Go! Super shorty has enough of your shi- |

Super shorty has enough of your shi-

2021.03.03 13:58 backfiringsince20001 Super shorty has enough of your shi-

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2021.03.03 13:58 Mathieu_van_der_Poel Happy birthday to Lyn ski club

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2021.03.03 13:58 amzn-deals [PROMOCODE] Save 50% on select Zzanggu products

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2021.03.03 13:58 alwayslearning100 Is there any movie adaptation that's better than the book? What is it/are they...care to recommend?

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2021.03.03 13:58 Skillz_BrawlStars_23 What are your earliest memories in your life?

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2021.03.03 13:58 fighterforfredom Just leaving this here

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2021.03.03 13:58 YeastYeti I gotta say it, seeing these doomers and “forever lockdown” people squirm over the states that are fully reopening is a breath of fresh air and very satisfying.

This is just the beginning of a series of very big wins for us because other states will follow suit and blue states will be forced to open because it will be a disaster for the economy. Very happy with how things have gone so far though because other states have already started discussing opening as of seeing this news.
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2021.03.03 13:58 kiiitteh Francis is not the best at #WorkingFromHome... 🧾🎁💤 Can you relate to his process or do you have a better one? ✨

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2021.03.03 13:58 Financial_Smile4143 So, here's my OC, Theo:

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2021.03.03 13:58 Sea-Waste I might have to stop "Posting dad jokes until i get a gf" tomorrow

Idk. I recently confessed but they were silent but suddenly... Erm Still gotta wait till tomorrow
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2021.03.03 13:58 Ok-Appointment-1514 Help me to arrive at 1k subs

Hey guys my dream started making soothing music for relaxing on YouTube and building a Channel this is my first video on YouTube and the first post on Reddit i have now 15 subscribers and i want to arrive at 1K for that i come here i wish 🙏 a good life to everyone who sub to my Channel.
Relaxing Music
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2021.03.03 13:58 dommarmstrong Interesting same engine cover at the w12 can see the Aston Martin being very quick

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2021.03.03 13:58 Nishoberne How it all started.

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2021.03.03 13:58 kevinkaye MORNING TIME TALK

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2021.03.03 13:58 AstridWB [LF] wishlist, fishbait, NMTs [FT] art, storage, DIYs

Hi! My storage is up for trading again!
DIYs to trade
Items to trade
Art to trade (for wishlist items):

Here’s my wishlist
Will also take fishbait and NMTs for non-art items.
If you have items from my wishlist but don’t want anything from my offers, just let me know what else you’re after! :)
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2021.03.03 13:58 kapangyarihan1973 Long Island

Buscando osos y maduros que busquen que les chupen la polla. Área de South Shore Long Island (Freeport / Baldwin). Debes alojar. Discreto, limpio, libre de ETS y Covid aquí. Libre por las mañanas
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2021.03.03 13:58 guanaco55 Sen. Ted Cruz: GOP Is Now the Party of the Working Class; Democratic Party Is the Party of Wealthy Elites

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2021.03.03 13:58 Ammo_God 3/3/21 Feedback thread

Looking to get some feedback on the bot, things you guys want feature wise, ect.
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2021.03.03 13:58 _Mehdi_haned Muslim men: what is the coolest thing for you about living your life according to your faith?

I found a similar thread on askwomen and thought about bringing it here
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2021.03.03 13:58 -Wyl- S90 problems

Got some problems with my S90 and have no reply from doogee, so I wonder if anyone here has some ideas or solutions. First of all, my screen becomes unresponsive, I have to lock and unlock my phone to make it work, its only frustrating, and I wish it gone. Although, I have had this problem for 2 years now and it isn't so frequent. The big problem that is new, is the snow charging, I have tried changing the cable and plug, no use. I am sure it is the phone, it takes over 9 hours to fully charge! I could leave it charging over night I guess, but the only way I can get good amount of charge in without leaving it all night is with the module, and that takes a few hours!
Any help would be great as it is a great phone and I dont want to replace it!
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2021.03.03 13:57 tryanotherpls Better prices

Where can I get bigger amounts with my friends, we all get oz's but it'd be better if we could save money and buy quarter pounds or half pounds even
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2021.03.03 13:57 eben7x70 DIY speakers for hometheater

Hello friends, as stated above I'm curious on DIY speakers for a hometheater. I've looked at a few brands and seem to gravitate towards GR-Research AV series but wanted to know if you guys had any input on these or something better. Would like to stay within the same budget as GR-REAEARCH which puts me in the <$1000 range for a 5.0 setup.
As for subwoofers IDK, looked at a bunch but the SVS PB1000 Pros seem to win based on cost everytime. Unless you can advise of quality and power <$1200 for the pair of 12" subs. ????
Atmos 0.0.4 here it gets interesting as I am uncertain ... Again GR-REAEARCH has a LGK 1.0 series speaker that I think I could use for atmos. Technically they are 3" desktop full range speakers, not sure the power rating but frequency seems to be 200hz+ which I'd think would be fine. But am open to suggestions, thoughts, opinions?????
Thanks in advance.
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2021.03.03 13:57 VortexRepairMan Which stream

I don’t have 8 hours to spare watching an entire YouTube stream. What are the best Infrared streams/clips I can watch that won’t take up my entire day?
I’m a busy man doing busy things like upvoting anti-China propaganda on reddit and organizing for DSA(super far left i know). /s
For real though, which are the best? I’m trying to keep up but it’s hard.
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2021.03.03 13:57 Vaflkake Nighthaunt army list advice (Elaboration in the comments)

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2021.03.03 13:57 Twitchpcnz [XB1] Selling 900k 3.5/100k

Paypal or zelle only, i will go first if you have better rep if not we can do increments to make both sides feel safe.
rep: https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/jkq48w/utwitchpcnz_mcs_rep_profile/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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