Go! Still holding $GME shares to the moon 🚀🚀 |

Still holding $GME shares to the moon 🚀🚀

2021.03.03 15:09 ShiftHoliday6635 Still holding $GME shares to the moon 🚀🚀

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2021.03.03 15:09 slugsoul what is this for😤😤😤😤😤😤

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2021.03.03 15:09 xEMPORIA Ordered a navy jumper & received a different one?

Hope they sort this out
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2021.03.03 15:09 Guy0904x Will a 3070 be overkill for 1080p 144hz?

I'm looking to buy a 3070 soon (we have them in stock in my country), and I want to know whether or not it'll be overkill for 1080p 144hz, since I can't buy a 1440p 144hz monitor or a 1080 240hz monitor in my country for a reasonable price.
I currently have a 1080p 75hz monitor and another 1080p 60hz monitor.
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2021.03.03 15:09 JimboMasterOfBlades A potential new player

Hello redditors of EliteDangerous!
I have found this game on Steam for what appears to be the amazing price of £20. After watching a lot of the promotional videos and reading some of the reviews (including the critical ones, some people are just horrible) I decided that this looks like a game I would absolutely adore, so I thought I would turn to the active players of this game and ask your opinion of it. Is it fun? Is it everything they say it is? And most importantly, is it worth it?
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2021.03.03 15:09 Dannyagent88 MTAR IPO DAY 1

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2021.03.03 15:09 Personthehumanbeing Chibi Dawn

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2021.03.03 15:09 potato_lord8 Cursed_saviour

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2021.03.03 15:09 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+2041) Hey Fox, there are no palm trees in Madison, WI! Video shows angry protesters in front of palm trees

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2021.03.03 15:09 theuntouchablesound [REQUEST] Mississippi John Hurt at Ash Grove in July 1964 - 5 shows from Wolfgang's Vault in FLAC

I'm looking for 5 different Mississippi John Hurt performances from Ash Grove in July 1964, which can be found on Wolfgang's Vault (I believe FLAC is available but not certain):

  1. July 5, 1964 - https://www.wolfgangs.com/music/mississippi-john-hurt/audio/20053711-3737618.html?tid=4805710
  2. July 6, 1964 (Early) - https://www.wolfgangs.com/music/mississippi-john-hurt/audio/20053715-3737618.html?tid=68204
  3. July 6, 1964 (Late) - https://www.wolfgangs.com/music/mississippi-john-hurt/audio/20053716-3737618.html?tid=68213
  4. July 7, 1964 (Early) - https://www.wolfgangs.com/music/mississippi-john-hurt/audio/20053718-3737618.html?tid=68228
  5. July 7, 1964 (Late) - https://www.wolfgangs.com/music/mississippi-john-hurt/audio/20053717-3737618.html?tid=68220

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2021.03.03 15:08 roostergoose The Case for Expanding the Child Tax Credit

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2021.03.03 15:08 FergNB Q's Omega Particles.

So, I've just spent an hour or more flying all around the galaxy after Q's Omega Particles and I got the last one (according to a mission walkthrough of their locations) and... Nothing happened? What am I supposed to do? The mission is still active and I snagged all the Red, Blue and Yellow particles as far as I know.
It's one from each area, right? I.e. if there are two in a room and I do the mini game on one, that counts, correct?
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2021.03.03 15:08 shootfast_eatass LPT: When applying for a job, after you have finished the interview with the manager, ask if it would be okay to ask the employees a couple questions. This will give you a better idea of what the work environment is really like.

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2021.03.03 15:08 Skip2020Altogether Graduated!!! 3/2/21 11:44 PM POSITIVE AF!!!

So this is going to be extremely long because it includes some additional elements that usually others don’t include.
My SO and I separated a week ago on Monday and he moved out. My grandmother (mom’s mom) was due to arrive this past Sunday from out of town to be here for my baby’s arrival. She made it here Sunday evening safely.
Side note: my grandmother and I have just recently reconnected and are rebuilding a beautiful new spiritual relationship experience. We are healing a lot of the past trauma of our previous relationship due to being disconnected from each other when I was a young girl.
My due date was 3/4/21. All last week I had no signs that my son was coming. I was actually convinced that he was going to go past his due date. My 40 week appointment was set for 3/2/21, so I had intended to request to have my membranes swept, and then would ask to also schedule an induction if labor had not started on its own by 3/4/21 (due date). At that point I was just exhausted of being pregnant and wanted him out.
Sunday night my grandmother and I caught up and got her settled in and went to bed rather early because both of us were super tired. Especially her, having traveled from a different time zone. Around 11 PM I noticed I was having what felt like some mild contractions. They were distinctly different from what I had been feeling with Braxton Hicks. But not strong enough for me to think anything of them. I definitely made a mental note though.
Monday, 3/1/21, we got up early and talked all day. We talked about a lot of our family history, her life, her relationship with my mom and what went wrong in that relationship and how it affected our relationship. We just really cleansed our souls and she provided so much wisdom into the person she is today. It was so refreshing to have that experience with her. This same night, I woke up around 12 (technically turning into Tuesday) with the contractions I had been experiencing starting to become more intense to the degree that now I was considering that maybe early labor was starting.
Side Note: Because of the falling out that I had with my SO the week before, and the fact that we are only able to have one support person in the hospital room during delivery, I chose to instead have my grandmother at delivery with me. We had established such a genuine, warm energy with each other. She had experienced what I was about to experience before, and I just felt like she would really take care of my heart and mind during birth.
Fast forward to 3 AM, now the contractions are to the point where I am not really able to sleep through them. They weren’t horribly bad. I just had a gut feeling that something was happening and started to become anxious and my mind went into overdrive. About an hour after that my grandma woke up. I told her what I was feeling. But that we would go through the day as normal and would proceed to my doctors appointment later that afternoon and see what the doctor had to say.
I got hungry around 5 AM and normally I don’t eat that early. But something told me to have a light meal. I’m glad I did because contractions continue to increase after that and by 5:30 Am (mind you, we are now in Tuesday) my water breaks as soon as I go back to lay in bed.
It felt like a tiny pop, and then a gush. Almost like your period blood does if you sneeze. I instantly knew what it was and immediately and to the bathroom, where my water proceeded to break further. My excitement kicked in and I had a feeling we would be having a baby that day.
I called labor and delivery, because my water had broken, even though my contractions weren’t coming every 5 minutes just yet. They requested that I come in to confirm that it was truly my water. And if it was, they would have me admitted. At the same time I got the urge to poop and had a bit of diarrhea. So I used the bathroom, took a shower, and then my grandmother and I headed to the hospital.
I had to wear a pad because my water was continuously gushing out. I was asked to undress from the waste down. My nurse at the time took a speculum and did a sample of my liquid. She told me she would be back to confirm if it was truly amniotic fluid or just urine.
About 10 minutes later she came back and confirmed that it was amniotic fluid and that we would be getting admitted and moved into a delivery room. By this point, my contractions had actually stopped which had me slightly concerned. But my son continued to move and wiggle around which made it a little easier not to worry.
By this time the nurse just wanted me to relax and wait for my body to kick into labor on it’s own. My grandmother and I both laid down and turned the TV on, had some breakfast and talked about how the timing worked out perfectly. My water continued to gush out and I lost my bloody show.
I started to get contractions again but they were really spaced out and not very strong. So about 2-3 hours in, I decided to bounce on a yoga ball. And surprisingly the contractions started back regularly and strong.
Another 2 hours in, about 2 or 3 PM I get a cervical check and at 3 cm and 70 percent effaced. An hour after that I opt for the epidural because The contractions are hexing extremely intense, and I realize that I have no desire to see what they’ll be like later on as I dilated further.
Getting the epidural promoted me to have a mini panic attack and crying spell. I have generalized anxiety disorder and I hate needles. So I although I was in pain, I was terrified to get the epidural put in. The anesthesiologist was GREAT, but she also went over all of the risks and some additional details regarding the epidural. She said so much so fast that it was just a lot to try to take in. She was also talking to me as I was having contractions and started giving me my epidural as I was having them as well. So trying to focus on not moving, while also breathing through the pain, while also being anxious about the needle started to make me overwhelmed. And right after, my legs started to go numb and it was a feeling that kind of scared me at first. The nurse started hooking me up to additional machines and there was just so much going on at once that I started to cry.
The midwife that I had chosen for delivery was called in to talk to me and he was amazing. His energy had been wonderful all day. I appreciated the way he talked to me and explained things and made me feel completely in control, while also feeling like a close friend that I had known for years. After a few minutes of our chat I began to feel better and got adjusted to the epidural.
I stopped feeling pain with my contractions. Just the pressure of them. So I was able to relax and enjoy the next few hours.
By 6:20 pm I had increased to 4.5 cm but the epidural had caused my contractions to start to space out 8-9 minutes. So we talked about options and decided to go with starting some pitocin at a low dose to get my contractions regular again.
Sure enough, contractions started again and things seemed to start to move pretty quickly. By 8 PM I was 7 cm. This is the time where I started to really struggle with labor. Although I couldn’t feel the pain of my contractions, the pressure became really intense. The intense pressure to push is CRAZY. It gets extremely hard not to push because your body makes you feel that need urgently and starts to do it for you. My contractions were coming back to back as I moved from 7-10 cm and I was constantly having to fight myself not to push while listening to several people tell me not to push. It was very intense and made me so frustrated that I started to cry through each contraction. I was so exhausted and hungry at this point. And had also developed the shakes pretty badly due to going into transition. It was the most miserable time of my entire labor. But it was also the very end. My body was telling me that I had reached 10 cm and I told my grandmother to get the midwife to check me because I was about to start pushing on my own. I could no longer hold it back.
A nurse came in and checked me and sure enough I was 10 cm. She talked me through how to push and then we started. I pushed for 50 minutes. And although I couldn’t feel a thing because of the epidural, apparently I did amazing and we got him out. Once he started to crown, a ton of ppl came in to help get him out. My son came out at 6 lbs 14 oz. and I cried tears of joy as they placed him on my chest.
He is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen and I am so filled with joy. I’m so exhausted. And now that the epidural has worn off I can feel all that my body has gone through. But it was totally worth it. I’m glad it’s over though and my boy is finally here.
Can’t wait to leave the hospital.
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2021.03.03 15:08 G0d_Slayer The carelessness of people getting tested for covid-19 is ALARMING.

I work as a site specialist, won’t say for whom or where, but every single day we get people who do the stupidest shit and get themselves exposed. Examples:
We have set up the site in way that everyone who is getting tested has their own area while the rest can get in line and wait for their turn while social distancing, unless they came together. The test requires the patient to cough 3-5 times. I cannot tell you how many people have walked in front of someone else coughing, to show us with their phones that they have an appointment. Or they wait right behind some random person that may or may not have it, and the person in front is coughing. Time and time again we have to ask them to stand back and get in line, and most will give you this very indignant look.
But my favorite one is when people try to come inside the trailer when there’s a big ass sign that says “STAFF ONLY.” You’re literally getting yourself exposed and then look offended when we ask you to step out and away. We all wear our PPE all day so we feel safe but someone with just a mask wouldn’t be as safe.
And every day is the same thing. Every. Single. Day. Some people are “regulars,” and completely disregard all the signs or ignore our directions.
Some people bring kids and can’t control them, they run around everywhere and too close to other people who may have it.
Another thing is we close when are scheduled to close. If you fly tomorrow why the fuck did you show up after closing hours. We’ve heard all kinds of sad stories and excuses: I need it for work, just got exposed, I’ll miss my fly, I got lost, etc and these are the ones who think it’s okay to walk into the trailer when we are doing the closing procedures. So now you’re exposed, potentially infected and will potentially infect everyone in that plane and where else you go because you’re not gonna get tested until 1-3 days before you fly back.
I firmly believe some people get infected when they come to get tested. We also can’t get too close to anyone as a precaution and we always have to ask people not to get too close, and most look offended. It is so disheartening. One year has passed and it’s sad to see how many people don’t take this seriously.
At this rate it feels like we will continue dealing with this pandemic for another year at least. I have spoken to other employees about their locations and apparently it’s worse in certain areas. Some people are straight up careless but apparently entitled too, like a “Karen” who refuses to move back. We’ve only had one family where they were all hanging out and refused to wear their masks. I wonder, if they don’t think covid is real, then why the fuck are you getting tested?
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2021.03.03 15:08 paninthesky kale or something else

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2021.03.03 15:08 Minoebeatzz [FREE] JUICE WRLD TYPE BEAT 2021 “Falling to Hell” prod. Minoe Beats

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2021.03.03 15:08 JollyGinger301 Meet Sonny!

Meet Sonny! Hello! This is my little boy Sonny!
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2021.03.03 15:08 thetaurus_fox Auto World GT40 now with extra Gulf

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2021.03.03 15:08 OliveMatter Revolut Sell Limit Maximum Price

After 4 hours with Revolut customer service, discovered the following:
Revolut will not allow you to place sell limit orders for stocks at a price above $10k unless you sell your entire position. If you own fractional shares this is impossible.
It is apparently part of their arrangement with their broker. Market orders are unaffected. Revolut Customer Service
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2021.03.03 15:08 ProinsiasM Loads of printing guides [FREE]

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2021.03.03 15:08 SamMC2002 Time to ban Cat in the Hat 😡😡smh can’t be having a cat promoting Nazi propaganda

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2021.03.03 15:08 Grebnesorwolliw The one thing I need...

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2021.03.03 15:08 kyllsome RX580 bsod's

I've recently kept getting squiggles on my screen... The monitor flashing, and after about 2 minutes of this happening, it gives me a, bsod, with the title VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE and saying that amdkmdag.sys failing I've had this happen only when I played around with the vent curb but now, it's happening without me doing anything sometimes, any way to fix this?
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2021.03.03 15:08 Jhowse1993 Does Anyone Have Red IF Walker?

I swear I have never seen this card. Did I miss something? I did start FUT after his IF was released.
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