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Wreckfest Idea

2021.02.28 16:37 AspectVein Wreckfest Idea

I desperately want bugbear to add a new damage type that removes the health bar and puts more emphasis on the actual damage the car takes. Like being able to blow the engine or damage brakes to where they don’t work. Being able to lock up tires instead of them popping off like the bolts are made of glass. Breaking the transmission and getting stuck in a gear. Please upvote so bugbear might see this.
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2021.02.28 16:37 DemonTheDreamen 2x4 fell from 6ft onto me ;-;

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2021.02.28 16:37 Advanced_Basic Am I shadowbanned?

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2021.02.28 16:37 AlwaysBi I’m watching the weirdest thing right now

So I’m at this bar in Canada, just stopping off for a break and it’s Sunday so this bar seems to have a cage fighting thing going on. There’s this bloke in the cage who’s tearing through these guys without a mark on him. Weird looking bloke too
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2021.02.28 16:37 panda_duckk Officership in Orgs

Is there like a list or handbook for DLSU orgs on officership. I want to know if there are any more restrictions on being members/officers of multiple orgs. So far i only know that I cannot be both a member of political orgs and media orgs.
I also want to know if I can be an officer of CSO while being another officer of a different organization under CSO.
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2021.02.28 16:37 CashOverAss Absinthe 101: Here's what you need to know

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2021.02.28 16:37 zorlinni moltres! ten people! 2242 2205 6676 or 1459 0654 9651

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2021.02.28 16:37 andrebotelho SPCE Stock - Global Space Mining Market Latest Trend, Growth, Size, Application & Forecast 2026 - Fintech Zoom

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2021.02.28 16:37 Theoriginalol Classic Marcy [By warmillk]

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2021.02.28 16:37 XYZRene Problems making a Tic-Tac-Toe bot

For the last few months I have been trying to write a bot that plays 4connect, but because I wasn't able to succed i changed my code to play Tic-Tac-Toe. Because this game should be that easy, that it shouldn't be difficult to solve it. But I am still not able to win 100% of games against a random player (Or in Tic-Tac-Toe at least don't lose any games anymore)
Is there like anyone that could help me, because after like 100 hours of trying random fixes to it and still not making it I am really exhausted.
One thing that confuses me for example is the bellman equation, because a working code in the internet is not using it, and is just giving each action 90% of the reward of the next action. (So the winning move gets a reward of 1, and the move before a reward of 0.9). What should I use now and why?
Here are some graphs of my training:
green are won games, red lost and orange is draw, the lines are moving averages of the last 4-5 results
graph1, graph2
Both have been trained for like 6 hours.

This is the code if anyone is willing to look into it, otherwise I would be happy if someone has some tips or something I can still try, because I already tried so much
colab code
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2021.02.28 16:37 dealmein923 Best Short Jokes For Adults | Episode #20

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2021.02.28 16:37 Kioko_T24 Zapdos raid add 0410 6121 1376 , 0397 0770 3388 , & 7487 6893 5081 can add over 10 ppl

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2021.02.28 16:37 RoyaltyFreeVideos Unknown Directions - A Poem

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2021.02.28 16:37 artjvm [for hire] Commissions are open! I can draw you or your loved ones starting at $16. PayPal only and please DM me if you are interested❤️

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2021.02.28 16:37 GamingWithMelkor D & D Monster Guide: BEHOLDER

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2021.02.28 16:37 RandomPerson777666 Urgent Question about the FAFSA

On the FAFSA, there is a question asking, "How many people in your parents' household will be college students between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022? Do not include your parents." My brother is five years younger than me and so he is not in college yet, but my mom is currently attending college. My dad told me to answer 2 (counting me and my mom) to the question and said that the FAFSA form might not be considering the possibility of a parent going to college. Is he correct or should I actually have answered 1?
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2021.02.28 16:37 ebonycutie2002 Would you cum on my braces?

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2021.02.28 16:37 RosaleeFesta THIS IS SO CUTE

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2021.02.28 16:37 Nomadresearcher Entry to Norway for incoming PhD

Hi all,
Hope everyone is safe and doing well! I am an incoming PhD candidate from India. I was supposed to start my work in Trondheim campus in mid of February. However, due to COVID pandemic, entry to Norway was restricted for skilled workers and I had to cancel my flight. For now, I am attending lectures online but am getting anxious about my arrival at campus to officially start on a newer date.
The department and supervisors were really helpful and we are waiting for covid spread to comedown entry restrictions to be eased for everyone's good. I was just wondering if there is anyone in a similar situation and excited about starting his/her PhD soon? I would be glad if we can get to know eachother!
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2021.02.28 16:37 TheHeadlessLeftist Millennials, Gen Z depressed and sad — boo freaking hoo

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2021.02.28 16:37 Lopsided-Bar374 This weekend actually had lots of good news that slipped through the cracks

Im only catching up with other news now after Twitter got a bit samey and tiresome.
First off, % positive is down significantly: https://twitter.com/RiochtConor2/status/1365694130815442945?s=20
Next up, antigen testing rollout is progressing which will assist with outbreak prevention in many settings: https://twitter.com/DonnellyStephen/status/1365713301280329730?s=20
J&J was approved by the FDA which is positive for our approval: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/covid-19-johnson-and-johnson-vaccine-one-shot-fda-authorization
And j&j did well against variants: https://twitter.com/Coronavirusgoo1/status/1364601812851036163?s=20
A bunch of studies made the rounds on Friday show high vaccine efficacy: https://twitter.com/Coronavirusgoo1/status/1365793360242479107?s=20
The vaccines also cut transmissibility: https://twitter.com/Coronavirusgoo1/status/1365355829604601856?s=20
Spring has sprung also.
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2021.02.28 16:37 Zhaas9 Does anyone know a good formula sheet for level 3?

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2021.02.28 16:37 rgnissen202 What Kind of Atlassian Lab do you need? - thejiraguy.com

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2021.02.28 16:37 bokskar #50 - Ein Treffen mit Albrecht Dürer (Teil 3)

Sie hat mir weiße Baumwollhandschuhe gegeben, mit denen ich die Drucke behandeln sollte. Sie hat auch gefragt, ob ich etwas möchte, mit dem ich Notizen machen könnte. Ich bin kein Kunstforscher, wenn du irgendein Zweifel hast, und hatte nicht vor, Notizen zu machen, aber ich akzeptierte ihr Angebot. Wir gingen dann zu einem der Tische und da wartete ich, während sie ging mir die Rhinozeros Drucken zu holen. Nach ein paar Minuten kam sie mit einer Kiste zurück, die sie auf den Tisch gelegt hat und enthüllte eine Kollektion der Rhinoeros-Drucke. Es gab verschiedene Versionen, die ich nie vorher gesehen. Ich war halt erstaunt. Ich hatte kein Recht dort zu sein, diese herrlichen, alten Kunstwerke zu studieren und (sehr-sehr vorsichtig) zu berühren. Ich habe zwei, oder drei, Drucken ausgewählt, die sie bei mir gelassen hat, einer davon mit Aquarelle gefärbt war. Etwa 10 Minuten lang bewunderte ich mich über die Drucke. Es war so gut wie mit ihnen allein zu sein. Gelegentlich gab ich vor, mir Notizen zu machen. Ich liebe Museen und es ist für mich immer ein besonderes Erlebnis, sie zu besuchen. Aber dieses Mal, in dem ich Dürer aus versehen wie-getroffen habe, ist für mich etwas Besonderes.
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2021.02.28 16:37 Martypower2064 custom items

so i play on a server that has custom items like diferent currency items. the problem is that there are 3 with diferent values and theyre all sticks. they have diferent names and colors. could i make a resourse pack that changed the texture of just those sticks?
and btw there is a pick that mines a 3x3 radius and i want to change that individual texture too.
how do i do it?
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