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2021.05.19 02:42 descartei Morena Baccarin

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2021.05.19 02:42 TorturePyjamas FLF all of a sudden has brown spots in two places and a weird cottony substance, plus red spots on the new leaf. Could anyone help pls?

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2021.05.19 02:42 cbvv1992 50% Off Code – $10.29 Power Strip with USB, 5 FT Flat Plug Extension Cord, Black

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2021.05.19 02:42 Some_Awareness_8859 Helping someone struggling with alcohol use.

This is both clinical and personal. I have a family friend who has been struggling for years with drinking and anger. He has family crying desperate to help him. If they try and say anything he gets angry and will scream and swear at them. They are censor citizens and I am vigilant that they are not being physically abused. They have gotten him into 8 detoxes. He has almost died twice. The two schools of thought I am accustomed to are “harm reduction” where an individual would be monitored and kept safe while continuing to use, while also having the option of treatment available to them. Then there is the “kicked out to hit rock bottom” approach. I guess I would like to know others experiences and opinions?
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2021.05.19 02:42 Senseless_Guy Activation Key not working (Non-Steam account)

Hello all!
I have owned and played the crap out of the game on my PS4, but wanted it for my new PC. I decided to login to my Mogstation and click on the "Buy" link next to Shadowbringers, under to the Windows section of the Version chart. It took me here: https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/hub/games where I successfully bought the game. I opened the email they sent me and revealed the activation code.
Now, this is where I have tried numerous things. Allow me to provide super specifics in case it helps.
~ I purchased the version titled "Shadowbringers Standard Edition [PC Download]" because I am using Windows, but my account is NOT Steam based. The account says "Standard" and does not have the 'Steam' parenthesis I have seen in photos while trying to google this issue.
~ I tried entering the code by clicking the following on Mogstation: Your Account > Add Windows License > Code Entry at the bottom of the page.
~ I also tried entering it here (which I am almost certain is incorrect): Your Account > Enter Item Code > Code Entry at the bottom of the page.
~ Lastly, I tried entering it this way: Open the FFXIV Windows Launcher > Login with my credentials > Enter activation key in the registration section of the login.
~ I did enter a ticket with support, but my google searching has me feeling less than confident in their timeliness so I figured I would ask here.
None of these methods work. The error I receive is "the entered code is invalid". Is it possible that Shadowbringers doesn't actually come with a Realm Reborn the way every google search said it did? Do I have to buy that first?
Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated. This whole process is insanely obtuse. I just want to buy and play a game lol
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2021.05.19 02:42 IPreferSnailMail Need Help with Dogecoin Core Wallet & Kraken Trading

It's my first time investing in this. It's taking my computer days for my Dogecoin Core to update all blocks (will take another 24hrs max). I created an account on Kraken as well. But now I need to figure out how to use them both and how they all work. Can someone point me to links, videos, step-by-step instructions? I'd imagine I'd test it out by funding just a tiny amount of money so I don't accidentally lose it into the ether (no pun-intended with regards to etherium).
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2021.05.19 02:42 psirr Should I add a breadboard to strengthen my glue-up?

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2021.05.19 02:42 carrotking247 Found in Wellington, New Zealand!

About 15-20cm long, found at the edge of a forest. Thanks!!!!
Processing img 52943nm0fzz61...
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2021.05.19 02:42 cbvv1992 50% Off Code – $9.99 Sewing Kit, 172PCS DIY Mini Quality Supplies

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2021.05.19 02:42 VOvercaffeinated Can someone who's taken Free 120 recently confirm...?

Is the 2021 Sample Item PDF (https://www.usmle.org/pdfs/step-1/samples_step1.pdf) the same questions as the Free 120? Want to make sure because I wanted to look through these questions but also plan on taking Free 120 on Thursday or Friday so I'll switch things up if the questions are the same.
Can someone also confirm if any questions repeat from old sample tests like this one? https://www.usmle.org/pdfs/step-1/samples_step1_early_2020.pdf
Thank you!
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2021.05.19 02:42 Mariahxyz anyone have characters in Jojo bizzare adventure in miitopia

wanting them for the dancing fairies XD
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2021.05.19 02:42 leroyhasabmw Kanye east

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2021.05.19 02:42 veggielove91 John Hopkins vaccine study results for immunosuppressed?!

I'm hoping to gather some of the data from fellow immunosuppressed lupies who signed up for that John Hopkins vaccine study! https://vaccineresponse.org I searched for other posts and saw some that were commenting on being positive or negative, but I would like to see your NUMBERS :) Please. I'm curious to compare with mine. Please also include which drugs you're taking that may affect your immune response.
My meds: Hydroxychloroquine, Benlysta, and Rayos steroids
My result was 2.88 u/ml 3 weeks after my first Pfizer dose. :(
I need to wait another two weeks before I can test my response to the second dose, but I am getting a lot of push-back to return to work. SO, I'm hoping to see here if some of my peers had a higher number result after the second dose. I don't really feel safe with a result of 2.88 u/ml....but of course my doctors don't want to give out number ranges. They don't want me to feel reassured and then go get COVID. I get it. We aren't doctors. I'd just like to know where I stand. Do I need antibodies in the 1,000's or what? Level with me people!
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2021.05.19 02:42 Funny_Technology_426 with julia rose

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2021.05.19 02:42 WarmMaybe6044 America is the foundation and legacy of racism and black supremacy: Being white is dangerous in the 21st century United States

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2021.05.19 02:42 callierkap Huh???

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2021.05.19 02:42 JayKayEcksDee My 3 favorites persona characters

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2021.05.19 02:42 Storae Virus Nam 2.0 Flash Rom

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2021.05.19 02:42 kelsosterrace I can’t believe I lived with these massive monsters for so long (removed tonsil photos)

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2021.05.19 02:42 SnooCalculations4020 Retiremoon AMA tomorrow at 9:00 CST

Here at RETIREMOON we believe our investors deserve the best tokenomics with unparalleled security. Super early project, make sure you don't miss this one. We're sending it. Our team has created this custom contract to benefit both new and long term investors. We created this opportunity for you.
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Feel free to relax, while we do all the heavy lifting.
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2021.05.19 02:42 LezMonke You don’t say...

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2021.05.19 02:42 VeritasDawn Issues with subfiles package and figures

Hi, everyone! I am having an issue that is causing massive headaches for me, so I am hoping to get some help.
I am using the subfiles package to create a modular document, where each chapter of the document is contained within its own .tex file.
In one of these subfiles (and more as I continue writing the document), I generate a figure. If I compile the individual subfile (we'll call it chapter2.tex), pdflatex generates the required output: a chapter2.pdf file with the associated text and the figure. However, once I attempt to compile the main.tex file, only the text of each of my subfiles is shown in the resulting main.pdf. The figure and any references to it are not rendered in the main.pdf file.
How can I remedy this situation? I need the figures to appear in the manuscript as a whole, not just in an individual subfile.
My directory structure is as follow:

main.tex preamble.tex /chapters abstract.tex chapter1.tex chapter2.tex /images /misc university_logo.png /example figure1.png 
And a minimal amount of relevant code is as follows:
% preamble.tex \documentclass[12pt,letterpaper,twoside,appendixprefix, margin=1in]{report} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{subfiles} \graphicspath{{images/}{../images/}} % main.tex \input{preamble} \title{ \vspace{-4cm}\includegraphics[scale=0.125]{misc/university_logo.png} ... \begin{document} \maketitle ... \subfile{chapters/chapter1.tex} \subfile{chapters/chapter2.tex} \end{document} % chapter2.tex \documentclass[../main.tex]{subfiles} \begin{document} \begin{doublespace} \chapter{Chapter 2} \label{chapter2} \begin{figure} \centering \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{example/figure1.png} \caption{A simple figure} \label{fig:1} \end{figure} \end{document 
The university logo is populated into the title page just fine, but figure1 (and presumably any other figures I add) will not populate into main.tex.

Thank you again for any help you can give!
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2021.05.19 02:42 bananachocochippies 24 [M4R] FL/Anywhere - disturbed right now and having someone to talk to could help

sooooo I just saw something pretty disturbing and I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this right now and I kinda just don’t want to be alone, so — :’) talk to me? hah.. I don’t knoooooow what else to put here but I don’t want my post to get removed for being too short. I had a frosted animal cookie blizzard from Dairy Queen today. I don’t even like frosted animal cookies but the menu said it was for a limited time only and I just thought to myself “when else will I ever be able to try animal cookie ice cream?”. And that’s exactly what it was lmao. The ice cream itself tasted like animal cookies.. it was wild. okay. please send me a message now lmao
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2021.05.19 02:42 cbvv1992 70% Off Code – $6.00 Coin Pendant Necklace!!

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2021.05.19 02:42 TenaciousTigerGaming Last Kerry Eurodyne Mission! Meeting up with him for Boat drinks on a boat called Seamurai! | Cyberpunk 2077 part 48

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