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Pixel shared controls issue

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2021.04.20 01:35 Royally-Brilliant Pixel shared controls issue

Good day to Pixel family,
Sometimes when I use my phone , I notice the small screen icon on top and then when I slide down from top I actually see ⏯️⏸️ this controls with the name of Chromecast device it connects to. I use common wifi in dormitory, so there is no password on it.
Does it mean , that someone is actually connects to my phone via Chromecast? Because this icon appears on its own randomly , as if someone just connected to my phone.
Do they see everything that I do on screen? I might have connected once by mistake to this Chromecast...so I don't know how it all works.
Thanks for your help ;)
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2021.04.20 01:35 nbsrattle99 I sucks being alone but I’m empty inside

I think it’s funny, given the chance I form any kind of relationship it’ll just fall apart eventually given the the fact I’m apathetic towards mostly everything. So it doesn’t make sense I feel the need to not be alone...I hate it, it’s like a curse..maybe I’m just fucked up..so much I don’t even want to fix things...literally don’t know what to think anymore. What’s right?...too many contradictions so it’s hard to tell which thoughts are truth and...whatever the fuck but this shit never leaves me. All my life it’s the single thing I hate the most..even now that I’m this low it still haunts me, this feeling..it’s funny
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2021.04.20 01:35 Loose-Possible466 I think ya boy bout to get a job with Amazon

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2021.04.20 01:35 adorablelilshit [NS] Post your trucker cats!

I do have a trucking cat, and know of four other truckers who also have a cabby cat. I want to see your trucker cats though. Maybe its what you would thi k Glenns trucker cat would look like, maybe its just cats.
Scientists have confirmed that if you look at pictures of cats, you cannot be angry or sad because of cats.
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2021.04.20 01:35 PatrickOBrienBoling I am planning to writing an article about Ape and Gorilla investors.

So we have bulls, bears, and even a wolf but now we have the rise of the ape. This is good material for an article. I am enrolled in a senior military staff course and my instructor recommended I write an article about the economy. Given I am a Gorilla and I want to define us apes, I have ideas but how do define us?
What is an Ape? What is a Orangutan? What is a Gorilla? What makes on a silver back?
What defines us as apes? What defines your apish trading?
Anything else?
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2021.04.20 01:35 NZSloth So just salvaged a Summoner (Thor). What should I do with it?

So I've had 5 parts of the B version for most of the campaign, and now I've finished it, got that final bit in a weirdly sensible 4 skull mission where I was dropped in the most defendable corner.
But I've already got an Archer and two Mad Cats, and I've got a good spread of LRM and ATM mechs.
Anyway, anyone playing with the CAB got a favourite design for this speedy but weirdly undergunned heavy mech?
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2021.04.20 01:35 MidnightClubLAfam A bot spammed sigh...

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2021.04.20 01:35 Kerrberos Easy way to improve variety in squads show.

First off I want to say I love the new squads mode and it's my favorite way to play the game now by far (and a haven for team game enjoyers). The biggest problem with it currently is the lack of variety. I know the devs are working on getting more survival rounds like ski fall into the rotation, but another easy fix is to loosen up the rules on when the 2 team games are played. Right now when there are 4 teams left is the worst. you either get tail tag or the same small pool of survival rounds over and over. WIth 4 teams left let us do the 2 team games as 8v8. The 2 team games are a real attraction for squads, and playing them as 8v8s would create tense and exciting finals, where the other 4 man squad you worked with to win now becomes your enemy for the final.
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2021.04.20 01:35 -R3BIRTH- AIO for 5600X/5900X

Hey fellow people of buildapc!
I was recently debating about buying an AIO for my 5600X, which I will upgrade into a 5900X/6900X in the future. Use case: Gaming, Video Editing (Premiere, After Effects, etc.)
Here are my two options:

Which of these are better? Thanks.
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2021.04.20 01:35 IUseNewReddit America

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2021.04.20 01:35 Teyvan Blazeron colors?

Would it be possible to get a grey option for the Blazeron shirt? Either dark or light is fine, just something other than white...please?
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2021.04.20 01:35 GokuBlack774 Sara im Bikini 🔥

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2021.04.20 01:35 nuwrld My first Rolex!! Randomly walked into the AD and they had this in stock!

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2021.04.20 01:35 daharitonv Senior Technical Product Manager at Avala in San Francisco or Remote/Online. Requires 2+ years of experience and the following skills: Product Management, Product Design, Technical Product Management.

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2021.04.20 01:35 TasteTheRAMBO714 NO WAY!!!!!

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2021.04.20 01:35 khuneszn VAR REVIEW: BUY THE DIP AND HODL 🔥😈📈🚀

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2021.04.20 01:35 Wild_Realtionship_67 ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY

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2021.04.20 01:35 average-Astronaut Tomorrow is my wife’s 4 year anniversary with her boyfriend

Let’s wish them a squeeze filled day!!
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2021.04.20 01:35 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-andre-berthet-2

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2021.04.20 01:35 BB8304 Thanks, I hate Plant Farmer

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2021.04.20 01:35 sharbinbarbin Anybody know anything about Bubba Banjos

I’ve got an opportunity to buy what seems like a reasonably priced and decently built banjo but I can’t seem to find much on the company.
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2021.04.20 01:35 ramontgomery North Falls in Silverton Oregon

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2021.04.20 01:35 Neroidius Anyone know what this means and how to resolve it?

“RaceMenu Error(s): SKSE script version mismatch detected (64) expected (65). Please reinstall your SKSE scripts to match your version. Error codes: (1)” So I recently got Skyrim working after months of it not working, by deleting all my mods (as in deleting them all off my computer) and quitting nexus mod manager and switching over to Mod Organizer 2 and reinstalling them all and reapplying them there. I’m so happy that I can finally play Skyrim again but now whenever I get into the game and load up a save this message shows up. Is it any trouble? Or can I just ignore it? The game works fine so far except for a couple mods that aren’t working at all but maybe that’s just because I need to arrange some stuff in MO2 cause I’m not used to MO2 yet. I’m afraid that later this will come to bite me in the ass so I’m asking if anyone knows what this is and if I should fix it plus how to fix it
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2021.04.20 01:35 andipe220 Et al.

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2021.04.20 01:35 LandoftheStrays The DogeFund: Land of the Strays

Land of the Strays is one of the biggest no-kill shelters in the world, we currently have more than 1800 dogs living in our sanctuary. Our mission is to find a family for all the dogs that are in our care, but we’re also the permanent home of many others who may never find humans of their own.
We rescue sick, injured dogs every day and try to reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets by spaying and neutering all dogs we have rescued, and raising awareness about responsible pet ownership and care.
Making ends meet in our Territorio is not easy. Expenses are exorbitant. We do not receive any government support and rely on small donations to continue our mission. Our goal is to raise a dogecoin fund to ensure we can continue rescuing and giving second chances to animals forever. We spend thousands of dollars daily, providing food, shelter, and health care for every little animal. We want to help the Dogecoin community create real change in the world, by impacting real world #doges.
Help us give a better live to +1800 real life doges. Be part of the change, donate dogecoin here:
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