Go! Sir yes siiiiiirrrrrr!! 🚀😎 .69 + 4/20 = to mars |

Sir yes siiiiiirrrrrr!! 🚀😎 .69 + 4/20 = to mars

2021.04.20 00:58 MidgetTrainer Sir yes siiiiiirrrrrr!! 🚀😎 .69 + 4/20 = to mars

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2021.04.20 00:58 Numerous-Carpenter47 Please help me interpret this - I have Aspergers and struggle to do so myself?

Hi everyone,
I just please wanted to ask for some help in interpreting this particular response to one of my messages.
I think the tone of the message (below) sounds angry at me, and that this person hates me now.
I posted to someone who I once knew from school that I was lonely at uni and that I had no friends and that people were calling me names. I felt very down and under pressure at Uni when I did, and think that this person is angry at me now. Do you think this is good advice to what I posted, or do you think this person hates me? He responded:
'First of all you need to chill. You are not a retard. The dictionary definition does not apply to you because you are social and you know how to interact with people. Only you can change your loneliness. Throw caution to the wind. Join a club/society. Ignore those who insult you - you have dealt with worse at school. If you think you have no friends then you are wrong. Look up the definition of friend in a dictionary and apply it to people you know. It's not all about uni work. You need to put yourself out there and friends will come your way.'
Do you think that this is good advice, or do you think that the person who wrote it now hates me and is angry at me? Is this person my friend or have I made them angry at me?
Thank you all so much for any advice.
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2021.04.20 00:58 mangoplay 7-year-old girl killed, father shot while sitting at McDonald's drive-thru on West Side

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2021.04.20 00:58 mrigmo If all the guns in the world vanished, the murder rate wouldn't drop at all.

People kill people, you can kill more people with a car then you could a gun. A grown man with a pencil (sharp stick) in the midst of a psychotic episode in an elementary school would be too gruesome to imagine. But so would a grizzly bear in a school and I wonder how many grown men with sharp sticks it would take to subdue it. The current state of technology is such that anyone that really wanted to could make extremely sophisticated firearms at home. All the machinery to do it is a click away, the blueprints another click. There is no such thing as gun control, get that through your head. Anymore then there is sharp stick control. The only protection you have from a gun is a gun. And just like I have no doubt that if all they had was sharp sticks, I'm sure as many men as it took would attack that bear until all the children were safe. But being able to put a 308 Winchester through it's skull is just the convenience of modern technology. The reason criminals think twice about climbing your back fence or scaling your balcony and lifting your patio door off its rollers and having their way with a different person on a nightly basis is that they know the chances of them being killed are so much greater then them succeeding. The criminals have whatever kind of gun they want, they don't care about the laws. The law abiding folks that can pass all the background checks, your neighbor, that would be the one to come try and save you, would be handcuffed by stupid rules, written by stupid people, that shouldn't even be in government in the first place if they think it's a good idea for them to write laws about shit they are clueless about. That is a Class A MORON politician. The gun laws we have on the books are 80% moron laws, written for the wrong reasons by the wrong people with bad information and never ever once did a single thing to save a single life and probably cost thousands of people their lives. The other 20% of gun laws are the obvious laws that need no explanation. Insane people, people that have used them to commit crimes in the past, etc. Still, I guarantee you a determined individual will get their hands on a gun, or if their weren't any guns, they'd have a really big, really fucking sharp stick. Those laws are to punish the assholes that would give or sell them a gun knowing that shortly chaos would erupt and for whatever pathetic reason didn't think they'd be to blame for kickin it up a notch.
We need three gun laws.
It is illegal to sell a gun to or for a violent felon or person deemed insane and a danger to themselves and others. (A judge, a doctor and the closest living relative all need to sign off) to possess a gun.
It is illegal to possess a gun in public while intoxicated
It is illegal to allow to happen any violent crime where danger is clearly present and you are in possession of a firearm. (oh you want to carry your gun around to intimidate people and shit, well, pull it out and see what happens. Everyone else with a gun is legally obligated to shoot you. I think the people that would choose to carry would have thought about it long and hard. giggty.) The other point of this is that say you are in a 7-11 with 2 other people and they are getting robbed. But you think damn I don't wanna deal with this drama, maybe he's just gonna take the 40 bucks in the register and a carton of Marlboro's and jet. But at the last second he realizes the clerk recognizes him when he goes for shorts instead of 100's when he didn't specify and decides he has to kill him. Well, now both of you that didn't step in have to live with that on your conscience. How were you supposed to know, but you had the law to lean on, that errs on the side of caution for the victim in that case. He choose to commit armed robbery, you chose to let him get away with it because it was more convenient, because you were being a lazy a piece of shit even after spending all that money and all that time learning how to shoot the damn thing. What a poser, you're fired, I'm confiscating your gun and your girlfriend.
If you got caught drunk with your gun or having allowed a violent crime to take place in front of you while you had it and were charged with accessory to the crime. If both of those carried prison time a huge amount of people wouldn't carry, thankfully they would be the ones with no business doing so. Everything else about guns is kinda market regulated anyways. Fully auto weapons chew through ammo, which is fine when your 19 on the top of a Bradly with a shitload of ammo cans out in the middle of the some shit hole desert and Uncle Sam is paying the tab. In combat they usually only use it for cover fire, when actually shooting the enemies and not just at them, they put the gun on single or burst and shoot them. I don't think anyone's ever actually committed a crime with a silenced weapon, if they did I didn't hear about it... zing... I got jokes!!! Seriously, what's a joke is a silencer isn't illegal to have as long as you pay the ridiculous TAX, which the criminals wouldn't do anyways. FYI, they get really hot even after just a shot or two, too hot to put back in concealment for a while without setting yourself on fire, and they don't dampen the sound that much. Criminals don't want them or they'd be using them, which none have ever.
One gun law idea I had, this might piss some people off, but if you think about it it might actually do some good.
What if every time you bought a gun one other person had to vouch for you. Just be there and sign something saying that you had a firm grasp on reality, you weren't talking about killing your ex wife or something crazy like that and that you were at least functioning enough to talk one person into going to the gun store with you. They don't need to go in a database, they don't have any liability if you did go murder your ex wife. But, if you were planning to do that, you'd have let it slip to in some way to the person you dragged to the gun store, and they would have that one chance to save her and you from making a terrible mistake. No matter how much she deserves it. If you can't convince one other legal adult that you should have a gun, you shouldn't. It's the no crazies club, don't let crazies in, they make us look bad when they go shootin up places.
150 years ago if were crazy everyone in town knew it. If they sold you a gun it was so you'd kill yourself or get yourself killed with it because they were sick of your crazy shit. Because everyone else had a gun, and half of them wanted to be the one to do it. They certainly weren't afraid of someone that thought Lizard people were taking over the planet. Common sense, COMMON SENSE!!!!!! Why does society assume noone has any? And Why do we make so many mistakes by acting on false assumptions?
write your answers on the backs of $20 bills and mail your answers to P.O. Box...
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2021.04.20 00:58 Silvershellshock [POSITIVE] for /u/UnresolvedEgo [seller]

Quality product, quick shipping pleasure to do business with
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2021.04.20 00:58 Comprehensive-Fun415 *FREE* Pooh Shiesty x Section 8 Type Beat - "Glock"

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2021.04.20 00:58 Ok-Establishment7992 .-.

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2021.04.20 00:58 Mike-Hawk24 Video games

What are some good games to play in 2021?
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2021.04.20 00:58 Bacota627 Community coin

I just love the 5% back feature this crypto provides. I didn’t put in much but since I finally got some(because there are so many loops to jump through) on Saturday, I’ve earned an additional 100,000+ coins from people buying/selling.
This leaves me really hopeful of this as the devs have a solid and realistic game plan for this coin and it’s uses. Def holding for the long run!
Just wanted to share that _^
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2021.04.20 00:58 justsomeguyonreddit0 [PS4 Price check] I just wanted to check the price for it.

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2021.04.20 00:58 nicolylv My Bangalore and Loba

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2021.04.20 00:58 SchizoidDesign Narcissist parenting

I know there is a subreddit for that, but I would like to hear from schizoids. Since it seems to be a much more dramatic experience. I am watching videos of Taryana Rocha as recommended on this subreddit. I am mid 30s and I only now realize my mother was a covert narcissist fucking my development all along with my enabler father. OMG. I feel so silly. I lived a fucked up life for almost 4 decades bc someone else fucked me. How was discovering about your narcissist covert parent and what they did that you just realise afterwards?
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2021.04.20 00:58 picksburgh74 We are interviewing The Personal Finance Dad at 9pm est, come on out and feel free to ask questions!

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2021.04.20 00:58 otomakanihsotas666 What is something you don't like about "nice people"?

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2021.04.20 00:58 van-theman Southern Charm

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2021.04.20 00:58 rainbowsandcameltoes I guess Mr Pickles' Monday was rougher than mine

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2021.04.20 00:58 Gaming_Woodworker My nephew wanted a workbench to play with so I built him one. Decided to paint the pegboard red for a pop of color. He loves it and enjoys pretending to build stuff on it!

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2021.04.20 00:58 MrDarwoo Can anyone link me to somewehre that explains the scent?

The wiki has an old explanation, the scent with the squiggle on the top of the screen.
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2021.04.20 00:58 hickeydoodle What are some things I should start doing that will help me become a successful apprentice?

Sorry if the title is kinda vague I wasn’t sure how to word it.
I’m going to start applying for apprenticeships soon, I know absolutely nothing about electrical work or construction. I’ve been doing study in my spare time about terminology and electrical theory, what are some other things I can be doing in the meantime that will pay off?
Also I’m sure this has probably been asked before but what can I do as an apprentice that will help me stand out against the others?
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2021.04.20 00:58 x_mk6 I need a username. Which of these? Any other ideas?

I need a username/pseudonym. Here are a couple I came up with.
Thanks guys
View Poll
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2021.04.20 00:58 Edible_Goat Is it normal for my snails to sleep upwards of 24 hours at a time?

The title is pretty much everything. My 4 gardens nails went to sleep yesterday at around noon PST, and they still havent showed any signs of activity. Is something wrong?
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2021.04.20 00:58 anakins_sand Confused about Navigraph/Simbrief/A320nx workflow

I just can't seem to get this down. Navigraph will do everything including STAR etc well but something gets lost when I try to do a direct import into the A320nx. If I upload my Navigraph flight plan to Simbrief, I get an error with Simbrief. If I use Simbrief to make a flight plan, it uses out of date AIRAC that navigraph doesn't recognize, etc.
I just don't get it. What is the proper way to completely plan a flight, from start to finish, a flight plan using these services? I know typically in real world ATC would assign the approach and whatnot in the air but MSFS in game ATC sucks so I am trying to plan it all ahead of time.
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2021.04.20 00:58 CoffeeDrinkingAddict What should I do?

I can't feel any sadness or sorrow when I see dead people and I'm afraid that the day one of my family dies I won't feel any sadness. Does this mean I have the perfect emotions for a killer? The only way I can think of solving this is ending it all and I'm not afraid of death or the pain of death, what I'm afraid of is what comes next... Is it reincarnation? Heaven? Hell? Or just nothing, where my conscience disappears or reduced to nothing?... What should I believe? The truth is I don't know what to believe anymore.
I don't wanna see myself feeling nothing at my father or mother's funeral, I don't know what to do and I think this thought is breaking me and I think the day will come that I can't bear it anymore then ending it all without hesitation and knowledge of what comes next. Help...
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2021.04.20 00:58 reddit_feed_bot WND: Female authors protest when man nominated for 'Women's Prize'

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2021.04.20 00:58 reikken Looking for a journey/adventure survival game

and by survival I mean primarily surviving against the environment. Any combat ideally should be something to be feared and avoided or carefully planned when necessary. At the very least I don't want to be mowing down hordes of enemies, constantly fighting things at every turn.
And ideally I'm trying to get somewhere, and it takes some navigating or exploring; I'm not just following a linear path.
Also, prefer released games. There are a lot of playable alpha/beta games floating around these days, but I like to wait until release.
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