Go! Mortis r25 on mini! Should I tilt to 69? |

Mortis r25 on mini! Should I tilt to 69?

2021.04.20 03:00 no_u_pasma Mortis r25 on mini! Should I tilt to 69?

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2021.04.20 03:00 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.04.20 03:00 marcosadrian65 Testing new level and stomp move what do you think?

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2021.04.20 03:00 Derpcepticon He’s 5’7” with a 40 inch vertical

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2021.04.20 03:00 LNLMusic [Chill Vibes Cover] Dire Dire Docks - Super Mario 64

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2021.04.20 03:00 lifecanbegood5 Please, help! My coins are being sold without me selling. These are two charts, but I didn't sell any and now I have BRL (MY COUNTRY CURRENCY) What is this?

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2021.04.20 03:00 zipzapzoopzoop Realizing the bigger effects my depression has had on my life

Hi all,
I feel as if recently a bit of some intense reality about my depression has set in. When I was in school, I was getting by and just moving through the motions. Now that I’ve been unemployed for a year and a half and quarantined with my SO, I’ve sort of been seeing how detrimental it has all been. I’ve lost interest in all of the hobbies I enjoyed when I was younger, and most dishearteningly, I’ve seen how few meaningful relationships I’ve made. I have about three good friends still from high school, but I don’t think I really even made any in college. I’ve also been failing at keeping in touch with my family or any professional connections, so when I am having a good day or period of time, I feel very alone. I love my SO very much, but it’s hard to not have more people to share things with or even just chit chat with.
I feel pretty devastated at the realization that I haven’t been participating in life the way others do and that I’ve been coasting. I kind of always hoped that the stress of school was a contributing factor to my mental status, but I still struggle even without school, and now I just feel alone and surface level in life rather than entrenched in things and relationships that everyone says gives life meaning.
I know I can’t make up for lost time, but I’m not sure what to do about feeling like I lost several formative years of my life.
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2021.04.20 03:00 StManson 2005 Nissan XTerra SE Acceleration issue

Car struggles while accelerating. Runs fine idling, runs fine cruising, but when accelerating the check engine soon light flashes but doesnt fully come on. I took it to the Nissan dealership, they said it was the catalytic bank 2 rear. They replaced it, same issue (yes im suing). I had code P0430 and P0300. I thought it was maybe a bad O2 sensor. Live data is giving me -10 long term and short term fuel trim. Any idea what it could be?
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2021.04.20 03:00 awaywithyoutoo [US-MT] [H] Ergodox EZ (Shine, Black, Blank Sculpted Keycaps, Cherry MX Blue) [W] Paypal

Asking $250. I bought this new 10/20/2020. It has no signs of wear. Includes wrist rests and tilt kit. I don't think the washers in the picture are the originals, but they fit the tilt kit. I don't have the original box. I enjoyed using it when I first got it but I like being mobile around my house with my laptop.
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2021.04.20 03:00 YeahXDDD Kon jyada machata hai

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2021.04.20 03:00 taengoo4life [WTS] Seiko SKX007J & SKX009J Bundle

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2021.04.20 03:00 jjskkgarcia Ammo in stock????

Anyone know what gun stores around the burg/spotty are in stock with 5.56/.223? Checked Gander and Hall Precision already.
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2021.04.20 03:00 Objective-Ad-652 ☠️☠️☠️☠️

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2021.04.20 03:00 autotldr Duterte says he will send warships to West Philippine Sea if China starts drilling for oil

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 55%. (I'm a bot)

MANILA, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he would only send warships to "Stake a claim" in the disputed West Philippine Sea if China should start drilling for oil and taking other resources from the area.
ADVERTISEMENT. Duterte said the West Philippine Sea was no longer in the possession of the West Philippine Sea, with China ships taking over it.
He said drilling the oil in the West Philippine Sea and taking other resources was not "Part" of his agreement with China.
This is the first time Duterte talked on the West Philippine issue since Chinese militia vessels surrounded the Julian Felipe Reef, which is part of the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.
The latest rift in the West Philippine Sea started last March 21 when the Philippine Coast Guard reported that about 220 Chinese ships were spotted in line formation near Julian Felipe Reef, which is part of the Philippine continental shelf.
Despite the warnings and the protest, the National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea reported that Chinese militia vessels - not fishing vessels as claimed by the Chinese government - had been spotted at the Julian Felipe Reef.
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Post found in /worldnews and /Philippines.
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2021.04.20 03:00 No-Pattern- Ps5

Should I get the ps4 version of the game and play it on the ps5 or wait till the updated version comes out ??
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2021.04.20 03:00 kb389 I don't know if it was a bug or what but I got a course for free lol

So it's a microsoft sec plus course by Mike meyers, it is not a free course, it's like 18.99$ (during discount period and much more when not). So I was browsing through that course on my phone on my udemy app and just played the first video, then the second video then I found it weird that I was able to get to the second video, then I checked the course content and saw that none of them were locked, also went to my leaning and voila it was there so yeah I just got it for free! (unless I'm foolish and something else is happening here, but I'm sure as hell that my credit card did not get charged).
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2021.04.20 03:00 Zacox16 So... wasn’t the adept weapon bugged supposed to be patched for the beginning of the season?

Just went to the lighthouse and got a fusion rifle lol, my excitement is unmeasurable !
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2021.04.20 03:00 OctoberJ The first time I didn't get carded...

My son had just turned 21, and I took him to the ginormous liquor mall in the city. We picked our selections, he bought his own. Obviously, he got carded. Then it was my turn. The cashier asked for my ID just as my son said, "Hey Mom! Look at these!" The cashier then said he didn't need my ID as I was pulling it out of my wallet. Bummer. I was going on 41. I must have aged a lot that day. I haven't been carded since, at any liquor store. What a sad day it was.
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2021.04.20 03:00 Bro1999919 Despite Carlos Santana showcases his elite defensive skills (TWICE!) the Rays somehow manage to score to take a 1-0 lead.

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2021.04.20 03:00 bdeeney098 Thanks I hate felt Freddie Mercury

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2021.04.20 03:00 coreylee121 Yo! Am I the only one that like "Guns" better than "Ugh" and "Stress"?

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2021.04.20 03:00 therecanbemiracles Why are there two fees?

I sold my first item on eBay, apologies for a noob question.
So I paid a final value fee of 10.2%. But I looked in my Paypal and they took a different fee from the sold price before depositing the money into Paypal. How is this second fee calculated? What is it? And can I avoid it for the future?
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2021.04.20 03:00 suslikofsusliks People of Reddit, what are some of the hardest exercises you know?

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2021.04.20 03:00 MisterF00 [Poetry] Odd Sign

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2021.04.20 03:00 Spidermannreallife Do ladies love back muscles?

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