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I was nearly kidnapped by a creepy customer

2021.04.20 03:02 Teenagedelinquency I was nearly kidnapped by a creepy customer

TL;DR, older man flirts with me whilst I’m offering customer service. Later tries to lure my into his car when I’m waiting to be picked up.
Sorry for the long post guys!
After reading through the numerous stories on here, I’ve remembered some of my less than savoury encounters from across the years. One, which at the time I shrugged off with the usual panache of teenage bravado has for some reason been replaying in my mind and I thought I would share it to see if I’m right in placing importance in what happened.
For the backstory:
I was 19, working my first weekend job at a famous high street fashion chain, earning money to save up whilst at uni. It was a typical Saturday evening; there were few customers left as we were closing in an hour and had the usual post apocalyptic mess to tidy. I remember vividly that it was close to Christmas, so it was already dark outside and that day was particularly cold and bitter. I was working along side one of my colleagues, chatting about our mundane plans for the holidays and how I was going to visit my long distance boyfriend. It was at this point I heard an “excuse me” from behind me.
Creepy Customer:
He seemed to be in his late 30s, with an ingratiating smile that at first seemed genuine and spoke with a soft accent. He was looking for a gift for a female friend and wanted my opinion on the matter. I always had the propensity to go above and beyond with customers and inevitably ended up flitting round the store to find the ‘right’ gift for him. It was a routine interaction which rapidly changed into him asking increasingly personal questions about my age, my ethnicity, where I lived, my clothes size (as I was the ‘same’ size as the aforementioned friend!). I could tell that the conversation was transforming into him flirting with me, as he asked what I was doing after my shift. He also called over his two other friends who were lurking near my section, and they proceeded to over-examine me. They were making lewd comments about my body in their language, which I partially understood unbeknownst to them.
Fortunately my supervisor came to inform them we were closing and he left with the parting shot of “I hope I see you soon around here.” My colleague proceeded to mock/rib me about flirting with customers and I shrugged it off with a relieved grin. Unfortunately this is something we experienced on a regular basis so I wasn’t overly concerned. I was obviously wrong.
Close shave:
We managed to leave 40 minutes after closing and i was going to make my customary way to the bus stop behind where I worked when I received a call from my brother that he and my sister were going to pick me up. One thing to note is that I worked about half an hour drive away from where I lived; London traffic is notorious.
So, I changed directions and went to the nearby supermarket car park (that was right opposite my workplace) where they had picked me up from a couple of times. I was waiting for about 10 mins when I saw an approaching figure weaving through the parked cars. I didn’t realise their end destination was ME until they got close enough for me to recognise the all too familiar face of the last customer I served.
“Ah so you’re alone” “Are you waiting for someone?” “It’s cold, why don’t you wait in my car?” “I’ll drop you off, my cars parked just there” “We’ll have fun, don’t worry”
My stomach had dropped at this point. I’m a 4”11 petite defenceless female, whose standing in the middle of a huge car park with a stranger who was becoming increasingly insistent and aggressive. Even after informing him that I was waiting for my siblings, and frantically texting them to hurry up so I can escape the desperate degenerate; he was disbelieving and refused to budge. My brother and sister eventually called me cackling with laughter at my predicament (bastards) and told me they’d be there in 5. I resigned myself to stand there, frozen, whilst he continued to have a staring match with me. I was unwilling to move in case he pulled a sudden move and didn’t want to have to tell my sister that I’d moved to a different spot. Throughout this, he had moved even closer to me and it seemed like he was genuinely going to manhandle me at this point.
Fortunately for me, I heard a honk and my brother got out of the car. Awkward silence ensued and almost in comic slow motion he jogged to his parked car and sped off. For some reason, we ended up disregarding the whole encounter but I can’t help thinking it was an unusual coincidence he was waiting so close to where I worked, over an hour later.
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2021.04.20 03:02 315MhmmFruitBarrels Finished Aquarium, my best build to date

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2021.04.20 03:02 DMHshadow Did Vikings Wear Makeup and Eyeliner? [23:39]

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2021.04.20 03:02 DansLoft225 [Selling] Pfister 0X6150R 3-Hole Adjustable Roman Tub Rough-In Valve

$70 DM me
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2021.04.20 03:02 Moaples [PS4][2K21] SELLING MT! - Prices / Info on Post! 2 MILLION IN STOCK - TAX COVERED Selling Selling

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2021.04.20 03:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: tempat

tempat translates to belong
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2021.04.20 03:02 faharasnet تاريخ تطور المبيدات الكيميائية

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2021.04.20 03:02 saxchi Right Click on RDP (dex mode) not working s7+

Hello Galaxy Tab'ers
Previously before oneui 3.1 right click is working fine on RDClient (Microsoft remote desktop app) on dex mode.
Now it is not working any fix on this issue?
No rightclick function on rdclient on dex mode. :( always used my tab s7 for remote work now this is sad: i have to carry my laptop instead..
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2021.04.20 03:02 Rainbow_Dash_RL ELI5: How is autonomous driving programmed to handle unexpected road hazards?

I drive full time for a living, and I've observed a wide variety of hazards and inclement conditions that lead me to wonder how self driving resolves such hazards.
Just half an hour ago (I'm pulled over now in a safe place writing this post) I was on a narrow 2-lane road, 50 mph speed limit, with no sidewalk and nowhere to walk safely except the ditch. There were two pedestrians walking right on the road surface, in the dark, with no lights and dark clothing. I had just enough space to avoid them with incoming traffic.
I get that radar can already recognize and avoid them (I'm frankly surprised my brand new car didn't even beep at me or have the ability to move itself over), but how does self driving differentiate between hazards?
For example, whether it's possible to safely move out of the lane to avoid a hazard, if there's time to stop for it, or if it cannot at all be avoided while maintaining control. Or if it's a small object or small dead animal that can be driven over, between the tires. Can autonomous driving measure that accurately at speed? Also, is it possible for the AI to know that a flashlight or reflective clothing means a person or cyclist is on the shoulder?
Is it able to tell between inanimate objects, pedestrians, and animals? This is morbid, but might it be programmed to avoid people at all costs and mow down animals, even if there's ample time and space to avoid them safely?
Next, what about ice and snow? Can current self driving tech correct a slide properly, and in the future, may it become more capable at extreme driving than a human rally driver?
How does it "see" water and tell between a minor puddle and deep flooding that's to be avoided? In an emergency, can it have an override to go through deep water?
What about off-road driving and dirt roads with ruts and bumps, can autonomous driving handle that use without getting high centered or stuck in mud?
Lastly, can it recognize a flat tire or vehicle issues and pull over safely? Thanks!
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2021.04.20 03:02 tandyman234 The last text you sent is what you scream when you're about to cum. What is it?

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2021.04.20 03:02 acnhnicolexx A small giveaway!!

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2021.04.20 03:02 JaeMunny Be honest, do you feel like this hobby (crossdressing), is weird? Do you wish you never started?

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2021.04.20 03:02 BittyMcBotboi Why do people buy body pillows of other people?

Is there a reason for people to buy one? I kept looking online but it didn't really answer my question.
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2021.04.20 03:02 sexy_slave00 19[f4m] hi guys wanna play snap me kayceeching you will cum in a minute 💦💦💦💦💦💦 trust me 😘😘

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2021.04.20 03:02 HawkTheHawker r/CatAdvice, thank you for the advice! re: wet food

So I've always had 3+ cats for almost 30 years now. After some early mistakes - including one cat getting that blocked urethra and an overnight vet visit - I have made sure to a) feed 'em good quality expensive dry food and b) make sure they eat wet food once in awhile.
No one has ever gone back to the vet, and I've had cats live 18, 19,21 so I thought I was a-ok with the wet food eating, I'd give 'em wet food a couple times a week. It's a hassle feeding six cats wet food as you can imagine, and also holy cow some of them would just vomit it right up, but ..eh so that's what I did for a couple decades.
But I come on here to offer advice (note I still think most of my advice is pretty good!) but on feeding a LOT of you feed your cats wet food a LOT more - some only wet food. And eventually, after getting defensive a lot, it kinda seeped in. I care deeply about my cats, they are my best friends. So I have done an experiment the last month where they get wet food every 2 days. Dry food dishes are always available to them, filled up with a mix of Crave and Science Diet.
Well what the hell do you know (cue of all you nodding at me). First of all feeding them wet food more regularly stops the wet food vomit, they're digesting it just fine. I have cats with shinier coats, cats who don't eat as much dry and have maybe lost a tiny bit of weight, but only the chubby ones, the skinny one has gained a bit of weight I think. They're very happy! And me, I bought 522 6" paper plates.
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2021.04.20 03:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: қарайды

қарайды translates to belong
Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @ https://wordofthehour.org/form
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2021.04.20 03:02 sae33 I realized that there were a lot of common questions out there and no video just addressing them quickly so I gave it a shot

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2021.04.20 03:02 Crandalldrive I was checking on Stocktwits and this post alerts me. I copy it and please take look. I find it very interesting too.Thank you Bungfolio for a great DD

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2021.04.20 03:02 Bigbuckrocks Took some advice from the original post (https://www.reddit.com/r/amiugly/comments/lysyeq/23m_been_having_some_self_esteem_issues_lately/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) and I applied it here. Verification in last pic.

Took some advice from the original post (https://www.reddit.com/amiugly/comments/lysyeq/23m_been_having_some_self_esteem_issues_lately/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) and I applied it here. Verification in last pic. submitted by Bigbuckrocks to amiugly [link] [comments]

2021.04.20 03:02 Ultimate_Scorpion A Grand Return

Hello, there, LLR Universe.
On Friday last week, I made my grand return to LLR, after years of being away. I got to witness and aid as the pinnacle of present-day LLR, World Champ Vitamin, was put to bed like a bratty seven-year-old. And this was from a trio of men that I consider to be vital to my success. We walked into LLR, and put this ego-maniac overcrowded clusterfuck in its place for once. But why? Why would I dare attack LLR, after years of not participating? Well, let me tell you a story, fine audience.
Years ago, I was too, one of you. I was a "spunky kid" who "had potential" and "could potentially be a rising star". These are stigmas I see all too often, and sadly, too many careers have gone down the gutter because of it. There's only so much time you can hold onto that label before you have to make a choice: Do you shed it, and rise to the top? Or do you push it as your personality, and let it sink you to the bottom of the ocean like an anchor? This is where I begin my story, folks.
Long ago, I walked the road many have. I played by all the rules. I followed every bone thrown my way. Yet, I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy because no matter what I did, I felt like I was running on a greased and inclined treadmill perpetually. I was getting unfortunately desperate for a way out, a way to truly break through that bullet-proof glass ceiling.
And then I did.
I found my way out, but in order to do so, in order to truly find myself, and who I am inside, I had to burn down every bridge that I built in that time period. I had to truly separate myself from the pack in every way. So I burned those bridges, and was cast out. And from that point on, I knew that I had to make my own destiny. I refused to let the thoughts of others dictate who I was. I refused to disappear into nothing, like the others who got thrown out. I refused to go down in history as the man who y'all thought I was. *I refused to die*.
And you cannot kill what won't die.
So I picked up my shattered ego, my torn reputation, and started to slug on. But after a little bit, I discovered that I had one part of me that hadn't been destroyed: my resolve.
When I was back to my feet, I saw bright lights of celebration. I heard laughter in the clouds. And I was a spectator to the slander thrown onto my name.
From that moment on, we began our new journies, on our separate paths. You, the community of LLR, plowed ahead with a solid foundation, a loyal base, and a group of highly talented predictors. I had to cut, slash, mine, and blow through every obstacle with spite, resolve, and hope. If LLR was a road crew constructing highways, I was a backpacker blazing a trail. And with every swing of my tools, I would hear laughter and ridicule. I heard the cheers and jeers directed my way. Yet I continued on.
I was alone for a while, but after a few days, a few people from the highway crew came over to survey my work. I thought they'd be supportive, but instead, I was once again mocked and ridiculed. They disrespected my work, they tore apart my resolve, and they didn't leave without a parting gift: litter. Lots and lots of litter. But then, more people from the LLR side came over. These people were very sympathetic to my cause, and they were tired of the shit the road crew was slinging over to my side. So they all comforted me, picked up a tool, and helped me create my trail. At that time, I knew it was going to be a long ride. But now, I was fueled by a different kind of emotional gasoline: Spite.
Weeks went by, then months, then years. While trailblazing, my crew met up with other trailblazing crews, further speeding up our progress. We established an official crew, separate from the Reddit mob. This one was secluded, chill, and quite frankly, my final stand. This was called Discord Prediction Series, and it was beautiful. LLR would have LOVED for me to give up. They'd have loved for me to fade into obscurity, like the rotten person I am, because I DESERVED it. But you know what happened? Death never took me. You were cruising along with your comfortable base, your soul-less shows and your audience, yet I was fighting every day just to survive. I knew that if this trailblazing project failed, I was dead. Because of this, I know the word **SPITE** like *no other man in the history of this sport*.
As the years passed by, we each focused on our own paths. LLR built their highway through a valley, with relatively flat ground, and little obstacles. Their equipment got bland, and repetitive. Their soul that had propelled them through the years had faded in favor of boring proposals and generic performances. DPS was digging out mountain trails, with beautiful scenery and lovely atmosphere. The spirit was there. Each proposal had a meaning, and if some parts didn't, we did our best to give them meanings. And while over time, the degradation from the LLR crew had faded in my mind somewhat, I was still fighting to get back onto that highway. But now, the goal was slightly different. Not only did I want to build those bridges back again, but after seeing some pretty shitty roadwork done, I wanted to take this business for myself. Relations slowly, but surely, eventually got better between LLR and myself, especially when the main management who was responsible for my exile all stepped down.
And then, in January, I was welcomed back.
I was so happy. This proved to me that if I truly busted my ass for *years*, I had a shot at reversing the ir-reversable. My first goal was complete, and because of that, DPS had served its purpose. It was a fun time with my crew, but our story had finally come to an end, and it was time for us to go our separate ways. Some went to take care of their personal lives, and others were found by other big crews all around. However, there were other men with me, who shared the same ideals as I, who too wanted change.
This brings us back to present day. Where I am sitting before you, reading the biography of the personification of spite. Fresh off the beatdown of some of LLR's finest, I present to you, my crew:
First of all, let me introduce to you, MKD and myself. MKD went by the name "Luke Lightning" in DPS, this is the name I shall call him by. Luke here, was our very first Undisputed Champion in DPS. He carried the company initially with pride and confidence through the early years. He held it a few more times as well. He is a Grand Slam Champion in DPS. Today, I stand with him as the final DPS Tag Team Champions. And we sure loved chopping down the ego of the people who hold those belts.
And on the top, we have Darius Shade. Darius is the final Undisputed Champion of DPS. He is the true example of a young lion who rose to the top, winning the world title from one of its most established holders. He holds that title today, and is a damn good champion.
Us three are the Final Pillars of DPS. I represent the heart and soul of DPS. Luke represents the dawn of DPS, as its first Undisputed Champion. And finally, Darius represents the dusk of DPS, as its final Undisputed Champion. Together, we are a formidable enough force to truly and radically change LLR to fit our image, and to execute revenge on the ones who made our lives hell all those years ago.
And finally, this brings us to tonight's Raw show. For the first time in three and a half years, I step foot into an LLR ring for a match. I'm facing an old mate, TooRare. Now, I may not be familiar with the rules of LLR, but that won't slow me down. And in any old promo, I'd list the things I'd do to my opponent, and what I'll be proving tonight.
But I'm not going to do that, you see. Because here's the thing: I have nothing left to prove to you. I put my entire life, reputation, and focus on the table in order to prove that I deserve a second chance. I spent years of my life making a road through thorns and thicket. I pushed myself to my limits. I've shown you all that I am the Personification of Spite. And if my story of three and a half years of humiliation, suffering, and pent-up rage didn't get through your thick skulls, then nothing ever will. Why bother even talking at that point; you've made up your minds on me.
My story with my own demons is over, LLR. But *our* story with you is just beginning.
Thank you for attending the show.
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2021.04.20 03:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: हो

हो translates to belong
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2021.04.20 03:02 will_arsmtrong66 HELP! I need to know what these fixtures are!

Justin Bieber performed at the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight. The lighting package was impressive and I saw these fixtures that I hadn't ever seen before. As you can see in the photos, they appear to be a moving head laser fixture. But also have this prism-like/multi-beam look as well. I'm not sure if I'm looking at two different fixtures or just one. Any help on the specific model or manufacturer would be most appreciated!

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2021.04.20 03:02 Gullible_Ad_1934 My doggo because why not

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2021.04.20 03:02 HailKyrie [Smith] Brad Stevens said Jaylen Brown is having his left arm/shoulder examined right now.

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