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[Poetry] Hot Dog

2021.02.28 16:53 mjknlr [Poetry] Hot Dog

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2021.02.28 16:53 TheSoupWhisper North Vegas dispensary

Moved from Decatur and Sahara to N. Vegas. Any recommendations for herb and dabs on this side of town? Thanks!!
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2021.02.28 16:53 IceFire22 LF shiny sobble line and other offers

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2021.02.28 16:53 FrustratedMTguy I hate knowing that I’ve been sold to my whole life, and I will until I die

I work in a long-term care/rehab facility with around 60 residents on my floor. It’s been an amazing opportunity in that I get to communicate and talk with the residents, and I wish more people knew how important it is to take care of these people, but this is aside from the point.
When I wake up in the morning I check my phone I see ads. When I listen to music I hear ads. When I’m driving to work I see more ads on billboards or on people’s cars. I remember watching ads on TV when I was 4 or 5 years old. We had fundraisers in schools that were just glorified ads in themselves, and that’s not including the drink machines that were right there when you got in the door. These are just some of the ways that they’ve creeped into our lives, and seeing it when people are at the end of their lives just made it click for me how pervasive and invasive techniques are used to reach absolutely everyone.
Every time I walk in to a residents room I just see ads on their TV as they are locked into their bed or wheelchair. Doesn’t matter what channel or what program that’s on, there’s ads all over the place. Hell, some of them have on programs like HLN where literally all they do is prey on people like the residents in my facility (I remember there was a South Park clip about this too, so I know I’m not the only one who sees shit like his).
I just hate it. There’s no amount of Adblock you can use to sift all of this out. I just feel like a commodity when I see this shit, and it irritates me to no end.
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2021.02.28 16:53 AGeneNamedCry Question from your new neighbor

Hello all! I just moved into the little blue house on the corner, next to Linda’s. My name is Jenny and I will be your kids’ new school nurse! I am excited to meet everyone.
I do have one question - why does everyone have hotdogs on forks in their front yards? I thought maybe it had been a prank by some neighborhood kids, but they’ve stayed up all week. What does it mean?
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2021.02.28 16:53 PeacekeeperZforce Abhijit The Mitra Engine !!

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2021.02.28 16:53 SomeRandomelf Moltres need two more that will join 2259 1903 7538

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2021.02.28 16:53 butcher_of_the_world Jenna Ellis sees this as madness but not the election conspiracies she pushed

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2021.02.28 16:53 HarryManbackMessage I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.

Feat. Spice Girls 🤩
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2021.02.28 16:53 RelaxingNatureSound Mother love

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2021.02.28 16:53 mystic3507 What month were you born in?

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2021.02.28 16:53 Cadence-McShane Hptm Hans-Ulrich Rudel commander Stukageschwader 2 awarded Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords by Adolph Hitler. OBlt Dietrich Hrabak awarded Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves. OFw Erwin Hentschel awarded Knight’s Cross, November 25, 1943

Hptm Hans-Ulrich Rudel commander Stukageschwader 2 awarded Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords by Adolph Hitler. OBlt Dietrich Hrabak awarded Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves. OFw Erwin Hentschel awarded Knight’s Cross, November 25, 1943 submitted by Cadence-McShane to GermanWW2photos [link] [comments]

2021.02.28 16:53 PhzyLicka Returning player here: What ended up happening about the whole Blitzchung and Savjz thing?

I can tell from Wikipedia that the bans for Blitzchung and the college team have been shortened, but is that it? Was there no prologue?
And what about Savjz and his wife? I can't seem to figure out what the final conclusion was.
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2021.02.28 16:53 GoJam172 How to improve your motivation and energy to workout.

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2021.02.28 16:53 BlikiFat What are those tiny ticks on the wing for? De-icing?

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2021.02.28 16:53 Connie_Damico Pink 😻

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2021.02.28 16:53 EthTraderCommunity Beeple Crashes MakersPlace By Selling NFT Art for $1

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2021.02.28 16:53 nameitfashion HANDMADE AMETHYST CRYSTAL SPHERE PYRAMID 60MM

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2021.02.28 16:53 yrdeeprest Friends Unseen - The Usual Dilemma

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2021.02.28 16:53 General-Tone4770 [FOR HIRE] ANIME ART COMMISSIONS OPEN

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2021.02.28 16:53 whysamuel Nice legs

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2021.02.28 16:53 No_Housing5704 How can I learn to feel like a sexual being and flattered by male sexual attention even though men replace women so easily for sex with other men when women are not available in gender segregated and sexually repressed places like in Muslim countries.

Comments that I recieved about how common sex between men is (due to gender segregation and sexual repression) on the askgaybros subreddit:
"Lived in Pakistan so can't speak for all Muslim countries but:
Topping is seen as gay but less dishonourable than bottoming.
I strongly do believe that yes, sexuality quite often does depend on availability of women. Education in Pakistan was gender segregated until the age of 16 ish. Before that, there used to be boys in my grade used to get it on with each other.
2 men having premarital sex is definitely seen as more sinful than man and woman doing it. But men having premarital sex is not even talked about so I guess there is less risk of bringing that "dishonour".
BBC has a great documentary called "How Gay is Pakistan?", where they show how a lot of men who have gay sex actually don't consider it as part of their sexuality (this is of course bs and internalised homophobia). It's more like a sexual relief thing."
"As a European who has been to Morocco and had sexual fun with local guys over there, without even having to ask them "are you gay?" or "you into guys?", I can confirm the fact that men have sex with each other prior to marriage with a woman as a cultural norm.
Sex with another man is not considered pre-marital sex. This gay sex before marriage is an extremely common, widely-practiced part of their culture - and a very ancient tradition. Probably if you asked most straight-identifying Muslim/Arab men, they would deny it or say they know nothing about it, but believe me (from my own experiences in Morocco) - it is true."
The same apparently happens in prisons, boarding schools, the military/navy, with Catholic priests, etc. And women in these same gender segregated and sexually repressed places or situations have sex with women far less.
It makes me believe straight male sexuality depends SOLELY and only on the sexual availability of women, but female straight sexuality depends on many things that cause their attraction to men. So to me this means women love men more, are more straight. Men are straight until sex is not available, then they replace women easily.
I think if it became physically impossible for men and women to have sex in this world, men would ditch women and turn to other men and women would be chasing men, clingy and not as quickly or easily turn to other women.
What do you think? Do you agree and see this as a common thing? Or do you believe it is a minority of men who do this?
It's made me hate being a woman and feel like what's the point in being attracted to men when they replace women so easily.
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2021.02.28 16:53 zakmackay Nice reflection. Usa to usa modafinil delivery with paypal modagod.com

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2021.02.28 16:53 Vanbosch A Supreme Addition for Shelf Sunday

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2021.02.28 16:53 cactusloverr Walgreens: Buy 2, get 3rd FREE cosmetics - Mix and match

Add 3 qualifying products to your cart and get the lower-priced product for FREE.
*It says cosmetics but I see some skin and nail care included!
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