Go! Take you guys 12 hours |

Take you guys 12 hours

2021.04.20 01:40 legendaryhawnsolo Take you guys 12 hours

It took you guys 12 plus hours to fix your blackout. Bravo some of the smartest minds work at Rogers. Over a software update, how about uninstall. And fire the person or people responsible for writing it. You guys ever think about trying out the update before the install. You guys ever think of turning it off and back on again. Hope that was your number 1 go to since that is the first tech support go to... Hope you guys are offering refunds for the day of no service. And we better not have to jump through hoops to get it. Customers should need even need to waste their time phoning it should just be applied. Btw Texting service is still down. If not fixed by tomorrow, there should be a partial credit for that day as well.
So take that all the above will be applied.
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2021.04.20 01:40 pierrotleelott Gust

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2021.04.20 01:40 BeenBetter82 My 13 year old son made the cutest animation. Figured you'd be the folks to share it with!

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2021.04.20 01:40 NapCat9 She was 9 weeks old here and already killing it!

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2021.04.20 01:40 Stsande2 Signed Charlie Ward #17 Florida State football with other signatures. Got it when I was a kid. Worth anything?

Just wondering if I should just keep it or try to sell.
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2021.04.20 01:40 depressedthrowoaway crossover episode

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2021.04.20 01:40 Last_21 I got a citation violation anyway I can make the price of it go down?🥺 I’m a fist semester transfer student and thought I could park in that lot. I’ve been parking there all semester no one ever told me anything until today

Any advice would be appreciated! 🙏🏾
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2021.04.20 01:40 Gribbitch6924 Awakening process

So about 9 months ago I started my awakening journey with the help of substances. However I slipped up and the social worker put me on a psych ward. Since then it's gone down hill as my mental health has deteriorated and I've been stuck in a sort of limbo ever since. How do I progress? The psych ward feels like a spiritual prison and my essence is screaming to be free. Everything and everyone here is so focused on purely the physical plain of existence alone. Is the only way forward now an NDE? I've started to meditate but can psychedelic substances help me moving forward from here?
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2021.04.20 01:40 Personalized_Copy My Baldi's Basics Iceberg (V.2)

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2021.04.20 01:40 BoujeePig Why can't AAMC just cancel the test and make my life easier?!!!!

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2021.04.20 01:40 Motor_Speed Am going to adopt a kid if I do you use my oc and make a post about adopting you bc my keyboard ain't working ;w;

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2021.04.20 01:40 EarthBullTH170 Got some new beys today!

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2021.04.20 01:40 Masterpai_mei Finally got me a badass computer! Skytech gaming PC w/RTX 3060. Got it from Amazon for around $1950

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2021.04.20 01:40 Stock_Piece2000 Well well well

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2021.04.20 01:40 Bre102131 [WTS] Zelos Mako Teal Bronze Full Kit

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2021.04.20 01:40 Jeffrey3526 Clean your room!

I have been feeling a little off recently and had no motivation to do anything. I cleaned up my room because it was getting out of hand and it made such a big difference. Knowing you have a clean space to chill, work, eat, sleep in is such a great feeling. If you are having a bad day, clean your room!!
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2021.04.20 01:40 Phalanx22 Can people with the full game play with people on the demo?

I'm trying to join my friend on the demo but he doesn't appear online on steam.
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2021.04.20 01:40 Huskerdude57 Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes.

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2021.04.20 01:40 smallcockandballs DAE to many heel turn????

My son lost interest in wrasslin his favorites where
Finn balor AJ styles Sammy zayn Dean ambrose (slave name) Seth rollins Roman reigns
The combination of heel turns and injuries left him nobody to cheer for! By the time we made it down to roman he was already handing me a switch
Dad "hey dude guess who just got a free nintendo
Son "is roman with mummy?"
Dad "yup he hangs out with both our mum's now :(
Son " :'( have you heard about AEW dynamite Wednesdays at 9pm"
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2021.04.20 01:40 Androgen15 Never once tried transforming this man till today and this is what u do

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2021.04.20 01:40 bytenybblebit CRA: Do I need to fill out the Form T1135?

I worked in the US on a TN visa in 2019 and thus have some accounts still in the US:
Fidelity 401k and an individual account, Bank Of America chequing savings and credit, and a Robinhood account that has been hanging around with under $2000 because I honestly have no real idea of what I'm supposed to legally do with it....
I've been back in Canada for all of 2020 and have not really added any money to any of those accounts but have spent a small amount from BOA. I do receive dividends every now and then though and have the tax documents for that from Fidelity and Robinhood. The combined approximate current value of all those accounts right now is $17500.00 USD.
I've filed with help from HR block the last two years since it was really complicated with cross border income. However this year I was ambitious and wanted to learn how to file taxes myself so that I could have a better picture of things for the future. I'm definitely stuck on a few things though an would really appreciate advice or confirmation that what I'm doing is correct and I'm not gonna make a big mistake or something. Looking at my return from HR block last year they did not fill out this form, but I wonder if maybe they should have?
Reading the guidelines for the T1135 form, it seems like I would have to fill out the form under the 100000-250000 total cost amount? If I choose the simplified method, would it be correct to choose "Funds held outside of Canada" and "Shares of non-resident corporations"? And then under "Income in 2020 from all specified foreign property" would I just include my dividends and "Gain(loss) 2020 from the disposition of specified foreign property" would be 0 because I haven't sold anything in 2020?
I'm trying to use Wealthsimple this year, and while it's helpful in a lot of ways, some aspects of taxes still don't seems so simple. So thanks so much in advance lovely internet for helping me learn how to do this!
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2021.04.20 01:40 ChunkyJizz Me too, tote... me too...

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2021.04.20 01:40 Bloedvlek Officer Sicknick suffered strokes and died of natural causes, DC medical examiner says

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2021.04.20 01:40 idontfuckwithmods W: VE25 laser rifle, VE gattling laser H: Legacies, decent weapons and armour, rare plans and outfits all willing to bundle

2* DE - gauss rifle
2* DE - handmade rifle
3* TS 25%FFR 15%FR - 'The action hero' (50 cal)
3* AAE +50DRWA - railway rifle
3* AA 25%FFR FMSWA - hunting rifle
3* AA 25%FFR FMSWA - laser pistol
3* AA 25%FFR +1A - lever action rifle
2* AAE - lever action rifle
3* AA 40%FSS 90%RW - tire iron
3* AA +50%LD 25%LVC - ultracite gattling laser
3* A +50%LD 15%FR - the fixer
3* A 25%FFR FMSWA - auto grenade launcher
3* A 40%FSS 40%LDWPA - fire axe
3* A +33%VHC 25%LVC - gattling laser
3* A 40%FSS +1S - gronaks axe
3* AE 25%LVC - 10mm submachine gun
3* AE +1A - gattling gun
2* BE - 50 cal machine gun
3* B 25%FFR +50DRWA - gattling laser
2* BE - double barrel shotgun
3* B 40%FSS 90%RW - sickle
3* BE +250DRWR - combat shotgun
3* B 25%FFR +50DRWA - cryolator
3* B 40%MPAD +1S - cultist dagger
3* B +50%LD 25%LVC - lever action rifle
3* B 25%FFR 25%LVC - radium rifle
3* B 40%MPAD 40%LDWPA - shovel
3* B VCS+50%D 25%LVC - Tesla rifle
3* E 25%FFR VCMF15%F - 50 cal machine gun
3* E 40%FSS 15%LDWB - Chinese officer sword
3* E 25%FFR 25%LVC - missile launcher
3* E 40%FSS +1S - ski sword
3* E 25%FFR 90RW - Tesla rifle
3* E 40%FSS 90%RW - war drum
3* E 40%FSS +1E - cultist dagger
3* E 25%FFR FMSWA - minigun
3* EE +50DRWA - minigun
3* FE 25%LVC - 50 cal machine gun
3* F +10%DWA 90%RW - cryolator
3* F +10%DWA 90%RW - gattling laser
3* F 25%FFR 90%RW - gauss rifle
3* F +10%DWA 15%FR -missile launcher
3* F 40%FSS +1S - pool cue
3* FE +1P - double barrel shotgun
3* F 25%FFR +250DRWR - ultracite laser pistol
3* F 25%FFR FMSWA _ ultracite laser pistol
3* HE 90%RW - railway rifle
3* H +33%VHC 90%RW - the fixer
3* I 40%FSS 15%LDWB - bone hammer
3* I +33%VHC 25%LVC - compound bow
3* I +10%DWA 90%RW - gauss rifle
3* I 25%FFR 15%FR - m79 grenade launcher
3* IE +250DRWR - minigun
3* I VCS+50%D VCMF15%F - missile launcher
3* I 25%FFR 90%RW - missile launcher
3* I 40%FSS 15%LDWB - shishkebab
3* I 25%FFR 90%RW - flamer
3* I +10%DWA 15%FR - gattling gun
3* I 25%FFR 90%RW - lever action rifle
3* I 40%FSS +1S - super sledge
3* I 40%FSS 40%LDWPA - tire iron
3* J +10%DWA 15%FR - broadsider
3* J +10%DWA 25%LVC - gauss rifle
3* J 25%FFR +1P - assaultron head
3* J +33%VHC 25%LVC - assault rifle
3* J 25%FFR 90%RW - handmade rifle
3* ME 90%RW - black powder rifle
3* M 25%FFR VCM15%F - lever action rifle
3* M +33%VHC 90%RW - lever action rifle
Mutant slayers -
3* MSE 90%RW - pipe revolver
3* ME 15%FR - 10mm pistol
3* M 40%FSS +1S - bone club
3* M 40%FSS +1E - guitar sword
3* M +33%VHC 90%RW - m79 grenade launcher
3* ME 25%LVC - double barrel shotgun
2* Q 25%FFR - radium rifle
3* Q +10%DWA +250DRWR - laser pistol
3* S +50%LD 25%LVC - compound bow
3* S 40%FSS 90%RW - pool cue
3* SE 25%LVC - submachine gun
3* SE +1A - pipe bolt action pistol
3* SE +1P - lever action rifle
3* T +33%VHC +50DRWA - combat shotgun
3* T +10%DWA 90%RW - crossbow
3* T +33%VHC +50DRWA - cryolator
3* T 25%FFR 25%LVC - minigun
3* T 40%FSS 90%RW - switchblade
3* T 40%FSS 40%LDWPA - tire iron
3* TSE FMSWA - minigun
3* TS 25%FFR +1A - railway rifle
3* TS +33%VHC 15%FR - 10mm submachine gun
3* TSE FMSWA - single action revolver
3* VE 25%LVC - combat shotgun
2* VE - pipe pistol
2* VE - pipe revolver
3* V +33%VHC +50DRWA - flamer
3* V 25%FFR +250DRWR - single action revolver
3* Z 40%FSS 90%RW - bone hammer
3* Z VCH+50%D 25%LVC - cryolator
3* Z VCH+50%D 25%LVC Fatman
3* ZE 25%LVC - minigun
3* Z 25%FFR 25%LVC - gamma gun
3* Z +40%FSS 90%RW - shovel
3* A +25EDR AWR20% - heavy raider left arm
3* A +1L BHDWS - heavy raider right arm
3* A +1E BHDWS - metal right leg
3* A +1C WWR20% - robot right arm
3* A +25%EDR 75%CRDWS - Forrest scout chest piece
3* A 75%CRDWSS +1S - Forrest scout left leg
3* A 75%CRDWSS +1E - marine armour chest piece
3* AS +1A WWR20% - Forrest scout armour chest
3* AS +1C WWR20% - sturdy combat armour right leg
3* AS +1L FDCWR20% - sturdy metal chest
3* AS APRS AWR20% - trapper left arm
3* B +1L WWR20% - heavy metal chest
3* B 75%CRDWSS +1A - leather chest
3* B 75%CRDWSS +25EDR - robot left leg
2* C APRS - combat armour right arm
3* C 75%CRDWSS - heavy leather right arm
3* C 75%CRDWS +1L - heavy metal left arm
3* C APRS 50%D - marine armour left arm
3* C BHDWS +1P - wood left leg
3* C BHDWS +1P - sturdy robot chest
3* E 75%CRDWS +1I - forest scout right leg
3* E +1E WWR20% - heavy combat chest
3* E +25RR AWR20% - heavy robot chest
3* GS 75%CDRWS +25RR - sturdy metal chest
3* H 75%CRDWS +1P - trapper left leg
3* H 75%CRDWSS +25PR - metal chest piece
3* L +25%EDR WWR20% - heavy raider right leg
3* L +1L AWR20% - marine armour chest
3* L +25RR AWR20% - marine armour chest
3* L +1S AWR20% - marine armour left leg
3* L +1P WWR20% - raider left arm
3* L +25%EDR WWR20% - sturdy leather chest
3* L APRS FDCWR20% - sturdy metal right leg
3* MS 75%CRDWS +1L - Forrest scout right leg
3* MS APRS WWR20% - heavy combat chest
3* MS 75%CRDWS APRS - trapper left arm
3* M GATBU APRS - leather right leg
3* M 75%CRDWSS +25RR - trapper right leg
3* M +1C FDCWR20% - trapper right leg
3* M 75%CRDWSS +1S - wood left leg
3* N 75%CRDWS +25RR - heavy combat right arm
3* N 75%CRDWS +25RR - heavy combat right arm
3* R +25%EDR BHDWS - raider right leg
3* T +1E BHDWS - urban scout left arm
3* T 75%CRDWS +1C - wood right arm
3* U +1A AWR20% - forest scout left leg
3* U APRS 50%D - leather right arm
3* U +1S AWR20% - marine right leg
3* U APRS RDWB15% - raider left leg
3* U +1L WWR20% - urban scout right leg
3* V +1S RDWB15% - forest scout right arm
3* V 75%CRDWSS +1P - forest scout right arm
3* V 75%CDRWS +25EDR - heavy combat left arm
3* V +25RR FDCWR20% - sturdy leather right arm
2* W APRS - combat chest
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2021.04.20 01:40 Envvy27 Rocbud Inc Iced Gushers

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