Go! An experiment with Synthwave and Need for Speed Heat. Should I continue working on it? Sub4sub rules! |

An experiment with Synthwave and Need for Speed Heat. Should I continue working on it? Sub4sub rules!

2021.04.20 03:06 gundam_4ever An experiment with Synthwave and Need for Speed Heat. Should I continue working on it? Sub4sub rules!

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2021.04.20 03:06 HaydenHasQuestions Will my skin stay pink after sunburn peels away?

I went to florida and got my first ever sunburn, (pretty bad one too) after the redness went away i have a pretty dark tan however my skins peeling now and every part of my skin that has peeled away has left a pink skin tone... will my skin stay pink where it has peeled away?
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2021.04.20 03:06 TaiwaneseMonarchist apparently, am smart

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2021.04.20 03:06 Visics_ [psn] [h] list [w] credits

[h] cobalt dracos, purple rlcs octane decal certified sniper, tw rocket pass items, nce, ncvr, nci, crimson standard boost,
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2021.04.20 03:06 aviatordominus Any idea?

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2021.04.20 03:06 ConnorUKnowWho Wait this whole operation was your idea

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2021.04.20 03:06 jmd1982 [W] DogNzb

looking for a dog invite, have read the wiki. Thank you
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2021.04.20 03:06 tbhTurtle LEGO DC Super-Villains | How To Make Godspeed

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2021.04.20 03:06 Radioactive_Isot0pe Way past the moon, shibes

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2021.04.20 03:06 CoachPsychological87 Quick doodle of the capitain of the knight of Favonius, Kaeya 😏

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2021.04.20 03:06 Gegenuebertragung hmmm

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2021.04.20 03:06 Sev_erian Called shots - shooting specific body parts and objects

I'm going to be running Down Darker Trails scenarios soon and I'm also using Pulp Cthulhu rules. Due to the way my players have created their characters I am definitely expecting them to get into situations where they call their shots. What I mean is shooting a target specifically in the head, or maybe in their hand to make them drop their gun. I haven't seen any specific rules for this, should I just increase the difficulty by one step or maybe add a penalty die?
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2021.04.20 03:06 IronLungs1702 What do you think alien life would look like? Similair to humans?

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2021.04.20 03:06 insane_t Much wow

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2021.04.20 03:06 Aromatic-Initial-6 My weird type...

When i think of who i want as a romantic partner i don’t think blonde or busty or latina, I think stalker, protective, the only person in my life. Now you may be thinking “oh you just have a slave kink” but that’s not what it is. With all my previous girlfriends i would lose touch with all my friends and want that person to be the only one i ever talk to or see. I just want to be with them. And i actually want a girl stalking me and keeping me locked away to only be with them, i love it. I want a psychopathic girlfriend. It always starts off fine with my girlfriends, but then i want more, and i want to be dominated. i cant really explain really well. But tell me what you think.
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2021.04.20 03:06 ComplexFinger8063 Which school has the most insecure/salty students?

Just for fun. Roast away.
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2021.04.20 03:06 HansProbComp220 Inadequate performance due to illness.

Sorry if this has been asked before.
I want to attend grad school for Statistics, Math or CS. I have a pretty serious health condition that has wreaked havoc on my mental and physical health, and therefore my ability to do well in school. I anticipate this condition being cured/treated over the summer and I know my performance will improve after that. My question is, will admissions committees consider my health issues and improved performance following treatment? For reference my current GPA is >3.00 and I will be applying to Masters programs in Fall 2022.
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2021.04.20 03:06 andrezz2312 A drawing of Gojo!

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2021.04.20 03:06 scottatu Some days it just hurts. Decided instead of playing the back 9 I should take some time to practice pitching and chipping.

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2021.04.20 03:06 Holybeardman Wild Magic Sorcerers

I'm trying to come up with a system for a player who wants a decent chunk of randomness in their character...
I know normally, it's roll a D20, if 1, wild magics. *Insert Pyrotechnics here*.
Instead of this, I was thinking of doing it as follows:
On a standard spell cast of 1st level or higher, roll a D20. If that number is equal to, or lesser than the spell slot, trigger a wild magic surge.
EG. 3rd level spell, roll a D20, get a 2, trigger wild magic... 4 or higher, no wild magic.

Then comes in the fun mechanic in Tides of Chaos. Baseline usable once per day but when it's invoked, roll a D10 instead, trigger wild magic again based on the spell slot. This way, it doubles the chance for wild magic, but Tides of Chaos can be a strong ability giving advantage.
Whenever ANY wild magic surge happens, Tides of Chaos recharges.

Thoughts for the much smarter folks than I?
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2021.04.20 03:06 Alfredomess One overlooked detail that Travis isnt getting enough credit for

Somehow he worked out the schedule so his Accounting centric story would end on April 15th which is a pretty good goof IMO
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2021.04.20 03:06 Rex_T360 How to evolve the chapter based progression system

I recently posted a thread about ranking the chapters across the series, and in that thread, I mentioned an idea about how to change up the chapter based progression of the series.
My idea centers around two things. One is having a large and interconnected world that is far more open than any seen in the series yet, and the second is having chapters take place across multiple locations, and sometimes even the same location as a previous chapter.
Some chapters would take place in one primary location. These would introduce you to the major locations and landmarks in the game. As the game goes on though, you’d have chapters that, instead of introducing new areas, put a twist on already explored areas. Maybe one chapter takes place in a massive valley filled with ancient ruins. Then, another chapter takes place near a huge lake. Then, in a later chapter, you end up having to flood the valley by draining the lake. By exploring the drained lake and flooded valley, you would discover an ancient hi tech underground factory that connects both of them.
Another chapter could take place in a bustling city. This city would be known for its art. In this chapter, you’d join a stage crew and perform in a play in order to get the main collectible. Then, a later chapter could have you return to the city, but this time as a falsely accused and wanted criminal. You’d explore the same city, but now you’d have access to new areas like an underground district full of criminals in hiding. You’d then team up with the worst criminal in all to break into the city’s famous art museum to steal the main collectible that is being held there. Of course, the museum would be in the first chapter in the city as well, but it would seem like a minor and unimportant location as well. It would be even more interesting if this museum functioned like the museum in the origami king, housing collectible treasures you find, but it had a whole other layer that you only uncover in this layer chapter.
Then, another chapter could have Mario taking a train and solving a mystery on it like in TTYD. Unlike TTYD, this train would stop in each major location in the game, and you’d collect clues to figure out the mystery in each of these previously visited locations.
Of course, having chapters work like this would require some tweaks. Mainly, there would probably need to be more of them, like 10-12 instead of 6-8, but I believe this would be doable if they did in fact take place in reused locations.
Now I know some people wouldn’t like seeing locations get reused, but I think that if it was done right, it could make the world feel even more interconnected, and it would allow the game to tell stories that effect the entire world as well. I personally love when games have you revisit locations, but only when that revisits completely changes your understanding of that location.
Rogueport in TTYD is a bit like this, because it changes after every chapter, and you have new areas to explore. Think about my idea as a bit like that, but heavily expanded and taking place throughout the whole world of the game. With something like what I’m suggesting, you wouldn’t even need a main town. Each major area could have its own evolving town full of secrets to discover. I think this idea has a ton of potential and would definitely give the entire structure of Paper Mario a shake up.
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2021.04.20 03:06 nianeleader Après Marème Dial, un autre acteur de Marodi lance son coup de gueule et tire sur POD

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2021.04.20 03:06 JoeKickAss88 Got my new holster in today! What Yall think?

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2021.04.20 03:06 PittsburghPlays_YT old friend... hmm..

Hey there,
I just had a dream about my old very close friend. we were absolute best friends - until i moved away. we always promised to each other that we would keep in contact and stuff like that. So I move away and first thing i notice. he is ignoring me. pissed me off a bunch so i asked him in a large multi paragraph email. he responds hostilely saying that he never needed me and stuff like that. he also told me that to never contact him again because he won't respond unless "he feels like it". at this point i'm angry, sad and just all around angry. i was thinking- how could he say that? was i that bad? about a year later, i overcome the rage. now it's just kinda sad. still kinda miss him. so here i am, 3 years later. Getting a dream where i went back the that town, he is there with all my other buddies, and we act like nothing happened and we're just chilling. after i wake up, i was just thinking about it. few hours later, completely forgot about it. I'm just chilling when i start to day dream about our memories until I catch myself. Minutes later, i'm on reddit trying to find an explanation to this dream. is someone's has any ideas please write them
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