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2021.05.19 03:23 mintych Alberta, Canada

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2021.05.19 03:23 qthunder321 LF: Cubeatz samples And Ferno kits

My Collection
dm me to trade
Have a nice day!
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2021.05.19 03:23 rottenparrot [USA-MO] [H] Gaming PC | I9-10850K | Asus Prime board | Evga RTX 3090 FTW3 ultra | 64 gb DDR4 3200 | Seasonic 850 psu, H510i aio

selling local only
selling gaming pc that was built in February 2021, all parts were purchased from BestBuy or microcenter locally. have boxes for all parts except the case
built and wanted to use it for vr, but have played the vr for about 4 hours total. looking to sell the valve index complete kit also. - would sell just the valve index for $800.00...this is NOT included with the price of the build
there is no operating system or hard drive, i had an m2 but keeping the drive
Pricing is $4,500 or best reasonable offer
Specs for the build are as follows
Processor: I9-10850K
CPU Cooler: H510i AIO
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming
Motherboard: Asus Prime board Z590-A
Memory: 64 GB DDR4 3200
Storage: NONE
Case: Fractal Design
Power Supply: Seasonic GX-850
will not ship this, local only
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2021.05.19 03:23 indiesoundz A Black Forest Cuckoo Clock I recently resurrected

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2021.05.19 03:23 the-wulfe What’s your favorite WWE game from the last (PS4/X1) generation?

What is your favorite game from each generation?
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2021.05.19 03:23 Worried-Hornet-9786 Stay strong!

Do what is best for you! Personally I bought Doge as a long term investment! I hope you all prosper on whatever you do!
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2021.05.19 03:23 dgtlfnk I’m safe as long as I stay beneath his massive overbite.

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2021.05.19 03:23 luikimia Old school delta force operator, by me

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2021.05.19 03:23 premed_thr0waway Question about body dysmorphic disorder and DSM-V classification

According to the DSM-V, part of the diagnostic criteria for BDD is "preoccupation with one or more perceived defects or flaws in physical appearance that are not observable or appear slight to others."
What about situations in which the defect is large (ex. disfigured burn patient)? Assuming they don't meet criteria for MDD, is there any diagnosis for these patients?
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2021.05.19 03:23 supercatca Girth certificate

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2021.05.19 03:23 MemeMarinatedBlocks How do I make my RB run more?

My rb who is 24 with 76/81 get 800 yards every season. How do I make him get 1000 yards?
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2021.05.19 03:23 mainst Moscow Subway Reportedly Fires Dozens Of Workers Who Supported Navalny

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2021.05.19 03:23 girlbemodest Janove Ottesen - Black and White Movie [alt rock/ pop/ folk rock] (2004)

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2021.05.19 03:23 nickkangistheman For the google x carbon capture prize we should just use gigantic vertical farming setups in the desert. They use 95-99% less water than traditional farming and the sunlight will provide solar. Photosynthetic led lights and giant fans to push air through skyscraper size farms. (Or synthetic algae)

Towers of synthetic algae would work also. Cranking out the biofuels that became our fossil fuels but in reverse. Everyone in the x prize will try to solve carbon capture mechanically, which is just an extremely bulky when compared to the nanotechnology of biology. We could use synthetically designed algae to produce more oil than the traditional microbes that made the gasoline we burn today. Out in the desert especially if contained properly gigantic vats of this synthetic algae could suck in the atmosphere and fix it into hydrocarbon chains. This is how the oil got there in the first place. Now that hundreds of billions of tons of carbon is released into the air, just catch it with the microbes that fixed it in the first place.... carbon capture solved.
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2021.05.19 03:23 PassionTwistVideo Mothership LP Supercell With Brief Tornado | Lubbock, TX May 17, 2021

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2021.05.19 03:23 mahatmakg RIP Ishtar star Charles Grodin

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2021.05.19 03:23 moth_milk666 i don’t deserve love

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2021.05.19 03:23 sukebena_nekoyanen TVの電磁波は危険、子どもの解熱に“熱キャベツ”……「吉川ひなの」健康法を医師が解説

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2021.05.19 03:23 XxMoqauTeaxX I made my other pusheen “Roar” (I was 4 lol) into a character. Your welcome.

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2021.05.19 03:23 gabbyland1 Storage Clean-out

Come by my island I have a pretty good amount of items!! All items are right of the airport. Please do not travel around my island, and most importantly do not shake my money trees.
It would be greatly appreciated if you left tips but obviously not required. If you bring tips I enjoy anything but money! I like reviving furniture,diy,etc. if you do bring anything please drop it by me I will be standing my the airport.
DM for dodo code!!!
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2021.05.19 03:23 yegshayshay Map for crow attacks?

A few years ago I recall someone created “CrowTrax” which was an interactive map that users could log where crow attacks around the city. The original giscourses.net/crowtrax website doesn’t look active anymore. Does anyone know if something similar exists?
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2021.05.19 03:23 -0V3RKILL- Wait no don’t light that on fire

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2021.05.19 03:23 Natorbock Will the cicadas aerate my lawn?

I’m in Cincinnati and the cicada brood is about to emerge. Are all these bug holes gonna help my yard?
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2021.05.19 03:23 ToriInTheWilderness Back Again: Duggar's Astrology Part 2: Lost kids edition

Alright back again with the final part of the Duggar brood’s astrology- Lost Kids edition. This will have Joe down to Josie with any respective spouses. I’ll also include J’Tyler since he’s basically almost adopted into the brood. If snarkers are interested I can also do a duggar adjacent post (I just really want to see what Claire’s mom full chart is, spoiler alert she’s a pisces Sun). A bit of warning, I am not an astrologer and everything I have gathered for this is from Cafe Astrology. This is just for fun, and astrology isn’t a pass on being a dumpster fire of a person. Here’s post one which has Boob/ Meech through the Books: https://www.reddit.com/DuggarsSnark/comments/nd31lj/i\_thought\_it\_would\_be\_a\_good\_idea\_to\_look\_at\_the/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3
Next in line is JoKen. Joe (1/20/95) like Jinger was born on a cusp day, based on what I looked at unless he was born before 7 am he’s an Aquarius Sun. He’s also an Aquarius Mercury (like Pest and Books) and a Sag Venus. He has a Virgo Moon and Mars. Aquarius is known as the humanitarian sign, they enjoy helping others and being unique; however, they can be stubborn and aloof. His Virgo moon will make him a bit of a perfectionist, but his Virgo mars means he approaches conflict in a more critical way like a mediator. Kendra (8/11/98) is a Leo sun, (the first of 3) she has an Aries Moon, Leo Mercury and her Mars and Venus are in Cancer. Aries moon is an interesting placement, they can get impatient and they strive to get things done, despite this they do deal with emotions well and are go getters. According to Cafe Astrology, her Leo Mercury means she has a unique creative intelligence; however, her placements of Cancer in her Mars and Venus means that she might not enjoy the limelight like a normal Leo. Her Cancer mars is at its fall, which means that the sign does not feel comfortable in the planet, where Mars deals in fast acting decisions, Cancer prefers empathy and will struggle with conflict . Overall compatibility is good, Aqua and Leo suns have a strong compatibility, same with Virgo and Cancer mars. Their Venus’ Sag and Cancer means that they’ll have different expectations for love and passion.
Siah (9/28/96) is a Virgo Sun with a Pisces Moon, Libra Mercury with his Mars and Venus in Cancer. Like Giggles, his Cancer Mars is in its fall, so he’ll struggle with dealing with conflict but Venus in Cancer means that he’s probably protective of those close to him and value on feeling safe. Libra in Mercury means that the person does well at creating connections with people. Lauren (5/18/99) is a Taurus Sun with a Cancer Moon and Venus, a Taurus Mercury and a Libra Mars. Taurus suns value comforts and luxury in life. The moon is in its home in Cancer, they are emotionally attuned. Another Taurus Sun with a Cancer Moon is Jill, which is interesting. Taurus mercurys strive for stability and are extremely self confident. Her Libra Mars is a difficult placement similar to Cancer’s she’ll struggle with channelling their aggression and can be very passive aggressive; however they are great problem solvers. Out of all of the Js relationships Siah and Lauren probably have the highest overall compatibility; they both have Water moons so they’ll understand each other emotionally, Sun wise Virgo an earth sign does well with Taurus another earth sign. They both have very passionate Cancer Venus and struggle with their ange passions in two hard Mars signs: Cancer and Libra.
Joy (10/28/97) is a Scorpio Sun and Mercury, Gemini moon, Virgo Venus and Leo Mars. Her Scorpio mercury’s are known to not be super tactful and critical and dislike learning things that do not interest them. Her Virgo Venus means that she approaches love systematically and wants to build a friendship first. Leo mars are typically passionate and are strongly idealistic. Gemini Moons are known to be social butterflies and can adapt easily. Now Austin (12/11/1993) has a Sagittarius stellium- which means he has four placements in the sign- his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Stellium’s typically mean that the person is very stereotypical of the best and worst of their sign and interestingly he’s the 3rd in the family to have a stellium (Meech and Books are Virgo stelliums). Sags are known to be blunt, restless, afraid of commitment and have deep wanderlust. Mercury in Sag is at its fall which means that they can be overly blunt but are enthusiastic about their passions. A Sag mars is an interesting placement- like a match they can quickly get hot but it usually doesn’t last long. Now his moon in Scorpio is another sign at its fall, they can be brooding and struggle to express emotions to others but are very good detectives at understanding others emotions even if it's not fully displayed. On a strict zodiac compatibility check nothing besides their fire mars placements work; however they both have Scorpio placements so maybe that helps.
Jed!Jer (12/30/98) the final twins of the Series of Unfortunate J names have their Sun and Moon in Capricorn, a Sag Mercury and their Venus and Mars in Aquarius. Their Aqua placements are very similar to the first twins Jana and Planes Aqua Venus and Cap Sun. As someone said in the last post Aqua Venus will wait for their equals before settling. Capricorns are the workaholics of the zodiac, Cap Moons struggle with understanding theirs and other emotions, they can come off as cold and see the world through a pragmatism perspective. Like Austin above Sag Mercury is in its fall and are blunt, but are charismatic. Aqua mars are not as aggressive as other signs due to how detached Aquas are; however, they do suffer from a superiority complex. Katy (07/29/98) is a Leo sun and Mercury with a Libra moon and her Venus and Mars are in Cancer, almost identical to Kendra’s placements except for different moons. I won’t go super back in depth on the signs again since we just went through them, but I will say that her Cancer Mars typically deal with conflict through flight and that will not do well with Jed!’s strong personality, his Sag Mercury and Cap Moon means that he’ll be blunt, and while Aqua mars aren’t typically know to be temperamental they do have a stereotype as having a massive superiority complex and are stubborn. Overall compatibility from a zodiac perspective they only have compatible fire mercurys.
Entering Lost boy territory, we first have Jason (04/21/00), he’s a Taurus Sun with a Sagittarius moon, Aries Mercury and Venus and a Taurus Mars. Aries Mercurys are known as innovators and like their other fire signs pretty blunt and straight to the point. Aries Venus are bold and get hate when things get in their way or slow them down, they are a tough love kind of person when helping others. Taurus mars are slow to anger and can be possessive. A Sag Moon loves learning, they are adventurers at heart and thrive for freedom; however, they can be bombastic in their believes and can easily be persuaded by those close on their perceived truths.
James (07/04/01) is a Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, Sag Mars with a Gemini Mercury and Venus. A Cancer Sun with Aqua moon is an interesting placement, Cancer suns tend to be empaths and Aqua moons are aloof and approach things from an outsider perspective and according to starslikeyou.com they view their home life and how they grew up with a more critical lens early on. Gemini mercury are quick witted and open minded. Gemini Venus are social butterflies and are curious about people.
Child Groom (11/15/02) is a Scorpio Sun, Mercury and Venus with an Aries Moon, and a Libra Mars. He’s the third sibling with a Scorpio Sun (Jessa and Joy), Aries Moon’s are go getters but can be impatient. Like his sister in law Lauren he’s a Libra mars, Libra Mars is a difficult placement he’ll struggle with channelling their aggression and can be very passive aggressive.
Scorpio mercury’s are problem solvers by nature and tend to be more introverted. Venus Scorpios can be needy; they strive for deep connections and want a partner who can be that; a downside is without realizing it they can be possessive of their partner. Child Bride (02/27/01) is a Pisces Sun, Aries Moon and Venus, Aqua Mercury and Sag Mars. This is the third Aquarius mercury in the family (Pest and D’wreck) they are known to be snobs with a superiority complex and very stubborn in their ways. There’s also been a few Sag mars placements in this family as well, they are known to be quick to anger but don’t hold grudges. Claire and Justin share an Aries Moon, so emotionally they are understand each other fairly well, compatibility wise they are really compatible both have Water Suns, and an AiFire Mars. The only thing they might struggle with is communications, one sign can be passive aggressive and the other can be snobby.
Jackson (05/23/04) Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Mercury, Gemini Venus and Cancer Mars. A lot of cancer mars placements in this family again they struggle with handling fights and tend to want to flee. Cancer Moon and Taurus mercury are the same placements Jill has, while opinionated Taurus mercurys take time to look at different perspectives before coming to a solution. Like his other Lost compatriot he has a Gemini venus so he’s likely to be a social butterfly.
Hannie (10/11/05) is the only Libra Sun in the family, she has an Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Mercury, Sag Venus and Taurus Mars. Libra Suns are magnetic and typically social butterflies but they can place a high emphasis on other people's opinions about them. Like er lost brother Jason, she’s an Aqua moon, again Aqua moons are aloof and approach things from an outsider perspective and according to starslikeyou.com they view their home life and how they grew up with a more critical lens early on. Her Taurus mars means that she wants some stability and will hold her own if provoked. A Sag Venus typically does want adventure and prefer room to grow. Like Joy, her Scorpio mercury means that she struggles to learn things that do not interest her,
Jennifer (08/02/07) our final Leo Sun, with a Pisces Moon, Cancer Mercury, Virgo Venus and Taurus Mars She has a similar placement to Jason with the Taurus Mars, slow to anger slow to respond nature. Pisces moons tend to pick up on others emotions and are empaths. Virgo Venus value dedication and hard work. And, Cancer Mercury tends to be reflective and slow to respond until the right thing comes to mind.
Tyler (02/10/08) is an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Aquarius Mercury (in retrograde), Capricorn Venus and Mars Gemini. Gemini Mars are very resourceful but can have a hard time focusing. Capricorn Venus are goal oriented but loners.
Jordyn (12/18/08) is a Sagittarius Sun and Mars with a Virgo Moon, Capricorn Mercury, Aquarius Venus. Both sets of twins have the Aquarius Venus which is really interesting, they will wait for a match and don’t settle for less. Virgo Moon is a great balance to the Sag Sun, they are analytical and like to nurture relationships. Her Cap Mercury like JD and Jana might make it hard for her to be vocal.
Finally, J’Miracle (12/10/09) is a Sagittarius Sun and Venus, Leo Mars, Libra Moon and Capricorn Mercury. She is fire dominant, her Leo Mars means that she’s self confident and creative. Libra Moons are also known as creative and a people person. Sagittarius are typically free spirited and explorers, that’ll be amplified with her double placemen, same with Jordan.
Finally tallys of signs:
Most Common Sun: Capricorn, with the most common element Earth and fixed quality.
There’s at least 1 person in every sign, but interestingly only each Air (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) only have 1.
Moon: Aries Moons are the most common with six sharing it. No one has a Taurus Moon. Fire and Air moons are the most common, and Cardinals are overwhelming the most common quality.
Mercury: The most common mercury sign is Sag and Aqua in close second there’s an equal distribution of all of the elements and quality. There’s no Pisces mercurys.
Venus: Most common are Sagittarius and Aquarius, there are no Libra Venus. The most common element is fire, and the most common quality is mutable.
Mars: Most common are Cancer and Sagittarius, there is no Aries, Scorpio or Gemini mars. Cardinal is the most common quality and Earth is the most common element.
Well, after two long posts here we have the astrology of the Duggar brood. I wish I knew more about astrology, so I could have been more in depth, but hope you all had fun seeing what signs made up the Fundie’s poster family.
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