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Using a fake photo

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2021.06.21 11:09 Silvian73 Using a fake photo

I am using a fake photo generated by a neural network. I am ready to start working at this site, but I am worried that I can have some problems with getting paid. Does this site requires something like video verification or passport photo? I need to be sure, that there will be no problems with that, otherwise I will have to go to another site.
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2021.06.21 11:09 jojobut_fruity I'm staying up against my will

I was gonna go to sleep but someone drove by my window blasting temperature by sean paul and it was only audible for a few seconds cos they were going pretty fast and I'm a litte delerious so it was funny and girl i wanna be the papa you can be the mom oh OH
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2021.06.21 11:09 snkde Amazon Prime Members: McFarlane DC Multiverse 7" Batman Death Metal Action Figure $12.99, The Joker $11.99 + Free Shipping

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2021.06.21 11:09 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: Atlanta May Be Headed for a Final Divorce as Communities Nationwide Seek to Redraw the Lines -- https://t.co/ZeFtV3OAtT

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2021.06.21 11:09 PoodingIce это я

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2021.06.21 11:09 Ex-periment-626 8 weeks

I’m keeping my pregnancy off most social media and my parents don’t know yet but I have questions. Am I supposed to get heartburn this early? It’s bad. Also, how do you live with the constant nausea?
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2021.06.21 11:09 FlamJamMcRam Rogal Dorn here, ready to fortify your hearts (by cnmbwjx)

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2021.06.21 11:09 Th3God1 No entiendo ¿Por qué soy así?

La verdad desde pequeño es sido halagado de que soy atractivo de sexo opuesto y de el mismo sexo mayores,pequeñas,hasta de mi edad, hasta es sido acosado pero joder hermano no acciono no lo sé simplemente cuando estoy tan borracho es que hago algo con alguien y es aveces, hasta han llegado mujeres que dicen ¿Quiere ser mi novio? por que se cansa de lanzarme tantas indirectas y digo que no, en mi mente digo llegara alguien mejor a pensar de eso nunca es tenido novia.
Estoy tan high (borracho) que me hago esa misma pregunta sobre mi ¿por qué coño soy tan inseguro? no soy si es ego pero bro no entiendo.
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2021.06.21 11:09 fukniga78 cant go past brute force solution

all my solutions are bruteforce any advice to make my algo more effective
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2021.06.21 11:09 3MinuteGameReviews Battlefield 4 Review In 3 Minutes

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2021.06.21 11:09 m-hafi Octans - $Octa WhiteBIT upcoming exchange listing this month!

Octans - $OCTA is a token designed to be used within the infrastructure of the under the work OCTANS marketplace, the token will be the official currency for their project. The marketplace is set to be just one of the many planned projects under the OCTAVERSE umbrella. This is a high potential project with long term goals and a large, dedicated team. Their protocol launched 2 months ago and has steadily been making progress ever since.
Octans team confirmed that Octa token will be listed on WhiteBIT this month. Its ofcourse totally up to the exchange when they find it best to list the token, soon!
For those asking why listing on WhiteBIT is important, first WhiteBIT is a centralized European exchange. Founded in 2018, it's a professional digital asset trading platform that focuses on security, liquidity, and execution speed – attracting beginners and experienced traders alike. This is important for Octans- $Octa as it will generate a lot of interest as well as value in the token. It will not only provides Octa with a certain level of industry approval but it also allows a much larger investor base to invest in it.
On top of that , there will be no hustle of swapping your BNB for Octa's on PancakeSwap as some investors had difficulties doing so.
WhiteBIT will be one of many more exchanges where Octans- $Octa will be listed in the near futures. A very good entry point before the token Moons soon 🚀 🚀 🚀 💎💎💎
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2021.06.21 11:09 Sabiantro El Churro vs El Furro

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2021.06.21 11:09 WhyBroBruda IT WAS FIRE

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2021.06.21 11:09 lionsaysroar97 Discovering long haul covid

Hi friends. I’m both relieved to have found this subreddit and angry (that this virus has messed up so many people’s lives). I had covid from the start of may till mid May. I had like every symptom and was hospitalized. Since then I’ve gone through periods of feeling better then feeling worse. Lately I’ve been dealing with shortness of breath, fast heart rate, sensitivity to light, joint pain, insomnia, and more. Honestly I thought I was going crazy and imagining all of that, but then I found out about how long the virus can effect people. I’m scared and frustrated, but at least I’m not dealing with it alone anymore
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2021.06.21 11:09 OofieMCM 2nd post about ego and brain relationship

What's up people,
A few days ago I posted a video made by Uberboyo about his thoughts about how the ego is related to the brain. I did some more research and found some (in my opinion) very interesting stuff and I'd like to share this with you. I checked the functions of different brain regions and came across the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This part of the brain apparently has a lot of functions similar to that of the Jungian ego. I've summarized what I found:
- Analytical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning and meta-cognition
- Planning
- Verbal communication
- Memory
- Self-control
- Handling emotions (being able to suppress)
- Attention/focus
- Personality development and expression
- Pattern recognition
- Working memory
- Feeling of free will
- Forming abilities (when things are not yet automated and you need to consciously think of what you are doing)
- Goal-oriented behavior (i.e. will, which for a large part lacks in the primitive mentality according to Jung)
- Judgment/rationality
- Formation of semantic memory (knowing what something means)
- Generation of words that are related to each other (Jung’s word association test!!)
- The ability to decide when and when not to do an action
- Understanding language and language processing
Some more facts I found:
People whose prefrontal cortex would hypothetically be removed would act completely habitually to stimuli, without the ability to say no or without any reason (reasoning) why they are doing stuff.
The prefrontal cortex also plays a large role in addiction (self-control and suppression).
The neuroanatomical structure of the PFC in humans undergoes maturation particularly during early childhood. During this period, the brain quadruples in size and grows to approximately 90% of the adult volume at age 6. The gray matter increases from early childhood until the age of 6–9 [56]. Neuronal density in layer III of the PFC decreases with age between 2 and 7 years, from 55% to about 10% higher in 7-year-olds than in adults [52] (Grey matter is responsible for information processing).
Besides this the prefrontal cortex is the last part of the brain that fully develops, which makes sense when you look at the formation of the ego in children
Also schizophrenics apparently have the most trouble with prefrontal cortex tasks, which again shows a lot of similarities to ego tasks, since the ego gets overwhelmed by the unconscious in schizophrenia as we know from Jung’s research and success in treatment in schizophrenia/dementia praecox.
I got most of my information from this video:
Let me know what you guys think :)
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2021.06.21 11:09 HannoPicardVI [FWI] By August 2022, dozens of Russian military aircraft and spy planes regularly fly through and into UK airspace freely and unhindered with absolutely no response from the UK or RAF. Russian naval vessels also regularly sail into UK waters and regularly drop uninformed troops onto British soil.

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2021.06.21 11:09 HyirfSchraely ShibaGo - New NFT Collectible Game - Presale Just Started

ShibaGo is an upcoming NFT based collectible game. This will be played via a mobile app which interacts with decentralised smart contracts to issue NFTs. These NFTs will be discovered based on your location, similar to games like Pokemon but with blockchain based NFTs!
Initially we have created a token on the Binance Smart Chain to kickstart our project. This will be used to purchase in game items once the app is launched
Supply: 10,000,000,000 (50% Liqudity, 50% Burn) Contract Verified Ownership Renounced Liquidity Locked
Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x94127e3Ce35DF3f8FE0f8b507baB330fF6416DDa#code Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x94127e3Ce35DF3f8FE0f8b507baB330fF6416DDa Come and join us https://t.me/shiba_go
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2021.06.21 11:09 Spetnaz14 What Connor eats every day

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