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First Meal From A Cooking Beginner

2021.04.20 00:59 Schultzybaby First Meal From A Cooking Beginner

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2021.04.20 00:59 HoldSIA4Eva Developer posted this 3 years ago

Why is Sia Important?
We're seeing a pattern that we've seen before. Sia hits some high point in the price, then people start to sell off and the price begins to fall. People get frustrated at their falling investment and start pointing at all of Sia's deficiencies and saying why it can't succeed, why it won't succeed, why the dev team is insufficient and incompetent.
Last year Sia pumped from about 3 satoshis to about 180 satoshis. Then it fell to 28. The whole way down, people were upset, and missing the bigger picture. They would talk about the user experience. They would talk about how you could only upload like 5 GB to the platform. They would talk about the giants and how nobody would ever be interested in using Sia when you could only store 5 GB on it. They would complain that Sia doesn't do any marketing. They would complain that Sia didn't have any money. They would accuse the devs of price manipulation.
I had many people private message me below the price of 40 satoshis in late 2016 and early 2017 saying they just didn't believe that the fundamentals made sense. They said they really like the project but don't see how it could be successful, so they were selling what little they had remaining and leaving. These people sold millions of coins for under a thousand dollars.
Everyone today is missing the point. Everyone is focused on trivial things like a 30% inflation rate. Like a competitor that just raised $230 million despite having no working code and a whitepaper that is incomplete and that betrays a poor understanding of blockchain technology.
Sia is going to change the face of cloud storage. That's a $20 billion market, and it's projected to become a $200 billion market. Sia is not some niche either, it's a full upgrade to how cloud storage works. We aren't aiming at 1%, we are aiming at 70-90% market share, because the core technology is that good.
Today, most Internet infrastructure is owned by a small number of companies. When you put your data in the cloud, you give up control. They can choose to delete your data, they can choose to hold your data hostage, they can change their terms of service on you. These are not uncommon situations either. Here's a story about photobucket requesting ransom prices from Ebay and Amazon. About a month ago, atlassian.com announced massive price increases for their platform, which left many people out to dry. Several months ago, Amazon pulled the unlimited tier from their Amazon Cloud Drive, giving users 180 days to download the data and find a new home.
When you put your data in the cloud, you give it to someone else. The traditional cloud is controlled by humans. There can be downtime, terms changes, price changes, companies can go under (like Soundcloud). We have built a fragile internet that puts the power in the hands of a few.
Sia changes that equation. Sia allows people to use the cloud without giving up control. This is a feature that resonates deeply with IT admins. The majority of IT admins will agree that they don't like using the Cloud, and that they would rather use another option if they could, except that the cloud offers so many advantages that they are willing to accept the loss of control of their data. Sia changes this equation. IT admins can have all the benefits of the cloud, without giving up control. It's a big step forward, and it's the core reason for blockchains existing in the first place.
The advantages don't stop there. Sia is cheaper, faster, more reliable, more secure, and has better uptime than the traditional cloud. The software today is not fully able to realize these benefits, but that's no fault of the protocol. The protocol itself is the foundation for a superior cloud platform, even if you don't care about trust. Sia is a full fledged CDN, with storage points in over 50 countries and on all 6 continents. Amazon can't claim numbers like those. Sia has hosts within 50 milliseconds of every major city in the world. Amazon can't claim that either. If you want low-latency storage to every city in the world (useful if you are YouTube, Netflix, Imgur, etc.), Sia is the best technology to use. The world's leading CDN (Akamai) charges >$50/TB. Sia charges $0.50, and that's a sustainable price.
The community has fallen into a mental trap that we see every time the price is declining. We see it with Bitcoin too. As the price goes down, people only ask themselves "what are the ways this project can fail?". I can promise you, Sia has a much better chance of success than 90% of the cryptocurrencies with a higher market cap. The projects technological fundamentals are exceptional, and an outlier in the space. Not only that, we've actually shipped a working product, and it's actually decentralized. Every 3 months has seen a release that marks a major step forward in usability and functionality.
The overwhelming din of pessimism of the past three months needs to stop. We are on a mission, and we are going to complete it. The community can't function when every other post is about how Sia is a waste of time. If you believe that, stop wasting your time and leave. The true community of Sia does believe in the project, because they know how serious the potential is. Sia is a revolutionary technology, and it's far, far ahead of everything that's trying to compete with it.
Thank you.
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2021.04.20 00:59 pan_yng How long did it take you to get your 1st tray?

I'm on my 5th week since meeting my ortho and getting a treatment plan in place. Is it normal to wait this long?
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2021.04.20 00:59 And_new Season 3 looks great but...

Season 3 looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait for the new content. But one mode has almost gotten zero content since release.
That mode is combined arms. Throughout both season 1 & 2 and the begining of season 3 combine arms has gotten:
-1 new map (if you count Miami) -1 new mode
I think combined arms should get more content, what fo you think?
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2021.04.20 00:59 Scooby_Doo420 420 Deals (Mostly Medical) Happy 4/20!!!

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Paul's Boutique Nursery - $300+tax Baller Jars, $325+tax 14g Mix & Match Sugars and Batters Deal / all pre-rolls $5+tax / Short Sleeve Shirts $5+tax, Long Sleeve Shirts $10+tax. Paul's Boutique Merch FREE with each purchase, while supplies last!
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Sweet Dirt Medicinals - Burrito Betty's food truck on site with "stoner specials", FREE Pot+Pan macarons for all, FREE swag, FREE mystery candy ball for the first 10 patients spending $420, FREE RAFFLE - Enter to win! Roxi Gray giveaway and raffle!!! (e-nail, rig, rosin, capsules, more!)
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2021.04.20 00:59 confrater not sure if it's my device or the internet connection or the app

My app takes a long time to start playing and when it does keeps stalling.
it wasnt a problem till recently and i upgraded my speed so I dont think it's the internet.
How do I figure out if it's the app or the phone? It's an older phone I used to have and now converted it into a makeshift music player.
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2021.04.20 00:59 MissyAnnComics Empty vases... [OC]

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2021.04.20 00:59 Chai_Akimbo Did I do this right ? Defisaver Recipe Creator

lAvve Loan of WBTC to Dai and back again
not keen to spend the 300+ to make a smart wallet if this is not profitable.
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2021.04.20 00:59 xEricShadowsx Felt cute, might delete later

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2021.04.20 00:59 Ashache Who is this then?

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2021.04.20 00:59 dibanez_ A mi la zona cero xd

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2021.04.20 00:59 spiderreddit55 #2socializing skill - Be Yourself

Yes this can be hard, we all (most of us) want to fit in. Like who wants to be viewed as awkward and weird? Now I stand 100% for trying new things, know what you've tried and don't like and what you haven't tried, and what you won't try because of the beliefs and standards. Don't change who you are because that's the easiest thing to do in the moment. Being yourself gives the other person a very authentic experience, it'll be refreshing to them and takes loads off of you. Even if you are an oddball at a lot of things trust me ( speaking from experience) people won't mind. It's basically like being a glass of clean water in a swamp
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2021.04.20 00:59 Blue_Turtle_18 A good one stop shop for insects?

Anyone have a good one stop shop for bugs? Josh's frogs and rainbow mealworms have been a disappointment lately as they never have nightcrawlers and silkworms lately. My girl doesn't eat dubias so right now I've been doing crickets, bsfl and wax worms/butter worms but I'd love to find a new replacement for a one stop shop!
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2021.04.20 00:59 Fancy_Split_2396 From r/AskReddit - "what animal, that currently doesn't fly, would be more terrifying if it did?

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2021.04.20 00:59 AMC2Marss We need King Khan to start a new FB group. Apparently the old group admin was either jealous or undercover short. Went through all of khans posts and the moron Joe Deppe Shit hadnt even liked a single one. Straight shady and SuS! Id start a group myself but i have a fb ban.

We need King Khan to start a new FB group. Apparently the old group admin was either jealous or undercover short. Went through all of khans posts and the moron Joe Deppe Shit hadnt even liked a single one. Straight shady and SuS! Id start a group myself but i have a fb ban. submitted by AMC2Marss to SOSLimited [link] [comments]

2021.04.20 00:59 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Spectre] [Standard Blue] [Cobalt Reaper]

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2021.04.20 00:59 Sad_Year5694 B-52 Busters - Vietnam War Communist Sapper Raids

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2021.04.20 00:59 CrimsonArgie [VENTA] Garmin Forerunner 235 - Juegos PS3 - Juegos Nintendo 3DS (Pokemon Omega Ruby, X, Moon, MK7)

Bueno, se vende lo del título.
3DS: Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon X, Pokemon Moon y Mario Kart 7. Todos en caja, con manuales o papelitos según corresponde, en perfecto estado.
$3.000 c/u los Pokes, $2.500 el Mario.
https://imgur.com/QJLN2qH https://imgur.com/u5OEx7A
PS3: RDR GOTY, White Knight Chronicles II, Little Big Planet, GTA5, L.A. Noire, AC IV Black Flag, inFamous Collection, God of War Ascension.
$800 c/u
Garmin Forerunner 235: Excelente reloj con GPS, viene equipado con varios perfiles de actividades (bicicleta, bici indoor, caminata, correr en cinta o al aire libre, entre otros) pero es ideal para correr. Es muy completo, tiene entrenamientos personalizados, GPS+GLONASS (mayor precisión) con función de retorno a origen, guarda información del sueño, tiene sensor de ritmo cardíaco, entre otras cosas. Se sincroniza con Garmin Connect, una app muy completa para iOS/Android, y permite cargarle funciones y watchfaces adicionales.
Lo usé uno años, lo vendo por upgrade (pasé al 245), la batería dura una semana usándolo con GPS unas 4 o 5 horas y con sensor de latidos 24hrs, si lo usas como reloj dura entre 15 y 20 días. Esta impecable, el único detalle a mencionar es que se me rompió la abrazadera que mantiene lo que sobra de malla atada al reloj cuando lo tenes puesto. Se puede comprar el repuesto de la goma en ML (sale $200) o en la tienda de Garmin. No tiene ninguna marca en la pantalla, lo entrego en caja con cable de carga y manuales. Lo limpié con jabón neutro antes de guardarlo.
Reviews en español e ingles:
Precio: $20.000
De Loaded tengo 3 libros: (la Guía de la saga GoW (todos los juegos hasta PS3, menos Ascension), 220 juegos de PS2, Los mejores juegos 2000-2008 y 3 números de la revista: 61, 96 y 100.
Estos la verdad los regalo si alguno quiere pasar a buscarlos, no pretendo hacerles plata. Si se llevan un producto se los alcanzo.
Se retira todo por Lanús Este, cerca de la estación. No hago envíos y en lo posible efectivo/transferencia, si quieren hacer por MP arreglamos pero sin envíos (me transfieren y en el momento yo les entrego el producto)
Cualquier precio o consulta no tengo problema en contestar, por si quieren ofertar y mejorar algun precio.
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2021.04.20 00:59 Night-Virgil A group of my OC's called the puppeteers. (The top two are of my main OC using two different kinds of puppet strings). Also can you guys help me with naming all the characters on the bottom (I'm having trouble coming up with names)

A group of my OC's called the puppeteers. (The top two are of my main OC using two different kinds of puppet strings). Also can you guys help me with naming all the characters on the bottom (I'm having trouble coming up with names) submitted by Night-Virgil to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2021.04.20 00:59 Husainberg Is it still the right time to buy SAFEMOOON?

Hey can anyone tell me if it is still the right time to buy safemoon as it is going to be listed on Binance soon!?
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2021.04.20 00:59 valenby [FT] Étoile in Boxes [LF] 80 NMTs

the sanrio villager Étoile is in boxes and is looking for a new home.
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2021.04.20 00:59 MidoRaff Go get him

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2021.04.20 00:59 aprilhillwriting I like to draw imaginary places that don't make much sense, I hope you like this one I call "Imagine Eyes."

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2021.04.20 00:59 purplessri The Christmas Pig

"TERF" JK Rowling has a new book coming out This Autumn.
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2021.04.20 00:59 Lord_Have_Mercy123 Is any argument for the Resurrection doomed to worldview dependency?

Some scholars like Licona and Habermas argue that the resurrection can be established from a “worldview neutral perspective”, which is to say that one can determine it occurred even if they don’t start by presupposing the supernatural exists.
I am not 100% if this is true, or if it would be a problem for the resurrection argument if false, but let’s entertain three possible people.
Consider a man named John. John is a naturalist. John thinks miracles are impossible, so he thinks the resurrection is impossible. John believes various positive arguments for atheism, but especially Graham Oppy’s abductive argument for strong atheism, conclusively decide in favour of the naturalistic worldview; therefore, John holds to the cognitive dissonance hypothesis.
Finally, consider another man Sally. Sally is “spiritual, but not religious”. She thinks miracles are possible, but holds to the cognitive dissonance hypothesis because she isn’t a Christian.
Obviously, there is no reason why Sally should not at least hold the resurrection to have occurred even if he still idenfies as merely “spiritual”, but it goes to show how the resurrection is likely just a worldview dependent argument.
But specifically I am interested in John.
How would we argue that the resurrection is somehow “more plausible” than some naturalistic explanation (ie the cognitive dissonance hypothesis in this case)? Wouldn’t we need prior knowledge of the existence of the supernatural, at least with some degree of confidence in order to say the resurrection is plausible?
And since we don’t have such prior knowledge (which I am convinced we do not), where is the resurrection left? Does it show the violation of epistemic norms on the part of naturalists for stubbornly holding to their naturalism in the face of evidence to the contrary? Is the resurrection evidence to the contrary?
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