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Themenwünsche 2

2021.02.28 15:58 Alaxyr Themenwünsche 2

ich weiß, es gab schonmal so einen Post. Der ist allerdings archived, also einfach nochmal.
Haut eure Themenwünsche mal raus!
Meine sind:
Noch eine Batman-folge
The Blacklist
Sonic (nicht der Film)
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2021.02.28 15:58 jim_tnt Need help with dates in LibreOffice Base

So i'm working with LibreOffice Base 7.0.4 and have created a user-defined date formatting type(DD.MM.YYYY) and for some reason everytime i write 10+ as the DD it converts it to 08 and gives me a error. (Error updating current record) Can someone tell me what's going on and how to fix it?
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2021.02.28 15:58 FitnessBeerMan Which razor by West Coast Shaving do you recommend?

I was looking on the West Coast Shaving site and am interested in their own brand of safety razors. I have my eyes on the 110S, 84S and the 175S.
Do you own any and do you recommend them? If so, which one(s)?
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2021.02.28 15:58 hera_21 "LIVE" 박문치(Park Moonchi), Young K 'What a Wonderful Word' on Day6's Kiss the Radio (210228)

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2021.02.28 15:58 alarghi Server restarting all the time

IDK if anyone else has experienced the same issue, but every time I try to go to some place that I haven't visited before I get this server restart error. I was using the South America server and I thought it might be because of the amount of users, so I created a new account in America International, but I keep getting the same error now and then. Has anyone experienced the same issue?
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2021.02.28 15:58 Comfortable_Dare4951 How did you know it was time to go?

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2021.02.28 15:58 ThePressYeah Mewtwo on me 8638 7209 0370

Will try to invite 10
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2021.02.28 15:58 mrniceguy205 Need a plug in bham,al... please help... not a cop

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2021.02.28 15:58 minnieminniee Cricut Stickers Printing Wrong Around Border, Why?

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2021.02.28 15:58 Zararara Weavile

Anyone got a Weavile for trade please?
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2021.02.28 15:58 rallymachine [Homemade] Barbacoa Hash

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2021.02.28 15:58 Replacement-Sorry Join our smp bedrock realm

Cheats haven’t ever been turned on so come play and get achievements code is realms.gg/uUMjJdcDtAc don’t hack or we will kill ur family doggo
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2021.02.28 15:58 sammyhats Urologist wasn’t helpful, so here I am on Reddit.

Hey all—not expecting a diagnosis but hopefully some 2nd opinions about where to go from here since I only have two months left on my parent’s health insurance plan. I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible, although I feel like there’s a lot of potentially relevant information.
I’m a 25 year old male. I have had post infectious IBS for about 20 months now. Last year (2020), I had been making progress and had gotten a lot better until December. I began noticing my stomach was reacting more sensitively to foods that I normally had no trouble eating. The most common reaction is a dull pain in my lower abdomen that tends to last several hours to the rest of the day, and sometimes the next. I have been seeing a dietician and taking supplements, and these symptoms do seem do to be improving somewhat. However, I do wonder if this has something to do with the symptoms that I’m about to describe.
At the very end of December, I woke up one day with pain in my tailbone, dull pain in my rectum, tenderness around my anus, and the need to urinate about twice as frequently as normal. These symptoms came on suddenly, not gradually, and worsened after a few days. Eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore (felt like I had a golf ball in my ass, 6-7/10 pain) and decided to go see a Urologist. I had several urine tests done for a UTI and whatever else, and everything came back normal. The urologist examined by prostate, said it felt alright but slightly tender, and prescribed the antibiotic Sulfamethoxazole for 10 days. The prostate exam definitely hurt, but wasn’t overwhelmingly painful. My symptoms got mildly better, but then on the last day they came back with about a 5/10 pain. I went back to the urologist, and he prescribed me another 10 day round of the same antibiotic. Maybe things have gotten slightly better, but I haven’t noticed very much of a difference. I went in again last week, he gave me another prostate exam which didn’t hurt as much but had some lingering effects on me for the rest of the day, and basically just told me to “relax”, do some Kegel exercises, etc.
Well, there are several problems with this. The first is that I’m worried that I have CPPS, which from what I’ve read requires months of physical therapy. I only have two more months on my parents health insurance plan, and I’m not sure how well whatever shitty Marketplace plan (US here) would be able to cover additional treatment needed to improve my symptoms.
Furthermore, these symptoms combined with my IBS have made it so that I can’t work. I’m currently having to support my girlfriend, who lives in Costa Rica, after she lost her job several months ago due to the pandemic. I had originally hoped to reunite with her around this time after being separated from her for a year, and to continue my online work over there with her. Instead, I’m slowly draining away my savings by not working and having to support her. I need to get better as soon as possible, and I need to take advantage of these remaining months that I still have access to my parent’s health insurance.
So, does this sound like acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, or CPPS? I’ve done a lot of research and haven’t been able to determine which one aligns best with my symptoms, which are, to summarize…
-Needing to pee between 15-20 times a day
-dull pain tailbone that comes and goes
-dull pain in rectum that comes and goes
-very slight, almost non-painful tenderness around anus that comes and goes
-feeling of soreness between my anus and my testicles, especially after having to urinate. Sometimes this pain extends all the way to the back of my testicles.
-Pain in upper back, skin slightly sensitive to touch in this area (this one’s a huge mystery)
-No penis pain.
-No pain upon/post ejaculation.
-symptoms feel better after pooping, worse when slightly constipated.
-When I smoke cannabis (about a couple times a week) I feel like these symptoms worsen. At the same time, the lower abdominal pain that I thought was the result of my IBS also worsens. This makes me wonder if there may be some connection? Weed makes me very anxious, so I’m wondering if it’s possible that its just creating anxiety and paranoia that are exasperating my symptoms.
Jeez, didn’t mean to make this post so long. I really hope someone takes the time to read this. I’d just like to know what I should do going forward here.
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2021.02.28 15:58 Ordinary-Addition-62 Join for the best leaks out here🔞🔞

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2021.02.28 15:58 puravidaamigo I’ve been on Reddit for 8 years and have never made a cake day post. I really didn’t know what to do with myself.

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2021.02.28 15:58 ArmySets Here is a fun horror map that you can play with some friends 2129-7064-4319

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2021.02.28 15:58 aryTurns Need horsea to finish all of my Kanto collection medals

Topic. Does anyone know where they spawn now? Incense at the moment? Horsea nests don't seem to exist at the moment and I haven't seen any wild spawns at all. I have literally every single collection medal finished except for the one including Horsea. Anyone able to help? Would trading fill that void?
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2021.02.28 15:58 ClaireFarronLR RPG Music - Village (Inspired by Final Fantasy XI) | Original Composition

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2021.02.28 15:58 dzn_m How high are DAI taxes?

Hello. I am planning to buy DAI, a decentralized stablecoin, to protect myself against inflation (of my current currency). However, don't know about their taxes.
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2021.02.28 15:58 skippyfossilfreak Epic Rare Freaky cool Heteromorph Vancouver Island Canada

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2021.02.28 15:58 DepartmentOk3640 Descuento Logitech Argentina

Si alguien quiere comprar en Logitech Argentina con MasterCard ponga MASTERCARD15 te da el 15 de descuento aviso por las dudas yo lo acabo de usar
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2021.02.28 15:58 AutonomousAutomaton_ I hope everyone has seen this chart by now... See where the supply line goes parabolic? (that’s healthy) that’s the precise moment the FedWire program went down. Then they announced that there’s no longer a need to publish this kind of data. Lmfao Michael Burry right again!

I hope everyone has seen this chart by now... See where the supply line goes parabolic? (that’s healthy) that’s the precise moment the FedWire program went down. Then they announced that there’s no longer a need to publish this kind of data. Lmfao Michael Burry right again! submitted by AutonomousAutomaton_ to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2021.02.28 15:58 Owltown89 Final project description not long enough

I just submitted my final project Cs50x but it says my description isn’t long enough. What does this mean? Does it mean the README.md is short , or the comments in the code is short?
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2021.02.28 15:58 pursuingholiness How do you meditate on the transfiguration and the assumption?

I have the most trouble meditating on these two mysteries because there's little to nothing about them written in scripture.
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2021.02.28 15:58 Milkyonyt It’s times like this that make us who we are today

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