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Side effects driving me crazy

2021.04.20 00:57 sjmart426 Side effects driving me crazy

I've been on spiro for about 5 months now, with the dosage being a bit all over the place. First two months I was on 50mg - and didn't notice many side effects other than occasional dizziness at first. My dermatologist upped me to 100mg and that was fine for about a month. But pretty slowly I started having terrible dizzy spells that would make me want to throw up. I was drinking tonsss of water but the base feeling of nausea stayed present regardless. Never enough to make me throw up, but enough to really put a damper on my days. After talking with my dermatologist I brought the dose back down to 50mg, and since then the issues have persisted- slightly better, but still uncomfortable. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm going to be switching to accutane in the next month or so (seems like a more permanent, less nauseating solution) but I'm not sure if I should just drop spiro cold turkey in the time being. I'm a bit worried the nausea is related to low blood pressure or maybe too high of potassium levels- totally guessing though. Really don't want my acne to get too bad again but I'm not sure how many slightly nauseous days I can take... any thoughts or advice I guess?
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2021.04.20 00:57 knicksfan222 LOL

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2021.04.20 00:57 MarcusWoodsII [Letter] Do We Act Like Christians?

Christianity requires taking on a different way of life, but do we?
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2021.04.20 00:57 Just_Produce_9707 Playing the free trial for the first time, look at me go :D

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2021.04.20 00:57 lb_greater_than_rb Crossover time fellas

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2021.04.20 00:57 666saga666 Anyone else planning on doing the BU DC program this fall?

You know... as long as it doesn’t get canceled 🤞 I’ll be a senior and I’m wondering if there will be other seniors
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2021.04.20 00:57 pluck_the_duck89 I'm Sorry, We're Closed (Funny Fast Food Footage)

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2021.04.20 00:57 hypadr1v3 Well we did deliver

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2021.04.20 00:57 TOPHATLAMA Left at target 28th street Grand Rapids mi (let me know if you got it)

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2021.04.20 00:57 PotentialEscape7248 SafeBlaze420 - Smoke weed everyday! (low mcap, big potentional!)

🚬🍀 New Featured Project! 🚬🍀
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2021.04.20 00:57 kxdyn i really don't understand why this is a thing

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2021.04.20 00:57 barnaby-jones NC House members discuss efforts to expand voting rights and end gerrymandering

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2021.04.20 00:57 PotatoGolem Theories Part 22: You’re One Microscopic Cog in His Catastrophic Plan

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21
This post follows from the previous one, about how secret manipulation helped complete the Eye’s ritual.
In the Eye Opens Elias says he fed John statements to lead him to two avatars that would harm but not kill him, Jude Perry and Michael Crew. John was led to Jude via clues in a statement, but he found Crew because of information from Jude. Meaning Jude must have been working with Elias. Elias probably told her ”Don’t kill John. Offer to tell him where to find Crew in exchange for shaking your hand. If he accepts, burn his hand.” Elias thinks an Eye avatar can’t resist an offer for information.
Jude doesn’t want John to realize she’s working with Elias. She threatens to burn John if he keeps asking questions. But she does say she doesn’t want to kill John as a favor to Elias. Because rumors say Elias killed Gertrude. How did Jude hear about that? Probably Elias told her. By the time of Fire Escape John must have realized Jude was working for Elias, as he asks her if she knew that burning his hand would lead to the apocalypse. She didn’t know that.
Crew was probably also working for Elias, similarly to Jude. That explains why he’s so nice and polite at first. Elias has told him to only attack if John asks a question. That’s the choice John makes to get his scar. As soon as John asks a question Crew attacks. It also explains why Crew does not kill John. Crew seemed to know how John hurt his hand, suggesting Elias filled him in on that part of the plan.
Elias sends Basira away so that John can enter the coffin. Elias has this conversation with Basira before Breekon delivers the coffin. So Elias must have known the coffin would be delivered. So was Breekon working with Elias? I don’t think so.
When asked why Breekon delivered the coffin John says “I don’t – I don’t know. T-to taunt us? To lure us in as well? I-I saw that – thing’s mind; it’s lost on its own, no partner, no – purpose, I-I-I honestly think it just wanted to do another delivery.”
I think the coffin made Breekon deliver it. I think most of the time when Breekon and Hope delivered artifacts, the artifacts decided where to go. There are signs that the coffin is sentient. John talks to it in Entombed “No need for that. I’m willing.” Meaning the coffin doesn't need to influence John into entering it. And in Heavy Goods Breekon talks of a fool that believed the coffin would be easy to bargain with. The coffin was working with Elias, as it had been working with Nicola (see Part 9 ).
Karolina Górka, the statement giver from Underground, was working for either Elias or Annabelle. In her statement it seems like she escapes unharmed. But John says they needed to sweep up after her, she left the place rather dusty. So she is probably a Buried avatar. Plus the way she sleeps in the train is similar to how the statement giver in A Gravedigger’s Envy sleeps in graves. I think she specifically gave her statement in order for John to feed and get stronger, so he’d have a greater change of completing the ritual.
The first time I listened to the episode I thought the actress playing Karolina was bad. It sounded like she was reading off a script. But no, the actress is good. It’s the character that had prepared what to say. She starts off giving lots of very boring and precise information, briskly without much emotion. She speaks more naturally with more emotion as she gets to the horror part. Then afterwards there’s this exchange:
“Karolina: Is there anything else? I’ve told you what happened, so I’m done here, correct?
John: I suppose so, yes. We’ll look into it, and if we find anything we’ll let you know.
Karolina: Don’t bother. I’m done with it. Thank you for your time.”
John remarks on how brusque she is. She’s not interested in any follow up, because she’s not an ordinary statement giver. She just does what she can to feed John, as precisely as she can. In Eye Contact, when John dreams of her, she is not afraid of John. She’s calm and smiles when she sees him.
Arthur Noland is influenced by the web (see Part 20 ). Arthur is guarding the nest that transforms Jane Prentiss. Arthur thinks he is guarding it so he can destroy it properly later. The Web makes him think that, actually he is just protecting the nest until Jane gets turned. Jane getting turned is of course part of the Web’s plan.
Jane is also influenced by the Web, she mentions their song in her statement. The Web makes Jane put her hand into the nest.
Martin and Jane meet in the apartment building of Carlos Vittery. Too good to be a coincidence, the Web influenced them both to go there.
The Web manipulates John to try to kill a spider. This allows him to discover the mass of worms in the Archive, which leads to the Prentiss attack. The Web did not want the attack to happen later, because then Prentiss might have built up enough worms to succeed in killing John.
It was Annabelle’s plan that after the apocalypse, Elias would be killed and the panopticon destroyed at the same time. For this, two people were needed. Georgie is the one that takes the web lighter used to explode the panopticon. I think the talking corpse from Dead Woman Walking was working with the Web. Her mission was to create a person that could feel no fear, and therefore could travel freely after the apocalypse. That person was planned to be the one to explode the panopticon. Probably random that it turned out to be Georgie, she’s the one that covered her ears. This early on the Web probably didn’t know Martin, Basira and Melanie would also be around after the apocalypse.
When John is on the run from the police he hides at Georgie’s place. They talk about it being weird he happens to hide with a person that is also involved with the supernatural. But the Web needs John and Georgie to know each other, since they are to cooperate after the apocalypse. The Web made them know each other in the first place, and influenced John to go to her to hide.
In A Guest for Mr. Spider John says “My parents had passed away when I was too young to really remember them; my father of an accidental fall when I was two, and my mother a couple of years later from complications during routine surgery.”
That sounds like his father was killed by the Vast and his mother by the Corruption. If not, there is no narrative reason to mention how they died. But why kill his parents? Well, it makes John live with his grandmother. Which is the one that gave him the book. John thinks his grandmother got it from a second-hand bookstore, but he only has her word for that. I think his Grandmother works for the Web.
Elias thinks John was sent to the institute already marked by the spider, to help him with his ritual. So John was probably chosen already from childhood. And it would be very useful for the Web if the chosen one was raised by a Web avatar. She could influence him to get to know Georgie, and to get a job at the Institute.
The first person Melanie and Georgie rescue after the apocalypse just happens to be Melanie's therapist. Too big of a coincidence. I think the therapist works for the Web (See Part 19). Her rescue was part of the Web's plan. That way she could be close to Georgie and Melanie and influence then, so that when they heard Annabelle's plan, they'd be up for it.
In The Worms Annabelle calls Martin and tries to manipulate him into breaking up with John. Then in Curiosity, John tells Martin that Martin is the reason for John to keep going. Annabelle does want John to keep going, so this must be where she changes her plans. She doesn't want Martin and John to split up. She makes a new plan involving Martin.
John doesn’t want to go along with Annabelle’s plan to send the fears to other universes. But he gives his lighter to Georgie, not realizing how significant that is. When Martin says he sent the others ahead to blow up the panopticon, John thinks they can’t, that they don’t have the lighter. Then he rather suddenly changes his mind and goes along with Annabelle’s plan. For Martin’s sake. John is influenced by the Web.
In Last Words John implies the Web used the Eye as its fool to bring about the apocalypse. Which suggests Jonah Magnus might have been influenced by the Web as well. In A Stern Look, original Elias sees a spider in Jonah’s office, perhaps indicating Jonah is influenced.
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2021.04.20 00:57 barnaby-jones Democratic bill attempts to undo voter restrictions of past 15 years

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2021.04.20 00:57 Scotsman95 Mr. moustache likes to visit my friends now and then he looks wise

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2021.04.20 00:57 barnaby-jones The best op-ed of the weekend

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2021.04.20 00:57 Spiffyx_ The Greatest Rocket League Montage

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2021.04.20 00:57 tyquestions Tried getting in at .05 months ago but couldn’t link my bank account until today. Buying at .40 now but hoping I see returns tomorrow 🐕

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2021.04.20 00:57 Maxk0789 Has anyone cycled their tank with Dr Tims Ammonia and seachem stability.

I am starting a tank and it has been a long time since i have had one. Last time i was a monster and did a fish in cycle but i don't wanna do that again. Someone told me to try using ammonia and stability. Has anyone done this and what was the best way to go about doing it?
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2021.04.20 00:57 Chrissraez Juan Ramon

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2021.04.20 00:57 barnaby-jones Letter: Legislature should act to improve redistricting

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2021.04.20 00:57 iammrfamous07 Why is Drew posting Latoya’s ex husband on her IG story? Why is she even following him on him? Maybe she should have followed Ralph out the house when he went to tampa

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2021.04.20 00:57 SystemicGateway How do you change sample pitch but not length?

How do you change sample pitch but not length? Putting this as a beginner question because im sure its something simple that i missed stupidly at the beginning of learning FL.
Majority know that you can change the length of a sample and keep the pitch the same with e3 generic, but im trying to do the opposite. When i go into a piano roll for a sample, lets say a snare, if i put a snare at a really high octave the pitch changes, but the length also changes. The length becomes like a split second, while when i put a snare down really low the length stretches over 2 seconds.
I know i can manually change the pitch, but thats just really annoying to do that for all the notes, and there are lots of times when i want the samples to be a set length. I've went through all the settings in the following image, but nothing worked.
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2021.04.20 00:57 MinaFur I don’t believe in signs, but this chip came with my husband’s T-shirt, today...

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2021.04.20 00:57 gfrjj9h5 Why do I feel anger all of a sudden.

When I went to go feed my dog he tried to get on top of me. And I never felt anger to it, because he is just a dog he dosen't have the same mentality as us,. Now I just got angry and I had a vision to take his eye out am I demon possesed. No I did not hurt the dog I just grab his paw and put it down slowly.
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