with them 1 on 1, and that it makes her uncomfortable when we were hanging just us two. This fucking destroyed me, as they were the chillest and nicest person out of the whole group, and I valued their friendship more rhan anyone else’s. I respected wishes and backed the fuck off and basically didn’t talk to or see anybody for a solid 8 months or so except for our other friend, M23. I would go out of my way to hang with both of them as often as I could, but I couldn’t hang at the house due to my ex throwing a tantrum every time I showed up (Involved staring at me from different rooms, stomping around the place, and not allowing me into his room while everyone else filed in to smoke and hang, leaving me in the living room by myself for an hour), so I would drive them and my current BF to different places and my apartment when it was clean hust so we could hang. But eventually we just stopped hanging and they stopped reaching out to me in general. I just took it as they needed space and I tried to carry on without asking questions, because the last time I asked questions it ended in a huge fight over text between me and 22F. She’s a harsh person in general, but she also meant a lot to me and we spent a lot of time together before we fell off.
3) I eventually couldn’t take hanging at the house anymore due to an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and dread whenever I was there. This was about 6 months after my ex and I split, and i had been seeing my current BF(also M23 just to follow rules) for about 3 months. I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone about it because they all lived there except our mutual friend ,M23, but he basically doesn’t talk drama and refuses to(the only time I had ever opened up about anything to him was one night when I broke down in tears because he asked if I wanted to go over to the house and I couldn’t do it). On top of this they had been listening to my ex rant about how shitty I was and how I broke him, and they had to pick his pieces up p much. Instead of me being honest and explaining my situation, I eventually stopped showing up and started solely focusing on myself and my new relationship. When this happened, no one texted, called, or checked in. I was the only person who ever initiated that(i understand lives are busy however so I summed it up to that). No one questioned or ever really seemed to give a shit about me not being there except for my ex’s mom who I still talk to every once in awhile. Basically, we just stopped contact altogether.
I finally broke silence probably 4 months later, and told everyone I wanted to hang. It was weird, everything seemed off, and they didn’t really engage in conversation with me further than superficial stuff. We had our conversations that needed to be had, but basically what was summed up was that they just thought I was straight up done with them. This is a little extra detail that’s probably unnecessary but I will never forget having my 24GenFlu friend look me in the eye and say “I just knew I didn’t matter to you anymore, so I stopped being your friend”. Ever since I have committed myself to being way more open and honest with them, offering multiple hang outs and offering to drive everywhere and do whatever we could. And that’s how it’s been ever since, and this was in 2019. I currently only speak to 22F and 23M but very rarely now and I haven’t even talked to 24GenFlu like that since they started dating 22F. It’s left me feeling empty overall, even though I have fully built a new circle of people who love, trust, and check in on me through my bf and reconnecting with other friends during my absence from the house. I really haven’t felt the same about having friendships like that since we were all in that original group. My ex now has a GF who very actively hates me and will act nice to my face then diss me behind my back, and everyone loves her, so I obviously haven’t been back to the house for awhile now besides back in October when one of our friend’s in the OG group who I haven’t mentioned yet committed suicide and I wanted to physically be there for my ex’s mom and him, since he was living with them while it happened.
I won’t lie, I really did just focus on my relationship and feeling healthier overall and only talked about my shit in therapy. I was not perfect and would never suggest I did nothing wrong, and after being in therapy for over 6 years my communication has gotten better, even though I’ve got a long way to go. I wish I were more open with them and that things didn’t go the way they did. I wish things weren’t so stale between me and my old friends but I know what feelings are there now are stuck in place or just expected at this point; it’s undeniable that I will never be close to them like that again because they don’t want to which has been hard to come to terms with. I wish my friend who killed himself was still here because I missed out on years of seeing him all because I was too anxious to step inside that damn house. Because of our friend suddenly dying, I reached out to my ex and said that if he’s ok with it, I’d like bygones to be bygones and be cordial, which he hastily agreed to. Life is too short to constantly be reflecting, but with this past year of being left alone with your thoughts, it’s hard not to dwell. My current bf knows everything that’s happened and has encouraged me to do whatever I want, even if he isn’t a fan of me hanging at ex’s house, he just wants me to be happy.
There’s so much more to this story than what I typed, and I apologize for having this be so god damn long. I want my friends back, but also want to scream in their faces for being careless bastards and never giving me an opportunity to say anything until I did somehing about that. But what is it even worth? I have no fight left in me for anything other than complying with what other people want, and life is moving on, and I again, could have handled things so much better. My two friends who are dating moved out and that house is empty now except for my ex, his new gf, and his mom. They all still hang together about once a week, with my ex’s new gf basically taking my spot(it sounds selfish to say but it is the exact same friend group with her instead of me) they all have bonded more and I have just been here, waiting for some form of peace of mind on my end. Mostly, I just miss not being so cooped up in my head about petty shit that I did as a teenager. Maybe I’m not looking for advice, as much as I’m looking for a neutral take on it. Do I still deserve the coldness that I can’t help but feel from my friends years later? I understand forgiveness is not something I have asked them or expected, but you’d also think after having some more serious conversations/revealing feelings about it all, there’d be more then staleness and an empty feeling. Maybe I’m just in my head too much. Thank you so so much for sticking through this and have a wonderful time with the friends you have while you still have them.
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2021.02.25 10:13 CAPTAINmouse123 Which one has better arguments?

John swan, dream or the commentary community? (Extra option ; neutral take)
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2021.02.25 10:13 Historical_Living_10 Relapsed

How can I overcome this addiction and tips for that I can't control that shit
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2021.02.25 10:13 northern_hero Armenia army demands resignation of PM Pashinyan, government

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2021.02.25 10:13 footnnylon Sheer stockings and slip make me feel so good

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2021.02.25 10:13 joel071234 Inserting an image

Can anybody help me im trying to insert an image on phone pea however im using a tablet can anyone help me
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2021.02.25 10:13 InspirobotBot Thu Feb 25 11:13:55 2021

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2021.02.25 10:13 Kochadaiiyan Bigil climax we all deserved!

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2021.02.25 10:13 Cap_ri just something i made :)

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2021.02.25 10:13 crystaltay13 Thoughts on Bobbie Brown's Face Base? The concept of a moisturizer + primer combo is highly intriguing, but I'm skeptical. Anyone with dry-ish skin have success with this product?

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2021.02.25 10:13 NCcosIforgotmylogin Thread about rape: had my suspicions, now it's disappeared but no deletion message?

I read a thread this morning that seemed like utter tosh ('Help me make sense of what just happened'), in which a poster was being suspiciously naïve about apparently being raped by a friend.

I didn't believe it, but kept it open on my browser in order to come back to it later and see how things developed.

However now there's just a 'missing page', rather than a deletion message. Why would that be? I mean, I'm assuming that it was discovered to be fake, but why do some threads get a 'page not found' rather than a deletion message?

cached version here:

MN missing page here: https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/relationships/4176076-To-asked-for-help-understanding-what-just-happened
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2021.02.25 10:13 99trickS28 "Dear Reincarnations, the game will have an update patch on 25th February at 18:00, last for about 20 minutes. Please re-login to the game after the update has completed."

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2021.02.25 10:13 Elviseatspants Some Flashback Concepts

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2021.02.25 10:13 TheOnlyBearYT This is the BEST HORROR GAME IVE PLAYED SO FAR 😳

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2021.02.25 10:13 RLCD-Bot [Orange Fennec] [Orange Fennec: Ombre] [Orange Standard] [Black Dieci]

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2021.02.25 10:13 Blindsk8ralways 25 m skiing whos up. Wired and drinking looking fire convo

25 m looking to chat while wired as fuck lol
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2021.02.25 10:13 shivansh2016 A noob to skincare...Just started focusing on skincare from last month...and have been lurking around this subreddit for a week or so...bought a lot of beardo products because they were cheap and I am a student xD

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2021.02.25 10:13 Future_Mongoose_1765 HELL

And I don't love you.
And I don't love you.
And I don't love me.
And I don't love me.
Fire him cus he's drunk and he doesn't give a fuck and he listens to that junk and I sing about my truck.
I really do give a shit about shit.
I really give a shit about shit.
I just don't know like... How to express it sometimes man and AHHH!
Hey girl, I like you.
Why are you so mean to me?
You don't own me.
You don't know me.
You don't own me.
You don't know me.
My tummy hurts.
Poor me another drink.
Well... When I was in the war,
Hey man you see the game today?
No! I'll beat your ass man!
I got nothing but respect for you.
Stare you down like a vegetable.
Alcoholic wrestler.
Up in your face hungover.
Barbra streisand ain't got nothing on the underside of my thumb.
Hey man.
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2021.02.25 10:13 ronchinchan My Daft Punk tattoo done by Ibarra @ Ibarra Skinart in OZC, Philippines

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2021.02.25 10:13 RanHerOver Avvocati in Italia?

Buongiorno a tutti, sono un futuro laureando di giurisprudenza che vuole diventare avvocato. Ho sentito opinioni di avvocati e non che dicono che il mercato della giurisprudenza in Italia è incredibilmente saturo ed è molto difficile trovare lavoro. Che ne pensate? E' veramente così?
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