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2021.02.25 09:56 No-Salamander-2218 Masturbaatiob

I can't control now it's my 56s day i want to masturbate 😭
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2021.02.25 09:56 Tob_23 Are Regulion or Doherty good picks as they play in BGW29?

Which one?
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2021.02.25 09:56 Favu Der zweite Teil der Hagenweg 20 Doku ist jetzt auf Youtube

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2021.02.25 09:56 CoyoteLosange Just finished my very first mini, and it's a Thousand sons marine !

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2021.02.25 09:56 InspirobotBot Thu Feb 25 10:56:39 2021

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2021.02.25 09:56 I_thght_he_was_wth_u MIT creates a camera lens that can change focus without moving parts

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2021.02.25 09:56 Ectophial1 [XBOX] [H] Sweeper TW Nice Shot + Black Yorebands [W] 15k

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2021.02.25 09:56 element2909 Found Henry’s next bed

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2021.02.25 09:56 RickyDughen Federico ti denuncio per commento inopportuno

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2021.02.25 09:56 appunto teaser for a really peculiar web serie about the grandfather of Carl Gustav Jung

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2021.02.25 09:56 CrankyVixen My special instructions hasn't worked for months

Hopefully someone can answer this for me because I can't find info anywhere.
I have not been able to submit "special instructions" on any of my food requests for months. I never had a problem before. My favorite restaurant puts shrimp in the box and I'd always request it out because seafood makes me nauseous. I no longer have that option. And that wouldn't be too much of a problem.... but now all of the restaurants in my area say that "no special requests can be fulfilled at this time". ALL. OF. THEM. No joke, full stop. None of them. I don't know if it's my area, my app, if it's because of Covid. I have no clue.
I can add special instructions for delivery but I can't do any kind of requests for restaurants. I'm upset and admittedly a little frustrated. If anyone has any idea, or if yours works just fine in your area... lmk?
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2021.02.25 09:56 Tinnber Given community feedback last year about power weapon kills as part of the Iron Banner quest, why was it implemented this season?

Seems counterproductive; the community is getting frustrated again. Why take a step forward then two steps back?
It's an extremely tedious quest step and doesn't add the fun factor to the Iron Banner experience.
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2021.02.25 09:56 misanthropicloner999 I had this pop up yesterday wondering if anyone else has ever seen it.

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2021.02.25 09:56 thanksforthebud OH. MY.


Big one.

Anyways, dear Autobleem guys, listen up and I EXPECT a reply.

Was trying to replace that goddamn kernel. Took a long time. Now it won't work. No light. NO LIGHT. Won't turn on. WON'T TURN ON.


Oh well. Was looking forward for another dose of Puzzle Fighter.
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2021.02.25 09:56 Lord_DIO_SAMA Finished; Asgore

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2021.02.25 09:56 InspirobotBot Thu Feb 25 10:56:36 2021

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2021.02.25 09:56 random_memebot use fishing

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2021.02.25 09:56 misunderstood_always [question] do remedies actually work or is it more of a superficial thing? If it does, is it because of the placebo effect it has on our mentality?

Imo i believe that once the planets are fixed at the time of your birth with whatever aspects and effects they have, are final and bound to happen some way or the other.
So how do the yantra or matra or gemstones work? How do they operate to change or minimise the effect of the planet(s)?
If they work, is it because we place our faith in them and then as a cause and effect relationship, we start seeing results? In the sense that by placing our faith in them, we start building or working towards that aspect and hence see results and put all the credit on the remedy?
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2021.02.25 09:56 random_memebot use fishing

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2021.02.25 09:56 n1k1sh Finally got a hold of this through fumari DE!!

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2021.02.25 09:56 Pogger-chan [NA][EU][PC]Fear and Terror is Recruiting

Hi! I'm a recruiter for the Community "Fear and Terror"!

We have opportunities for both casual and competitive players! If you are looking to get into the group and are interested in joining please review the information below and see if we're a good fit. Please don't hesitate to pm me or ask on our discord in #help-desk if you have any questions!

A little about our community:

• An Organized & Matured environment.

• Consistent and Active players in Siege.

• We host and participate in a variety of events.

• No drama, no politics

• FaT also has communities in Post Scriptum, Escape from Tarkov, and Squad.

• Several side games in genres such as RTS, FPS, Horror & Open world including but not limited to Arma, War thunder, GTFO, Cyberpunk 2077 - List goes on!
• Several discussion topics for hobbies on the side varying from pets to bartending to building your first PC.

• Military friendly whether it be active duty or retired

Operation Neon Dawn and what to look forward to this season with us:

With the release of Op Neon Dawn we aim to hold weekly events/tournaments, these can range from 1v1s - full 10 man events!

• Weekly events
• Tournaments with possible game/money rewards!
Recruitment Qualifications:

• Must be 18+ years old with a mature personality

• Must have a microphone

• Understand how to play and communicate.

Its okay if you are new to the game, there will always be someone in FaT who will be willing to help you out. Don't be afraid to ask!

Discord Link: Join today!

How to join FaT:

1.) Join our Discord! http://discord.gg/FaT
2.) React and continue through the introduction channels to unlock the discord
3.) Fill out an application in #click-here-to-join
4.) We'll review your application and respond within 24-48 hours
If you have any questions about the community or need help with anything, please let me know!
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2021.02.25 09:56 isaacrox123 Rust beat uploaded!!

Hey all for anyone who enjoyed the rust beat I posted a few weeks ago I uploaded a link so feel free to use it for whatever! Just send me a link of u use it in a video i wanna see
rust beat 😎😎
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2021.02.25 09:56 omiros14052003 Άσχημες στιγμές

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2021.02.25 09:56 iwtysth-momo [H] loin head +dp head + grim brush+ phoenix diretide set [W] invo head magus apex

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2021.02.25 09:56 greikroi21 Their titles seem about right 😂😂 .. reminder jj has a top 2 song in the charts .. and simon has like a couple songs with randy ( bangers btw 🔥🔥 )

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