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Any thoughts?

2021.05.19 04:24 EeeeeeEeeEe__-_-_-- Any thoughts?

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2021.05.19 04:24 Kivulini Any chance to clear up this picture taken in a dark casino? And potentially open the eyes of the girl? I've tried but to no avail.

Any chance to clear up this picture taken in a dark casino? And potentially open the eyes of the girl? I've tried but to no avail. submitted by Kivulini to picrequests [link] [comments]

2021.05.19 04:24 ewarfordanktears It wasn't me

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2021.05.19 04:24 dunkin1980 Preikestolen- The Pulpit Rock- Heavenly View of Earth

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2021.05.19 04:24 maxiipi Deleted Listings

Has anyone experienced Etsy deleting listings for being prohibited items? I've just had my fourth listing removed but nothing on the listing went against listed guidelines for my most recent two removed. I've had my shop open about a year and it's just been this past month i'm having issues. Any advice on what to do? How to list it? If i should go to a new platform? They are my best selling items and i'm starting to get very discouraged. I tried contacting support but i just get automated messages; i don't want my shop to get suspended but i don't want to quit selling my most adored pieces either. I've had 30 orders for it just this week. Other shops have this same product just completely differently built/designed/etc. If other shops aren't getting taken down why are mine? Someone help 😭
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2021.05.19 04:24 ivorybillhope Any way to show local time of DX station during a QSO?

I am based in the US and use HRD for my everyday software. Does anyone know of a way to show the local time of a station I am working in the HRD lookup window? some other window? or some other software?
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2021.05.19 04:24 LumberFoche How many would like to see a Creepypasta Anthology Show?

I work at Yoldasi Films and we are planning on making Either a Creepypasta Anthology series, or a Creepypasta Movie. We thought it best to ask the official subreddit for feedback.
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2021.05.19 04:24 DoubleMirrorXT Almost...

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2021.05.19 04:24 LustyLuck420 I hope 1 of the 500 people online like my new jammies as much as I do 🖤🖤🖤

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2021.05.19 04:24 Outrageous_Bird5670 It’s hard to keep calm when I’m trying to quit my job.

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2021.05.19 04:24 c8bb8ge Another cheese plate

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2021.05.19 04:24 dmvspitta React & Chill:Pray For My Wizards - dmvspitta on Twitch

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2021.05.19 04:24 verthunderbolten [PC]Cisco ISR 1K

I have a Cisco ISR 1K model C1111-8PWB it has a security license as well and is running IOS-XE 16.06.09. I also have the rackmount kit for it.
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2021.05.19 04:24 Dull-Refrigerator-25 You’re going to wish you bought right now js

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2021.05.19 04:24 PersonalGur5556 This shirt on my Instagram feed

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2021.05.19 04:24 bankaiishinigamiguy A dollar and a dream 🤞🏾results tomorrow

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2021.05.19 04:24 juhde NG+ Casual difficulty speedrun. My PB

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2021.05.19 04:24 Purgatory_Piano Fuse tweak suggestion

Had a Fuse idea I wanted to throw out:
Instead of the knuckle duster, Fuse fires a grenade that leaves a cloud of fume. Fume linger like Caustic’s gas, but doesn’t do anything at first. Once an explosion goes off inside fume (frag, arc star, thermite, Fuse ult, Crypto ult, etc) the effect of the explosion is extended throughout the area of the fume. Kinda similar to how Scorch worked in Titanfall 2. This would give Fuse’s ability more synergy with his grenade passive and most of the other legends. Maybe the fume grenade can also break down doors when it lands (that’s the only thing I use the knuckle duster for currently).
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2021.05.19 04:24 DeidarasBae D.va having fun by DeidarasBae

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2021.05.19 04:24 _matttt_ iPhone 11 Pro replaced 4 times - what qualifies it for a CRU?

My iPhone 11 Pro died a couple of times on me, in total five times, including today! I've got it replaced as an Apple Care Express replacement so far, but I'm sick and tired of this. Today I spoke with a senior advisor but dodged several times when asking for a CRU.
He referred to going straight to a physical Apple Store to get my phone replaced. Is there any way to get my 11 Pro replaced for a brand new phone, meaning a CRU (Consumer Replacement Unit) in an Apple Store or should I call them up again?
What is your experience?
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2021.05.19 04:24 passionwake Thinking of taking the CFA level 1 exam? Have some questions.

Thinking of taking the CFA level 1 exam?
How much does it cost to take and when you sign up does CFAI provide study materials or is that an extra charge?
Are the CFAI books useful/will help you pass or will I need to purchase study materials elsewhere?
As well, I'm currently a billing coordinator so will my job allow me to take the level 2 exam when I am ready or will I need to change jobs to do so? My salary is pretty decent (75k) so I don't want to switch to a lower pay job just to take level 2.
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2021.05.19 04:24 sutcherROBLOX Is gemstone/chroma version going up in value?

I traded my gem for a purple seer so I want to know if I took an L or a W.
I also can't open supreme values right now the web is broken.
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2021.05.19 04:24 Evindaletheoofgod69 say hi

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2021.05.19 04:24 airstreamforsale Rare Beauty

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2021.05.19 04:24 Affectionate-Fun-834 Lol SportsCenter

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