Go! [XBOX] [H] Solid 20.5k Offer [W] TW Octane |

[XBOX] [H] Solid 20.5k Offer [W] TW Octane

2021.05.19 04:25 Alex_Smith_2 [XBOX] [H] Solid 20.5k Offer [W] TW Octane

FG Apex: 6200
OG Striker DD: 5600
Striker FG Phoenix Wings: 1100
Scorer TW Phoenix Wings: 2200
Saffron Inverted Gripstride: 400
5k Credits
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2021.05.19 04:25 Fiona1029 What do you guys think of my new room ideas?

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2021.05.19 04:25 furgisthename Can sharing earbuds give me stds / anything life threatening?

I was sharing them with a friend and I have been worrying about it. So can it give me anything I should really worry about. I see other people do it and it seems not to be a problem. Help!
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2021.05.19 04:25 surephil What effect will central bank digital currencies (USD) have on crypto currency?

When banks and governments go digital with the dollar would it have a positive impact on cryptocurrency?
Since it is centralized would it be likely ran on its own infrastructure or a system that crypto already runs on.
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2021.05.19 04:25 TigerComprehensive10 Recent college grad seeking first job/international teaching advice

Hi all!
I just graduated from a university in the USA with a degree in elementary education and obtained licensure in K-6 education for the state that I am in. I'm considering getting a teaching job here in the USA for two years to get experience before going abroad...but I'm also considering teaching internationally or teaching English abroad right away next year (if I could get something this late).
I know that I am a little late to the game for application and job fairs for the 2021-22 school year, but still thought that I would try. I've heard that most international schools prefer at least 2 years of teaching experience and most teaching English abroad programs require TEFL or similar certification - however have also heard that if you have a teaching degree & licensure you might be fine.
I am a little overwhelmed with where to start and would appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance!
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2021.05.19 04:25 Aardappelsalade0 Cursed_Koala

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2021.05.19 04:25 skeat90 Diamond Dynasty uniforms

If me and some friends start a custom league can we use our DD roster and uniforms or just whatever MLB team we take over?
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2021.05.19 04:25 victorlives Japanese setting tips?

Not revealing much in case of nosy players, but any tips for running a Japanese samurai type game? I know a few bits and bobs but any extra advice you might have?
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2021.05.19 04:25 old_acc_20k_karma It's so funny lol

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2021.05.19 04:25 ehddwjkl The Wizards tonight in the 7-8 play in game : 3/21 (14.3%) from 3PT

This included 0-7 from Bertans 0-4 Westbrook and 1-6 Beal The Wizards are a 35.1% average from 3pt in the regular season
They lost the game 118-100 to the Celtics
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2021.05.19 04:25 SoraKara97 The Last Minute Before Coco Reach 10k Length[hololive posting]

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2021.05.19 04:25 Snoo-54095 Wfl? Fast pls

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2021.05.19 04:25 MoodsOfMods NYC Apartments but in Sims

I'm not great at Sims - I have like 4 packs and use xbox and am also a shit builder. I tried to be as accurate to the size of the apartments as I could and I thought decorating those shitty apartments would be fun. They're of course non-functional. Just wanted to share them somewhere.

Processing img knwwa2svwzz61...
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2021.05.19 04:25 Potential-Exit-438 If you want to know why everything is down, listen to my podcast on YouTube. I called this crypto crash. Marantz Rantz on YouTube. #apestrong #gme

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2021.05.19 04:25 bk33zy [MI] Worried about a background check regarding a past arrest

(copied from original on jobs)
I got a job offer and accepted, and now am required to pass a drug screen and a background check. The drug screen is of no worry to me, however, I am a bit worried about the background check. Last year (roughly 9 months ago) I was arrested for aggravated/felonious assault, however I was released and told the charges were dropped. Aside from this my record is completely clean.
Out of curiosity I decided to run a background check on myself to see if this would show up, and it did. I live in Michigan and used the iCHAT (internet criminal history access tool) provided by the State Police since I figured it was the most likely to show any information. The arrest showed up, what the charge was, and that a warrant was issued. After doing some personal investigative work, the warrant that was issued to pursue charges was denied, which is why I was released and hence the charges being 'dropped'. I notified my recruiter and he told me to obtain something that indicated that there were no charges.
The iCHAT system does not reflect any judicial information as I never went to court, saw/spoke to a judge, or an attorney, detective, or prosecutor for that matter, so it only shows an arrest with no indication about there being no charges or prosecution. The only documentation that I was able to acquire regarding the charges was a copy of the warrant which was denied by the prosecutor. No courts in my area (city, district, or county) have any information regarding the case, as I never went to trial at any level. The only things that exist from what I can tell is the police report, the denied warrant, and the arrest information in the iCHAT system.
Now my question is, what is the likelyhood of this being flagged on a criminal history background check, especially considering the charge was a felony charge? With the degree of the initial charge, what are the chances of it impacting my employment opportunities? And if my recruiter just said to find something that indicated no charges, will the denied warrant be enough, given that it seems there is no other documentation available?
For reference, the company uses Sterling Talent Solutions for background checks. Not sure if that matters, but I can't order a background check on myself through their company which is mostly the reason I'm worried.
This seems to be a bit of a legal grey area that I'm in since there's no court information, the charges weren't formally dismissed by a court so state dismissal laws don't apply, and there's limited information regarding the case. Just Looking for some advice/insight regarding my situation and what can be done potentially about the arrest record and how it could affect my employment chances.
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2021.05.19 04:25 tigerskatnix Questions

Keep in mind as you read this I don’t have regular tv. Everything coming in is tightly controlled because propaganda irritates me. Anyway I talked to my father yesterday. News constantly. Oddly not a peep about the virus or even the vaccine. He voted for Trump last year. Now he’s calling him an insane criminal and started talking about everyone being so divided he is certain Civil War is coming. I was THOROUGHLY expecting vaccine questions and or demands. (For those curious, I’m not certain of any political ideologies. If I were guessing I would guess he votes as my grandfather tells him too.) He was deep into his mask though. Wore it everywhere and has been self isolated for over a year. (Like his father.) I’m not sure what’s going on but he was... different than normal. It’s like COVID disappeared overnight for him and something weirder showed up in its place. I almost prefer the virtue signaling to the paranoia. And the 180 on Biden is just plain odd.
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2021.05.19 04:25 SO_11 Really watched many anime.but last i loved is fate!

Can Anybody recommended best underrated anime in adventure genere
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2021.05.19 04:25 TheNotoriousTRM Buggy/unpolished games

I’ve noticed a trend that started around the end of the Xbox 360 era and has progressively gotten worse and worse every year and that is games released in an unfinished state. I feel like these practices have became more and more accepted by the gaming community as a whole. I honestly believed cyberpunk 2077 would have been the breaking point but I don’t believe it was, it doesn’t help that games have started to have shorter and shorter review windows. do you believe this will be a problem that will get worse and worse or do you think the industry will reach a real breaking point and eventually right the ship? Is there any reason for the decline in quality besides the underutilization of quality control and games releasing too early? Has the industries ambitions outgrown modern tech?
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2021.05.19 04:25 LifelessFashionLover Am I too needy to have friends?

For years, I have avoided wanting to use people as therapists. I, at least from what I have perceived from myself, only tell people about how badly I'm feeling unless they present themselves as eager and available for such things or if my situation is REALLY bad. This is a lot easier for me to do with people I know offline. Online, though, is a bit harder for me to keep myself under control, I guess.
I don't want to be a dark cloud in anyone's life. I prefer to be friends with people who have gone through serious traumas in their life, because telling what I call "innocent" people who have never suffered through any abuse about my life, I feel is just too much for them and like a "corruption". I deeply regret confiding in people like this, but to be fair, the last time I did that with this one man, he had claimed to love me. He completely rebuffed me for it, saying that he "cares about me too much" to know how badly I suffered.
I just don't know what to expect of others... I need to have it spelled out to me. Are the things I need support for too heavy? I deal with a lot of trauma from sexual and emotional abuse.
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2021.05.19 04:25 sithdude24 Lmao I wore a crop top to school today and 2 random girls I don't know started following me on insta

They're both freshmen too, I'm sorry but please leave me alone if you haven't met me
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2021.05.19 04:25 Ok-Writing1881 Skiff: A Secure Alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft 365

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2021.05.19 04:25 crayonponyfish69 A recent photo of my one-winged girl, all grown up.

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2021.05.19 04:25 ejaz__ Selling domains

- titles offer names for 420, xxx, and online poker
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2021.05.19 04:25 CadencyAMG Event ID 14 nvlddkmkm

I was playing Modern Wafare when both my displays went to sleep then back on after about 30 seconds. Checked event viewer and found an error with Event ID 14.
Ryzen 5 5600x RTX 3070 16gb 3200 CL16
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2021.05.19 04:25 ClassyPhoenix324 you can never have enough cake

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