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Thank you self care

2021.04.20 01:14 Intelligentgoddess40 Thank you self care

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2021.04.20 01:14 officermeowmeow Yearbook 2003 - Eighteen years and the caption still irks me

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2021.04.20 01:14 ChrisPSalad Finally reached rank 100!

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2021.04.20 01:14 kotomd Happy hour 🍻

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2021.04.20 01:14 ehollyp84 Set in the country (Louisiana maybe). The villain keeps a beautiful dark skinned girl that he shares with friends. Ends up killing her for revenge at the ones trying to save her.

The villain gets a snake as a gift. He keeps it in a barrel with a chain on it. He also has fighting dogs that the hero turns loose. The villain is killed by the snake eventually. There is also romance between the hero and the leading lady of the book. I thought it was by Sandra Brown. I have gone through all her titles and can't find it.
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2021.04.20 01:14 Garbagecan2020 Invalid Claim resubmission?

I've been on UI since the beginning of the pandemic. So naturally I had to file a new claim because my year ended. When I did, I got a notice in the mail saying my claim was invalid? I think because I didn't make enough money in the past year (because I was on UI...) but I was able to get my check from a few weeks ago no problem. I've now started a part time job so filing is a little different, but I'm just wondering what everyone's experiences are with filing new claims. Did I do it wrong? I can't seem to get anyone from the EDD on the phone. Thanks in advance!
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2021.04.20 01:14 Lissyzdarealest_90 Doge Day 4/20

Talk to me... what’s your wish for tomorrow?
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2021.04.20 01:14 Time_Layer_8005 Mega manectric raid 9034 1911 0654

Mega manectric raid
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2021.04.20 01:14 No_Acanthisitta6729 Is it halal to invest in S&P 500 Index with VUSA ETF?

Salam, Any info would be very appreciated. Thanks
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2021.04.20 01:14 FragrantReporter9306 S1 Kayla married adult film star Jax Dylan??

He looks like Ryan. Thought?
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2021.04.20 01:14 BecauseBassoon Ask Mike

I really enjoy PTN’s “Ask Mike” segment, but does anybody else get annoyed when Alyssa Orange is his co-anchor? She interrupts him way too much. It’s called Ask Mike, not Ask Alyssa!
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2021.04.20 01:14 gian9959 G502 Hero mouse wheel rattle?

So I just changed my old G502 proteus core (the one with only one color and the old “G” design) with a new G502 hero. I’ve noticed that while the new one has a much smoother wheel... it also rattles when shaken, even when the wheel is locked. The old one doesn’t have this, is this normal or is it worth it to return it and get a new one?
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2021.04.20 01:14 StaleBread39 (NO SPOILERS) Well hello there

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2021.04.20 01:14 justanotherlosthomie I promise im not crazy I'm just really sad and really mad and really horny all at the same time

Ladies take note I have at least one of the characteristics of the dark triad as I am slightly sociopathic but sheeeit sherlock homies said himself he's just a high functioning sociopath so bada boom
It's like being in a permanent state where u can simultaneously hate the world yet laugh at it at the same time because you're just a poor boy nobody loves you and nothing really matters to you...so the things most people worry about just don't concern you because you either see beauty where no one else does or I dunno, you smoked your brains out on ganja and have ended up as a 26 year old tenant of the same house you grew up in ..like the main character in All Star who girls put an L on their forehead when they see u because u just have a pathetic loserlike aura...gahhhhdammit...how have I even ended up here? First u just are happy with the simple things back when u take youth for granted, u overlook opportunities cuz ur unconfident/naive, then u get older and more wise but by then u have fucking lost time and energy and it's all about MOnEyYY!!!! Even tho money can't buy happiness and I'd rather be poor n young with a HOT BOD than old n rich with a big belly and limp dick...and I don't even have much of my 20s left!!!! fUCK!!!!!!
Problem is the weed can make u never grow up, sooner or later you'll realize you're way different and yet you're no different and it's that exact thing that makes me a loser atm, I told myself so many lies for years and was afraid of who I was and who I'd be but it's all crashing down... and I'm so grateful for it.
End log entry stardate 041921
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2021.04.20 01:14 Kinny-James Step up your DOGE game, yo.

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2021.04.20 01:14 WildboyDom BNB is down right now. Safemoons momentum will continue once they fix the issue. Nothing can stop us!

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2021.04.20 01:14 Chrislondo110 An LVT-4 carrying Army soldiers advances under the cover of fire from the nearby battleship USS Tennessee (BB-43) as they approach the beaches of Okinawa, April 1, 1945.

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2021.04.20 01:14 akincer3 I’m open

Open for visitors. Some gifts out..... Leif is here.... pretty sure I’ve saw shooting stars.... also flurry will be in boxes tomorrow so if you’d like to meet her. She’s a sweety! KDQ36
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2021.04.20 01:14 chesterwiley Michael Dorn returning as Worf for a commercial?

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2021.04.20 01:14 iusereddit007 Haircut on west side

Anybody have recommendations for a men’s haircut on the west side around $20-$25? Nothing too fancy but a step up from sports clips. Thanks in advance for any help
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2021.04.20 01:14 hanumantu_Rai What is the weirdest thing that turned you on?

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2021.04.20 01:14 EscapeBoss I feel bad for being heartbroken

I posted this story on another subreddit but... idk
For context: I am Bisexual and a girl.
This boy and I were pretty flirty (or so I thought) and have been friends for about a year, I have been crushing on him for SIX YEARS unbeknownst to him until about four months ago, I thought it was going pretty good, we even went on one date (pre-covid). Then yesterday happened, me and my friends (including him) were meeting up for the first time in a while outside of school, at a campground and me and him were talking and I was telling him he looked good in what he was wearing- and then he says he needs to tell me something, then he told me he was gay, up until this point I thought he was bi, this confirmed he did not like me so I'm pretty heartbroken I liked him for six years and it all came crashing down on me. In the moment I was pretty angry as I felt he kind of lead me on (in retrospect he was just trying to figure stuff out), but I couldn't show any of my anger because I was one of the first people he told and that reaction would have been not good, also he helped me come out as bi, anyway I was heartbroken for the rest of the night I kind of just spaced out and tried not to cry, but he kept acting like things were normal even though I told him I needed a while to process but he just doesn't get it he still keeps texting me...
I feel horrible for feeling heartbroken- any advice?
Edit: I realize that I did not include the fact that I have to see him three days a week for three hours so I have to deal with him, also I don't really want to lose him as a friend.
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2021.04.20 01:14 CoreLust Requesting r/KaisaNord - unmoderated, last post was a year ago and can't post without moderator approval, plan is to use as moderated gathering point for the fans

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2021.04.20 01:14 optionhome This is the path to end the never ending Covid bullshit. We are close to reversing the positions with us standing and them finally kneeling in shame for their lies

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2021.04.20 01:14 yodog17 How long does expresspct take to ship to the USA?

Just ordered some enclo, wondering how long it will take to ship
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