Go! A (PC) game like Minecraft with more action/rpg stuff? Or alternatively a more creative Skyrim/Borderlands? |

A (PC) game like Minecraft with more action/rpg stuff? Or alternatively a more creative Skyrim/Borderlands?

2021.04.20 01:46 elcocotero A (PC) game like Minecraft with more action/rpg stuff? Or alternatively a more creative Skyrim/Borderlands?

I really really love Minecraft's creative, do things at your own pace vibe. Exploring, building everything you might think of, machines, traps, farms, on a sunny island, a jungle or a dark cave. I love all of it. But I also like obliterating other beings with my op guns, spells or swords, and then looting the hell out of their corpses to get even more op stuff, alla Borderlands or Skyrim.
I guess ideally it would be pretty much like minecraft but with baddies that actively want to invade your house, and/or you are forced to get out of your comfort zone into dangerous situations. In minecraft, after the first couple nights, when you have a couple of farms and some armor the danger is pretty much gone. Also some rpg aspects/character customization wouldn't hurt. But really love the building, exploring and survival stuff.
Base building is not a must, but if the game doesn't have it then it should have some other creative aspect, like character creation/progression, exploring, lots of different crafts/equipment, some type of management etc.
Some games that I liked that have some of these features (besides the ones in the title): Subnautica, This War Of Mine, Nuclear Throne, Slime Rancher, Cities: Skylines, Metal Gear V, The Long Dark.

Thank you so much!
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2021.04.20 01:46 Dontdodgethedoge You can’t spell Doge with out GOD , to the moon we go fellas. Hang tight. I love y’all

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2021.04.20 01:46 omgitsjagen Ashe

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2021.04.20 01:46 lyubluLyubushkin GDT: Minnesota Wild (27-13-3) at Arizona Coyotes (20-20-5) - 4/19/21 - 6PM MST

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2021.04.20 01:46 __Shake__ could you just not?

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2021.04.20 01:46 PasLagardere Is this normal ?

Is this normal?
Recap: I got my evaluation 2 weeks ago.
The work done by me is very good. But I don’t have enough ‘innovative’ ideas and I don’t give enough feedback and hè feels like we rarely communicate so my manager is unlikely to give me a new contract.
I started this ‘startbaan’ job in the middle of the pandemic and I have been able to go to The Office 5 times. There was never a training program or any mentoring. My manager and I Indeed rarely communicate since for the problems I have I don’t need to contact him. Unlike The Salespeople in our team who always call him with questions and new ideas. I am just the damn team secretary.
Whenever we are supposed to have a call he doesn’t show-up, if I ask a question he is pissed I didn’t find a solution myself, but ‘on which account will we put this invoice’ isn’t a question to brainstorm about. Mails go unanswered and my evaluation got cancelled 6 Times 10 minutes beforehand by him. I had to make The appointment myself.
During 50 minutes he only broke me down and then one minute was ‘you do your job very good.’ Buy hé doesn’t like me coming to him to ask for help. Hé also doesn’t think hé should contact me.
He also told me: If they ask me if I want to renew your contract I am not sure if I would say yes or if I would say no.
He then went on holiday and I tried to take his feedback and work on it.
One of his complaints was me not updating the sales Numbers every month. Normally they are forwarded to me by him and I update them asap. So I contacted the selling points and stores one by one, each of them replied: Hi, this must be a mistake, we have forwarded every one of them to your manager. Anyway, when he came back I had fully updated everything with the necessary updates.
He asked for more communication, I set up teams meetings and a few calls. Contacted him every day.
On Friday we got an excellent review by an important person in our business. I shared it with the direct team members and our press chief asked (with my manager in CC) me to publish this to the whole company. I told my manager that it would be forwarded on behalf of him. His reply: Great, thanks. This was on Friday morning.
This evening he forwarded a mail and told me next time to discuss this with him and make him aware of this. Cause he had gotten some weird reactions on it (his boss asking who this came from etc).
I just feel like I suck at everything. First job which I adored and felt very happy I quit because after my mom’s death I had insomnia and shift work was no longer possible. Second one ended after 6 months due to covid. Third one is this one...ugh
I am wondering if this is normal? What can I do to improve?
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2021.04.20 01:46 clip_mirror_bot xQc on collabing with MC streamers

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2021.04.20 01:46 Knightmare25 Are you guys allergic to .43 cents?

Stop selling.
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2021.04.20 01:46 NightlySerpentine LF: Zeraora ((low level)) FT: options are all shiny: Diancie Silvallty lucario xurkitee salamance and non shiny marshadow

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2021.04.20 01:46 Imma_eat_some_kids Here’s your cottage cheese robin

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2021.04.20 01:46 vitor_as "Today we're interviewing the Reds supporter who is favorable to the Superleague"

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2021.04.20 01:46 riceball123 Halloween bumblebee

This happened two years ago at a Halloween party I hosted in my college apartment. Every time I’d tell someone this story, their reactions would either be in disbelief or would just straight up laugh.
My party was to start at 7pm, and some of my friends sent me a message saying that they were on their way— they were just pregaming at another friend’s house. A couple minutes have passed Me, my sister, and two other friends were getting ready upstairs when we heard my front door unlock and it sounded like someone was entering my house. I excitedly took a peek from the third floor looking down the first (I live in the third floor) and my friend and I saw what looked like our other friend in a bumblebee costume walking down from the second floor to the first. I yelled out his name and told him to come upstairs and chill with us but he ignored us. Now me being excited and all, ran all the way to the first floor to catch up with him and ask him to come up.
Well, when I went downstairs no one was there and my door was locked and it didn’t seem like anyone entered. It also felt extremely cold even though I had my windows closed and the heater on— as if there was a presence there. Before coming to uni, I’ve lived in a haunted home in the Philippines for years to know what it’s like when there’s a presence or an entity around. The hairs on the back of my neck raised when I called my friends to ask if they stopped by or whatever and they said that they haven’t even left and were still pregaming. To top it off, nobody else in my friend group has a copy of my keys so it was beyond impossible for them to even enter. I thought I was only imagining things but my friend pulled me over and asked me if I saw what he saw too.
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2021.04.20 01:46 BraveCove How does he look? 🔥

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2021.04.20 01:46 1000000students Teachers’ Union Endorses Scott Stringer, Offering Much-Needed Boost

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2021.04.20 01:46 okzoomer13 ah one to many zeros

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2021.04.20 01:46 pokemonthrowawayult any mega venusaur raids?

anyone got any mega venusaurs yet?
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2021.04.20 01:46 ohgodspidersno George Russell speaks out

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2021.04.20 01:46 SamsonOccom Domingo da Ressurreição Macau (4/4/2021, 11:00am) What are the names of the Entrance and Communion Hymns?

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2021.04.20 01:46 LBearSF Chilling at the park...totally not stoned....

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2021.04.20 01:46 WearyFrog My dog Finn and I recreate artworks together every day. Enjoy this Beryl Cook painting we did today....🙃🤣

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2021.04.20 01:46 tex71378 [WTS] 5oz bar, 1/10 AGE, Philharmonics

5oz bar $170
1/10 2012 American gold eagle, ngc slab, ms70 $250
Full tube, 20oz Austrian philharmonic coins, never opened the tube but can open it to take pictures if needed to $660
Paypal ff add 8 for usps priority shipping.
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2021.04.20 01:46 BlondeLad24 Bikini babe

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2021.04.20 01:46 Effective_Lie_5898 Piecing together my armor one step at a time in Demon’s Souls, liking it so far!

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