Go! HERE WE GOOOOOO I’m risking my credit score to do this 🤣🤣 |

HERE WE GOOOOOO I’m risking my credit score to do this 🤣🤣

2021.04.20 00:53 Specialist_Ad869 HERE WE GOOOOOO I’m risking my credit score to do this 🤣🤣

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2021.04.20 00:53 BlackCloverLL What are some ways that can help you learn a lot about someone you just meet without being to suspicious?

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2021.04.20 00:53 oilologist Grilled cheese and hot sauce 😋

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2021.04.20 00:53 No-North-2869 My (25 M) Mother (61) Passed Away and I cant talk to anyone about it

I already understand all of the comments that are going to say its okay to open up etc but im not even seeking advice. I just feel empty and sad. A month ago my mother unexpectedly passed away. To sum this up we were very very close and went through a lot together. I dont live in my own home town anymore, so flew in for the funeral and to be with family. Im now back home with my gf and working and everyday the sadness or regrets overcomes me but its like i dont even want to say anything to my gf or to anyone. I already know what anyone would say. It doesnt make anything better, its almost just patronizing. My mother is dead and at least on this earth i must accept ill never speak to her or see her again. Life just goes on. I dont know whats wrong with me but i guess part of it is i dont think my gf gets how fucked this all has been for me. She was great early on with all of this but now like it never even gets brought up i just need to have moved on by now it seems. Im just tired of this stuff and think i need to make a big change
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2021.04.20 00:53 basicallyapenguin Sleepy curls

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2021.04.20 00:53 Unlikely-Database-27 So, for the penni trick, do you actually have to use a penni or will any similar sized coin work (nickel, dime etc?)

Just figured I'd ask in case I am unable to find a penni. Is it just a penni because thats a coin thats a good size to fit over your third eye? Or does the penni have some significance to the soul or astral body that an other coin would not. Figured its better to ask before I go trying a random coin and accidentally send myself down into the lowest regions of the astral plain never to return lmao. Thanks in advance also.
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2021.04.20 00:53 tsuchinokoDemon [Novels] Is there a Mobi or ePub version of the Witch Cult web novel floating around out there somewhere?

I searched around for a bit and found:
I think it's another translator who's put in the effort of making it downloadable in different formats. Seems really nice, but they're still working on Arc 2.
Is there something similar for the Witch Cult translations? I don't think it'll be too difficult to convert it myself, but figured I would ask before I put in the effort.
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2021.04.20 00:53 golfzerodelta Landscapes of the High Atlas | Fuji TX-1 | 45mm | Cinestill 800

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2021.04.20 00:53 Alone_Ant9402 [Searching] Group of 7 accounts th 7 to 10, we do not want to split up. Looking for a talkative and active war clan.

Our Accounts are: Near max th 7: lvl 5 king Max th 7: lvl 5 king New th 8: lvl 8 king Newer th 9: lvl 11 king/ lvl 12 queen Mid th 10: lvl 22 king/ 32 queen Max th 10: lvl 30 king/ 38 queen Rushed dono 12: lvl 15 king/ lvl 17 queen/ lvl 5 warden
We are US EST players. If you would like to see the bases the clan tag is (#2L99L8CJJ)
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2021.04.20 00:53 DefectiveRaptor Single and ready to mingle, prom

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2021.04.20 00:53 ShadowBot30 Here's a mediocre photo of my fridge.

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2021.04.20 00:53 Neat_Ad4391 Sarah Roza

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2021.04.20 00:53 throwawaylolomgwtfdq Starting to wonder about a polyamorous relationship which is both thrilling and terrifying

Somehow, I ended up with a crush on my and my partner's friend, who I get the vibe is into me, too. Told my partner because I felt so guilty and disgusting, because my partner is the absolute love of my life and I value him more than any stupid crush I could ever have. Partner was basically like "oh yeah that's totally fine, we can both agree that he's cute, don't even worry about it." Crush is straight, partner is bi, and I'm pan, so my little brain has come up with the ideal situation where they remain as close as they are and my high energy is distributed more evenly (because I constantly want to do things, go exploring, etc which can be tiresome for one person)....god I know it would work so well because the three of us have such a good dynamic as is but making it into something absolutely terrifies me.
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2021.04.20 00:53 Mingy_mingy First 40k figures - WIP - Would love Feedback!

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2021.04.20 00:53 _ClashmoreMike ADVISE: Incoming Class of '25

Hi everyone!
I committed to the College of Arts and Letters on Friday, and as a serial victim of "buyer's remorse," the doubts are creeping in.
I'm a public school, low-income, first-generation, son-of-immigrants student who has lived his entire life in California - generally more diverse than ND. And I don't even think race matters that much, it doesn't define me or anyone else. But I'm worried I might be out of place this Fall. I guess I might feel this way about many campuses, but a lot of my reading makes it seem as though the majority of the student body is insulated, wealthy and perhaps unaware.
In addition, I have thousands of questions about social life. What if I get put into a residential hall whose vibe is entirely opposite to mine? Can I have fun for four years without drinking (Muslim) or really partying (introvert)? What if my random roommate is insufferable, or thinks that I am?
There are a lot of reasons why I chose ND, and I'm genuinely very excited to start a new chapter in the Midwest. But I'd love to get some advice, on the stuff I talk about above, or anything for an incoming student. Thanks and go Irish!
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2021.04.20 00:53 RolandMT32 Skymee automatic food dispenser jamming? "Dispense excessive food" error

Several months ago, I bought a Skymee automatic pet food dispenser for my cat. Sometimes, when dispensing food, the food stays directly beneath the dispenser and the dispenser door doesn't seem to shut. When this happens, it seems to prevent food from being dispensed later, and the Skymee mobile app reports "Dispense excessive food". Naturally, I don't want my cat to go hungry. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Is it a problem with the dispenser that would require an exchange?
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2021.04.20 00:53 Forg0t_my_password First time traveling to Japan any tips or advice?

Me and my girlfriend are traveling to Tokyo, Japan in a couple of weeks to go see some of her family over there but I’ve never been there and she hasn’t gone in 15+ years so any help would be appreciated!
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2021.04.20 00:53 Accomplished_Desk713 Can't find sitemap

Hoping I can get some help!
I'm trying to add my sitemap to google search console. I have the SEO yoast plug in and found the site index address at SEO - General - Features - XML sitemaps question mark.
When I search for it I get a 500 Internal Service Error. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Any help would be appreciated :) thank you
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2021.04.20 00:53 __k3nny__ Trading NFR Dalmatian for Mega uni and little adds

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2021.04.20 00:53 trash62 Very new to vanlife.

Well, it happened. I knew the job would end, I prepared as best I could and I have a van that needs a new body, the glow plugs are jazzed (but when its warm, it starts great) no insulation on the ceiling and I need to hang around a not-the-safest-but-not-the-worst area for a while.
I've been sleeping days and staying up nights because it feels safer that way (and I like being up nights anyway, even if it wasn't safer, I'm a night owl). I'm able to find nice industrial areas at night to run a generator, but I'm kinda scared to sleep there. (And anyway, they're usually next to a freeway) so I've been sleeping in city parks during the day.
Thing is, parking lots typically aren't shaded. I feel like a creep in a city park. I need to run a diesel heater (handy trick for diesel owners, vent your diesel heater into engine compartment, it'll keep the motor warm) when it's below 50-ish because if I don't, starting this noisy beast leaves huge plumes of smoke. If I had to start this thing in a residential area, it makes a bit of noise. (Again, diesel heater helps a LOT to cut down on that)
So, what kinds of areas do you look for when you want to park in the shade and the area may not be so safe?
When so do leave, I'm gonna look for a new van body and hope to find a private garage owner who fixes vehicles to swap it for a 1500 or so. So I don't really want to invest in a ceiling fan for this van, but I really need one.
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2021.04.20 00:53 Captntrippsbhm Help my coins are no where to be found

I haven't thought about this in years but I moved from waves to the main node and nothing has ever shown up
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2021.04.20 00:53 ElJesusJudas Sunset

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2021.04.20 00:53 NewTypeDilemna To the guy who just conceded to me with 4 life in Sealed

I'm sorry! I said good game because you had won. I know I had lethal on-board but I had decked myself when you blocked my creatures with counters and they died and I was forced to draw twice. You had 3 cards in deck left, and I had 0 at my end phase.
If you had waited till next turn I would have lost at draw step.
TLDR; Pay attention to how many cards your opponent has left in deck.
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2021.04.20 00:53 galileohumpkins_ Started cutting myself again last night

I feel like I'm losing control of my life again, like everything is going wrong and I don't like where I'm at anymore. I decided to cut last night because I either can't feel anything anymore or I feel everything at once. It's exhausting and I really don't know what to do. I'm 22 so it's been like 4 years since I stopped self harming before but I really just want to release the hurt in my heart and brain. I don't know, maybe I'll just kill myself tonight. I just want to be in control again.
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2021.04.20 00:53 Fortnitefan122 Is there anyway to rewind your phone clock to grind past week event cards?

I tried setting my clock back but the daily challenge said “unavailable” and I couldn’t play comp since it said to check my connection I am on Apple btw
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