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2021.04.20 02:04 Fun-Maintenance5911 666/999

I feel like we should get a juice WRLD n trippie ep at least while we wait for MTR, I know they got like a vault of songs buried somewhere
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2021.04.20 02:04 throwaway47382836 anyone else have goldens that absolutely hate taking walks or car rides?

Our dog Dean (3yr old) absolutely hates these. He will go curl up on the couch into a little ball as soon as he sees the leash come out. he loves playing in our back yard, but if we leave the house/yard, he freaks out.
he has a bigger brother yellow lab that is the complete opposite and goes absolutely nuts at the words "walk" or "car ride".
once he gets out on a walk or car ride he is fairly ok if not a bit anxious. we took him to a dog park recently and he surprisingly did great, we were super nervous about it though.
just find it odd, but i guess each dog is different? we've had him since he was 8 weeks old and the people we got him from didn't seem like the abusive type at all.
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2021.04.20 02:04 williambotter Apontado como 'rei' do tráfico na fronteira com o Paraguai, Fahd Jamil se entrega à polícia

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2021.04.20 02:04 leglump I should have a list of names but instead I get "Character(0)"

Here is the code
link <- "https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/R2N1w6WMvtBTq7ac#fight=6&type=damage-done"
homepage <- read_html(link)
player <- homepage %>% html_nodes(".main-table-link") %>% html_text()

and the console says
> player
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2021.04.20 02:04 2_Blue "This one goes out to the guys and gals down at 'The Gunny Sack'... Here's 'J.C. and the Penneys' with their hit single, 'How Much Is Your Wool Worth?'" ~Casey Kasem's Top 41 . . .

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2021.04.20 02:04 radisonmain barbecue jackfruit burgers, green beans and peace pasta

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2021.04.20 02:04 andrebotelho Nonprofit Donation Software Market is Projected to Witness Favorable Growth During 2021-2027 | CiviCRM, Aplos, Qgiv, Salsa, Fundly – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper - KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper

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2021.04.20 02:04 Wtfbbqtree Don't be a paper boy! 420= Hold the line!

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2021.04.20 02:04 poncegosnold Planned Parenthood Just Realized That Margaret Sanger Was a Grotesque Human

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2021.04.20 02:04 Dexamadeus About the NALC contract...

First of all, congratulations to everybody for getting their pay raises! It may not be much but it’s something and it’s nice to be making more money in the long run and no more MSP!!
One thing I’m sort of worried about is: since the contract is ratified and that all CCAS will convert to PTFs after 24 months automatically which is good. However, since I’m sort of new cca in the office and would this indicate fewer hours for CCAs with the minimum 4 hours as PTFs are guaranteed 40 hours a week right?
Any thoughts, insights, rumors, etc to drop here?
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2021.04.20 02:04 Kaze_No_Tamashii Super Hyper Nenechi dab

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2021.04.20 02:04 chickyrogue Duchess of Cambridge outwits the Sussexes sensationally!

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2021.04.20 02:04 MindWandererB War Touches the Island's Shores

[[War Touches the Island's Shores]] is one of the three events cut from B&C in the digital version and by developer recommendation. I don't understand why. Sure, it probably adds N blight, but it also can destroy a bunch of invaders, and you have the option of adding a Fear card, which also sucks but isn't earth-shattering. Other events can randomly add about N/2 blight with no benefit, or N blight if the island is blighted already. It's a nasty event, but at our table it doesn't get met with the collective groans that [[Outpaced does]], or for that matter [[Numinous Crisis]]. What am I missing?
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2021.04.20 02:04 cypress201 This drives me absolutely insane. So much wasted space (Mullica Hill, NJ)

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2021.04.20 02:04 Many-Macaron-4486 idk

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2021.04.20 02:04 BlackCustoms 4 weeks from seed yesterday

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2021.04.20 02:04 BillowingBanana SAFEMOON help ?

Hi, I’m pretty new to buying and trading crypto and could really use some help. A friend of mine told me to look into SafeMoon and I’ve been trying to find the best way to buy? Does anyone have a method that’s worked best for them or a step by step on what I should do? I heard binance is shit so I’m trying to figure out what’s best!
Thanks for taking the time out to read this btw
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2021.04.20 02:04 _JUGGERNAUTOMEGA_ Killer bee the chillest😂😂🥶

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2021.04.20 02:04 ChampagneCream Meirl

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2021.04.20 02:04 kaytee8435 A heart in between clouds in Pennsylvania

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2021.04.20 02:04 ChunkyArsenio Roger Simon: Dems ‘Cling’ to Racism

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2021.04.20 02:04 finnagains Alabama: Labor Union Organizing Vote Defeated By US Mailbox – Amazon Cheated By Putting Tent Awning Around Mailbox

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2021.04.20 02:04 boocakebandit Eew

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2021.04.20 02:04 Mask_words Read with me |ASMR| #NoTalking #Rain #Book #CoffeeDrinking

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2021.04.20 02:04 Dakmac Need Help where all my mods go in order

DamnApocalypse - CORE
DamnApocalypse - Power Armor
DamnApocalypse - Loot/Economy
DamnApocalypse - Combat
Wasteland Wound Care - DamnApocalypse Patch
No More Antialiasing
Wasteland Ballistics
Disable Character Lighting
MWR - MWM4/M4A1 - AIO Replacer
MWM4 - M4A1 (1k)
MWR - P220 - AIO - Keep LL
MWR - Mossberg 500 - AIO - Keep LL
MWR - SV-98 - Hunting Rifle Replacer
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P] [XB1]
Wasteland Wound Care
Izhmash SV-98 Sniper Rifle (1k)
Mossberg500 1kVersion
Ironsight Blur Removal (BX1)
No Fat Man-Wielding Enemies (Xbox One)
I Own That Bed! (XB1)
See Through Scopes - GOTY [XB1]
[XB1] Build Limit Remover
Zoom-Out Extended For World And Local Maps
Ferals Can't Open Doors! (XB1)
Pip Boy Light - Flashlight Sound Replacement
Sig Sauer P220
Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With
Hardcore Auto Save
[XB1] Snappable Junk Fences
[XB1] Pip-Boy White Light (INI)
Realistic Roads - Black Asphalt [XB1]
[XB1] Color Map Collectibles
[XB1] Pip-Boy White Light (INI)
KCore's Simple - Missed Settlement Objects [XB1]
Stumble Upon Interiors [XB1]
Just Another Gas MaskI
Start Me Up - Full Dialogue Prompts V6.1 By TinyManticore [XB1]
Silent Protagonist By StupidDunmer [XB1]
First Person Death
Project Clean Commonwealth - Diamond City - No Home Plate
The Danse Dilemma & Arcadia
3rd Person Beard Fix By Karniage [XB1]
[XB1] STS - All-In-One
Automatically Lower Weapons
Disable Screen Blood And Low Health FX
Pipboy FX Disabled
FOV 90
Execution Chair
Spitfire (Enhanced Muzzle FX)
Fast Corpse Despawn
No Quest Autostart - Far Harbor
No Quest Autostart - Nuka World
No Quest Autostart - Vault-Tec
No Quest Autostart - BoS Fire Support
No Quest Autostart - Automatron
Clean And Simple - Settlement Startup
[XB1] Rain Of Brass - Full Version
No Radscorpion Tunneling
Scavenged Mercenary Gear - No Leveled Lists
Disable Minutemen's Annoying Quests [XB1]
Immersive Fallout (DLC)
Disable Tutorials
Boston FPS Fix - AIO [XB1]
Immersive Fallout (DLC)
Disable Tutorials
[XB1]Realistic Ragdoll Force
Visible Galaxy 4k
True Storms
Smoother Sun Shadow [XB1]
[XB1] Hush It! - Heavy Version
Settlement Electricity Overhaul
Plenty 'O' Exploration
Rebuild - Modular Sanctuary Pre-War And Post-War Build Set
Full Dialogue Interface (NewDialog)
Unlimited Crafting Supplies Container
Armorsmith Extended V3.02 Full Version [XB1]
Crafting Blur Remove [XB1]
Fallout 4 FPS Overdrive Xbox One
Fallout 4 - Ini.Files Changes
[XB1] Buildable Burning Campfires And Fireplaces
No More Wetness [XB1]
Minute Mans Last Stand
PCDug's Build A Wall
PhyDark (128)
One Handed Pistol Animations
Realistic Insects Health [XB1]
[XB1] Optimised Landscape Textures
[XB1] Optimised Building Textures
Main Menu Music Replacer - Wasteland Wailers
Give Me My Bottle Back
Snapable Garden Plots
Quieter Settlements XB1 - Vanilla
CleanVATS - Green Tint Remover (XBOX ONE)
Timestopping VATS (XB1)
Subway Runner For Xbox
Nytra's Performance Tweaks - Complete Pack [XB1]
Push Away Companions [XB1]
[XB1] Pip-Boy Flashlight - Large
Dismemberment Overhaul (Original)
Seen Better Days Player PIPBOY Retexture
Tactical Stealth Suit y
Endless Warfare [XB1]
[Dn-1-Ts] Darker Nights For True Storms
No More Cash Register Sound When XP Gain
DEF_UI_tabs Inventory Tabs (VIS) [XB1]
DEF_UI_tags Icons Definitions (VIS) [XB1]
DEF_UI_rollups Pipboy VIS Rollups [XB1]
DEF_UI_plugin Scrap Components [XB1]
DEF_UI Core [XB1]
Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS)
Def_UI Preset - Stitch_UI_Optimal - Crosshair [XB1]
Quaz Craftables - XB1
[Dn-1] Darker Nights (Level 1 - Darker)
Weightless Junk [XB1]
SCDC Subjective Cinematic Dialogue Camera [X1]
Locksmith - Lock Your Doors 'N' Containers! [XB1]
Expanding Boston (XB1)
Lots More Male Hairstyles - Xbox
Lots More Beards And Moustaches - Xbox
Sanctuary Bridge Fix [XB1]
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