Go! Extension that blocks background tabs from CPU/network usage without unloading them from memory? |

Extension that blocks background tabs from CPU/network usage without unloading them from memory?

2021.05.19 04:38 2ethical4me Extension that blocks background tabs from CPU/network usage without unloading them from memory?

To be clear, I do not want to unload tabs from memory, meaning extensions like this are completely worthless to me. I do want to be able to controllably and automatically block background tabs from making any network requests or using any CPU (executing Javascript, CSS, etc.). Any extension that offers this?
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2021.05.19 04:38 taryntheturd Me thinking of all the cream pies I’m going to take 🤡

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2021.05.19 04:38 F1SC Has anyone here read “The Oracle” by Jonathan Cahn?

Hi fellow Catholic brothers and sisters.
I have started reading a book called “The Oracle” by Jonathan Cahn, and I am being absolutely blown away by the prophecy and revelation, it is written in a fictional narrative but all the prophetic insights are real and check out.
Has anyone else read it and has any comments?
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2021.05.19 04:38 RvdAvdBlavk vo oosh no!!! 🥴

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2021.05.19 04:38 Nickthequick303 Someone busted my monitor.

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2021.05.19 04:38 nicecoldwater Meganium is now my favorite Johto starter

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2021.05.19 04:38 camelhorse Right into an iceberg, they steer

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2021.05.19 04:38 Digitdirt Making the switch from Middle School ELA to an elective teacher

Hi there! I am making the switch from teaching 8th grade English to 7th grade Career Explorations and Family and Consumer Science. I know it might sound like a stretch but I was a restaurant manager, cake decorator and chef for 10 years collectively. I like to sew, consider interior design a hobby and take child development seriously. Has anyone made the switch from a core class to an elective teacher? Are there any huge changes I should consider? I already realize that classroom management will be very different from a classroom to a kitchen. My admin has also emphasized that the course should be "fun and exciting" to keep enrollment up.
Also, if anyone teaches FACS and knows of any good advice or resources I would be so grateful! I am stoked to teach kids life skills and get to enjoy them on a different level.
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2021.05.19 04:38 kamloopsball Funniest colour ever

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2021.05.19 04:38 Koruuto Stardew valley

Anybody wanna play ?? Switch ??? Layout any type
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2021.05.19 04:38 Nantes50 Bingo time

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2021.05.19 04:38 scientistfirebird My LGBTQ+ Pride Merch Etsy Shop!

My LGBTQ+ Pride Merch Etsy Shop! Hi, I'm LGBTQ+ myself and run a small Etsy shop selling LGBTQ+ pride merch.
I have biodegradable phone cases, tote bags, stickers, mugs, and T-shirts!
Go check it out if you want: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/PhoenixDesignsCanada

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2021.05.19 04:38 kittyonmybitty Nothing quite like a box full of crunchy little papers!

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2021.05.19 04:38 Jackson_yang Dose blue mean melancholy?

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2021.05.19 04:38 r0mii NFT Collection Onester

Found this awesome, NFT Collection called onesters that I wanted to share! https://davinci.gallery/artist/Onesters
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2021.05.19 04:38 tanner22 Dropping into the week

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2021.05.19 04:38 megarockman12 I do not care if trump won or lost the election. It would be better as Christians to simply move on and focus on more important things

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2021.05.19 04:38 pmazzella Away from your hearts and into your souls, the Bengals will win a Super Bowl

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2021.05.19 04:38 SarcasticJerk98 I guess they didn't see that one coming...

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2021.05.19 04:38 burn42069 Gme in comparison to the crazy end of day in the stock market. Things like this make my 💎👐 stronger.

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2021.05.19 04:38 recap01 Need help, I'm trying to debug in C, but this appears

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2021.05.19 04:38 ModernJazz-2K20 Esperanza Spalding - formwela 3 (Official Music Video) | she continues to push musical boundaries

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2021.05.19 04:38 Drac0reaper2 New player kicked from 3.5 game, for following instructions?

Well it kinda sucks to write this, but honestly I need to get this off my chest. May not count as a true horror story but I wasn't sure where else to put it. I want to preference I don't think anyone here is truly a bad person in the slightest. A bit elitist in terms of TTRPGs maybe, but that's it. But before we get into the meat of what I have to say I want to give some context of who is in this. DM (pretty obvious who this is), Henry a human warlock played by my cousin (he also had another character who I met in game briefly due to how the story worked, Dude who is a friendly guy to everyone at the table of which I forgot the character (one of the better ones but the name escapes me), Ranger played by a close friend of my cousin, Mac playing a Dwarven cleric, and myself Zerall/Kytheon (who are a half-orc fighter and a half-elf monk). For context in this game planar rifts were happening at an uncontrollable rate causing major chaos everywhere. I started as Zerall and I'll admit I wasn't the best player, the only D&D I had done before this was a single session of 4e, not to mention this was a high level game. I know I probably should've just sat in and waited for something more my skill level. Now for the Zerall segments of the campaign I was more or less a newbie who was unsure of myself. From roleplay to some major battles it stumped me. All comments were fair at this point in because I was learning and they weren't mean. I did roleplay a little bit as I got the hang of things. Then comes a break with the announcement that there are two major objectives coming up. The party being larger splits (insert joke here about not splitting the party), and players choose which objective their current characters were going for. Dude, another play I left unnamed, and myself as Zerall went for one objective, while the rest went to another. This second one involves the city of Dis. Now Dis is where we were going to start in the next session so not wanting to be left out I create Kytheon, which by comparison was a minimalist for items. This is where the problem started. I was told *NOT TO DO ITEMS*, as there was a reason (which I forget) that I wasn't supposed to do them right away. Session rolls around and I speak to DM, informing him. This ended up making me look like an idiot and taking away from game time which I admit I should've come earlier than I did to sort this out, but again I was told not to do them and didn't argue. With Kytheon I came out of my shell much better, I roleplayed as a sensei type who tossed one of his pupils out of danger when a planar rift appeared only to get pulled through himself. Overall playing Kytheon was more my style and I had planned on talking to DM about letting Zerall become a NPC and taking a break whenever Kytheon wasn't involved, which would've been easier with my job at the time being very demanding. End of session comes around and even with me causing us to lose some game time (which I very much apologized for and didn't even argue about the fact I was told not to do my items) everyone had fun. Or so I thought. When packing up nothing was said to me giving any indication of major problems, I repeated my apology and said thank you to DM for continuing to have me, a total noob. Rest of that day nothing. Later in the week I got a facebook message from DM saying I was being booted from the game. Needless to say I was beyond sad, but tried to take it in stride. Over the next month, in which time I had kept in contact with DM and even tried to keep up with in-game events because even as someone no longer in the game I loved the story, I found out two pieces of information that crushed me. Firstly I was told that DM had given a false reason to the other players as to why I was no longer in game. DM claimed it was "creative differences", the only player who knew from the start that wasn't the case was Henry. Henry being my cousin and DM's good friend played mediator trying to say something along the lines of "it was said out of respect so they wouldn't think poorly of you". Meanwhile I had already spoken to Mac and told him the truth, in that conversation Mac had said if it had been the other group of characters first he wouldn't have been ready himself, so the real reason in Mac's words was kinda BS. The second bit of information was what hurt more. Before me another player who had several problems throughout sessions (from leaving a mess behind for DM to clean, to arguing rules) was kicked. This player was invited back to play despite the history of problems, and the fact that DM's wife hated him. I was hurt to the point I stopped asking about the story whenever sessions would finish. I wouldn't find another D&D crew for a few years after. Apologies for this not being an entertaining story, or from what could be seen as bias from the hurt party.
TLDR: New player joins high level game gets told not to do items for a character, then gets kicked from the group.
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2021.05.19 04:38 chickentortillasoup It’s hard to live with this

I don’t deserve to be loved. I think I’ve known for awhile, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve hurt somebody who I care about more than this entire world. I don’t deserve his love, I really don’t deserve any. I can’t even eat anything I feel so sick. I’m just sitting looking outside my window crying my eyes out because I am just a terrible person. I’ve done this to myself. I feel so much pain because I hurt somebody I love so deeply. I made a mistake and I know he deserves better. For a moment I thought, maybe it would be easier if I ceased to exist, if I was gone, that maybe it would be better for him, take myself away from this world so I can no longer hurt his heart. But then I thought about how selfish that would be, and that would in fact hurt him even more. I can’t be selfish. I need to live with this immense pain as punishment, because that’s the only thing I deserve.
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2021.05.19 04:38 redmambo_no6 GoldenEye 007 is probably the only movie Sean Bean has been in where he dies more than once.

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