Go! Whats the point of revenge if they dont remember anything? |

Whats the point of revenge if they dont remember anything?

2021.04.20 01:09 flamewolf393 Whats the point of revenge if they dont remember anything?

I love the show, its amazing, but this always bothered me. The point of revenge is to see the fear and terror in their eyes as you enact your personal justice upon them, not only releasing your pent up hate and anger on them, but also maybe giving them a chance to beg forgiveness and learn from their mistakes once youve hammered home just what a shitty person theyve been.
So whats the point of getting your revenge on someone if you are just going to erase their memory of it? It renders it a moot point if they dont have that terror stuck in their mind, and it never gives them a chance to learn from it.
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2021.04.20 01:09 alpha_rat_fight_ It’s a thin line between thick and fat and boy do I walk it hard brother

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2021.04.20 01:09 chrislsu MyPillow CEO pranked by fake Trump call

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2021.04.20 01:09 TheRealBorse I am horrified with myself

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2021.04.20 01:09 JamesSway Pyramid-shaped UFOs spotted by Navy may be the best 'the world has ever seen,' filmmaker says

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2021.04.20 01:09 kyle_guzik Solar activity slows the micro-transaction speed.

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2021.04.20 01:09 N0MoreMrRiceGuy Getting ready to drop in my new Sti engine!

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2021.04.20 01:09 zavch I GOT PS$ PARTYS TO WORK ON XBOX AND PC

so how i did is that you need steam link (for pc) and xbox app (for xbox) on phone. get on the ps4 app and join a voice call and plug in a headset (since your probably gaming). then if your on pc open steam link and link your pc to your phone (this will let you hear pc audio on your phone) make sure the audio port on pc is switched to steam streaming speakers and for xbox go into the xbox app and connect your phone to your console to use remote play. once remote play is connected you should hear xbox audio while in the ps4 party (you should join xbox party while in ps4
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2021.04.20 01:09 MutedConversations Here with the latest codes for upto 17% off 🗺️ DiscountCode "WORLD21 " + RewardsCode "JAZA4793" 🗺️

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2021.04.20 01:09 marilynightly MINGW Isn't working in Codeblocks ""It seems that this project has not been built yet. Do you want to build it now?"

I have tried changing the directory and using environmental variables settings to see if I can fix it shortly [that didn't work of course]. I have checked the compiler settings to make sure. This is what are in the compiler's "Toolchain executables" settings:
C Compiler: gcc.exe
C++ Compiler: g++,exe
Linker for static libs: ar,exe
Debugger: GDB/CDB debugger : Default
Resource compiler: windres.exe
Make program: mingw32-make.exe

Is there anything wrong with my settings or no? Anyway, why is this one small problem so damn hard to fix just to compile a C++ program? What is a suitable solution to fix this?
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2021.04.20 01:09 slit_my_klit00 Women as a business model

It saddens me that many women treat themselves as commodities, thinking that by increasing their availability they increase their “demand” and by increasing their demand it increases their value. It somehow lessens the work they’ve put into making themselves who they are. It directly fits them into a mold that is just mass produced and ready for use. Never even having time to work on this mold and improving it, not caring enough about it to reinvent it. The concept behind this applies to all people and genders, but women are the group falling hard into this mindset. I’m not slut-shaming nor bashing anyone, you do you, I’m specifically talking about people pushed into thinking this way because of some insecurities or self esteem issues. I’ve noticed that the more you love yourself, believe in your worth and invest in “you”, the more you would appreciate who you truly are and what you offer and put on the table. Personally I wanna reach the mindset of believing that I’m a limited edition. And whoever gets to experience me. Will have to earn the work I’ve put into myself by offering the same values I offer. I’m not for anyone, and I’ll keep increasing my value and working on me till I get there. I just hope more people would realise this and start working more on their self worth.
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2021.04.20 01:09 ItsReckliss He mad lol

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2021.04.20 01:09 StrawberryFairy3 [Homemade] Chili

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2021.04.20 01:09 Obonato Obonato - Same Ole Song

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2021.04.20 01:09 DaniGamez Little Red Chica 3D profile Icon!

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2021.04.20 01:09 thefranq What can I do to support my partner who has severe chronic back pain?

I have been reading down through posts here and can't find a substantial answer to this particular question. Answer this from your point of view, if you suffer chronic pain. My partner is male, in his mid 50s. He has had a life of highly athletic activities, and had been quite proficient/competitive at those. He has suffered with back pain for ~20 years or so but it has recently (over the past ~2 years) gotten progressively worse. His discs have gotten enervated leading to pain that cannot be controlled by strengthening/stretching/physical therapy. He did narcotics for it but stopped as they made him feel terrible and only partially alleviated the pain. I don't really know what to say on a daily basis- I have started to feel bad about asking how his back is each day because it is never good, and is always debilitatingly painful. He is super active around the house- because he would be in equal amounts of pain if he were to sit on the couch versus working in the garage or fixing things around the property. There are some actions that are particularly bad that he avoids but he is SO active -more helpful around the house than I am. So: how do those of you with pain want to be treated? What do you want your partners to say? To do? What suggestions are helpful, and what suggestions are frustrating and annoying? I hate to see him in pain and I know he hates to see me upset about it. It would be terrible for him to see someone feeling sorry for him so I try not to show that reaction. One suggestion I gleaned from my reading in this subreddit is that pain sufferers want to know that what they are doing/can offer is enough. I will go with that approach. Tell me more.
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2021.04.20 01:09 MxFancipants High charisma artificers?

Okay high is a bit of a stretch, but I’d like a +2 or 3 to charisma. Would that be workable if I want my character to be a people person?
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2021.04.20 01:09 egguuu The Most Underwhelming Hometown Tour

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2021.04.20 01:09 LocutusofPicard Realizing that you're just a copy - Quest Greg (If The Big Goodbye was a Fantasy MMORPG)

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2021.04.20 01:09 analogpursuits Wanted: 2012ish Subaru Forester or Rav4 with AWD. Hope to find one with under 100k miles and clean title.

Have looked on craigslist, nothing there, and I prefer owner sale, not a dealer. I'm not on Facebook, so I dont plan to look there. Let me know if you are selling either vehicle type. Thanks!
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2021.04.20 01:09 Gamereric21 Post flairs, rules updates, and fantasy maps

Hi everyone,
The nycrail mod team has decided to switch up a few things! The first change is post flairs. If you don't know what a post flair is, it's a small bit of text that sorts posts into categories, for this post, its mod post. On mobile, its the button directly below the title, on pc it's below the text box.

We are also adding a new dedicated thread for users to create and discuss fantasy maps. Users can compete against one another, and the winner is the person with the most upvotes at the end of the month. This includes a new rule that specifies that all fantasy maps must go in the dedicated thread. This is a monthly reoccurring thread.

Theres also a new rule, which makes sure all media posts (news articles, photos, videos) must have a meaningful title. If you post a news article, call it "The N may finally be extended to LaGuardia, and not "News article 10"

Thank you for your continued participation at nycrail, and we are excited to see some new additions to the subreddit!
Gamereric21 and AirlineFlyer, on behalf of the nycrail mod team
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2021.04.20 01:09 simsalabimbamm 31[M4F] US / Online - Very cute library nerd feeling lonely. Need a flirty friend

Hey there, I have really been feeling these lockdown blues recently and am here to cure my ailment. I used to work at a library and it was a lot of fun for me. What I can tell you about the library is, lots of women go to the library. It was always such a treat to see some cute girl or nice looking older woman meet me at the desk for help over my coworker.
I am a good looking guy and I know when a woman is checking me out. That type of quick flirting doesn't really exist with the mask and social distancing.I wonder how many of those women were hoping to lead me to some secluded section of the library for help.
I'm athletic built and do not wear glasses. I do not look like a nerd or librarian and would often get those comments.
I am a nerd into all types of games but I do also enjoy the outdoors and staying in shape.
You should be kind, flirty and open to kinky discussions.
Hit me up!
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2021.04.20 01:09 TheLaughingPanda Manon promo image

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2021.04.20 01:09 LastCryForHelp The Most Underwhelming Hometown Tour [81 Views]

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2021.04.20 01:09 Kyrot1 Xiao with a Giant Anemo Spear

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