Go! A story and question for the devs and community | A man and a spinning dream |

A story and question for the devs and community | A man and a spinning dream

2021.05.19 03:46 TraetzGaming A story and question for the devs and community | A man and a spinning dream

I started playing rocket league back in 2017 and fell in love right away with it. Whether that would have been how cool and interesting the game was or how you could customize your car how you liked it. At first glance I knew that I would make the propellerhead topper my own to use. And 4 years later even until this day I wear it every match I play. This trusty old hat has been with me through all the ranks of rocket league, whether that would have been struggles or gains and after a few thousand hours of playing this game and that propeller hat has never let me down. I have went through scrims, tournaments, ranked games, and hours and hours of sitting in training wearing this amazing topper. I've gotten up into the higher ranks of gc now and it's sad to see that the use of any toppers has just dwindled away. Nobody up here cares about toppers or antennas anymore, it's all just a bunch of basic cars now a days, since that's what the meta is and that's how the pros cars look. In my 4 years of playing I have only seen about 2 or 3 other people wearing the propellerhead topper and it was always in casual, not ranked. It's a very unused and under appreciated item that means a lot more to me then it does to anyone else in this game. The lower ranks of rocket league will still make wacky cars sometimes but that's because they are either new or just the casual gamer. Anything past diamond, it's hard to find people that are dedicated to wearing toppers on there cars. I wish more people would enjoy what this game has to offer with the amount of toppers that there are, but sadly it probably will never happen. People call me weird for still wearing a topper when I play because it's not mainstream.. and that it affects how someone can play which I feel is completely false since I've been doing it for years! I have actually tried taking the hat off and it doesn't feel normal to me, I feel like I need to have something on top of my car not because it looks silly, but because It's something special that's been apart of me for years and it would be silly to take it off just because some people told me to. I wouldn't give this item up for anything and I'm grateful for whoever decided to put this ridiculous hat into the game because it's mine to use and will be appreciated forever.
I've been collecting items in rocket league for years and one of my favorite items to have collected is the propellerhead toppers. Knowing they are safe from others using them to trade them up for something else. I've also been fortunate enough to be one of a few people to be able to collect all of the rlcs code wheels and being able to use them on my account even though they are locked onto my account forever, it's still cool to be able to collect them all. I've also gathered the entire uncommon wheel set, Alpha Boost, Alpha Wheels and was lucky to be able to have a white hat in my inventory for quite awhile, and a bunch of other sets of misc. items that I could keep the list going on forever.
I've also made my twitch propeller hat themed to, with having my channel points and my emotes both propeller hat based. Overall I would like to see what the community thinks of this and some cooperation from the devs to maybe see if we can maybe make this idea into something. Whether that be a special title or maybe a special propeller hat! I know this is a long shot of it happening because there's such a small chance but I wanted to see what the community thought of it! I appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read this adventure. These are some I've had for the past few years while wearing this hat.
TLDR: Propeller hat go burrrr, me excite, devs see please?
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2021.05.19 03:46 Gustavo2nd V29 unlocked 120hz via link+airlink. THIS is the pinaccle of VR.

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2021.05.19 03:46 Ambitious-Election47 girlzike customer care number ❾❶❹❹❸❶⓿❻❶❶//❼❻⓿❷❺❼❽❾❷❼

girlzike customer care number ❾❶❹❹❸❶⓿❻❶❶//❼❻⓿❷❺❼❽❾❷❼
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2021.05.19 03:46 liya_v7 Lil baby

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2021.05.19 03:46 AandGburgz best friend date

Me and my friend have a habit. We go out to get burgers every month at a new burger place in town. When we are there we get new burgers on the menu and make sure to get different burgers each time. When eating said burgers we will talk about life, the weather, our dreams and aspiration, maybe opening our own burger shop one day. Then we go home and thats it. Its usually a good time.
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2021.05.19 03:46 HannahGarcia1 Modern Landscape Architecture Designs || Architecture Design

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2021.05.19 03:46 MiirikKoboldBard Tinder matches asking for me to have whatsapp, scam or no?

Last girl I even asked if she wanted chicken, pork, or beef as just a random openeice-breaker and we had a short convo, she even answered beef, then suddenly asked for my whatsapp, and I keep getting "I don't really use this app to chat".
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2021.05.19 03:46 Akynsxx Relocation Help..

Pls i want to travel and need little help from people on this platform ,can anyone suggest any fair country to relocate to right now pls help a brother .Thank you..
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2021.05.19 03:46 AttentionMinute0 How to pay for studies

Hey everyone. So I've been looking around a bunch and I have some major concerns about how I might fund myself studying at a university. I am an american who is completely non eu, and I already have a bachelor's degree in biology in the United States. One of the cites I have read has told me that I am exempt from scholarships in italy since I already have a degree. I've read that a lot of students get by on those scholarships.
I want to study in Italy (my goal is Bari Aldo Moro since it is cheap). I can't get scholarships and I have read that loans in europe aren't supposed to cover the cost of study like they do here in the United States. I know that southern italy also does not provide many work opportunities, and my family lacks the resources to outright support me. Does anyone know how I might be able to fund myself studying in italy? Or if it is even really possible?
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2021.05.19 03:46 TallBoyGareth The 60 Minutes UFO Report that has The World Talking!

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2021.05.19 03:46 bluestar4u The way I had it figured, Citadel is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him. So why would he ever look up? - Ape Sully

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2021.05.19 03:46 Jvlockhart The live action. Your thoughts?...

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2021.05.19 03:46 girllfriend is this a texas brown snake? want to be sure before i relocate him

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2021.05.19 03:46 RandomBoltsFan [POSTGAME] Tampa Bay Lightning @ Florida Panthers - 5/18/21 - Big Rig's Big Motions Edition

Box Score Full stats at NHL.com
Scoreboard - Final!
Team 1 2 3 Total
TB 2 0 1 3
FLA 0 1 0 1
Team Goal Scorer Description Assist 1 Assist 2 Period Time
TB STAMKOS!!! (1) EV, off a Panther Killorn (1) Savard (1) 1st 4:52
TB PALAT!!!! (1) EV, juicy rebound Point (1) Kucherov (2) 1st 14:57
FLA Marchment (1) EV, bleh Verhaeghe (1) Barkov (2) 2nd 14:21
TB GOURDE!!! (1) EN 3rd 18:35
Team Player PIM Infraction Period Time Goal Scored During PP?
FLA Weegar 2 Puck Over Glass 2nd 0:31 No
TB Pont 2 Holding 2nd 11:33 No
FLA Weegar 2 Roughing 2nd 20:00 No
TB Kucherov 2 Tripping 3rd 1:08 No
TB Maroon 2 Tripping 3rd 9:06 No
Both Lomberg and Cernak 2 Something (Bolts PP somehow) 3rd 18:53 No
Shots On Goal
Team 1 2 3 Total
TB 16 4 9 29
FLA 9 11 13 33
Next Games
Date Time Opponent TV
5/20/21 6:30 PM vs. FLA SUN
5/22/21 12:30 PM vs. FLA SUN
5/24/21 TBD @ FLA TBD
5/26/21 TBD vs. FLA TBD
5/28/21 TBD @ FLA TBD

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2021.05.19 03:46 thattoenailtho How do I know if I've graduated?

I applied on time and got the confirmation email then... but nothing since. Does it usually take this long? Will they email me? Thanks
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2021.05.19 03:46 KaijuRandomness All shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits!

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2021.05.19 03:46 AceManiacs 6x5 AR46 ASIA

Not sure if I want to trade this account but I’ll be looking at offers
5 star characters: – Childe – Albedo – Keqing – C1 Mona
5 star weapons: – Vortex Vanquisher – Lost prayers
Others: Has pink seelie, r5 festering desire, 46 fragile resin 50-60 pity (not guaranteed)
LF: NA/EU offers mostly Ganyu + Amos / Hutao + SoH + other 5 stars
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2021.05.19 03:46 Female-Fart-Huffer What is that annoying keyboard shortcut that deletes everything you wrote

Seriously fucking hate it. I will have write everything out and then due to my hand being on the keypad/mouse, the textbox randomly deletes everything!
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2021.05.19 03:46 trexbsc $LION is now stealth-launching! [1 Minute Old] [2.5k$ market cap]

Low Market Cap
Whoever arrives first, stays better!!
A stealth launch which gives everyone a fair shot to buy
Your LION sentiment for this new MoonShot!
70% Liquidity Burnt at launch
Low liquidity, fast growth!

How To buy?
The token is on PancakeSwap V2!
⚠️ Slippage between 1-12% ⚠️
Original Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
1% fee is included, the fee goes back to holders on any transaction.
5% fee goes back into liquidity.

Website: we will be online at 12:00!!
70% Burnt: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x7fdd89842876425b172e4aea09e635197f6912cfe9fe6aff5ebb4f8eae63db12
Contract Renounced:
Liquidity is fully burnt:
Bogged Finance Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0x84eE137104e8454Bff6B6751F3E375D399bcaa9b
Pancake Swap (Use V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x84eE137104e8454Bff6B6751F3E375D399bcaa9b
Always do your own research, but it does look promising to me, join me on the way to moon and lets all get rich! Im gonna wait for you all on the moon!
$LION just fair launched now! Safest moonshot
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2021.05.19 03:46 Gaspar74 My latest keeper. Realistic STA 2000 75w powerhouse.

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2021.05.19 03:46 GreyWoulfe Oof, do I even need to type this one?

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2021.05.19 03:46 monkeynose Artist Turns Ancient Japanese Battle Scene Into a Moving Animation

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2021.05.19 03:46 iamacocoa People who were blind but can now see what celebrity looked different than how you thought?

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2021.05.19 03:46 MarbleWitch16 Yo guys, I think I finally figured out what kind of guys I'm attracted to.

Circus boy with way too much eye shadow and trash boi with ugly ass shirts and both have floppy hair or some shit.
That's all I got, Idek.
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2021.05.19 03:46 viniciusyamada Parada de SP será virtual pelo segundo ano consecutivo

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