Go! Chili likes to hide in the bathtub |

Chili likes to hide in the bathtub

2021.02.28 15:35 OopsIforgotausername Chili likes to hide in the bathtub

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2021.02.28 15:35 Leather-Balls Just finished the 4th boss and I'm a bit confused... (Spoiler)

So we unlocked the blast furnace and windmill and artisan bench and all but the new items that we are able to make take iron instead of silver or the new black metal that has become available, they all take iron except just a few weapons the actually use black metal. Is this the final tier of items that we are able to get at this time of did we miss something/do something wrong or out of order?
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2021.02.28 15:35 YobertPussy Can somebody give Haachama a medal?

cuz she deserves it.
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2021.02.28 15:35 Frostimer When I just watched new HACHAMA stream and parents ask why am I so depressed

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2021.02.28 15:35 higalak Help Translation: What's the translation of "To Prosper is a Privilege's" or "Prosperity is a Privilege's"

I'm currently researching on creating a motto for a personal coat of arm and I need assistance from you fellows about this translation. I have indeed done the usual google translation and It felt to I'm uncertain about how it worded to me...
Google phrases it "Prosperitas Est Privilegeum" and "Ad prosperitas est privilegium" , additionally the word prosperity , prosper and privilege's have plenty of translation in it that I could not solemnly do it.
My Apologies if I use the wrong tag...
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2021.02.28 15:35 Papa335677 Anyone got bass tabs for Uber alles by do nothing?

Title https://youtu.be/ls4HGFFhB70
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2021.02.28 15:35 slugsoul what is a meme

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2021.02.28 15:35 MK4Life1988 Do You think MK11 will get more DLC Support?

DLC Support MK11
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2021.02.28 15:35 jeweltonesGG On the Origin of Birthstones

As both an avid lover of gemstones and passionate loather of the color lime green, I spent most of my life resenting my peridot August birthstone. When the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and Jewelers of America jointly announced in 2016 that August would also be represented by the multi-hued spinel, I literally cheered. However, it also made me wonder just how birthstones were determined and why some months were blessed with many (December, for instance, boasts tanzanite, zircon, blue topaz, and turquoise) while others are limited to just one (like this month's monochromatic amethyst). It turns out that although the modern American birthstone list was only created in 1912, it can trace its roots back thousands of years.

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Many accomplished scholars have delved deeply into the origin of birthstones (I highly recommend perusing the GIA's digital archive of rare gemological texts, particularly The Curious Lore of Precious Stones by George Frederick Kunz), but most agree that the concept can be tied to the Breastplate of Aaron. According to the Book of Exodus, the breastplate boasted twelve unique gemstones which represented each of the twelve tribes of Israel. The fantastically-named Roman scholar Titus Flavius Josephus (c.37-100 AD) was the first to realize the significance of the twelve stones and their corresponding months, creating the first recognized list of birthstones: carnelian, chrysolite (referring to a green gemstone, likely peridot), beryl, turquoise or carbuncle (garnet), lapis lazuli, emerald, jacinth (yellow zircon), amethyst, agate, topaz, onyx, and jasper. However, due to the limited knowledge of gemology at the time and the haphazard evolution of language, there is much debate over what the original twelve gems actually were. With different countries and cultures developing their own traditions and lists over the centuries, there was little consensus over which gemstone corresponded to which month.

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This all changed in 1912, when the American National Retail Jeweler's Association (now known as Jewelers of America) released a list of "modern birthstones." Unlike more traditional birthstone lists, nearly every month was represented by a transparent and facetable gemstone - ideal for creating trendy and marketable birthstone jewelry. Garnet for January, amethyst for February, aquamarine and bloodstone for March, diamond for April, emerald for May, pearl and moonstone for June, ruby for July, peridot for August, sapphire for September, opal for October, golden topaz for November, and turquoise for December. Since its creation, the list has only been updated three times: in 1952 when alexandrite was added for June, tourmaline was added for October, citrine was added for November, and zircon was added for December, in 2002 when tanzanite was added for December, and finally in 2016 when spinel joined alongside peridot for August. Although there are still a few minor squabbles over the inclusion of some gems (whether December can also claim blue topaz in its already packed lineup, for example), this updated list is widely accepted throughout the United States and many other Western nations.

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So why did the Jewelers of America decide to add birthstones to only certain months, and how were the gemstones selected? While the nonprofit jeweler's organization is rather cryptic about its motivations, these changes are carefully deliberated and calculated to benefit the industry. Alexandrite, for example, was better suited to faceted jewelry than pearl and moonstone and provided both an expensive natural option as well as an inexpensive and popular synthetic counterpart. Citrine was an ideal addition to November because it provided a more affordable alternative to golden topaz, and tourmaline gave October a birthstone that was more durable than opal and perfect for faceted jewelry. Creating new birthstones also provides the opportunity to market more obscure or less popular gems. Zircon is often confused with the synthetic diamond simulant cubic zirconia, so making it a birthstone for December allowed the jewelry industry to re-introduce the natural gem to the buying public. With tanzanite demand suffering from the ebb and flow of production from the volatile Tanzanian source, the industry needed a way to bring back interest in the stone. And despite being a common feature of jewelry for hundreds of years, the "Great Imposter" spinel was relatively unknown to most consumers. Each new addition to the birthstone lineup was accompanied by a huge marketing campaign spearheaded by the most prominent jeweler's associations and retailers, cementing their place in the public eye.

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What is it about birthstones that has captured our imagination (and pocketbooks)? For thousands of years, gemstones have been given different meanings and mystical properties. As time went on, it was believed that an individual should possess the twelve original gemstones and wear each one on its corresponding month to obtain its unique benefits. More recently, the concept of a singular gemstone that represents one's birth month became the norm. When opal earned an unlucky reputation in the nineteenth century, for example, superstition held that only someone born in October could purchase and wear the rainbow gem unscathed. Today, the modern birthstone list is widely accepted and comprises a large portion of jewelry sales and marketing. And yet, even knowing the somewhat mercenary motives behind its recent addition to August's ranks, I have embraced spinel as "my" gem. It seems even gemologists are not immune to the allure of having a birthstone to call their own.
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2021.02.28 15:35 Zach-ziyaon Nobody to help Myanmar!!

The west won't shed blood for the freedom of Myanmar. The UN won't come to save us. We need to do something or there will be massive loss of lives. We need to be more organized. We need to learn military training, maybe from Youtube or somewhere so we could survive under gun fires.
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2021.02.28 15:35 hsibdjs87 What should I do about this decaying car?

live with my mom. We've lived in this house for almost 22 years. There is a decaying care over the bank, about 50-100 feet from a stream. I never really thought much of it until today. More then half of the car has decayed. Its the rear end of the car, and some of the frame going out to the middle. I noticed some of the soil sound it is black. Im afraid its old engine oil, or something, and its ******* up the environment.
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2021.02.28 15:35 Masspoint Müller moments review

Got him because I do switch between 41212(2) and 433 (3) in game. This looked like an ideal player for me because he can play a cam role but also a sole striker with heading and target man capabilities
Chemistry style used: engine.
Left stick dribbling is really good with this chem style, he feels very smooth. So are skill moves. Frankly his animations and dribbling feel much better than I expected. This feels like a fluid player and agile. In combination with his strenght he is quite strong on the ball.
Pace is more than good enough especially because he is so fluid on the ball and because his runs are so intelligent. There are not many players with 99 positioning, he is always into space, this is very strong point of him.
Finishing is very good, don't be fooled by the shot power, he is more clinical than rooney and moments suarez in the box.
The combination of his positioning , jumping, size and heading accuarry makes him deadly in the air, this always give you an extra option when attacking.
Passing, especially with this chem style feels great , and he is great in a cam role, but he plays more attacking than other cams I had, because of his positioning.
His only downside would be longshots, they are there, but don't expect something like rooney. or a finesse shot like messi or dybala. There you really notice the 83 shot power.
Tl dr, his finishing is better than you would expect with 83 shot power, he is clinical. Speed is better what you would expect because he is very fluid on the ball, so dribbling and agility is good. 99 positioning is highly noticable, and he finishes headers with ease.
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2021.02.28 15:35 Dankinator2000 [M16] I am samwick maekr [Freindship]

I make sandwiches. Someone just ordered 6 Buffalo chicken sandwiches and now I have to make them all. Hooray. Well, outside of work, I’m a normal person living in east coast USA, and it’s super snowy rn. I do some things for fun like archery, skiing, cooking and doodling. Hopefully someone sees this and decides to message me, and if that’s you, see ya soon!
P.S. Please don’t just send me one message then never respond
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2021.02.28 15:35 el-ricko-suave Ready? Jk, my first flower! Purple lush, dwc.

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2021.02.28 15:35 Thedecayed1 Ha ha human will never find me here

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2021.02.28 15:35 Wary_Height_ Stuffed Meat Cakes

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2021.02.28 15:35 GlobalCitizen12345 Flair of r/myanmar subreddit

There are only two flairs for this group, NSFW and Possibly fake!
Admins should look into it, increase the flairs; like politics, human rights, military coup, etc. as deemed fit. Or may be remove flair for the time being.
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2021.02.28 15:35 littlewatersheep Umm...Thanks :)

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2021.02.28 15:35 Some_Chow What do you consider an art but it’s really a science or the other way around?

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2021.02.28 15:35 Novelty_Reactions DISCORD DRAMA WHILE PLAYING HADES

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2021.02.28 15:35 DabsAllDay828 [Recruiting] Task Force Crimson (#28LGQG992) | TH 12+ | Clan Lvl 15 | Adult/War/Social | US Based 🇺🇸🍻

Female Leadership 💋
Adults Only 🍻
Clan Lvl 15
CWL - Master ll
Pubic War Log ~ 178 to 70
Communication is Key! Contact me with any questions 💕

 Discord: http://discord.gg/se4vQRh2 #28LGQG992 
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2021.02.28 15:35 PaddleBallZ What is the highest quality franchise with the worst fanbase?

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2021.02.28 15:35 LemonHS [0Attack] Chewtle, M, 6


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2021.02.28 15:35 Basketball-Poker1225 thoughts on best liquor store?

Any thoughts on best liquor stores in the Milwaukee Metro area?
They are all king of boring and make it difficult to find better bottles of bourbon.
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2021.02.28 15:35 Legitimate_Concern_2 lol Valheim+meme sounds, perfect combo xD

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