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2021.04.20 02:16 Reallynerdboiii13 True

Parents: take a shower Kids:😡 I don’t want to 1 hour later Parents: time to get out Kids: noooooo I don’t want to
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2021.04.20 02:16 minecraftisgoodbro S20 Google

So I've had this issue for a while and now it's becoming extremely annoying , so I have a samsung s20. When I open any Google application it automatically switched to the Chrome app, for example if I open Google assistant it won't give me a chance to say anything before Chrome automatically opens, and I've tried setting the google(not the Chrome app but the one with a G icon) app to my default browser but tye only options there are for default browser are the Chrome app and Samsung internet. Anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.04.20 02:16 game0234 Music SERIES // GT890M-BLUE is $179.99 (10% off)

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2021.04.20 02:16 snezzyanus1 pirating movies

hi im just asking is there anywhere else besides pirate bay where I can download movies cuz im really having a hard time finding a site where I can download fast and easily, help a dude out?
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2021.04.20 02:16 Exotic-Bathturbater Should I be getting fabric bed frames and headboards?

They look better but are hard to clean, especially if there is a stain.
They absorb odor and can be difficult to remove if someone smokes in a non-smoking listing. Airbnb doesn't give a crap and I will have future guests complain that it smells like cigarettes.
There are a lot of listings that offer fabric bed frames.
I am leaning towards the Amazon Basics foldable metal frames.
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2021.04.20 02:16 criticalfunk777 Calathea Dottie arrived damaged and been difficult to resuscitate. I don’t have a humidifier, I ordered one but not sure when it will arrive. I tried placing it in the bathroom but it didn’t help at all. Appreciate any advice you may have 🖤

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2021.04.20 02:16 Affectionate_War3581 Dogecoin help

Need for a wedding in January DHYnr5uyz79j4qSyWexHppX4CXYT3iVazW
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2021.04.20 02:16 questionnormal What's next?

I finally had a rheumatologist appointment! I had one in person visit with her and one virtual. She ran blood work and x-rayed my hands, feet, knees, and back. The results came back last week.
All the blood work was negative. The x-rays were all negative except "minor" osteoarthritis in my lower back.
The rheumatologist told me I never need another ANA test because it was negative, despite testing positive twice before when flares were occurring.
My symptoms include joint pain along side episodes of exhaustion and more severe joint pain. I also get tendon pain in my feet and wrists and often get trigger finger. By the time the rheumatologist saw me, I had been months clear if the bigger episode that led me to look into it again.
My old family doctor suspected psoriatic arthritis and both psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis run in my family. I am 31 and have had pain since I was 11, including knee pain so bad that stairs would make me cry when I was just 16. I feel at a loss. It isn't that I wanted something, but I do want answers. What do I do from here?
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2021.04.20 02:16 Even_Fox_6491 HEN running very slowly

I think this thing is starting to take off.
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2021.04.20 02:16 honolulu_oahu_mod Kaua‘i Families First is announcing a fishing tournament series targeting foster children, displaced ‘ohana, and ‘ohana that have reached out for help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2021.04.20 02:16 mgush5 testing

testing comments
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2021.04.20 02:16 pyr3xliving_ First grow & first spacebucket 🎉 How am I doing so far?

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2021.04.20 02:16 Fatloserdiscord 100 subscribers special

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2021.04.20 02:16 MiZe97 What recent games have had to pay someone else copyright in order to be made?

I have to do a project related to the creation of video games based on other properties, and for that I need to know when this has happened in order to research how. I'd appreciate any help on the matter.
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2021.04.20 02:16 alle15minuten Gerade ist es April 20, 2021 at 03:16AM

Gerade ist es April 20, 2021 at 03:16AM
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2021.04.20 02:16 oldman401 Starting seeds in trays, does the top portion of soil get stiff?

Is it typical the tops get stiff? Remoisten with spray bottle? Underneath the dried tops, the soil is still moist. Or does a properly formed potting soil never get stiff tops?
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2021.04.20 02:16 anonttt China’s Dystopian “New IP" Plan Shows Need for Renewed US Commitment to Internet Governance

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2021.04.20 02:16 WorthlessFoolish When exactly am I good enough to participate in online tournaments again?

I probably won't be able to anyway, but when exactly am I ready to participate in an online tournament? I used to think my skills were good enough, but only after almost a year of playing Ultimate I have I realized I still don't have what it takes, and I don't want to to be a waste of my opponent's time by not providing a good challenge for him or her. I'm tired of embarrassing myself with my stupid and weak gameplay that lacks in comparison to so many other players of not just my character, but any character in general. I'm still nothing compared to the people I talk to on Discord or who I watch VODs of. And this is all still after a break that went on for about a month.
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2021.04.20 02:16 ColeZalias [UR] Chapter 4: Looking Out

Through his eyes, the Earth spun wildly on its axis. Windows flickered out of his vision like the strobing spotlights back at the club. Each time they flashed across his eyes they left a bright trail behind that dissipated after a few seconds. The streets stretched on for what felt like miles, and with each step came a blinding array of dizziness, as though he’d been drunk, or high from whatever was passed around at the night club. Though in reality, he wasn’t feeling the effects of alcohol or the hallucinogens, but instead the blood that quickly escaped the wound at his side.
Adrenaline would be the death of him, it was once he had escaped to the roof of the warehouse that he realized the shot was more than just a graze. The blood seeped out like a solution from a burette. A slight drip that rhythmically fell onto the concrete. His apartment was impossibly far and when he tried to read the street signs, he found that the letters blurred and fell outwards off the metal.
His hands were tightly curved around his side and he winced with each increase of pressure onto it. Though it would prove effective to stop the bleeding, at least until he could properly suture it. The respirator was forcefully ripped from his jaw. He was still in character, so to speak, and it was until it was off that he realized how much it strained his breath. Despite how exhausted he was, his mind still felt like a war was approaching.
It was with this thought that his ear pricked from a slight sound when he turned the corner at the end of the street.
They weren’t the soft tones of pedestrians, nor the innocents who would likely call an ambulance if they saw what had happened. This was not that type of chatter, it was a baritone of insidious quips and jests that echoed through the air. Matt looked around the building, his chin scraping against the edge of the bricks. He saw a familiar sight. That same group of punks who had loitered outside his building the day before. Looking to sell any passersby all matters of toxins to smoke, snort, or inject. Despite his somewhat impaired vision, he knew it was them from a mile away. The same cadence in their voice and the same ugly attire that they had on as though they’d been there all morning and night. One had separated from the group and was heading down the street, appearing to share various and complex handshakes with them before he broke away. Advancing towards Matt’s corner where he swiftly slithered back behind cover.
He brushed his injury across the bricks, simulating the feeling of sandpaper. Matt cried and slid down the wall onto the pavement. Every fibre of his being told him to slowly drift into unconsciousness, but the looming danger kept him awake. With a few deep breaths he pushed through the pain, but he now realized that the footsteps had ceased. “The hell was that?” the thug grumbled.
He walked at a much slower pace, but Matt could still hear him, resulting in a swift arm movement that brought the respirator back on his face. His heart sank when the man finally peaked his dirty blond hair around the corner. “Lookee what we have here,” he jested.
A cigarette hung out of his mouth. Placing his middle and index finger along the paper, he took it off his jaw and blew the smoke out into the air, a chuckle escaping his breath immediately afterwards. Amusing, that’s how he saw it. To him, Matt was just another vagrant, one in immediate peril. If this were anyone else if this were the middle of the day everyone would walk right by him, pretending that they didn’t notice. At the very least they would call an ambulance and flee from the scene, absolving them from any responsibility. But this goon, this young punk allowed himself to stay there and laugh at his misery, his pain.
Matt coughed, the taste of iron overwhelming his senses. “What’s with all the moaning and groaning, friend?”
He pretended to care, but when Matt looked into his eyes, he saw no empathy and no hint that he was willing to help. The thug saw him cradling his side. He brought the tip of his boot to his hands and forcefully moved them out of the way. Crimson leaked onto the pavement.
“What a shame.”
Squatting into a kneeled position, he drew closer to Matt. His index finger flicked the base of the respirator. “What’s with the get-up?”
Matt kept silent. His energy completely drained to the point where he couldn’t speak even if he wanted to.
“Buddy! I’m talking to you! What’s with the mask? What are you trying to hide? Because if you’re trying to be fashionable it’s not doing you any favours.”
Rage was subdued in Matt’s body, paralyzed like the rest of him. This villain was adequately entertained with the mind games he played, knowing full well that it was a one-sided conversation. “Wait. No, I get it.” He smirked. “These are gang clothes, aren’t they? Now I heard about some freaks in the south side getting all dressed up and shit, but I guess I couldn’t believe it till I saw it.”
He picked his cigarette out of his mouth once more, but this time he hooked it to the base of his index fingernail. He extended his knuckle and threw the smouldering object into Matt’s chest, glowing ashes flying outwards. While his knees straightened and he stood over Matt once again, his now empty hand reached into his weathered jacket. “Now I don’t know who told you that you were allowed to bleed all over our streets, but we don’t take too kindly to that.”
Matt knew of no gangs that dressed as he had; the thug just wanted any reason to inflict pain onto someone else. That’s when he brought his hand out of his jacket, and the subsequent click of the object revealed the moon-lit blade.
Matt’s eyes widened, and another chuckle escaped the thug when he noticed his reaction. He cocked his shoulders, bringing the knife closer. With the nearing threat, Matt’s heart only beat faster allowing more blood to escape his body. He struggled and squirmed and ultimately achieved little to move out of harm’s way. “Quit moving,” he said.
He was out of his element. The violence he was required to uphold and embody had now faded. Expectations that no longer needed to be met when he removed his disguise. So now, when he was face to face with the same evil from those before, how could he now be so complacent. Allow the thug’s knife to carve his body. Wait patiently for life to elude him while morning pedestrians watch while he is taken away in a stretcher when the sun rises.
Whether it was his own identity that repulsed this reality, it was the latter that had the strength to say no.
His feet flipped until his heels were comfortably planted on the sidewalk. He held his arms against the wall, using his limbs as a tripod while his left leg brushed the knife out of the thug’s hand. With it, the feeling of bones cracking as a result of the impact. Matt watched his once grinning demeanour morph into a snarling shriek of pain. Gripping his hand while falling off the curb into a seated position.
The twinge of Matt’s knuckles ached when he held his weight against the concrete. All quadrants of his body shook with unease when he was able to regain his posture on his own two feet. The boy massaged his knuckle while Matt stood over him like a monster. A snarling beast that kept his fury only in the quick exhalation between his lips. He walked closer to the thug, curling his fingers beneath his shirt collar. Hatred brought his fist above his shoulders, and satisfaction brought it down against the goon’s naked cheek.
Blood, though not the same kind that poured from his ribs. This time it came from vermin. Even in Matt’s fatigued form, he felt another impulse. The impulse to land another blow, this time at the base of his right shoulder. “Get the fuck off of me!”
Matt denied him his request and hit him square in the nose that rumbled from the breaking of cartilage. A rush of air blew past his ear from his yelling. It was in the boy’s last instance of desperation that he fumbled for the knife and attempted to bring it to Matt’s side. And almost like a sixth sense he snagged it from his hand and brought it into his thigh. The tearing of flesh pivoted the blade until it was secured within his body and his crying reached its apex.
Matt stepped off of him and stumbled before he brought his hand onto a building’s wall. Leaving the thug behind he swayed down the street, approaching a familiar alley. Its darkness took him in comfortably, but it was the lack of direction that immediately set him into a grouping of garbage cans. A compact metallic noise rang out and made him more disoriented. Though, within his confusion, he looked to the fire escape and did his best to grapple towards the ladder’s rungs. Each step felt like a risk of falling, back first into a pool of garbage. Vertigo slipped into place nicely in Matt’s stomach and quickly escaped once he rested his back against the grated steel.
His ribs scraped against the railing of the stairway. He rhythmically ascended each level, counting the floors in his head. He reached the hallway window that he was lucky enough to see had no unwanted sightseers. His muddied fingers lifted the window high enough where he could put his boot onto the sill.
He was unable to step in naturally, his balance failed him leading him to fall against the carpeted floor. Head spinning, he was at the point where crawling on his hands and knees was his only option. Digging into his pants pocket, revealing the rusted pair of keys. They were aimed straight at his apartment door, impossibly close. Matt wasn’t even sure what he’d do when he finally got in, but his desperation had reached its peak.
So close. So close to the lock. Yet they felt so far that it was once they were itching to fit inside that they fell out. Matt’s arm slumped down and hit the floor, his back resting against the door. He had run out of juice, out of stamina. There was nowhere left to go. His wound had no more blood to bleed. His eyes sinking until they were nearly closed.
The last thing he remembered, was that noise. The subtle wooden creak. A part of him thought it was a friendly face opening his own door. He’d expect to turn around and find a friendly soul patch him up with open arms. Instead, the sound came from across the hall. The same door he saw ajar yesterday morning.
Matt’s hand outstretched. His fingers arching and shaking lightly. He was reaching out to something, someone. Much like the familiar openness of the door, he saw something else he’d keenly remembered from the morning.
The eye staring out of it.
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2021.04.20 02:16 Salted_Mangoes [US-CA] [H] 69x Lubed POM durocks and springs, 90x lubed KS-3 Gateron Yellows [W] Paypal, Local Cash

69x Lubed POM durocks Lubed with g205g0, 105 on springs, 67g tx springs 78$ shipped
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70x 63.5g Pom durock springs A tiny bit of 105, can add a bit more 3$+Shipping or 3$ bundled
Conus only! Bundles will be preferred and local deals will be given discounts. Local is 92780. Stay safe out there.
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2021.04.20 02:16 cloudboynton08 Poker Emulator Setup for Poker Apps 101 - Poker HUD | Stats | Tracking

Are you looking for a complete poker emulator setup guide? Want to play Asian poker apps on your PC but not sure how to do it? We've got you covered! https://drivehud.com/poker-emulator-setup-for-poker-apps.../
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2021.04.20 02:16 CGrahamRow What Does “Live Life to the Fullest” Mean to You?

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2021.04.20 02:16 No_Classic3538 MM manipulation

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2021.04.20 02:16 Quiet_Independent_21 West central Illinois creek find 4/18/21

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2021.04.20 02:16 IamEveryonesDad 7 years ago this cactus was as small as the one sitting next to it. After all this time, it finally has buds!! I'll update when they bloom

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