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2021.05.19 03:45 randomstuff_Kevin Just a thought...

There is a way that tom Holland's Spider-Man can be better, in no way home the problem needs to be expanded upon not extended. If they just stretch out the problem until the end, the movie won't be good. They need to make little problems throughout the movie until he is ready to face the final challenge. Once the main problem is resolved they can't make it seem like it never happened. If the problem is resolved without any further repercussions, the whole movie was a waste of time.
They also need to give Tom some better jokes. I don't find myself laughing as much as when I watch the cartoons. (That's just something I wish I could see not something I feel needs to happen.)
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2021.05.19 03:45 BW_Chase Which game would you recommend?

So I've been a fan of the anime since I was a kid but never played any of the games. I would like to start now but I don't know what to play first. Any suggestions?
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2021.05.19 03:45 nicocazza Hive Os Don't Charge me

It's not a problem, but I have 6 active workers on HiveOs and they don't charge me anything. I'm guessing if I the only one or someone else have the same "problem".
If I don't misunderstand when you add a 5th worker it starts to charge you 3$/month per worker.
I thinkink on adding more workers, so I want to understand how HiveOs billing works.
This is my billing tab
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2021.05.19 03:45 dirtonnaise and i know this won’t last forever

but goddammit it feels like forever
since we’ve been together
till we’ll be together again
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2021.05.19 03:45 Jickled [Serious] Unless Scalpers Become Illegal It's Inevitable They Will Form The Normal Third Link In The Chain From Producer to Consumer

Scalper motivations are the exact same as retailers which actually became unessential with the power of the internet. A Retailer is just a big, organized scalping entity. I really don't see how it's ever gonna get better with the amount of young, up-and-coming millionaires in America looking to further fill their own self-appointed coffers. It's inevitable that it will only get worse. Especially in the event of a Recession. Even if supply issues improve it's going to take a lot to overwhelm the scalpers' abilities. And that won't even start for another year or more as the scalper's profits continue to grow. I would imagine this will just become another normal, annoying aspect of society unless there's: 1.) a mass boycott or 2.) it is outlawed.

If you don't agree with me, I welcome your thoughts! Just please provide a counterargument. I would like if we could keep this discussion at a high school English class level or higher, thank you.
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2021.05.19 03:45 thelaststressbender Where can I find legit online jobs?

I’m a student and I’ve been looking for jobs sa Facebook, however pag nagsesearch ako about sa company nila they turn out as pyramid schemes lang naman.
If you know any, especially non-voice account jobs (or jobs that do not need a webcam cause can’t afford it right now) please link to me some. Thank you!
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2021.05.19 03:45 PsycheNature What’s a good shield weapon?

I want to try a shield weapon but I’m not sure which one to play. Which one should I try out? SnS sounds fun but I don’t like it how short of a reach it has. Should I try it anyway with a proper build?
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2021.05.19 03:45 NIKIN137 Honda Civic CRX Mugen in drift zone Horizon Ring

Honda Civic CRX Mugen in drift zone Horizon Ring https://preview.redd.it/lxenz5mmgzz61.png?width=1920&format=png&auto=webp&s=59ef91746dfe5d72f365a02f2247701384caa908
Have made first own Super-7 card. It's even got thousand plays. However not that many thumbs-ups in compering to cards that usualy get into "seven-set". I know that people hate this timer that appears on the screen, but I wanna set some challenge. So the task is to beat 42.600 pts in 12 sec in drift zone - this ain't hard, I've got 45k. Share Code of Super-7: 599 039 687 Share Code of car tune: 706 104 584 I've got video as an example for you to navigate and to easy make it through. Here's leading: As we start switching up to 3rd gear instantly and at start of zone we must have at least 120 km/h. Let's talk about path, tire tails were barely visible so I've added direction for easier understanding on some shots. Entering can be as you wishing to, but I prefer to do from other side of road. Advicing not going wide - in first quater get inside of turn. In the half wornking with e-brake & gas and holding the middle. On "finish" straight line keeping the direction - from center of road going in, where is sliding the car, do not turn around at the end.
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2021.05.19 03:45 deathkitty9372 why do fo4 deathclaws look so...different to the other games deathclaws?

so ive only ever played fo4 (unless you count the half hour of fo3 when i was 5) and after watching some fo3 and fonv and realised how drastically different fo4 deathclaws are like they just look like...big bipedal lizards while earlier game deathclaws look like badass demons. so my question is is there a lore reason to the current deathclaws so different from the earlier deathclaws?
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2021.05.19 03:45 PilgrimPayne59 Obviously Not A Physicist (Or An Engineer For That Matter)

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2021.05.19 03:45 BL-2187 Has anyone...noticed this yet? Did LEGO make a meme reference in the new Daily Bugle set?

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2021.05.19 03:45 CyanideMuffins We're in a Renaissance era for YouTube amateur tennis content, and it's unbelievably entertaining.

I've been pulling away from professional tennis these past couple of years. I'm sure the pandemic has a lot to do with it, especially considering how much less I seem to enjoy matches when the stands are mostly empty. But in general, even before the pandemic, I've found myself losing interest. Maybe I've gotten tired of watching the Big 3 take turns winning everything, of trying to keep up with every new young gun who enters the spotlight to just sort of disappear within a year. I used to obsess over records and the broader question of who is the greatest player of all time, but nowadays I see this as more of a pointless debate (and no, that's not just because I'm a disgruntled Federer fan). On top of all this, most of my favorite players have retired by now, and I just have a hard time finding new people to root for. Maybe it's because I'm now at the age where the vast majority of pros are significantly younger than I am. When I was a kid looking up at these people, it was easy for me to find heroes to cheer on. I just don't have that same passion as a fan anymore.
What I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is I've become bored of professional tennis, and I'm spending more time watching amateur tennis on YouTube. And believe it or not, YouTube amateur tennis is having an amazing sort of Renaissance era at the moment. It's not just a matter of the sheer increase in quantity or even the quality in terms of filming and editing. I'm seeing that a lot of tennis YouTubers are leaning into this very interesting sweet spot between vlogging and competitive match play, where viewers can watch exciting (and much more relatable) matches but also really get to know the players and what they're thinking. There are lots of good channels that provide this, but three come to mind:

Anyways, I've just been having a lot of fun following the YouTube tennis scene and wanted to share with you all. It's a great time for amateur tennis, and there's a lot of great stuff to watch on YouTube. I highly recommend you take a deep dive into the world of YouTube tennis. If you have other channels to recommend, fire away!
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2021.05.19 03:45 candyshop1234 I feel swallowed by grief

Yesterday one of my childhood dogs passed away.
I’m almost 22 and we got him when I was in second grade. I picked him out and named him.
I was still in my college town when my mom called me to tell me that Buddy was suddenly doing really poorly. And over the next few hours I cried and tried to accept what I knew was coming. My mom called me again around 10:30 last night to tell me he had passed at home.
There are things I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for the long time I had with him. I’m glad his suffering wasn’t long. Most of all, I’m glad he passed away naturally, at home, with my parents by his side.
I had already planned on coming home today but now I was coming home to a place he wouldn’t be. I’ve known grief before but it always takes me by surprise. I feel lost and sick. It feels like a never ending supply of tears. Everywhere I look in my house I expect him to be. Life doesn’t feel right anymore.
I loved him so much. I’m not ready for him to be in my past or just part of my memories.
TL;DR - I lost one of my childhood dogs and life doesn’t feel okay anymore
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2021.05.19 03:45 weird_economic_forum doctor love (from "the scenic route" by mark rappaport)

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2021.05.19 03:45 Hellomynameisshadow Wowza

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2021.05.19 03:45 ajp37 Which brand or product stayed true to themselves even after it became popular?

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2021.05.19 03:45 geniusNOTTY Should $POC coin listed ? Really nice crypto token and projects behind it.

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2021.05.19 03:45 AltruisticFortune242 I don't have any problems talking to any girl, but if I like her I fell extremely intimidated even by her small things, and blush a lot too, i mean totally red, what to do ???

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2021.05.19 03:45 lilred_28 What is this bug? There are tons of them on this rock outside in my backyard.

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2021.05.19 03:45 Flo__Moore T-Bone Walker - Stormy Monday

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2021.05.19 03:45 SJBailey03 Is it worth it to buy the Boyhood Criterion Blu-Ray if you already own the regular one?

Out of all of the films I’ve seen that are apart of the collection Boyhood is my favorite. However, I’m a student with not a lot of money so I’m questioning if it’s worth it to buy the boyhood criterion or spring for a film I don’t already own?
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2021.05.19 03:45 BlueDreamOne Wonder if he’s laughing now. This punk brought the whole crypto market down.

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2021.05.19 03:45 WilliamMcAdoo Pro Life Republicans

Pro life Republicans, gunning for Roe V. Wade who spent much of last summer, just like now complaining that unemployment benefits were holding back the country’s economic recovery, even though we’d yet to even get a vaccine and were in the thick of the virus’s early waves. On top of making masks into culture war items & demanding everything reopens . They talked about people , like the elderly, immunocompromised, poor people , Minorities as if they were disposable trash 🗑 & that if someone did die ,well they had to die for the Economy.
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2021.05.19 03:45 mwfreebies FREE Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Or Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream If Chosen! (must apply)

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2021.05.19 03:45 BH868 Key Fob - Sleep Mode

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