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2021.06.21 11:27 jfkk Fun half

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2021.06.21 11:27 glLMs3DVuH well goys first coins doin' my part holding. to the moon. (thx discord dogecoin)

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2021.06.21 11:27 InsaneJ0ker ASUS TUF FX505GT issues

I have been using this ASUS tuf fx505gt for the last 9 months and have been facing several issues.
For starters I have already reset this laptop 2 times due to performance issues (laptop was working fine, but suddenly it started performing bad and I started getting low frame rates constantly in several games, and this happened two times), later I found out apparently it was happening for some of the asus services.
Another issue is heating issue, in performance and turbo mode the cpu constantly stays at 92-94C while gaming, which is a lot I guess.
Another issue which started happening recently is that while working or surfing google or gaming or doing anything else the laptop suddenly freezes(no blue screen either) and stays like that until I restart it using the power button, and sometimes the laptop restarts automatically (though the auto restart happened just a few times but the freezing thing happened enough times to be concerned).
Is this a BIOS issue? I have found out that there are a lot of people suffering with BIOS related problems (Right now I have bios 310).
Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated.
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Simp Inu 💦 ($SIMP) Connecting SIMPS with their Goddesses 🥰
🔥 🔥 CMC application after launch
🦎🦎 CG application after launch
📋 Tokenomics - 10 billion fixed supply; - Liquidity Lock - 10% team tokens for Dev Fund and Marketing
🗺 Roadmap Simp Inu is launching the Simp Inu DEX - Simp Cam - Simp/Master Content - AMA with the Stars for you to SIMP for
Our streaming platform will be a combination of Pornhub based video content, and Only Fans style content. SIMPs will be able to directly interact with their goddesses and complete SIMP related tasks to earn favors and rewards.
Major Adult Star and Goddesses are being brought on board for post launch marketing and onboarding to the SIMP Platform.
🛒 Search $SIMP
🔜 Coming soon Private Presale Public Presale PCS Listing
🖇 Quick Links - Telegram: https://t.me/SimpInu - Website - Coming Soon - Twitter - Coming Soon
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2021.06.21 11:27 gemibaby Citrine and glass roses dangle earrings

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2021.06.21 11:27 Mot0Mot0 I invested in some memes, here's what you get

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2021.06.21 11:27 dimitriruscow Plugin or bot for gamification in jira for software development.

Some have implemented a plugin or bot for gamification in their jira projects. I would like to apply it to my projects and there is a lot of variety!
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2021.06.21 11:27 Mundian-To-Bach-Ke Housing

Hello all,
I’m currently living at home with my parents as I’ve just finished sixth form. I have plans for 2022, but then afterwards I hope to have a career in policing. Currently, I’m swaying towards applying to the Met or GMP, as those are the two areas I’d like to live in.
My question is - where the hell do you lot live?
I’ve been looking at flats etc for a good while now, but I’m looking for advice from you lot as to how you choose what sort of area to live in with the risks of being in the police!
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2021.06.21 11:27 PotatoPoweredBean Why would they do that

Why are they taking top gear off of prime video in 10 days :(( why
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2021.06.21 11:27 Kennym00n Mercy dogs

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2021.06.21 11:27 lovebuzz93 Can someone help explain chart to me? Not sure what the Lilith is or the N Node…I have a vague grasp but would like someone to explain it a bit more colloquially…

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2021.06.21 11:27 peachiestudio hello I would like share about people testimony

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2021.06.21 11:27 Outrageous-Rip5743 Why I haven’t sold….. can’t afford to

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2021.06.21 11:27 TrendingB0T /r/freiburg hit 5k subscribers yesterday

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2021.06.21 11:27 SoakedLady Detained By Store Security for Several Hours

I am in England.
I am 20 and work in an office. Its my first job since leaving college as I couldn't get a job during lockdown.
I was walking through the town centre last week to grab some lunch during my lunchbreak when I was caught in one of the storms we had. I had got soaked but there was lightning so I thought it would be safer
I popped in to a shop to get out of the downpour, like many others did.
When I tried to leave, I was prevented by security who wanted to search me.
I let them search my handbag but they also wanted to physically search me.
They were all male and I felt uncomfortable about it.
They called the police, and I would have been happy for a police search.
I was led to a windowless room but the door had a glass panel with wire in it.
I waited and waited. I tried to call my family, friends and even the police to hurry them up but my phone battery was dead.
They wouldn't let me leave until the police turned up.
The police never turned up. The security did bring me water and I asked to leave each time I saw one of them. Each time they asked to search me.
Finally at closing time they let me go. I must have been there for 5 hours as my lunch was 12 to 1 and they let me go just after 5.
Work are mad with me for not turning up after lunch.
I don't think this is right and I don't know what to do about it.
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2021.06.21 11:27 LordHughRAdumbass 5G gee heebie jeebies.

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2021.06.21 11:27 SolventDuke2 I didn't know this was possible, both my kids are spellcasters and vampires at the same time.

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2021.06.21 11:27 NewsElfForEnterprise Hoodletown Brewing Co. expanding capacity as owners embrace local community (photos)

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2021.06.21 11:27 Melioran How to stop myself from fearing death?

The title wraps it up. I'm 18, and ever since I was little I'm afraid of my own death. I was always afraid of the unknown and I overanalyze things all the time to make sure I know as much as possible. Most of the time I don't think about death, but when I do, I get a panic attack-like reaction. Everyone I spoke about simply told me to stop it, since I can do nothing about it. I understand it, and I tried to stop it many times, and just accept that this is something I can't do much about and I will eventually meet my end. And what will happen after that is also a huge question mark. But I just can't stop. Every couple weeks this random thought comes to my mind and it sometimes haunts me for days.
Does anyone have an advice on what I could do? I thought about seeing a therapist, but I'm unsure if it's needed.
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2021.06.21 11:27 Up_Down_Like_A_Pogo I hope Luke Davidson doesn't die

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2021.06.21 11:27 lavera80 Ak external help

So I am trying to change the upper handguard on my cm045c for wood furniture but keep the lower and I want to make sure it would work. So to keep it short anyone have a link to a good wooden upper that would fit. Thanks and sorry for my English
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2021.06.21 11:27 Silent_pinapple6021 WTF is this real?!

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2021.06.21 11:27 GnomeRevolution Is the chimera ant arc THAT worth it?

I've tried to watch it like 3 times the past couple years but it's so damn long and slow. I absolutely loved every other part but I can't get past this arc for some reason. Should I actually try and just push myself to watch it all?
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2021.06.21 11:27 ihaseebsethi 2 Slice toaster, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with Reheat/Defrost/Cancel Function, 6 Shade Settings Compact Toasters for Bread Waffles, Removable Crumb Tray, Silver Black PRICE 34.99$

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2021.06.21 11:27 stalinisko Türkiye Uzay Ajansı Başkanı Yıldırım, Rusya'da açıkladı: "Üç yıl içinde Ay'a roket göndereceğiz"

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