Go! 210519 Hints for TXT’s OST for ‘Doom at Your Service’ + signed poster raffle event |

210519 Hints for TXT’s OST for ‘Doom at Your Service’ + signed poster raffle event

2021.05.19 03:25 pm_me_your_fancam 210519 Hints for TXT’s OST for ‘Doom at Your Service’ + signed poster raffle event

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2021.05.19 03:25 meerkatnip26 CMV: Men by nature are irresponsible and self centered.

In my life, I have come to find men in my culture are irresponsible and live in the moment. Not to say that there are not responsible men, but the men I have come across have only gotten there with age or by a family member giving them an ultimatium with clear expectations.
Most men I respect or those that do show responsible personality traits are much older. It seems men are not necessarily malicious, but are completely naive to the fact they are even acting in a self centered way.
I realize I sounds extremely sexist and it is because I am. I see men as very immature and only when someone outside of themself holds them accountable do they shape up and "act accordingly."
Please change my view....
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2021.05.19 03:25 LindaNow LOVE, me, digital painting, 2021

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2021.05.19 03:25 YoOoCurrentsVibes Are the Sailor Starlights kinda assholes?

So I’m rewatching Stars after almost 20 years. I only cared about the action and the stacked roster of characters when I was younger and didn’t really pay attention to plot too much.
Decided to rewatch it now and the first 6 episodes were decently strong (best start to a season from what I remember but technically it’s the finale to SuperS so can’t really compare). I’m coming towards the end of the Iron Mouse arc and it’s kinda been a borefest.
My main issue is the starlights are kinda a recycled Uranus and Neptune (come off as assholes because of a greater purpose) but in S Uranus and Neptune redeemed themselves but from I remember that Starlights don’t really redeem themselves as extensively. I’ll withhold that opinion until I finish but even now they are just far less interesting even though they are operating on a very similar premise. I know the ending to stars is pretty good (doesn’t hold a candle to classic IMO) but it seems like a bit of a chore to watch.
I have the manga as well which I have never read the last few volumes of coincidentally so I’ll for sure read that in tandem or shortly after.
Anyways just wanted to gather other people’s thoughts on this either first time watchers or long time fans.
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2021.05.19 03:25 obeliskocamilo WWE2K20 XBOX ONE

Hi guys, I haven't played since ww2k19 two years ago. I have seen the bugs that the 2k20 has had and since I really want to play a fighting game, the question is .. Is it worth buying the WWE2K20 for xbox one today?
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2021.05.19 03:25 13-fity Is anyone else watching The Wild Vs. Flurry?

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2021.05.19 03:25 Most_Tonight6787 Just moved into the top floor of family-owned apartment building -- carpet and the whole apartment has animal urine odor and stains deep in the carpet. Best advice if I can't replace carpets?

I'm in a 2 bedroom apartment with one bathroom, carpet in the living room, both bedrooms, and in small hallway. I can't afford to replace the carpet right now because it's a few hundred dollars (at least) and the whole deal is I don't have to pay rent if I can fix it up myself. Planning on painting, etc but I would love to not be inhaling stale urine smells the whole time too. Stains are definitely more than one year old. Any advice/help?
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2021.05.19 03:25 LunaBeann Thyroid storm

So I really need some help/advice. Yesterday I was fine, doing my own thing, next thing I know I need to lay down because my whole chest and body are hurting and I try to fall asleep, within an hour I have spiked a fever, feel like I’ve been beat up and my heart is coming out my chest, I go to the doctor to get a Covid test thinking maybe that’s it and my heart rate is 140 and my blood pressure is 180/88, I end up feeling myself trying to pass out so I get sent to the ER, after being there for several hours, heart rate stays high, top number of blood pressure stays high, all my tests were abnormal, but they couldn’t figure out why, after lots of fluids and Tylenol eventually my heart rate goes down to 100-110 and my BP settles, but fever stays, 4 hours later with ibuprofen my fever breaks, and they send me home. Today I’ve felt exhausted, still feel beat up and chest is aching but beating under 100 bpm, and no fever luckily, I’m wondering if this was a storm and they missed it?
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2021.05.19 03:25 leavingin6minutes I got suspended for INSULTING

I understand schools suspend over bullshit reasons like self defense but in this case I didn't even HIT anyone, all I did was say "your mom should've swallowed you" after a kid REPEATEDLY INSULTED ME AND THEN FUCKING SLAPPED ME. Obviously he got suspended too but why do I get punished for saying something slightly mean for fucks sake...what's next are they gonna start suspending people for using the bathroom too often? Fucking dumb
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2021.05.19 03:25 jes86deviantart GODZILLA vs KING KONG by William Stout

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2021.05.19 03:25 Joshxotv POV: You Spend Years Telling The Mods to “Suck Your Whole Ass”

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2021.05.19 03:25 death10064 Death10064

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2021.05.19 03:25 Growlockin Which character do you prefer?

Based on the film or books (your choice)
View Poll
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2021.05.19 03:25 icecikle Darkness Beyond Hollowridge: A 6th Level Adventure in a Corrupted Woodland

Hello all, I've written an adventure for 4, 6th level 5th edition characters. Darkness Beyond Hollowridge is set within the civilized areas of deep woodlands and pits the characters against a corrupting force. This adventure should be easy to insert into another campaign world or could be used to run a short stand-alone campaign. Within the document you will find:

The Marsdon Woodland is host to a new cult that works to bring their deity of darkness to power. The cult’s work causes havoc across the forest and within the city of Hollowridge. The characters contend with the cult and its hirelings and goons. Characters will travel from ragtag bandit camps to dangerous caverns that transform around them. Within the heart of the cult’s base, they will fight in the darkness of the deity’s realm to stop the ritual.
More info is available on Itch.io (pay what you want/free) or if you just want a direct link my drive
I'm still working on proofreading, editing, art and getting a play test together, but I thought it was in a good place to share for now.
Thanks for looking!
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2021.05.19 03:25 lolhwaet OK, so I finally finished my first map. I think I still have a few brain cells left floating around somewhere... probably.

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2021.05.19 03:25 KingKam217 Chamath and Musk?? Is this real, I cant find or verify. Source says it was just removed !

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2021.05.19 03:25 DoughyResplendent How could doctors know how much you "have left to live?"

How could doctors know how much you "have left to live?" What are the chances that it is not accurate? Is it more accurate than the weather channel?
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2021.05.19 03:25 TysonPeaksTech Im still holding. Down -2k.

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2021.05.19 03:25 haker_man007 What

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2021.05.19 03:25 kimchijjiigae fromis_9 - Jiheon

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2021.05.19 03:25 saltier_thn_dead_sea This kid think it's okay to call me names and he won't stop.

Here's his Snapchat Jude_thiel
He is a minor just so you know
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2021.05.19 03:25 CantStopTheMeatStorm I started playing this game on July 3rd, 2008. 4702 days later, I finally maxed. What a journey it's been.

I chose to finish my long time goal where it all began...chopping a tree next to Lumbridge castle. Thanks to all the friends I've made along the way for making this a journey I'll never forget.
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2021.05.19 03:25 LindaNow The half-orc bard, me, digital art, 2021

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2021.05.19 03:25 Commercial_Picture28 Windows 10 Keyboard Help

I just opened my laptop onto Google Chrome and tried to type out numbers but instead it started switching tabs. So then, I tried to Google why that was happening and my "W" key starts deleting tabs on my browser. I think I accidentally changed a setting somehow but I'm not sure how to turn it off. Help me out, y'all 😭
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2021.05.19 03:25 An_Edgy_Wraith Most inspiring president quotes

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