Go! [Thank You] lotsa thank yous! |

[Thank You] lotsa thank yous!

2021.05.19 04:08 Windfalls [Thank You] lotsa thank yous!

u/battle_metal: thank you for the space card with the life advice, postcard roulette vintage flower card, and the other flower card :D i'll return a card soon!
u/laura_eva: thank you for the ching shih card! and for the stickers too :-) my favorite animal is probably a cat or rabbit!
u/haydensmith877: thank you for the custom abstract card! it's super cool! the colors are nice!
u/butterclaw: thank you for the hello card and the nice words and cool facts about the states!
u/mamahoots22: thank you for the crayola experience card! i love how its literally a vintage box of crayons!
u/mc3pio: the greek art card is super cool and thank you for sharing your experience with greece! thank you!
u/purpleteasoul: thank you for the hello card! your cursive is super nice :D
u/Traditional_Brush719 : thank you for the nasturtium flower post card, it's even prettier in person! i love the glitters along the lines too!
u/yetanotherblankface: thank you for the detroit zoo postcard! the fountain with the bears is super cool :D i hope the zoo was fun!
u/seroxxores: thank you for the bunny drawing and telling me about forest cats! theyre so fluffy and cute :D
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2021.05.19 04:08 KCJonson ⚜️ C O I N P R O T E C T O R ⚜️ [JUST LAUNCHED][LOW MARKET CAP 2K][EASY x100][Don't miss it!][Join our cause!]

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2021.05.19 04:08 ZoobBot 146015

This is the 146015th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.05.19 04:08 Good-Phrase May have just been rejected in the nicest way possible

After dating for two months this woman said she’s not ready for a relationship. She said she would like to be friends but she likes me too much and she needs space first. This seems like the ultimate way to reject someone lol. I told her we should stop texting then, and to contact me when she’s ready to see me in person. She said a lot more so it seemed quite sincere, but this also seems like it could just be the nicest rejection possible lol idk. If anyone wants to use that line in the future be my guest you’re welcome.
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2021.05.19 04:08 Suspicious_Way_7778 31 inches water doodle mat {Expires 5/20} [Coupon: 45BBZ6OE] (45% off)-$14.56

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2021.05.19 04:08 alexisyss 18 female, looking to make friends

I really have nobody to talk to. I will TALK to any gender. I have age limits so don't message me if you're old af thanks. but anyways hmu if you actually want to talk
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2021.05.19 04:08 dragonita727_ores I left for just 5 days and came back with negative 11K gold and 220- coins

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2021.05.19 04:08 ScottRodgerson Report: AIM Kitchens Bereft of Honey

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2021.05.19 04:08 Chemical-Magazine186 Left Robinhood......🚀

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2021.05.19 04:08 asiangiy I need help

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2021.05.19 04:08 315MhmmFruitBarrels What was the doctor doing to Gillian and that other woman in the mental hospital?

They both had some type of surgery done to their stomachs
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2021.05.19 04:08 randomtraveler2 I see this so often

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2021.05.19 04:08 Falcon_Cheif I love accidentally activating a long range warp across the galaxy.

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2021.05.19 04:08 jkimiko I mean, you’re welcome?

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2021.05.19 04:08 Significant_Winter26 Lsat test day question

Does the lsat flex give the option for you to take the test later in the day as in late morning as opposed to early morning
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2021.05.19 04:08 ArcFlayer Dude’s Got Some Hot Takes, Damn

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2021.05.19 04:08 LNIeWcFj35FAFr0 it’s my cake day so have some

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2021.05.19 04:08 Yessirskiye Sexy legs, heels and feet

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2021.05.19 04:08 allaskew123 Fake squeeze

There’s no such thing as a fake squeeze. If citadel goes bankrupt, you know it’s real. Anything else is just manipulation.
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2021.05.19 04:08 CuriousWiccan I’m even softer than I look

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2021.05.19 04:08 alvaropinot Here THE CLAW a WIP - cc welcomed

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2021.05.19 04:08 scoot-0508 Does this look bad to you? (more in comments)

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2021.05.19 04:08 a_few_elephants Invention Disclosure Form Best Practices?

I’m new to being in house counsel - we don’t have any kind of invention disclosure form yet. I saw a number of them when I was at a firm, so I think I have the basics - looking for any particular practices details that may have been especially helpful for your organizations.
Mostly dealing with computer scientist related arts.
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2021.05.19 04:08 Hanfpflanze I sometimes stalk my best friend turned enemy's Twitch and Reddit post history, and find solace in that he clearly has lost interest in things that used to make him happy.

That's it. I really wish misery on him and so far he's been wallowing in it.
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2021.05.19 04:08 Affectionate_Play302 Lake Shabbona, IL

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