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Is This How Lucid Dreams Are Supposed to Work?

2021.04.20 02:16 ZAE_NUTUKKU Is This How Lucid Dreams Are Supposed to Work?

Lucid dreaming is being aware that your dreaming right? Well then I sometimes lucid dream but not the way I want. In fact not in any way that I want because I control nothing! When I figure out I'm dreaming, I get an overwhelming need to escape IMMEDIATELY. I try in vain to open my eyes and I try to find ways to leave but never can. I can only do things like freak out, think "What happens next?", and get angry. I can sometimes get a feeling whether it will happen and I make sure to stay awake until it passes. I want to know whether this is normal, if there are ways to fix this, or if this is something else entirely.
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2021.04.20 02:16 RandomFilms314 I get 5 15 second ads on paramount plus even though I pay for no ads.

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2021.04.20 02:16 bigealien18 Inviting you to Siliren! Original Fantasy

Hello everyone! My name is Ayla/Bigealien and I am the creator and owner of a PbP website called Siliren! Siliren is a fantasy world set 300 years after a life-changing 'invasion' of alien races into the mundane Human world. Only now are the Humans starting to set out of their well-defended homes to explore their world that has changed beyond recognition.
Siliren is a unique game with an interesting skill-building system, magic system, and world lore! We opened in August of 202 and now boast a small, but extremely friendly and close-knit group of players who are eager for more characters to join them!
Something unique about Siliren is that you as a player have the power to put your own mark on the world as a whole. Whether that means creating a character who impacts the world around them - or even participating in world-building OOC! All of this impossible and encouraged and there are even challenges and prizes for both IC and OOC writing!
What we value in Siliren is original writing, fun, and community. We are a very close, active group of people - I couldn't ask for a better community of writers - who all bring something new and interesting to the table. You could be a part of our ever growing family!
Siliren has different locations, races, skills, professions, etc. so that every writer and every character is welcome and can feel at home! We have an amazing skill-building system that allows your PC to grow with each thread! the world is completely impressionable and anyone can make their mark on Siliren's lands! Only a portion of the world map is discovered so you can help create and discover new lands!
If this sounds like the place for you check out our website and out discord! The website features the expansive lore of the world as well at the forums where all writing takes place. The discord is where almost all of our writers come together in channels and voice chats to hang out, discuss Siliren or even life in general!
Website: Siliren.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/Sfdn6qM
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2021.04.20 02:16 South-Ad3941 Live Stream - Pixel Art Coloring Book

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2021.04.20 02:16 Comfortable_Rice6245 olur gibi

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2021.04.20 02:16 -chuu Normal Raid Roulette - Titania

Join normal raid roulette. It's Titania normal, everything is normal until we get to the DPS check and I notice that we're killing things pretty slowly. While I do have the parser on, it's not something I usually check for duty roulettes. We get close to the bar filling up for DPS check and that's when I make the 1st comment. A group of us die to the stack mechanic because a good amount of people weren't even focussing Mustardseed. NIN makes comment implying that my death was the reason why we couldn't make DPS check..
It was only during the 2nd pull did I notice that the scholar was just alternating casts between succor, adlo, and physick. SCH then said that the reason she couldn't dps was that her skills wouldn't activate. I didn't really understand why this was the reasoning because the healing spells sure are working.. The icing on the cake was when I checked the SCH's search info and I could see several classes at 70/71. PLD gives an explanation and then I was promptly kicked after that.
Honestly, I think it's probably for the better that I was booted because, besides the SCH, most of the DPS weren't doing that great either(missed oGCD usages, no DOT uptime, etc.)
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2021.04.20 02:16 A1Cap0ne KrazyK 🔒, Spotemgottem/Rek, KK 🕊, BJ/Baby Dank 🔒, Bree 🔒, Mookey 🔒 & Slugga 🔒 (Y&R/Dankway)

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2021.04.20 02:16 siva115 [TheAthletic]Sterling Brown jumped outside of Miami club, hit in the head with bottle and needed medical attention.

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2021.04.20 02:16 AnyAd5378 Nice...perfectly balanced...as all things should be

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2021.04.20 02:16 blossomtree14 akbarnama painting?

The painting has two sides, one side is the painting, and on the other side is writing in Persian or Arabic. Apparently it take up to 3 months to finish one painting. the paper was made out of some sort of gum? the painting is protected in a sealed frame to avoid deterioration. It's pretty strange because I haven't seen anything like this before. I tried to research about it but could find limited information about it. Does anyone know when this was made or what the text says on the back? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
image picture: https://imgur.com/a/szxCniW
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2021.04.20 02:16 Repsearch Asked for a refund but received QC pics instead...hate when this happens tbh.

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2021.04.20 02:16 SLIChimera Imagine silver

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2021.04.20 02:16 Frontpage-Watch [#2|+11034|235] At this mosque in Akre, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the rule is that prayers do not begin until free meals have been prepared and offered to everyone in the community, regardless of their background or religion. The mural says that feeding the hungry i... [/r/interestingasfuck]

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2021.04.20 02:16 KertMaldo ......

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2021.04.20 02:16 My_Name_is_Imaginary Is the Samsung chromebook worth it for multitasking?

I just ordered the Samsung chromebook from their website for $300. I'm planning on using it for multiple chrome tabs. I heard mixed reviews on the battery and lack of fan. Did I get a good deal or should I look elsewhere?
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2021.04.20 02:16 makernumberone Forgot my switch at my girlfriend's house and she made a drawing for me cause she knows I love outrun/vaporwave style!

Forgot my switch at my girlfriend's house and she made a drawing for me cause she knows I love outrun/vaporwave style!
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2021.04.20 02:16 Squaremup Infinty 4ps return issues

I got an infinity 4ps a year ago and the small button behind the left paddle got stuck after like 20 mins in game I tried to carry on playing without it but the button it was bound to stopped working too.
I contacted customer support (last year) and they had just stopped taking returns due to covid, they confirmed I would still be able to get a warranty repair so it was cool, I put the controller back in it’s box and left it.
A few months later I heard Scuf were taking returns again so I contacted them, they sent a returns note to my parents house which I couldn’t collect due to covid still ongoing, eventually I got my returns note boxed the controller and sent it back with an email to let Scuf know the tracking number.
All I have received since is a PayPal invoice for a repair that is is literally almost the price I originally paid for the controller to begin with!
What’s going on please? It’s been a year I just want a working controller or my money back.
I tried to contact support in the original email threads to point out the relevant dates regarding my request for a warranty repair and have been ignored for 5 days now which is apparently longer than it took to repair it and send me an invoice!
Lucky I didn’t buy a Scuf to replace an old worn out Ds4 controller... oh wait I did, so I had to buy another one of those too!
I was actually getting excited to finally, after all this time, and a whole-ass pandemic, to receive my working Scuf this week and boot up some games I don’t really play anymore... but yeah I just got a virtual kick in the teeth through PayPal instead. Not a good experience at all.
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2021.04.20 02:16 Vicus_92 Windows Search Index Regularly Breaking

Hi Sysadmin!,
Has anyone else noticed a regular occurrence of the Windows Search Index breaking? The last 3 or 4 months I've noticed issues with Explorer's searching and Outlook attaching recent files. The solution seems to be to rebuild the search index, which works for a week or two before breaking again.
Most obvious symptom of this issue is when searching in Explorer, the results returned all appear as white icons instead of the expect MS Word, Excel, Adobe DC etc icon you'd expect to see. The files won't open from the search results screen either.
I'm at a small MSP and have seen multiple clients, multiples sites, multiple PC's, Server 2016's, 2019's and Windows 10's all seeing this issue. Only common ground I can think of is Microsoft, Sophos (Our AV Vendor) and Solarwinds/N-Able RMM agent we use for monitoring. I've even seen this issue on a colleagues PC that was re-built in the last couple of months.
Anyone seen anything similar to this? I've found bupkis from Googles except for the generic "Restart the search service" or "Rebuild the index" answers, which aren't long term solutions for a recurring problem.
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2021.04.20 02:16 stankmanly Hey! Neigh means neigh, jerk!

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2021.04.20 02:16 k3Ipo Took my phone? Aight then

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2021.04.20 02:16 eyeleegal Who is your favorite white person?

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2021.04.20 02:16 OneworldcurrencyJSS If ever human in the world owned 16 Doge we would own all the coins. LFG🚀🤩🚀🤩🚀🤩🚀DOGE

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2021.04.20 02:16 Errickbaldwin Light British appetizers

Having a small dinner party Saturday night and am looking for a light British appetizer. No lamb. I have a high skill level and access to a variety of fresh seafood. Any suggestions?
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2021.04.20 02:16 iamnewtro Kero kerito

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2021.04.20 02:16 redalastor Guillaume Marois à propos du collectif Liberté dʼoppression

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