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2021.06.21 11:58 onlyfornsfwcontent_ Blanche Bradburry

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2021.06.21 11:58 HabileJ_6 China Crypto Crack Down Expands As China Central Bank Restrict Banks and Payment Providers to Deal with Crypto-Related Businesses Including Exchanges

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2021.06.21 11:58 GermanEspresso What are some of the best politics to practice?

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2021.06.21 11:58 Wifiscifi Uzumaki Update & Teaser | Toonami | adult swim Reaction

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2021.06.21 11:58 PowahBOMB Koei Tecmo Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Survey

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2021.06.21 11:58 Apieceofbreaddough [homemade] Malaysian nasi lemak - coconut rice, ikan bilis, sambal sotong, turmeric ikan tenggiri, steamed lady’s fingers and sambal belacan, achar

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2021.06.21 11:58 Snowrunt122 3 am Pokémon lore theory let’s go.

What if the same two heroes that were talked about in sword and shield, also were the brothers of legend in black and white? They were the princes of galar, saved the region, then the great kalos war happened that was against galar, old galar fell, they escaped to a new country, made unova, kyurem sensed that they got the elder dog’s blessings, and joined them, then the whole truths and ideals problem happened I probably sound insane. That is because I’m very tired.
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2021.06.21 11:58 Imaginary_Ape_2673 WISH lets get after it this week

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2021.06.21 11:58 sendmeurhugeTTs Big and Perky

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2021.06.21 11:58 some_random_name96 How to learn to communicate? / Not being able to be observed

I am a male, 24 years old and I study Computer Science in Germany. I have the problem that I just can't hold a conversation and an inability of beeing observed.
I structured my thoughts beforehand for this post. However, these things are still extremely messy. As a brief disclaimer: I argue here for and against theses, but have no idea myself, everything I write is based on my feelings. In general, I appreciate any tips, suggestions or other things.
Skip zu bla

School: As a child I was 'hyperactive' (not diagnosed), very open, popular and the person who could talk to people without problems and make friends. At the same time, I always messed up in kindergarten and school, insulted teachers and behaved disrespectfully towards them. I have always disturbed the lessons and have spent more time outside the classroom than in the room - up to the 7th grade. When I was called back to class I had no problems following the lessons. I never had a problem with beeing punished for what i've done. But because of the fact that I got so often in trouble, at some point it developed to the point that I was simply blamed by teachers for everything. As soon as someone interrupted or disturbed the lesson and the teacher didn't know who it was, I had to leave the classroom immediately. Because of these things I think that I have a problem when people think I am lying. Because of this, whenever I am asked, I am actually extremely honest, because I have a problem with people thinking I am lying (this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, trigger points for me - i dont know if i have more trigger points).
My openness and the ability to make friends became less and less over the years. Until the 5th grade I was a person who was outside almost all day. But I have gradually played videogames more and more. I feel that I have not gone through important developmental steps and that this has something to do with my inability to communicate.
School-Internship: After the 7th grade nothing was left of my old self. I became quieter and quieter and my interest in things disappeared. At the latest after the 8th grade and my first internship I became a rather negative person, whose first thoughts on topics were mostly negative / destructive. Within the internship nothing really happened and that is basically the problem. I just sat around for 8 hours a day for three weeks and didn't get any tasks and the boss didn't want me to get off work early.
University: I don't have much to say about the time of my university studies. Since I'm afraid to go through my course of studies alone, I immediately approached people in the Bachelor's and Master's programs and thus formed a group. I got along well with all of these people, but I always stayed out of activities outside of my studies. I have very good, close, friends with whom I preferred to spend time, in case I had time.
Samskaras?: As I said, I caused a lot of trouble when I was in school, up to 7th grade. I bullied teachers and students and never participated in class because I sat outside the classroom. My guess why I was like that, why I did that, would be boredom today. But maybe I had a problem with authority. I could imagine that I got my samskaras during that time. Because I bullied many people, I had many conversations with teachers in which the teachers tried to change my behavior through punishment or similar. One punishment, which I fortunately only had to go through once, was the 'hot chair'. Here I sat in the middle of the class and the whole classes in a circle around me. The people I bullied were allowed to say to my face what they thought about me, how they felt when I annoyed them. Since the whole thing happened over 10 years ago, I don't know what was said, or I repress it too well. From today's perspective, I regret my behavior of that time to most (except for two) people.

(Groups) Conversations: I now come to my problem. I am simply no longer able to hold conversations. When I talk to my professor about my work, he says that I talk about my topic with great enthusiasm. But a few minutes before, I can't get a word out during small talk. In most situations, I "unintentionally" stifle conversations by answering too briefly. In group situations, I am often the person who is pulled in by someone on force. In such situations I have often been asked by strangers why I don't talk. This refers only to when friends or family are present, in college I sometimes feel as if I am disguising myself - which is why I often talk the most there (among fellow students). This could be due to the fact that I have the feeling of akward silence only with strangers and not among friends and family and therefore I do not 'make an effort' there.
The situations that I was asked about my not speaking, were always under the influence of weed. When I smoke, it amplifies me not talking. (I smoke rather rarely. In the summer at most 2 times a month. And in winter maybe every 2-3 months once)
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2021.06.21 11:58 homework_guy The Sub Was Restricted For A While But It Is Fixed Now!!

Really sorry if someone faced any inconvenience but feel free to post because the sub is fine now. But please avoid Spamming.
Thank You!
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2021.06.21 11:58 ConsiderationKind331 بچها توروخدا کمکم کنید این میم نیست.

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2021.06.21 11:58 Chikotilo clone HDD to *.iso?

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2021.06.21 11:58 ThePegasus42 Is this game legit?

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2021.06.21 11:57 Swi_light Balance.

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2021.06.21 11:57 CCeenesi Coupon SOTHING Desktop Electric Fan Air Circulation Desk Fan Instant Cooling Stepless Speed Adjustment Automatic Rotation with Intelligent Digital Display Air Cooler for Home Outdoor 💶 Price: 19.36 EUR ⬇️ COUPON here ⬇️

Coupon SOTHING Desktop Electric Fan Air Circulation Desk Fan Instant Cooling Stepless Speed Adjustment Automatic Rotation with Intelligent Digital Display Air Cooler for Home Outdoor 💶 Price: 19.36 EUR ⬇️ COUPON here ⬇️ submitted by CCeenesi to CoseCinesi [link] [comments]

2021.06.21 11:57 chriscomstock296 Isn’t it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most? Charles Lindbergh

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2021.06.21 11:57 WhiteHarem Which Horrific Foreign Male Face Is Behind This Mess On White Amoris

from when in The White Past are things The Horrific Oposite with White Dirty Females clit
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2021.06.21 11:57 MegaMike015 I drew Zero Mythos a few days back.

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2021.06.21 11:57 pacyblue yall too horny tbh

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2021.06.21 11:57 Responsible_Sky7070 How to use terraform with AWS provider with local editors?

When use terraform run tasks with AWS as

provider "aws" { assume_role { role_arn = "arn:aws:iam::xxxx" } } terraform { required_version = "1.0.0" required_providers { aws = { version = "3.46.0" source = "hashicorp/aws" } } backend "s3" { bucket = "my-bucket" key = "my-key" region = "us-east-1" } } 
If only run the terraform init and terraform apply on a deploy server, but can't do it on localhost because of the aws key security issue. Then every time edit the .tf file with an editor on local with cause this problem:
The language server issue. Both VS Code and Emacs can't get the terraform resources correctly as it didn't do the terraform init. Such as Emacs:
~/.spacemacs config
dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '(lsp git (terraform :variables terraform-auto-format-on-save t terraform-backend 'lsp) 
In the .tf file it always notices: Server tfls:3869 exited with status exit(check corresponding stderr buffer for details). Do you want to restart it? (y or n).
I found a problem in this buffer: *lsp-log: tfls:1358*
[Trace - 09:04:46 AM] Sending request 'textDocument/documentLink - (5)'. Params: { "textDocument": { "uri": "file:///Users/user12/terraform/module1/main.tf" } } [Trace - 09:04:47 AM] Received response 'textDocument/documentLink - (5)' in 38ms. Result: [ { "tooltip": "https://github.com", "target": "https://github.com", "range": { "end": { "character": 10, "line": 1 }, "start": { "character": 1, "line": 1 } } } ] [Trace - 09:04:58 AM] Received response 'textDocument/documentLink - (13)' in 43ms. Result: [ { "tooltip": "https://github.com", "target": "https://github.com", "range": { "end": { "character": 10, "line": 1 }, "start": { "character": 1, "line": 1 } } } ] [Trace - 09:04:58 AM] Received notification 'textDocument/publishDiagnostics'. Params: { "diagnostics": [ { "message": "Resource aws_security_group does not exist", "source": "Terraform Schema", "severity": 1, "range": { "end": { "character": 29, "line": 3 }, "start": { "character": 9, "line": 3 } } }, { "message": "Resource aws_security_group_rule does not exist", "source": "Terraform Schema", "severity": 1, "range": { "end": { "character": 34, "line": 17 }, "start": { "character": 9, "line": 17 } } }, { "message": "Resource aws_security_group_rule does not exist", "source": "Terraform Schema", "severity": 1, "range": { "end": { "character": 34, "line": 29 }, "start": { "character": 9, "line": 29 } } }, { "message": "Resource aws_security_group_rule does not exist", "source": "Terraform Schema", "severity": 1, "range": { "end": { "character": 34, "line": 42 }, "start": { "character": 9, "line": 42 } } } ], "uri": "file:////Users/user12/terraform/module1/main.tf" } 
Another buffer *tfls::stderr*:
... time="2021-06-21T14:24:31+08:00" level=info msg="Log Level is Debug: false" e[36mINFOe[0m Server started panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference [signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x8 pc=0x14af3fa] goroutine 28 [running]: github.com/hashicorp/terraform/configs.(*Module).appendFile(0xc000e7c600, 0x0, 0xc0006b65b8, 0x1101c9d, 0xc000042410) /Users/user12/go/1.16.2/pkg/mod/github.com/hashicorp/terraform@v0.12.20/configs/module.go:128 +0x3a github.com/hashicorp/terraform/configs.NewModule(0xc000847d80, 0xa, 0x10, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x15) /Users/user12/go/1.16.2/pkg/mod/github.com/hashicorp/terraform@v0.12.20/configs/module.go:97 +0x1fa github.com/juliosueiras/terraform-lsp/langserver.TextDocumentComplete(0x1e7d970, 0xc000bfcb10, 0xc000124000, 0x51, 0x10, 0x15, 0x1, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, ...) /Users/user12/terraform/terraform-lsp/langservecomplete.go:56 +0x48e reflect.Value.call(0x1b75760, 0x1d10f58, 0x13, 0x1cbed0c, 0x4, 0xc000bfcdb0, 0x2, 0x2, 0xc000bfcdb0, 0x199, ...) /Users/user12/.goenv/versions/1.16.2/src/reflect/value.go:476 +0x8e7 reflect.Value.Call(0x1b75760, 0x1d10f58, 0x13, 0xc000bfcdb0, 0x2, 0x2, 0x2, 0xc000bfcdb0, 0x1) /Users/user12/.goenv/versions/1.16.2/src/reflect/value.go:337 +0xb9 github.com/creachadaijrpc2/handler.newHandler.func7(0x1e7d970, 0xc000bfcb10, 0xc0002d0540, 0x1c38e60, 0xc000bfcb10, 0x1b87280, 0x246a8a0) /Users/user12/go/1.16.2/pkg/mod/github.com/creachadaijrpc2@v0.4.2/handlehandler.go:222 +0x1f4 github.com/creachadaijrpc2/handler.Func.Handle(0xc0000d23e0, 0x1e7d970, 0xc000bfcb10, 0xc0002d0540, 0x0, 0x0, 0x1e7d970, 0xc000bfcb10) /Users/user12/go/1.16.2/pkg/mod/github.com/creachadaijrpc2@v0.4.2/handlehandler.go:23 +0x44 github.com/creachadaijrpc2.(*Server).invoke(0xc0001ec240, 0x1e7d8c8, 0xc0002d0580, 0x1e69b60, 0xc0000d23e0, 0xc0002d0540, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, ...) /Users/user12/go/1.16.2/pkg/mod/github.com/creachadaijrpc2@v0.4.2/server.go:288 +0x175 github.com/creachadaijrpc2.(*Server).dispatch.func1(0xc000c0e814, 0xc0001ec240, 0xc000bdc420) /Users/user12/go/1.16.2/pkg/mod/github.com/creachadaijrpc2@v0.4.2/server.go:185 +0x91 created by github.com/creachadaijrpc2.(*Server).dispatch /Users/user12/go/1.16.2/pkg/mod/github.com/creachadaijrpc2@v0.4.2/server.go:183 +0x137 Process tfls stderr finished 
So I think the main reason is terraform didn't do the init.
In this case, how to mock an AWS provider on localhost to use local editor correctly? I found Local Provider only works for files. What's the best practice for it?
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2021.06.21 11:57 seolord Testpilot

Watched him in the Beyond Wonderland Virtual Rave last night. I was super underwhelmed, thoughts?
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2021.06.21 11:57 milkdustwater I've got dreams, dreams to remember

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2021.06.21 11:57 Altruistic-Newt-2979 ⛔ BakerySwap (BAKE) Listed on PancakeSwap ⏰1 Minute ! Liquidty locked ⛔

⛔ BakerySwap (BAKE) Listed on PancakeSwap ⏰1 Minute ! Liquidty locked ⛔

What is BakerySwap (BAKE) ?
- BakerySwap is a project operating in the field of AMM DEX combined with NFT. Inside:

- AMM DEX is a trading method that uses an algorithm to calculate the token price at the time of purchase on decentralized exchanges.
- NFT (Non-fungible token) is a unique token and cannot be replaced by other tokens. The field of NFT is currently developing in a very strong and vibrant way.

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Highlights of BakerySwap
- The highlight of BakerySwap is the direction of becoming an All-in-one Station for both DeFi and NFT . Bakeryswap has a lot of features, including:

- Trade : Trade and generate LP tokens to provide liquidity.
- Earning : Provide liquidity to AMM DEX to get rewards back.
- NFT Marketplace : Marketplace for Artist's NFT products.
- Bakery Gallery : NFT Issuer & NFT Marketplace integrated on Bakeryswap.
- Launchpad : IDO Platform for new projects.
- Gamification (Game Boxes) : Is an NFT game project combining Alien Worlds, My Neighbor Alice and Battle Pets for - SOCCER & POKER holders.
- ETH 2.0 : ETH Staking Program to promote the launch of ETH 2.0 (PoS).

📷CONTRACT: 0xadcdced53ffc32578bf29697b26a269aa93da535
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