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2021.02.28 16:52 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.02.28 16:52 Lots_of_Biskits Favorite Valley of Repose cave?

So I was planning to go straight to Pikmin 3 locations, but I figured that caves are a big enough part of Pikmin 2 to also do a poll on them per area. I'm not sure if these polls will be as interesting as the main areas, but they'll be fun.
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2021.02.28 16:52 Leoanimate why do they need my location for the CAMERA APP?

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2021.02.28 16:52 jiavlb A handy alias to decode k8s secrets

I am not a shell expert at all but I tried creating an alias that will list and decode secrets from the current kubernetes namespace using fzf's fuzzy search and jq. I was fed up of listing the secrets first and then copying the name of the secret I wanted to decode and then using a bunch of pipes to decode the required secret. I am finding it pretty useful (I have created a similar one for reading from hashicorp vault as well) and so thought of sharing it here. Any suggestions to improve this are welcome. Feel free to share your fzf or other aliases if any.
P.S. I do use k9s as well but it was failing to decode some secrets where certificates and private keys were involved.
shell fzks() { secret\_name="$(kubectl get secrets | sed '1d' | awk '{print $1}' | sed '/sh.helm.release/d' | fzf -- query=$1 -1)" data="$(kubectl get secrets $secret\_name -o json | jq -r '.data')" key=\\"$(jq -r 'keys\[\]' <<<$data | fzf -1)\\" echo "Decoding $key from k8s secret $secret\_name" jq -r '.\['$key'\]' <<<$data | base64 -d }
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2021.02.28 16:52 gerryhammy If you hypothetically only make 20 dollars on Instacart in 2021, do you still have file taxes ?

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2021.02.28 16:52 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.02.28 16:52 cothomps Russo: Stalock Put On Waivers Today?

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2021.02.28 16:52 J-Mac-X Stagnating weight for my 1st 3 weeks of Noom. Super frustrated to bounce from 5lbs lost then gained back 4lbs. Added elliptical a few times a week, chugging 9+ cups of water daily & tracking food religiously. Any tips or tricks that you found helpful?

Noom help... not losing
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2021.02.28 16:52 shybotty Who's a better boss

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2021.02.28 16:52 ThrowawayorTemporary Were we hanging out as friends or something more?

So me (20 M) and a friend (20F) got together for school work and that was like 5 hours long. There were quite a bit of moments where I noticed some flirting, we would stare and smile at each other, look at each other while laughing, getting in our personal space, leaning in and whispering to each other, and she was punching my arm pretty often, and other similar behaviors. A while after she left (maybe 30 minutes) she called me and she asked me if I wanted to go to the park with her and her daughter and I said yes. So at the park we just walked around and chatted with each other, her daughter was on the swings and she told me to get on and she'll push me. I was going to return the favor, but her daughter wanted to do something else. Then afterwards we went shopping for groceries and went back to my place to have dinner with my family. Then we just walked around the neighborhood and her daughter was scared so she held my hand. Afterwards we just hugged each other good bye and she texted a while later saying that they had a good time and we should do it again (with a heart emoji). So was this a normal get together with friends or was it something more serious? The reason I'm asking is because she's told me that she's not really ready for a relationship because she wants to focus on herself and she has too much stress right now.
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2021.02.28 16:52 laneyboop Was I (f26) in a rebound? How do I stop doing this?

I left my ex boyfriend (we were together for six years) so basically, I left him because there was this really attractive guy who would come to the bar I worked at. We did talk a lot, and I kept thinking we had a connection. This guy was very persistent. My ex even asked a friend (I just found this out) “is she cheating on me?” I wasn’t.
So we broke up, he begged for me back and I didn’t want him back. Then I started doing fun things with this new guy, within two weeks literally we were sleeping together and saying “I love you” it was so fast...I felt guilt and somewhat regret for leaving my ex. I treated him like shit when I left him. So my current and I basically started the relationship with a lot of sex and we drank all the time. A lot of sex though, and I was basically always having some sort of sexy music on, lingerie, toys, and bondage (things I enjoy) so he was fulfilling all those needs, again I found him very attractive.
Then, while sleeping with the new guy I had to go get things from my exes house and i was basically the one asking for another chance, he simply said no and I only asked this because I heard he was moving onto another girl (mutual friend) okay. So I continued with my current, I realized he was an awesome guy, we did things together and had a lot of fun, and he did thoughtful things. I also did things for him, I would always make sure he had supper ready, or I’d clean, give him body rubs, did everything I could for him. I was trying to be so good to him.
I began comparing my relationship with my exes. I just felt such anxiety and regret. I kept telling myself “I am happy” with my new guy, and we “have a connection” but there was so many times him and I would talk, and I noticed we disagreed on so many things...we were talking about marriage and kids this was within two months. We barely knew each other now that I think of it. He seemed totally infatuated by me and vice versa. I always felt a “connection” when having sex, we’d say “I love you” and everything and the sex was great for the most part, but I continued to compare it with sex to my ex and I sometimes would think of my ex and his new SO after and it made me feel so sick and guilty.
So, me and my current moved in and all seemed well. Then, I spiralled out of control with my depression and anxiety. I was binge drinking, being so totally messed up and impulsive. Anyways, my current told me I always talk about my ex and what not, which I did. I wasn’t even realizing it. Then, I told my current (wrote him a giant letter) telling him basically that I love him, but I don’t know if I’m in love. At this time, my ex and I talked back and forth on and off for a few weeks, or I’d go through old photos and cry while my current was sleeping. I kept telling myself I was fine, I was happy and I can love my current completely if I embrace it. I said that every single day. Eventually my anxiety and everything just broke me down.
I felt like, I was forcing something with my current and I know he loved me but I really fucked this up. I hurt him. Our relationship had moments of hot and cold, within a month we got into a fight, and every fight we got into he tried to leave and id beg him to stay.
He goes out of town for work a lot, and whenever he left I’d get so anxious and sad and cry because I was alone and when he was gone I’d just try to fill my time basically with friends, etc. So February was the worst month, we were fine until like February 11th (if you look at my old posts you can see what happened) I would try to tell my current to leave me and all of this, and eventually I pushed him away. I broke down, was admitted to the hospital, etc. He said it was too much and I hurt him and he couldn’t handle it.
So, we took some time apart and he told me that he isn’t in love with me, he told me he loves me but I hurt him and compared him to my ex he said he always felt like second place. Told me to move on, he’s over it and he wants to be friends still and wants to spend time together and what not, but we need to respect boundaries. I basically begged for him back and explained I wasn’t in my right mind and everything.
I am currently away from him doing self care and healing. The first few days we talked normally and I was very casual. Then, he called and said everything he said and that’s when I began to beg.
But, here is what I am confused about.

  1. if I really was “in love” with him like I stated, then why was I always comparing to my ex (in my head) why was I missing my ex?
  2. If the sex was as amazing as I claimed it to be, again why was I comparing it to my ex all the time?
  3. Did we really feel a connection or was it just lust and infatuation?
  4. I am actually now over my ex but now I’m having a hard time getting over my new ex , is this because I have to go through it alone or the fact that I feel so stupid for hurting him?
  5. I tried to convince myself for months that it wasn’t a rebound, but it fits all the rebound stages. Now I’m trying to convince myself it is a rebound?
  6. Do you think if I continue to get better and actively change and we remain friends will his feelings ever return?
I know I hurt him deeply and he says he forgives me he said he doesn’t want to be in a relationship he wants to be alone he said at one time he wanted to marry me but that went away he said I started pushing him away for awhile etc it was very painful I expressed to him how sorry I was and admitted to everything telling him that I’m going to keep getting better All I envision right now is him sleeping with other girls and that’s not in his nature and he said he’s not interested in that When him and I talked for awhile I was good then I started begging and he just kept saying please stop it’s over it’s done So do we remain friends?
Can someone explain why this hurts so bad? Did I just double my heartbreak from my ex? If I was really moved on like I said, then why was I so concerned about what my ex was doing?
TL;DR I hurt two good men, now I am living with the consequences. I don’t know if my last relationship was a rebound or the real thing. Doesn’t love just come without question? Advice appreciated. Please don’t be hard on me, I already am aware of my actions and I am working on being better.
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2021.02.28 16:52 TakishaPickard Dogs, dogs never changes.

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2021.02.28 16:52 stevethos Mr Mime raid on me!

2023 0376 1846
I’ll only be shuttling again. Can be beaten with just the 2 of you.
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2021.02.28 16:52 AristarhBD 39

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2021.02.28 16:52 Gladness101 Articuno raid now. Trainer code 3027 3556 4643

Articuno raid now. Trainer code 3027 3556 4643. Add and appear online
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2021.02.28 16:52 igotadoctordog Going for that sponsorship.

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2021.02.28 16:52 jack4aro The holy trinity of Car seat Headrest

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2021.02.28 16:52 International_Film56 What part of information about my purchased card is in actually on-chain?

So I purchased this rare card. I got this token ID and a link to Etherscan - OK. But, it's still just a token ID. It's still completely up to Sorare, a centralized company, that this token ID is linked to my particular card.
I mean, if this company mistakenly swap two token IDs shown in their respective webpages of two cards - now I own a different card even if I still own the same token ID?
Then I started to wonder what I actually own that is on-chain, besides an empty token ID that doesn't link to a particular star baller in itself? If that's the case, wouldn't the kind of price we see now be questionable? Since the cards are nothing different from any digital cards without blockchain ownership...
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2021.02.28 16:52 WiktorReads Which Discworld book design is your favorite?

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2021.02.28 16:52 booooimaghost Did anybody else see a meme yesterday about MAGA people and the Bible saying no golden statues?

I can’t remember if it was in this sub or not. If anyone can link it I would greatly appreciate.
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2021.02.28 16:52 Austrianspider A small teaser for my next Episode - trying to replicate some stuff :D

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2021.02.28 16:52 Camera_guy_justin Bell HH3000 - deployment alternatives

Background: In the next few months will be moving in w g/f. Her internet is Cogeco cable, but its notoriously unreliable in her area. However, i work from home, and require reliable internet. Bell does offer their FTTH Fibe service in her area, so I will most likely sign up for their 500/500 service.
I currently have a relatively simple UI network (USG, 2 switches, 2 APs).
Seems that many folks are keen on not using Bell’s HH-3000, and so I’ve come up with these options.
Would appreciate the communities group-think on this.
Option 1) Fiber->SFP Module -> HH3000 -> USG -> home network Since apparently the HH-3000 does not have a proper bridge mode (according to my searches here and on dslreports), this option makes the least sense.
Option 2) Fiber -> SFP Module -> UFiber AE Converter -> USG -> home network This option is the most cost effective with only purchase of the AE converter required. Curious on peoples experience with this adaptor. This is powered by POE, and since its ‘in front’ of the network, guess i would need to also get a POE power adaptor ??
Option 3) Fiber -> SFP Module -> UDM Pro - home network. At the moment, not needing NVR capabilities. Perhaps in the future, but i like the idea of the standalone NVR for this. I’m just hesitant due to its history of issues.
Option 4) Fiber -> SFP Module -> UXG-Pro - home network This would be my preferred approach except for 2 things:

  1. Its still only in EA, which means not available to Canada
  2. Its a significant price jump over the UDM-P, and not sure its justified. Thoughts ?
Appreciate thoughts/suggestions.
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2021.02.28 16:52 SteveMcQueen36 Coming to TubiTV in March

Action & Thriller:
And Soon the Darkness (2010)
Bait (2012)
Blood Father (2016) - starting 3/26
Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)
Crank 2 High Voltage (2009)
Domino (2005)
Edge of Darkness (2010)
Exit Wounds (2001)
I Am Wrath (2016) - 3/16
MI-5: The Greater Good (2015)
Patriots Day (2016)
Rocknrolla (2008)
The Art of War (2000)
The Last Boy Scout (1991)
The Marine (2006)
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016) - starting 3/25
Black Cinema:
Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)
I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009)
For Colored Girls (2010)
Madea’s Witness Protection (2012)
Meet the Browns (2008)
Top Five (2014)
Anger Management (2003)
Brothers Solomon (2007)
Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (2008)
Skiptrace (2016)
The Whole Nine Yards (2000)
Unfinished Business (2015)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Ghost (1990)
Stronger (2017)
The Row (2018)
Thirteen Ghosts (2001)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
Kids & Family:
Daddy Day Care (2003)
Escape From Planet Earth (2013)
Karate Kid (1984)
Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
Dr. Who: Daleks Invasion Earth (1966)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
Underworld (2003)
Underworld: Awakening (2012)
Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)
Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
Devious Maids (2013)
Game of Talents (2021)
The Mediator with Ice-T (2020)
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2021.02.28 16:52 WDWNTRedditChapekBot PHOTOS: Second Set of Arms Added to “Harmonious” Centerpiece in World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT

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2021.02.28 16:52 blompersv2 Don't be like Bill

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