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Mark Whiten

2021.04.20 01:37 Moist-Dragonfly2569 Mark Whiten

In August 1994, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Mark Whiten went 4-5 with four homers and 12 RBI’s in the second game of a twi night doubleheader in Cincinnati, which included a three-run homer in the 1st and a 2nd inning Grand Slam.*
Today, Mike Ryan was Mark Whiten.
*I’m too tired to Google what actually happened but this sounds about right.
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2021.04.20 01:37 Ok_Acanthaceae_1258 It's happening

The dip is happening right now
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2021.04.20 01:37 Plank-boy Archie

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2021.04.20 01:37 weedsy_io [Restock] Monday @ 8:37pm

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2021.04.20 01:37 CourageKitten blursed_cup

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2021.04.20 01:37 ghosttest is BPD possible if all symptoms are present except past trauma and outward anger?

Hi guys, i’ve been struggling on an emotional rollercoaster my entire life. I’ve been in and out of mental health treatment centers, jumped from therapist to therapist, so on. I was recently diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and adhd.
but the reactions i have to things like the fear of abandonment / general emotional distress are so out of control (by out of control i mean screaming, crying, beating myself, self harming, and sometimes even planning out my suicide) that i’m starting to consider ask my new therapist about my symptoms possible being symptoms of BPD.
the only thing is as i’ve been reading about it, i see that anger and lashing out are big indicators. however, i never do either of these things. in fact, i am hardly ever angry with anyone at all anymore, i just complete internalize it because there is nothing more i fear than people getting angry at me for being angry at them (if that makes sense.) the anger i experience is intense, but it never causes me to react outwardly because it is only anger that is directed at myself.
i’ve also read that trauma is a big part of it, but i genuinely do not have any instance of trauma in my childhood. i have a good family and a great/loving home environment. besides a couple of well deserved whoppings here and there, and a typically tumultuous relationship with my mother, things were good.
i’ve also never been sexually assaulted or abused in anyway. the only sexually inappropriate thing i remember form childhood was being exposed to porn in my elementary days by a female cousin who was also my age. when i look back i do supposes we participated in sexual ac as kids, but i hardly count it as traumatizing. i mainly boil those experiences down to kids that don’t know any better.
i’m really just trying to figure out what’s going on with me. i’ve been experiencing depression since as early as elementary, i started cutting in the fifth grade.
my mental health struggles are seemingly baseless and have no real source.
i’m not asking for a diagnosis or anything. i’m just wondering if it is possible to have bpd without trauma or anger present if i identify with all of the other symptoms.
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2021.04.20 01:37 DanTheSaiyan Evo stones?

I was just aiming to level up and eventually evolve certain pokemon but they need a sun or shiny stone depending on which one I'm talking about. Any ideas where all the evolutionary stones could be? That or what pokemon drop them
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2021.04.20 01:37 killakaio VCEEJF

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2021.04.20 01:37 james33299 Capitol Officer Who Died After Riot Suffered 2 Strokes, Officials Say

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2021.04.20 01:37 Aedan_O_Maolalaidh Going into my sophomore year of college, how much money should I have in my bank account?

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2021.04.20 01:37 HeightFast2278 Hi is live on YouTube

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2021.04.20 01:37 trueworldnews Berdymuhamedow In Coma!?! [/u/loiteraries]

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2021.04.20 01:37 Stuxx___ how do i know what "comedic personality" i have

it sounds obvious when you say "just look at how you act" but i cant tell if how i act is what i really think is funny or if its fake? i kinda need help for some reason im almost at tears cuz i CANT at ALL think of anything to say when im with my friend untill one of my other friends join in and i feel like we cant talk about anything interesting or i cant be funny without them, i feel very boring, if someone could help me out i would appreciate that, stuff that i uncontrolably laugh at is dumb shit like bassically "gen z humor" bassically alot of shit on okbr "not all of it" when im in friend groups i ussually take the role of "the dumbass" but we ALWAYS reuse the same joke over and over and over and have nothing to talk about and i feel like they are kind of losing interest in me because of it. what would be things i could do so i have a kind of "guideline" i guess? like maybe not super specific stuff like exact words to say but more kind of more generalized, how do i not fake my personality because i dont know if im faking it or not but i dont think i am but i dont think they would laugh at some of the shit i laugh at idk dude i need advice
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2021.04.20 01:37 BurningBeechbone Enderal SE trying to load Skyrim SE save files

So I tried to manage Enderal SE with the Vortex Mod Manager, and my game stopped working completely.
Since then I've stopped managing it with Vortex and got it to open, but now all the save files are from my Skyrim SE game.
I'm also getting an error about configuration files being corrupted or altered, and I am unable to reset them. Steam doesn't recognize an issue when I validate though. It's all there, the game just seems to be looking in the wrong place now
How do I get Enderal to look in the right place again for save files and .inis??
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2021.04.20 01:37 james33299 Vulnerable House Dem agrees with Pelosi that border 'is on a good path'

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2021.04.20 01:37 enfanime If discovering Mary Magdalene's grave in the Da Vinci Code was the answer to the end of all oppression in the world, why were they okay with Leigh being arrested?

And why didn't Robert reveal the location of the grave at the end? (Or is it to be assumed that he did)
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2021.04.20 01:37 mcderson9 Found in Key West, FL. Any ideas?

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2021.04.20 01:37 SozidauProveryai Pooh Shiesty Type Beat ⛽️

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2021.04.20 01:37 burninDmoney Noice

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2021.04.20 01:37 Upset_Loan_578 Dark disturbing fantasies as a very young girl- was I abused?

This has driven me crazy for years. I have no memory of my dad sexually abusing me, but I can’t remember much of my childhood, and he was very inappropriate with me as an adult.
As young as I can remember, I masturbated. I discovered it in the tub, and was so young I didn’t even know what I was doing. I just did it because it felt good. I had no exposure to pornography or anything inappropriate, but I had these terribly awful fantasies that I was forced to have sex with big fat men who would lay on top of me and have sex with me, one after another. I also had a fantasy that I was being tortured, either by electrocution, or hanging on a cross.... really awful dark stuff, and I have no idea why a little girl would have those fantasies unless she was sexually abused.
Particularly, the one about a big man laying on top of me and raping me. Because, I have no memory of my dad abusing me, but I caught my dad laying on top of my 5 year old sister on the floor, crotch to crotch, so her head was about at the height of his belly button. It DEEPLY disturbed me and I told my mom, and he said they were playing the “squish game”. I asked my sister privately whether she liked the squish game, and she said no. It looked really creepy.
Later in life, my dad would stare at my body, say I was a ten, had perfect legs, and walked in on me coming out of the shower on purpose. I found out he did the same thing to my sister too. Plz help me understand.
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2021.04.20 01:37 caffeine4life The End

Dear you,
How many times have I written you? Whether it be a prolonged email, an extensive text, or even a winding unsent letter, or two, or hundred, I have written you to the point where it has become second nature to me. Words used to come easily and freely to me whenever I wrote to you, about you, and for you, although they were sometimes clumsy, ineloquent, and poorly put together. I'd like to imagine you always appreciated them, even when you were cross and openly ridiculed the meaning behind them. If you only knew how many moments were spent writing to you: on the plane to another country, out to dinner with friends and family, late nights alone in tears, in between college classes or before exams, and at work during several feigned bathroom breaks. I spent two years pouring myself out to you, both anonymously and openly. I wrote until I had no words left to say. And even when I ran out, exhausted by my own feelings and disgusted at my own weak attempts to keep you in my life, I still managed to find more.
It's funny how often I scoured unsentletters, how much time was wasted, just for a glimpse at words of your own, thinking that I could somehow recognize them in a lineup. That your style would announce itself with airhorns, flaming batons, and fireworks. Obviously, that didn't happen. I never read anything that remotely sounded like you. Yet, I continued the hunt, desperate for answers. Confused, broken-hearted, and in need of a respite, unsentletters became the dirty habit I was ashamed of. Once I explained the concept to my therapist who told me that catharsis was important, but that the sub had clearly become a toxic place for me. Of course, she was right. So, I quit reddit. Deleted the app entirely, started to focus on healing and medicating, and tried to move on with my life. Until recently, that is.
I reached out to you during your birthday, as it was still saved in my phone, but I wasn't prepared for the flood of emotions that followed. It all came back to me and then some, which led me back down the rabbit hole I had forgotten about. I re-read everything I had ever written about you and everything I had saved that you had written about me. I experienced it all over again: the depression, the suicidal thoughts, the devastation of losing you, the mania-induced paranoia, the obsessive-compulsive habits I developed, and the all-consuming anxiety that seemed to follow my every move, trailing me like my own shadow. I have mental and physical scars that are a constant reminder of how fucked up things were back then. You had to have known yourself how much I was suffering.
Here's the thing: I don't blame you for any of it. Your reaction to when I told you I loved you was perfectly fine; it caught me off guard but it was honest and it was human. You didn't have to believe me and I understand why you didn't. I know why we couldn't be together. I understand why you felt the way that you felt. I know that we couldn't continue the way that we were going. It wasn't healthy for either of us. We weren't meant to be. When you left my life, I was inconsolable and heartbroken, but I know why it had to happen. And I'm so sorry I fought it for such a long time.
I wish nothing but the best for you. I'm so excited for your future and the adventures that await you. You are one of the most talented people I have ever known and I have no doubt you will find happiness. I was so lucky to have you in my life for the time that I did. I will never forget the words that we shared and I will never forget the kind things you said to me. You were a good friend and you are a good person too. The best, really. If you ever need anything from me, I will be here for you. I mean that. Reach out whenever and I will respond.
As for me, I'm getting married to the love of my life. We are in the process of buying a house and will eventually start trying for a family. I am doing well at my job and got a promotion recently. I have finally found my happiness and have learned to be at peace with my own mind (although some days it's a tug of war).
So, I leave you with one more messy, rambling, trite, melodramatic unsent letter and a few more words which will be the last that I have to offer:
Thank you, for everything.
P.S. My God, did I love you.
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2021.04.20 01:37 magikjaz HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY TIM CURRY!!!!

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2021.04.20 01:37 james33299 FACT CHECK: No, JFK Jr. Did Not Fake His Death And Plan For QAnon

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2021.04.20 01:37 Eetkin At the game

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2021.04.20 01:37 JoeBlack042298 Can I move out if my neighbor is constantly smoking crystal meth, it's suffocating.

I live in Utah, trying to find information on a tenant's right to move out if they can't breathe in their own apartment. I have reported this, nothing was done, it's been going on for 2 months.
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