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2021.05.19 02:50 maxalyssa Incredibleeeee

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2021.05.19 02:50 AliEvans Amateurs look for guarantees.Professionals look for opportunities.

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2021.05.19 02:50 superdave100 logs black border

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2021.05.19 02:50 Monoplex Solar power or Ice?

I'm considering getting a 100w solar setup mostly for keeping a little fridge cold. The solar setup is certainly more expensive than buying ice every few days. Does anyone find that solar is significantly less hassle on a trip?
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2021.05.19 02:50 AliEvans “I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine.” - Neil Armstrong

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2021.05.19 02:50 bassfacegates First time setting up a bass.. is this normal?

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2021.05.19 02:50 TheAutobotArk Who is worse

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2021.05.19 02:50 juicygoosy921 Headstock from my offset telecaster build

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2021.05.19 02:50 admin_intl_scope Elon Musk Scheduled to Host Saturday Night Live

Crypto-enthusiasts take note: Elon Musk, of SpaceX and Tesla, to name a few, is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live (SNL). This is big news and you need to pay attention to what I'm about to say.
The International Scope is accelerating its move into the NFT and cryptocurrency news space, and
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2021.05.19 02:50 CroikadoyleUndie MRW I find a free vaccine in the men’s bathroom at Casa Bonita

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2021.05.19 02:49 weaver-of-chaos ITAP of a rose

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2021.05.19 02:49 darkpark7 I have a wired Razer Kraken Headset. The 3.5mm Jack will fit in my PS5’s controller properly. In the Series X controller however, it does not. The result is a halfway audio experience with a lot of echoing. Could I theoretically buy an extension or adapter vs buying a new headset?

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2021.05.19 02:49 Mme_Mae Busybody landlords

I've spent time applying to literal slums, with an NOA of 62k a year, and can't get a fucking apartment because of ~590 credit (issue with identity fraud).
I can't find a single property that just wants income verification and criminal check, no. These ugly, cheap, rotting apart slums wanted credit check and access to my bank account. My income meant nothing in the face of two loans from three years ago, even if I can prove I've been trying to contest this.
My bank account! Holy hell! Then a million nosy ass questions, and one agent said I should write a letter appealing to the landlords. I get it, but I am so skeeved out that the suggestion is to "beg landlords for a place to live or go homeless".
I am beyond sick to death of landlords. Greedy, nosy motherfuckers trying to play god. Mao was right. I've gotten into some landlords groups on Facebook and the way they talk about tenants is absolutely disgusting. They know they can get away with illegal shit because it's hard to prove or we will be homeless trying to fight it, and they discuss it gleefully. Then they whine it's unfair that taxes are raising. They talk about renovictions or how to hide that their family isn't actually moving in when they evict tenants for "family".
I'm also sick of landlords claiming that "operate at a loss" because they're not making 2000$ over their mortgage payments. Literally any penny into their mortgage is pure profit to them, we are paying their mortgage, how is spending 40$/month on a property their tenant pays 2500$/month on a loss?! Sheer greed!
Anyways, did anyone else lose patience with landlords and their shit? Even though it's illegal where I am to say No to kids or pets, they just ghost you when you mention them. I've hereby decided damage deposits are just last month's rent, I don't have children, I don't have pets! Nope. Crazy. Yup, I'll pay your illegal security deposit to sign the lease. Gonna be pissed when you figure out it's first month's rent.
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2021.05.19 02:49 Petersslave I'm new, please help

Hi, I had never in my life experience ibs symptoms until I turned 19 earlier this year. That was around 4 months ago and I have repeated a cycle of absolutely agony non stop ever since.
It's starts with a light ache, an inconvenience sure but I'm still able to pass things and go about my day as normal just with slight discomfort. Then after a few hours it intensifies to extreme levels of pain that have at there worst left me unable to even move properly. This level of pain normally lasts for a few hours (sometimes even a whole night) but does pass eventually. During this period of extreme pain I am unable to really pass much despite the feeling that I need to which only adds to the discomfort. After this pain passed I am left with on off minor stomach aches for about a week coupled with mild constaption. After this things go back to normal for a week or two but then the whole cycle repeats itself again.
The first time this happened I went to A and E. It was some of the worst pain I had ever experienced and I was scared and confused (and frankly I still am). They told me that it was most likely IBS and that they could not really do much other than provide some pretty basic information about it and give me some buscopan and let me "tough it out". My mother is a coeliac so she was very understanding of what I was going through and informed me that I may of inherited being a coeliac from her.
This has however only added to my confusion as I am 99.9% certain that I do not have a wheat allergy. I believe this due to the fact that during my of time when I am not experiencing any pain and even during my minor ache periods after the major aches I consume wheat based products and feel all most no difference what so ever. There will be days where I don't eat wheat (and haven't for days) and then all of a sudden bam I can't walk properly due to gut pain.
This whole ordeal is terrifying because I don't know what is going to set it off. I am scared to eat anything and have started to eat less incase I trigger it (really sucks cuz I love food and had resulted in me losing some weight ). On bad days I have had to miss work which is horrible beacuse it reduces my pay and considering I just moved out to live by myself is awful I need all the cash I can get my hands on cuz I barely make do on what I have.
I have tried keeping a food diary to figure out what is causing this but there seemed to be no consistent trigger to it from what I could see. I kept this up for a around a month and then stopped due to the fact I couldn't find a solution and I got disheartened (I know I should of kept it going but it was so demoralising not seeing any trigger that it felt pointless). I'm going to start it again now that I am eating less to see if there are any clear triggers.
I know this has been a super long post and I thank anyone who has taken the time to read it. I just have so many questions about this, I have no clue what I'm doing, no clue what is causing this, no clue why it's only starting now and I know no one else who also goes through it (except my mother but she is able to avoid most pain through avoiding wheat).
I can't keep going like this for the rest of my life I need to figure this out urgently and any advice, tips, help or just general information would be so greatly appreciated
Thanks to anyone who can help
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2021.05.19 02:49 winterdates One year on, frontliner family still getting soapy water splashed outside door, sprayed with disinfectant by neighbours

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2021.05.19 02:49 chrisgoshy What are Cheap utility kilts?

What are Cheap utility kilts in Scotland.
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2021.05.19 02:49 charbnado Crashin’ and Crazy Drivin’, Part 1

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2021.05.19 02:49 skittlesstorm Scorpio guy telling me his sex fantasies

We have known eachother for like 1 year and we only met two times. The last time i saw him it was amazing and i dint think much of him . But i started to feel really atracted to him and might even have a lil crush. Lately he has been overing me sexting and telling me even about his sexual fantasies. I was wondering if im just a bootycall or if he is just genuinely interested in me as a person. We never touched eachother either .no hugs or any sort of hand holding . Im kind of confused . Am i just a friend? Or a long term bootycall? Haha
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2021.05.19 02:49 spoderman457 “Vai rabetão, tão, tão, tão, tão, tão no chão” - Lan, MC (2017)

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2021.05.19 02:49 yikes_riv Is the Beauxbatons side quest still available?

i’m way past the trigger chapter and it never came up, is it unavailable? just wanting to know if i should message JC
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2021.05.19 02:49 Capri-Cum_ Is anybody else rly relieved when they're finished doing their hw and close out all the tabs?

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2021.05.19 02:49 KatieKat1999x Caucasian x Asian

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2021.05.19 02:49 BilboMontague1 What’s the worst berry besides dingle?

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2021.05.19 02:49 iitztune Need help oc'ing 9900k

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2021.05.19 02:49 JDM_Spike Male puberty advice

Now that all the girls are gone, any of you guys who are 13 or 14 want to be my friend
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