Go! Well this brought on some good feels |

Well this brought on some good feels

2021.04.20 01:50 shawon6 Well this brought on some good feels

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2021.04.20 01:50 noodle_stab Goodnight Doge. I’m tired. Signing out from Cape Cod. Happy 4/20 eve.

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2021.04.20 01:50 theBreadsaver What's the most awkward/embarrassing date you've ever been on?

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2021.04.20 01:50 Speedbabystim Attempted Murder survivors of Reddit: What was your story on the person who tried to murder you?

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2021.04.20 01:50 Iron_And_Misery If a tractor trailer puller is a "Semi-truck", What's a full truck?

Doesn't semi mean half or sometimes? Is there a bigger truck that a semi is a smaller version of?
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2021.04.20 01:50 fgandolfo Big whale just sold, dont let your emotions get to you. Two big exchange listings incoming con wednesday. HOLD

A lot of you are new to crypto and investing in general, so let me be straight to you: Ups and downs are something completely normal and healthy, don't freak out, we are at a 3 billion market cap and gaining a lot of momentum.
Be smart and hold, rome wasn't build on a day, and it sure wasn't build by a bunch of emotional goofies
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2021.04.20 01:50 Kingman_Rains FED IS DED

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2021.04.20 01:50 ThaFaub Playing the D2R alpha made me want a Toggle View Item button

I feel like taping my Alt key shouldnt be still the solution in 2021.
It's a small QoL and I think new and old players would appreciate
Some purist might disagree but I'm curious to see their point of view concerning this.
You either use it or not. Holding a key permanently when playing in group doesnt make the game more interesting.
Toggle On/Off Item on Ground plz blezzurd
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2021.04.20 01:50 dks38 Aquaman only has wet farts and wet dreams

A gift and a curse
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2021.04.20 01:50 chaketowy ¿Quieres ampararte vs el Padrón? Pronto desde @R3Dmx te ayudaremos a hacerlo.

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2021.04.20 01:50 JebusDaOne Double lip

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2021.04.20 01:50 Traditional-Step-419 ETF Spread

Hey all, I have a a little money that I’m looking to move to ETFs for long term (approx. 10 yrs) rather than just sit in my savings and earn virtually nothing in interest. Just wondering what a good spread would look like? Not trying to get to the moon, just want a savings alternative that’s gonna provide some material growth in the long run. Specifically the funds I’ve been looking at are VAS, VAP, VHY, VGE and VAE.
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2021.04.20 01:50 cognaclilacfumes_ tilikum gettin some lap love ❤️

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2021.04.20 01:50 LiquidGirl_ I could use help finding a reputable online store for wedding dresses. I can't afford the crazy four digit dresses at the botiques.

Does anyone know of any frome experience? I'm freaking out a little haha
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2021.04.20 01:50 awk1074 swamp thing comic question

I'm relatively new to collecting graphic novels and am really into swamp thing lately. I have the alan moore "saga", but now I'm eyeing up the "bronze age" collections, but since I live in rural Pennsylvania, and dont have many stores to check them out in person,I just wanted to make sure the bronze age books aren't the same story as the older saga stories. if anyone can verify this I'd really appreciate it.
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2021.04.20 01:50 Palpatineproductions New Course gofundme

https://gofund.me/4bc50959 I just got this front 9 course approved in my city. I've got plans for a back 9, but where's the money Lebowski?!
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2021.04.20 01:50 JudoGabe98 The Merch has arrived and I’m pogged out of my mind!

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2021.04.20 01:50 Atlast_2091 Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.2a | Rammus release date: April 22

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2021.04.20 01:50 Stupiddum1 I killed a tree

I was driving this ventrac lawn tractor on a hill when all of a sudden it slipped a bit to the side, I ended up having the tree in between the two tires which on a ventrac had articulating sides so the front moves separate from the back, I tried to maneuver out but it was futile, it only made it worse. Eventually my dad came home and I told him what happened, he was pretty ticked off and rightfully so. we ended up having to cut down the 20 some year old dark walnut tree, it was about 6 inches in diameter and almost 20 feet high. I feel awful
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2021.04.20 01:50 BearWisdomVideos How European Super League is starting a new era in European football

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2021.04.20 01:50 RednocNivert So, why is this a mobile game exactly?

Why did they get a Mobile Game designer to do this game? Having all these artificial barriers to pad the playtime and slow things down doesn’t equate to “fun”. I’m on a PC, i want to camp out and veg and play through the game and have fun the whole way, instead we get “oh goodie 2 minutes of fun followed by a whole lot of waiting!” as my minions eventually decide to go the helicopter or i go and start grabbing people away from their lunch tables to do so. Or “oh you just fired your superweapon? Great now go clean up all the statues / berserk minions / gas clouds / put out the half of your base that just burst into flames (is gold even flammable?!) just to pad the playtime.
Also what’s up with the voice acting in here? Why is it the same lines for each genius, including the times when there should be some deviation due to history between players (Emma / Ms. Foxworth; Max / Jubei, Red Ivan / Jubei / Eli: etc.) Also symmetry and Iris specifically. i want to like these two characters, but their voice delivery is just so... bad.
TL;DR: I really bad want to like this game, but each time i try it i get discouraged by all the nonsensical reasons that the game is “hurry up and wait”. It feels like a mobile game that’s masquerading as a PC game, but being advertised as a PC game.
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2021.04.20 01:50 RoyHobbs24 What is this?

It gets scaley dead skin and I pick it off. Then it comes back and the process is repeated. It won't just heal up & go away
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2021.04.20 01:50 Complex_Appearance59 Battlefront 1 dead dlc servers.

DICE needs to make all DLC free and create a playlist of all the maps, not separeted.
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2021.04.20 01:50 praha_the_botv #ラブライブ! SetsuKarin - Melonbreadのイラスト I like this pair so much but the anime is hardly giving it attention :(

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2021.04.20 01:50 lacrosseinsider PLL Mock College Draft 2021 4.0 (Final)

\ Denotes a college senior or an Ivy player that could return for another season. Obviously this would become a different draft pick because I believe this pick is 'unprotected', and therefore a waste.*
\* Denotes a graduate senior that has expressed interest in playing football. This pick would be 'protected I believe', but it is a risk considering they might not go the pro lacrosse route (Pat Spencer situation)*

  1. Atlas - Michael Sowers (A - Duke)
With Rob Pannell gone, this pick will be either Sowers, Bernhardt, or Teat. I'll give the edge to Sowers here but it could change by draft day.
  1. Waterdogs - Jared Bernhardt (A - Maryland) *\*
This pick is going to be attack because they addressed defense in the entry draft with Byrnes and Randall and they have a ton to choose from. I have no clue who Coach Copeland prefers here so let's go with the Tewaaraton front runner in this mock.
PROJECTED TRADE - Chrome trades 1.3 to Chaos for 1.6 and 2.15 
  1. Chaos - Jeff Teat (A - Cornell) \*
"JEFF TEAT IS FINALLY MINE" - Andy Towers, probably. The Chaos move up three spots to make sure no one takes the guy they want. The Chrome don't have a ton of needs so they are fine stacking up picks in a deep class.
  1. Redwoods - TD Ierlan (F/O - Denver)
Staying put at 4, the Redwoods have Ierlan fall into their laps in a dream scenario. They now have as well-rounded a team as any.
  1. Archers - Mac O'Keefe (A - Penn State)
Last year, the Archers took their guy in Grant Ament, and now they get their guy his guy with O'Keefe. I think this is a piece of the offense that is missing - a stretch shooter. The Archers desperately need FO help here, but can't pass on O'Keefe.
  1. Chrome - JT Giles-Harris (D - Duke) *\*
The Chrome still get the guy they were taking at 3. Duke graduate and best pole on the board? This is a no-brainer.
  1. Whipsnakes - Jared Connors (LSM - Virginia)
The Whipsnakes take the dynamic Connors who can learn from the world's best in Ehrhardt while having the skillset to be thrown in the fire Day 1 and compete for a significant role. He'll be an All-Star in a few years.
  1. Atlas - Connor Kirst (A/M - Rutgers)
Coach Rubeor lands the swiss army knife in Kirst, who projects better as a midfielder in the pro game rather than his current attack role at Rutgers due to his size, strength, and speed.
Round 2:
  1. Cannons - Jake Carraway (A - Georgetown)
The Cannons take Carraway with their first ever collegiate pick. Carraway is a bonafide scorer who will work well with Lyle.
  1. Atlas - Dox Aiken (M - Virginia) *\*
Dox has all the talent in the world but concerns about his future past lacrosse remains up in the air. He is the best Virginia midfielder scoring wise of all time and will be a great midfielder in the pro game if he opts that route.
  1. Atlas - Ryan Tierney (A - Hofstra)
There's a reason you hoard picks in the most talented draft to date. Landing Sowers, Kirst, Aiken, and Tierney with the first four picks is not a bad way to start the Atlas offensive rebuild.
  1. Chrome - Ryan Terefenko (M - Ohio State)
A lot of the offensive talent is flying off the board, but the Chrome are fine taking Terefenko, a force at defensive midfield who is no slouch himself offensively.
  1. Archers - Kyle Gallagher (F/O - Notre Dame)
Coach Bates will look like a genius if he lands Gallagher here after passing on him in the first round, and there's a good shot they do.
  1. Chaos - Jack Kielty (D - Notre Dame)
Having addressed the F/O position with Adler in the entry draft, the Chaos take the best defenseman from the formidable Notre Dame trio to pair with Neumann and Rowlett.
  1. Chrome - Nakeie Montgomery (M - Duke) * - Pick acquired from Chaos from Draft Day Trade
Montgomery will fit in perfectly with the Chrome. His ability to draw slides and feed the ball will open up looks for Gaudet and Staats inside and Nak can also take wings and play defense if called upon.
  1. Whipsnakes - Nick Grill (D - Maryland)
The Whips invest in Grill to provide Terrapin depth to their defense. He isn't the biggest but will be a great fit.
Round 3:
  1. Atlas - Gibson Smith (D - Georgetown) \*
After going offense the first four picks, Coach Rubeor picks the first-team All-American defender from DC who can play down low or can run some pole.
  1. Waterdogs - Jack Hannah (M - Denver) \*
Hannah is a tantalizing prospect who should start Day 1 for the Waterdogs. He can be one of the best midfielders in the pro game if he improves his shooting percentage and consistency.
  1. Chaos - Tre Leclaire (A/M - Ohio State)
This is such a Coach Towers pick. This physical righty fits in with the Chaos Canadian culture. He is one of the best shooters in this class. Towers considers Ethan Walker here but likes Leclaire's ability to play midfield as a bigger and more physical prospect.
  1. Chrome - Peter Dearth (M - Syracuse)
Coach Soudan continues to bolster his midfield unit with the versatile Dearth.
  1. Archers - Danny Logan (M - Denver)
I think the Archers could use another defensive midfielder to strengthen that unit, and Logan has been one of the best for the past few years.
  1. Chaos - Ryan McNulty (LSM - Loyola) \*
McNulty is a proven transition threat that scores highlight reel goals but make no mistake - he can defend the best midfielders out there as well.
  1. Whipsnakes - Logan Wisnauskas (A/M - Maryland) \*
It never hurts to add more Terrapin talent offensively. Wisnauskas is a great shooter and feeder who is a chameleon offensively.
  1. Redwoods - Kyle Thornton (D - Notre Dame)
Thornton has turned heads after handling some of the ACC's finest attackman. This is a great pick for the Woods.
Round 4:
  1. Cannons - Koby Smith (D/LSM - Towson) \*
With a ton of recent waiver pickups, who knows what Coach Quirk's plan is, but taking the talented Smith is a good decision here. He is the best ball handling pole in this class and will be a force in transition.
  1. Atlas - Chris Fake (D - Yale) \*
The Atlas take a flier on Fake, who could return for another year, but is one of the best defenseman in the draft.
  1. Waterdogs - Ethan Walker (A - Denver)
Coach Copelan stays patient and lands gold in the last round. Kieran McCardle will benefit coming out of the box anyways, so pair Bernhardt and Walker and let the goals accumulate.
  1. Chrome - Kyle Kology (D - Virginia) \*
With their last pick, the Chrome take Kology, a former walk on who plays with a chip on his shoulder and is athletically gifted.
  1. Redwoods - Jeff Trainor (M - UMass)
Trainor has all the makings of a perennial All-Star as a two-way midfielder if he continues to develop and adjusts to the pro game.
  1. Chaos - Tanner Cook (M - North Carolina)
I think Cook is a good option at midfield for the Chaos who probably would be the only team to take him because of his playing style. He could be great in the right system.
  1. Whipsnakes - Justin Anderson (M - North Carolina)
Coach Stagnitta will love Anderson's motor and heart. He's a phenomenal athlete who doesn't mind doing the dirty work but can sting it on the run or feet planted offensively.
  1. Redwoods - Bubba Fairman (M - Maryland) \*
I think the Woods need to add an offensive midfielder in this draft, and they take Fairman with their last pick, a guy who can dodge anywhere on the field.
Picks by Team:
(5) Mac O'Keefe (A - Penn State)
(13) Kyle Gallagher (F/O - Notre Dame)
(21) Danny Logan (M - Denver)
(1) Michael Sowers (A - Duke)
(8) Connor Kirst (A/M - Rutgers)
(10) Dox Aiken (M - Virginia)
(11) Ryan Tierney (A - Hofstra)
(17) Gibson Smith (D - Georgetown) *
(26) Chris Fake (D - Yale) *
(9) Jake Carraway (A - Georgetown)
(25) Koby Smith (D - Towson) *
(3) Jeff Teat (A - Cornell) *
(14) Jack Kielty (D - Notre Dame)
(19) Tre Leclaire (A/M - Ohio State)
(22) Ryan McNulty (LSM - Loyola) *
(30) Tanner Cook (M - North Carolina)
(6) JT Giles-Harris (D - Duke)
(12) Ryan Terefenko (M - Ohio State)
(15*) Nakeie Montgomery (M - Duke) *
(28) Kyle Kology (D - Virginia) *
(4) TD Ierlan (F/O - Denver)
(24) Kyle Thornton (D - Notre Dame)
(29) Jeff Trainor (M - UMass)
(32) Bubba Fairman (M - Maryland) *
(2) Jared Bernhardt (A - Maryland) **
(18) Jack Hannah (M - Denver) *
(27) Ethan Walker (A - Denver)
(7) Jared Connors (LSM - Virginia)
(16) Nick Grill (D - Maryland)
(23) Logan Wisnauskas (M - Maryland) *
(31) Justin Anderson (M - North Carolina)
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