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Amc business model: esports

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2021.05.19 03:51 baaaaarkly Amc business model: esports

With all their locations and venues could AMC not pivot to creating my e-sports and e-gaming venues? Is that a dumb idea?
With consumers prefering home theatre streaming more and more and only blockbusters bringing in crowds they will soon be marvel/DC universe viewing only. Why not capture an emerging market - you need spectator seats (check), a big screen (check) and the only new addition - some IT upgrades and space at the front. Dont even have to sacrifice films - like the taco 🌮 ad says "why not both".
Tell me why I'm stupid or help to make traction on the idea.
Is this the right sub: I think so - we discuss the business and this is about the business, and these days I would bet that AMC management are reading this subreddit.
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2021.05.19 03:51 blazin_gt5 Yveltal Raid! 7030 4574 8399

Can add 5+! Please be online. Thanks!
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2021.05.19 03:51 jefft0031 Not bad from the front either 🍒

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2021.05.19 03:51 Void_Creator Sue me.

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2021.05.19 03:51 SummerSabertooth Dear Evan Hansen (2021)

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2021.05.19 03:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Donald Trump tells Republicans to reject Jan. 6 commission | Washington Times

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2021.05.19 03:51 shiningnikki SHINING NIKKI | CBT Officially Started

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2021.05.19 03:51 Parking_Mountain_194 Why do different phone cameras change opinion of other people about how you look?

I tested by taking a nearly identical picture of myself with a Huawei p20 pro and IPhone 10 and people prefered the one taken on iphone getting rating of 9/10 most votes while the one taken on hauwei phone got 7/10 most votes
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2021.05.19 03:51 TonightOutside1695 It may not seem like it, but Doge is pulling away from Bitcoin. The momentary we hit $.74 mark was kind of an illusion. $.45-$.50 was the true value all along.

Bitcoin is now down to $40k-ish...
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2021.05.19 03:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Republicans rebel against Nancy Pelosi, reject House mask mandate | Washington Times

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2021.05.19 03:51 efspierce Film Attic Movie Review (The Mitchells vs The Machines) Ep.68

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2021.05.19 03:51 mikeyoureonredditnow Every day be proud.

Not just because of the squeeze potential. Not just because of the historical MOASS potential.
But because now every. single. DAY. we bleed the elitist pricks dry.
It cost nothing for us to hold.
No matter the price action- we already won.
Buy and hold yes- but make sure you enjoy this great moment in history where we all stood up, clicked a button, and spanked the bastards.
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2021.05.19 03:51 QuentinQuarantino234 White sneaker recommendations needed!

I saw Sofia wearing some chunky white Nikes in her stories which reminded me- I need some new white fashion sneakers for summertime! The kind that’s in style to wear with anything from a summer dress to leggings to shorts to jeans! I had a pair of all white chunky 3 stripe Adidas sneakers that were cute but they wore out fast and hurt my feet too much to wear now.
I prefer a more subtle “chunk” than what I typically see on the influencers but I’m open to anything. Anybody have any brands or types you really love?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.05.19 03:51 GeneralAmphibian1458 Karma!!!

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2021.05.19 03:51 rantscants Downsizing from my Fender Hot Rod DeVille 4-10 monster!

Looking for a similar tone and overall well rounded sound, just in about half the size! If you got experience with something like this let me hear it!
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2021.05.19 03:51 BubbleBassV2 Let’s hear your best “Not my job” story.

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2021.05.19 03:51 oglesbeast Just finished my first! Nothing special, but I already order a grey frame. Can’t decide, 34 or 17L?

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2021.05.19 03:51 -OptimusPrime- Its the little things in life that give me pleasure

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2021.05.19 03:51 Werewolf-Minute 29 [M4F] Efficient Hookup/FWB Encounter

Looks are subjective, this sport has some ethics and rules that hopefully some learn and abide with.. pag nag agree to exchange photos, I guess it should be standard to send back even if you would not proceed. And when you don't want to proceed, simply be courteous to give feedback and close the book.
So tara, try natin to be efficient. I'm feeling h at the moment and thanks to a very kind/insightful co-redditor last night, I'm looking for my 2nd encounter on reddit in this culture. In the mood for car roadtrip convo to loosen ourselves until we find a spot for car fun OR decide to check-in eventually.
Me: 29yo, have my own car and can be available 9pm onwards within Metro MNL. Normal BMI at 5'6" height and can be easy on the eyes..
You: I guess that's for me to find out ano? Haha. HMU and let's exchange photos on the go. Let's be efficient 😉
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2021.05.19 03:51 Tsjaad_Donderlul 🚯 EMOJI SIGN DO NOT SEASON THE FLOOR

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2021.05.19 03:51 ericqwaqwa .

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2021.05.19 03:51 oonee_ UNANSE AL DISCORD DEL EXO CTM!!!!!

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2021.05.19 03:51 Twotailedpikachu [WP] You’ve been sending love letters to your crush in secret. It’s not that your parents can’t know (They’re fine with it actually), it’s just that the various beasts and horrors of this world get angry at the sight of romance.

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2021.05.19 03:51 Infiniti7000 ARK CEO Cathie Wood will be speaking at a Decentraland event tomorrow!

This is good news (we need it) - Cathie Wood draws a lot of good attention:
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2021.05.19 03:51 Anonymousthrow20 Yesterday marked my 9th month sober and I wanted to share my story here to possibly help anyone

On August 17th, 2020.. I had been drinking all afternoon. At this point in my life, I knew I drank too much but I couldn't be bothered to stop. I had gotten 6 months under my belt in 2018, but relapsed after taking a seasonal cooking gig in Alaska. There was far too much partying going on for me to resist. Anyway, the last day that I consumed alcohol, I was in a horrible mood. I had called my ex-gf and cussed her out. I was fighting with my family through text. And the final straw was my grandmother telling me I'd had enough and taking the rest of my beer. A 30 year old male, living with his grandmother, fighting over a couple beers.. how pathetic I was looking back. Anyway, I decided to go for a walk to blow some steam. There's an auto body shop at the end of her driveway that my late grandfather used to run. Something overtook me, and I just saw red. I decided to punch out one of the window panes in the bay door. My arm went completely through and as I pulled my arm back out. I saw the blood. My arm peeled completely open and I truly thought my arm was falling off. I ran back to the house and got her to call my mom. Rushed to the hospital with 2 bath towels wrapped around my arm. The cut was too deep for my local hospital to work with. They packed me with gauze and sent me by ambulance to a bigger hospital an hour away. I received 56 stitches that night.. pulling the severed muscles back together and then the flap of skin back together. The next morning, sober, I realized just what a mistake I had made. My mom looked at me and said, "you realize that if you had cut your arm just 1 inch higher up... you would have died last night." It would have severed my brachial artery. From that day on, I decided I could no longer pretend I was in control of my drinking. One stupid decision almost cost me my life. And now today, I have a girlfriend.. my own apartment.. a little dog.. and a good paying job. Don't fool yourself into thinking "its just a beer". Because for me, it was just one inch and I'd have been a goner. Thanks for reading
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