Go! Sic Jordan’s my girlfriend customized for me! |

Sic Jordan’s my girlfriend customized for me!

2021.04.20 03:05 DobBeast42 Sic Jordan’s my girlfriend customized for me!

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2021.04.20 03:05 Kaephoon [PC][DS3] W: Lothric Knight Greatsword H: Ask/Karma

Hey, I'm just looking to get my faith build started earlier in my run, would appreciate the kickstart. :)
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2021.04.20 03:05 icydata Recap: CBJ @ FLA

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2021.04.20 03:05 AllisonEEHistorian 79 Days Ago I Posted This

And we should NOT be able to see something coming so easily. Lazy and cheap writing. We deserve better.
New Gray Fear (Spoiler)
Anyone else afraid Gray is going to kill Kush? It would be ridiculous but since they have turned Gray into a full blown killer, I am worried about this, especially with Davood leaving. It would be so terrible (and lame) so I am thinking it could happen. Now I am seeing in the media that others think the same thing. They are making a mistake not renewing Davood’s contract, and I will be doubly annoyed if they kill him off.
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2021.04.20 03:05 es_mo Folks who've made successful, long-term positive health changes, what were some less obvious hurdles?

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2021.04.20 03:05 THEZUKUS Chauvin defense tries to use Rep. Maxine Waters’ comments to seek mistrial

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2021.04.20 03:05 enokeenu Is there any reason to keep divorce papers?

Is there any reason to keep my parent's divorce papers for genealogy reasons? Both parents are deceased.
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2021.04.20 03:05 Wild_Actuator8107 Any post yet addressing the FILL teammates still not working for the ENTIRE season?

Can't play Trios with my friend as we don't get a teammate what feels like 75% of the time we que. We just qued three times in a row to see if it would fill and it didn't. Thanks for breaking to game to cater to the .01% of weirdos that want to play a team game solo that probably don't even play the game anymore.
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2021.04.20 03:05 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-3118

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2021.04.20 03:05 Neo_Stockhuasen I mean, idunno, I have no social life.

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2021.04.20 03:05 Veeloann True or false

The nicest thing mubong park ever did for mori jin was remind his friends (daewi and mira) that it was his birthday. Did i miss?
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2021.04.20 03:05 jambery Two years ago, I wrote about my experiences landing my first DS job. Two years later (and through one pandemic), here were my painful experiences in landing my second DS job.

Stats: link
Two years ago, with a newly minted masters degree in stats and 3 YOE of analytics experience under my belt, I landed my first DS job in a HCOL city and wrote about it here: link. At the time I was massively underpaid, but I had naively hoped that with my first DS job it would be a much easier landing that second job with the pay I deserve. As soon as I hit 6 months in, I started to apply elsewhere.
Two years later, I (and probably many other DS) realized the opposite, DS interviews are a crap shoot and expectations unrealistic. I didn’t let that get the best of me, and spent many weekdays/weekends prepping for interviews. I finally landed my second DS role, with a 55k increase in salary. (130k base, 10% yearly bonus, 15k signing bonus.) I wanted to write this post because everyone always talks about their first DS job, but no one ever talks about landing the second (and subsequent ones.)
The Breakdown:
6 months into the new job, I started applying and unsurprisingly, not a lot of companies took me seriously. Both screens said I should wait for at least a year and then apply. I took that advice and, in a few months, started to get interviews. Unexpectedly, there was a serious increase in interview difficulty from my first job. I had naively thought just having a DS job is enough for other employers. I was asked leetcode, programming, theoretical, database, statistical, ML and product questions. The range was baffling, and I bombed them left and right.
After hitting one year (and an extended winter break) I decided to start applying again. This time, COVID hit, and I had half the response rate from pre-covid. Many places e-mailed me letting me know that they were on hiring freezes (and later on, found out that there were many layoffs.) I had a few screens but the number of people applying for jobs was in the hundreds and employers were able to be picky. I ended up using this time to start seriously prepping for interviews: doing leetcode, refreshing my stats knowledge, reading up about databases, and picking up a few good software engineering fundamentals.
18 months into my job and with an economy that was starting to recover, I started applying again. This time I got 15 HR screens from 70 apps. I knew my next step wanted to be at a tech company with an established DS team doing stats/ML, and with the market seemingly picking up I declined to proceed with 8 roles after the Hmanager screen. I ended up with 5 technical screens, 5 2nd/3rd/4th rounds, and ended up with 2 offers.
My Takeaways:

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2021.04.20 03:05 shadow108989 How would you feel if albedo appeared in the orginal series?

do you think it would be a terrible idea or a good idea?
View Poll
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2021.04.20 03:05 cobalthour Mari Kaneko & Bux Bunny - Kaseki no Machi/Fossilized City [Japan, New Music/Jazz-Funk/R&B] (1976)

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2021.04.20 03:05 Justashortstay TRC20 to ERC20 - USDT

Can I convert TRC20 USDT to ERC20 USDT on kucoin? If so, how do I do it?
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2021.04.20 03:05 KJerzy14 Next Wave

The next wave will be on June 9. A.K.A. 6/9 at the time 4:20
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2021.04.20 03:05 Ok-Day-4695 Working as a uniformed retail security officer (contracted)

So my job as a retail store security officer is shoplifting deterence get this I have no radio I stand by the entrance do random patrols I have no access to cameras unfortunately my only means of communication with store managers are through the phones pa system at the u scan or they call me on phone to warn me of shoplifters by saying "security dial 2141" or security to front of store I wish I had a radio it would be so much better I have told the client that us security officers request we be given radios but that falls on deaf ears😞 when I am at back of the store or patrolling the isles I don't know what is going on up front until my rounds are done
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2021.04.20 03:05 TheReggaePotato Can someone please translate this?

It started out as a meme but im genuinely curious now.
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2021.04.20 03:05 PapaSniper23 Join the Nude Empire | 1 invite = ACCESS Discord Server!

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2021.04.20 03:05 kelysii Just need to get him a little side car for a motorbike and we have a perfect biker dog!

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2021.04.20 03:05 thecucumberpickle This would be my locker bundle if I could have one! Flapjackie, nibbles, cyclone, vision, and pick it up

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2021.04.20 03:05 Dapper_Whereas_9995 AI TO THE MOON, Let us shake these shorts

Hey Everyone, Check this out. It is my first attempt at any kind of analysis video. I am super bullish and believe at these prices this is a bargain. Any feedback is great feedback. Even if it’s not positive. Let’s get the sentiment out
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2021.04.20 03:05 Spidermang29 Coursehero unlock

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2021.04.20 03:05 BetterHazeBetterDays My seeds got mixed up, and I don't know if this is Green Crack, or Blue Dream?

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2021.04.20 03:05 Skillz4lif Snek Stats

Snek Stats 🐍 April 19th

ViperSwap Circ MC: $24,918,678
CoinGecko #(If listed): 736
👇 30 spots
ViperSwap TVL: $14,280,891
MC : TVL Ratio: 1.75
ViperPit TVL: $1,336,679
xViper Value: 1.1549 $VIPER
$VIPER Value (via app): $.84
$ONE Ratio: 1 : 7
VenomDAO TG Members: 2,991
Twitter Followers: 5,155
Reddit Members: 871
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