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Sober celebrations

2021.04.20 02:28 ltb_3038160 Sober celebrations

Hello friends.
In a few days, I'll be graduating from college. I study social work. Even during the worst of my drinking, I've worked my ass off for this, and spent all the money I wasn't spending on booze, on this. This is the single best thing I've accomplished, and I'm so proud of myself.
That being said, I've been craving a little bit lately. Partly due to the stress of all the work, partly because COVID is particularly bad where I'm living, and partly because I guess I still feel the need to celebrate with alcohol. I wasn't able to shake the feeling, until my mother gifted me a 12-pack of my "favorite" beer to celebrate.
I thought I'd end up drinking it that night. Finishing all 12 in one day, like I normally would have. You wanna know what I did instead? I took that shit out of my place, and regifted it to my good friends (who doesn't struggle with drinking) who's also graduating this week.
I've accomplished something awesome. I really don't need to "celebrate" by drinking until I'm half-dead and can't remember what happened. This is something to remember and be here in the moment for. IWNDWYT. :)
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2021.04.20 02:28 krooner500 Glenn Greenwald

With Glen going on Tucker and other "credible" platforms. Do you think Dave will have Glenn on the report to talk about free speech?
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2021.04.20 02:28 teagroupie 26 [F4M] NYC: It's going to be 72 tomorrow. Let's harvest mugwort on Governors Island?

It’s that time again: My weekly r4r post in the interest of meeting new people. For those of you downvoting me because you don’t like seeing it — I’m not sorry and goodbye.
Now: Hi. My name’s Wren.
Poly crystal hoarder and dog mom ISO special connections — open to whatever that may mean. (FYI, my Venus is in Scorpio, so I’m frequently horny. But when I’m not, I’m really not. You know?)
I like: astrology, wellness, books (fiction), productivity hacks, content creation, nearly all things esoteric, dogs (I have two!), herbs, makeup/skincare. I want to learn how to play popular card games and vegan cooking (I don’t know my left from right in the kitchen).
You don’t have to care about these things, but you should be curious about my interests, and that curiosity will be reflected back if we click.
Artists and writers are especially encouraged to reach out.
Please don’t be generic/a dick with a complex. NYC dwellers only.
Me: https://imgur.com/a/tDj8Myn
Talk soon! Send pics of your face via Reddit messaging, NOT the chat system (I hate it). Don't send me a dick pic unless I ask (*this is common sense*).
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2021.04.20 02:28 DannyMacho Hi Reddit. What do you think of this Diamond? And what do you think of the price?

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2021.04.20 02:28 em0pisces need advice(?) for 60-70 lb weight loss (women specifically)

This is for women who have lost 60+ pounds. How much smallehow many bra sizes did you go down once you lost 60-70 lbs? And where there any exercises/work outs that helped you lose breast fat?
I started at 5’5 and 183 and currently i’m down to 174, and my goal weight is around 115. I noticed that as i’ve lost weight so far my rib cage has gotten smaller and my bra band feel really loose but my actual breasts haven’t gotten smaller. I’m really scared that once i lose the 70 lbs my boobs wont be that much smaller, they are pretty big and uncomfortable but i want to lose 70 lbs before i even consider a breast reduction.
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2021.04.20 02:28 Jwentphot Motor oil question

This one is real simple. Bike is a Yamaha 1980 XS 850 special. Looking into oil changing and gear oil changing. Having trouble finding any places that carry 20w40 unless I want to special order. Now I live in Utah, and the owners manual recommends 20w40 if the temp doesn't go below 40, and recommends 10w30 if it doesn't get over 60. My question becomes what can I use so I don't special order? I can find 10w40 and I can find 20W50. Which is the safe option to use?
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2021.04.20 02:28 amfing Bone stress injury from overtraining

I wanted to talk about this as a warning to everyone about overtraining. In my case I fully admit I did an absolutely stupid thing and unfortunately it takes getting injured for me to learn lessons.
I was training an average of 100km a week over eight weeks in preparation for a virtual 50k late last year. This was in conjuction with a program of heavy weight lifting. I did achieve a personal best time in that 50k of something around 4 hours 40 minutes but that's when the problems began.
It manifested as a general pain in the left buttock area when running. At first I thought it was that I hadn't healed properly from the race and I doubled efforts in rehab exercises. When it didn't get better I got sports massages. Still no improvement. It also began to hurt while walking.
Stopped running and saw a physio who gave me a trigger point ball. Massage with the ball made my pain much much worse so I saw a different physio who suspected it was a bone stress injury in the hip. Referral to sports doctor and an MRI later confirmed injury to left SI joint. So no running for over 3 months, no weight lifting, not even walking more than necessary.
I went back to the doctor this week and my MRI is clear although there's still sometimes pain when walking a lot so I have to take it easy for the moment.
It was definitely my fault for 1) ramping up too much volume too fast and 2) not eating enough calories back. I am on a plant based diet so I have added in Bone Restore supplements from Life Extension (calcium, D, K2 etc) and also cissus quadragularis which is a bone mending supplement.
Unfortunately I am a person with a naturally small appetite generally so it is hard for me to eat enough calories, particularly when diet is mainly plant based (lots of fibre, lower calories). I am thinking I'll need to eat less fibre rich, more calorie sense junk food when I take up running again to make up for this.
Bone stress injuries are more common amongst female runners because we have biology that predisposes us to weaker bones so it is something to watch out for.
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2021.04.20 02:28 Maliagrac Been seeing a lot of negativity

What are your thoughts if there is a massive crash after we reach 1$ tomorrow. Do we think doge can recover?
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2021.04.20 02:28 -_-404-_- GMT-3/Brazil Far Cry 5 friends!

I'm looking for some people to play Far Cry 5 with, I've had it for a while but never got too deep into it and would love to have someone to play it with!
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2021.04.20 02:28 brimchars How my mom cut into the cake in an ode to what my brother and I did as kids

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2021.04.20 02:28 prnces My dad is turning 60 this year, and I’d love to have this picture of him and his family restored to give to him on his birthday. It’s one of the few pictures he has from his childhood.

My dad is turning 60 this year, and I’d love to have this picture of him and his family restored to give to him on his birthday. It’s one of the few pictures he has from his childhood. submitted by prnces to estoration [link] [comments]

2021.04.20 02:28 Elksouricng Elksourcing:Factory, Trader, Sourcing Company Which is Better?

Elksourcing:Factory, Trader, Sourcing Company Which is Better?
There are many commonly held beliefs in the west about getting a factory to manufacture your goods in China. It is true that you can vastly reduce your production costs, even when you have to ship products halfway around the world.
But it isn't true that dealing directly with factories is always the best way forward. Let me tell you the pros and cons of factory, trading company and sourcing company, so you may know which is right for you.
Factories are often seen as the best and only source for your goods. You can communicate your needs directly with them and, if they are the right factory for you, they will have a high level of expertise in the manufacturing process and you should be able to rely on this from order to delivery.
Factories will make your goods to your specifications and within the tolerances you demand. The factory you choose will have probably been making similar goods for some time – you wouldn't want a smart phone case factory to build the smart phone itself!
Finally, cost is frequently the main reason people go to factories direct as it is often thought that you will get the best price by that route (this isn't always the case, as will be discussed when we look at trading and sourcing companies below).
Where you have decided to go to a factory, you must be aware that in China it is quite common for trading companies to try to masquerade as manufacturers, and they often will try very hard to fake for as long as possible. Though there are good reasons to go for a trading company, particularly if they are upfront about being one, if you specifically want a manufacturer here are either ways to smoke them out:
Ask them outright if they are a trading company or a manufacturer. Often trading companies, particularly the ones you may wish to work with, will come out and say that they are immediately.
If they do say they are a factory, tell them you’d like to pay them a visit. Manufacturers will leap at the chance to show off their factory and try to set up a date to meet, where someone with something to hide may be evasive and not be too willing to let you pay them a visit.
Look at their product range. Manufacturers will tend to specialize in a much narrower range of goods according to their tooling and expertise. Trading companies will have a network of contacts so will have a far greater range of products on offer. Rather than investing their resources heavily in new lines, they can just pick up the phone to a specialist factory and get them to make the product.
Is their listed mailing address on the outskirts of a city or is it an office in the central business district? As with western cities, manufacturing areas tend to be on the outskirts where the land value is lower. A trading company however only needs an office and could well be in a central location of the city.
How much do they know about the production process? A factory boss will know his lines intimately and be able to give good answers to good questions. A trading company will give much vaguer answers. A very detailed knowledge of the product on your part will go some way to persuading them that you are a serious buyer as well.
Ask for a third-party factory audit. There are specialist auditors in China who will examine the contact’s claims and research the factory, as well as any certification they have, before you sign anything with them. A trading company might be evasive about this, as they would be reluctant to disclose their sources.
Trading Companies
Trading companies are sometimes seen as an expensive and unreliable way of getting your product made. This is not always the case, and despite what you may have heard the trading company route may be the right one for you if your circumstances are a good fit.
One of the important differences between sourcing companies and trading companies is that trading companies will have a high level of expertise in a specific field. With multiple importers wanting similar goods, and a number of factories that make those goods, the trading company may well have a level of expertise that is close to that of the factory themselves. They may be able to advise you as to how to customize your product and improve its salability, which again could boost your bottom line when it comes to selling the product.
They will act as middle men. The good ones will have a number of contacts with factories in their region, and may well be able to get your product at a lower price per unit than going direct to a manufacturer because they will be able to achieve economies of scale as they can bolt your order on to an existing line of very similar goods. This is one of the strengths of going to a trading company – they can get a far lower price per unit than you might be able to at the scales you want to order.
One of the issues to look out for is that unlike sourcing companies, trading companies should be considered as being on the side of the factory should any dispute arise. They will be your point of contact at the factory – not the factory itself. They will often seek to protect their manufacturer’s interests; the lines of communication will be longer and disputes harder to resolve.
Sourcing Companies
Sourcing companies, work on your behalf to source a manufacturer and deal with the issues that arise in China. Unlike trading companies their loyalty will be to you rather than the factory, so when a dispute arises they will represent your interests.
As with trading companies the sourcing company will have a number of existing relationships with factories. Though their position is more on your side of the line, they will deal with the same factories on a regular basis and like trading companies, will often be able to drive some economies of scale into the final cost per unit.
One of the main advantages the sourcing companies should have is their grip on quality control processes that can be applied to a great range of products. This should include contracts in Chinese, inspections, follow-up and putting together a QC system in place. They can ensure that your product matches the specifications you have set and tackle any disputes on your behalf.
Sourcing companies specialize in the supply chain (logistics) as much as the production process & understand international logistics as well as compliance requirements better in most cases. A good sourcing company should be able to take over your entire sourcing process, right from finding the factory, to Chinese contracts, inspections compliance and logistics to your door. This would allow you to focus on your sales & marketing operations through the significant time savings achieved. A trading company might be better at reducing the factory price per unit, but a sourcing company might be able to drive greater savings in your supply chain overall.
Which Type is Right for You?
So how do you decide whether you should be working with a factory, a trading company or a sourcing company?
This decision is unique to each importer and is based on several factors, such as:
Experience importing from China,
Knowledge of import regulations & processes,
Size of your order (Total order value, as well as order value per product and per supplier),
Resources available to manage the import process.
If you are a large buyer that can comfortably meet the factory’s MOQ, have a good knowledge of the import processes & compliance requirements and have the time & resources required to manage the back & forth communication and order follow-up with the supplier, including order follow-up, you may consider a factory.
If you have larger orders and can meet MOQ, but are short on experience, you can go to factory direct and still work with a sourcing company as your nominated representative on the ground to manage the operational process as well as your risk and quality requirements.
If you are looking to buy a wide range of “related products” within the same industry but your quantities are not large, a trading company can be a good option for you. Trading company’s specializing in a given industry would often develop a wide product range with their products being manufactured at several different factories, thereby giving you the choice to carry multiple products in the same niche and at the same time being able to import smaller quantities per product.
As above, you can also use a sourcing & QC company to manage your risks, due-diligence, project management, quality control and logistics requirements when working with a trading company.
Finally, you can use a sourcing company in most of the scenarios mentioned above, especially if your order QTY is not large and related to wide range of products. Sourcing companies are in a better position to find direct manufacturers and skip trading companies which often dominate B2B portals.
As sourcing, quality control & project management process is highly time-consuming and often requires presence on the ground (for example factory audits, inspections, manufacturing control, container loading, etc.), importers of all sizes often use a sourcing company to work on the entire sourcing process so they can focus on their sales & marketing endeavors.
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2021.04.20 02:28 Shoddy_Message_7428 Resin Jewelry Colors 🎨

My other poll glitched, sorry! I was curious what some peoples' preference is on artsy jewelry colors! TYSM if you voted!! 💖 Suggestions in the comments always welcome 😊
View Poll
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2021.04.20 02:28 SnooGoatsInSpace Here's my **technical analysis** of the almighty People's Crypto, Doge be with you. See you on da moon!🚀

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2021.04.20 02:28 eldridgea The Machine Lurched

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2021.04.20 02:28 junkfoodtony Yakuza Like A Dragon or Yakuza 0?

I really want to play one of these games. Price doesn’t matter. What game is best? I want to play the better of the two. Turn based combat and beat em ups are both awesome. Please help me pick a game?
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2021.04.20 02:28 SensationallylovelyK #BudgetDay2021

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2021.04.20 02:28 BelieveitsM_ Nice

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2021.04.20 02:28 MagicKing361 Just unlocked the street sweeper, wondering what the best attachments are for zombies?

Just like the title. Looking for suggestions.. thank you! 😊
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2021.04.20 02:28 bluebeardknoll Trying to remember.....

Last week, I made a post here about the loss of my cat. I miss him dearly but I'm having such a hard time remembering him. I keep looking back at old photos to try and remember, or just because I love him - and it's just not enough. All of our good memories together have disappeared from my mind. No matter how hard I try, it's not working. I'm afraid I've forgotten everything (even though I'm sure it's my brains way of trying to deny it or something.) I just want to be able to sit down and cry over him and I've barely been able to do that. I just have been feeling numb/nothing for the most part. Maybe in time I'll be able to remember but I almost feel bad that my grieving process "isn't enough" / that I'm "not doing it right". It feels so weird.
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2021.04.20 02:28 somewhat_soulless We hit 0.1 and this will be happening... promise.

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2021.04.20 02:28 Personanumations Sooo funny

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2021.04.20 02:28 XxGravityNFxX Edhesive 3.7 intro to python Algorithm challenge

I don’t want answers but I do need help coming up with a algorithm idea... I was gonna do like a guess a number but that’s not really a algorithm. Any ideas???
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2021.04.20 02:28 Loud-Marionberry-246 Splatter on them?

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2021.04.20 02:28 Opening-Kiwi-9054 Is this a good score i play on 20 fps with stutter

I got 97 acurracy 69 score on 3d aim test is this good
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