Go! Turkish guy drink poison to kill the fly he accidently swallow |

Turkish guy drink poison to kill the fly he accidently swallow

2021.06.21 10:11 blackbukra Turkish guy drink poison to kill the fly he accidently swallow

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2021.06.21 10:11 milkcrateathletics Does anyone else feel like they’ve grown dependent on sleeping with their weighted blanket?

I’m not going to elaborate more lol. If you know, you probably know
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2021.06.21 10:11 GridDownGoofer haahahah

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2021.06.21 10:11 wreckedavocado recently my betta fish started to be less active and I realised that his tail seems to be rotting, I know I should treat it but I’m not sure whether to give a mild or high treatment. ALSO there is a white spot at the start of his fin? it might be white spot but usually there are more of them...

recently my betta fish started to be less active and I realised that his tail seems to be rotting, I know I should treat it but I’m not sure whether to give a mild or high treatment. ALSO there is a white spot at the start of his fin? it might be white spot but usually there are more of them... submitted by wreckedavocado to bettafish [link] [comments]

2021.06.21 10:11 4_times_the_charm insert funny joke

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2021.06.21 10:11 Even_Load_6477 What do yous think or this weed

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2021.06.21 10:11 GulyasGeriNER69 Reggeli u/potatopeallel önkaranténban

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2021.06.21 10:11 whathappenedburrito Olight Perun2 for a screaming deal for Prime day

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2021.06.21 10:11 oodani [AT] Steuerfragen über Fragen

Begrüße meine lieben Mitmenschen!
Da ich mich in letzter Zeit immer insentsiever mit meinen Finzanzen beschäftige, werde ich natürlich auch mit deren steuerlichen Aspekten konfrontiert.
Persönlich wurde ich noch nicht allzuviel mit steuerlichen Bürden behaftet (Zivi - steuerfrei, Ferialjob - zwar Steuern gezahlt, aber Rückzahlung möglich). Deswegen stellen sich mir einige Fragen des Themes bezüglich.
Zuallererst ein paar Kleinigkeiten zu mir selber:
Ich bin aus Österreich, M22 und bin gerade mitten im Studium. Habe gerade keine feste Anstellung (wobei ich am überlegen bin Teilzeit etwas anzugehen). Derzeit kriege ich monatlich Taschengeld von meinen Eltern, welches prinzipiell auch vollkommen ausreicht, jedoch zu 100 % in einen ETF fließt. Eine weitere "Einkommensquelle" ist daher die Plasma Spende wodurch zusätzlich noch ein kleines Taschengeld verdient wird, welches für den Alltag und andere Investments (Einzelaktien und Crypto) genutzt wird. Weiters habe ich heute angefangen an Onlineumfragen teilzunehmen, um das Taschengeld nochmal ein bisschen zu boosten.
Nun zu meinen Fragen:
Da ich mein Aktiendepot bei einem steuereinfachen Broker eröffnet habe ist zumindest diese Steuerpflicht schon versorgt. Anders sieht das mit meinen Crypto Investments aus. Natürlich habe ich mich damit schon etwas auseinandergesetzt, dennoch sind einige Fragen noch offen:

Nun eine Frage bzgl. der Onlineumfragen:
Schlussendlich würde ich mich noch gerne nach Quellen, in Form von Büchern, Websites und ggf. YouTube Videos/ Kanälen, informieren, welche mir das Theme Steuern in Österreich noch etwas näher bringen könnten.
Ich bedanke mich für alle Antworten und wünsche eine schöne und erfolgreiche Woche! :)
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2021.06.21 10:11 ComfortableFocus4 Showcase of Las Cino Muertes; Isla Matanceros

Showcase of Las Cino Muertes; Isla Matanceros Admittedly, I do not know why I am doing this, but with the second Jurassic World Evolution instalment coming out this year, I thought I might just show my parks to this community. These parks are all from the main campaign, "perfected" to the best of my imagination and use of in-game resources. I am open to any criticism & suggestions for the next post, and I will be making these showcase post every Monday.
Cinematic shot of Isla Matanceros Park.
Isla Matanceros Main Street
1st angled shot of entire Park.
2nd angled shot of entire Park.
Critinosaurus Paddock nearly conjoined with the Dracorex Paddock.
Struthiomimus Paddock
Proceratosaurus Paddock
Hyangosaurus Paddock with a Gyrosphere route...
... which starts and connects with the Edmontosaurus Paddock.
Natural Scenery used to fill the unused sections of the park.
Monorail exit point leading to guest facilities and Edmontosaurus Viewing Paddock.
Staff & Security district
Struthiomimus enjoying the warm afternoon sun.
Critionsaurus after securing it's dominance of the group.
Dracorex idly wandering the grassy field.
Proceratosaurus enjoying a feast as onlookers watch with excitement.
Gyrosphere users admire the view of Edmontosaurus feeding.
Hyangosaurus approaching water to quench its' thirst.
Global map view of Isla Matanceros Park.
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2021.06.21 10:11 depg1 Saddle advice

Hey fellow cyclists. I'm having some issues finding the right saddle for my touring bicycle. I'm sitting in a slightly bent forward position on my bike but most of the saddles give me extreme pain on my sit bones.
Recently i tried the Brooks C17 Carved saddle but after about 50 kilometers i gave up because the pain on my sit bones were unbearable. Now i'm thinking of trying the SQlab 602 Ergolux Active 2.0.
Does anyone have experience with this saddle or any advice for similar issues with sit bone pain?
Any help is appreciated! :)
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2021.06.21 10:11 Next_Comfortable8553 VALORANT stable 50-60 fps possible? Fix?

Intel i3 540 3.07GHz
Nvidia Geforce GT 710 2GB DDR3
I have been playing VALORANT since it was released and started with 120 fps.
Now, I tried eveything from Process Lasso to Cache Clearing Task and few game boosters, lowered my reso quality to 60. Nothing seems to help me out, I have a 60 HZ monitor but turning on V Sync isnt capping my FPS at 60.
The game's very choppy fps drop to 28 and stutters are very common.
Before my PC ran into a problem and my boot files got corrupted around a month ago now, I ran the game at stable 50-60 fps at 85 reso quality. But now, the game is as good as unplayable.

A List of fix I tried to do, most of them helped for a while

  1. Low Spec Experiment
  2. Razer Cortex Game Booster
  3. Smart Game Booster
  4. Cache Clearing Task
  5. Game Mode On
  6. Disable DVR
  7. Disable full screen optimizations
  8. Used various registry and CMD windows batch file for optimization
My Game settings.ini config

Tried reinstalling and every single thing, I cant get stable fps, if there's any way to fix it, it would be thankful. Is upgrading my PC the only way now? Is VALORANT done with my PC?

Sorry for bad english, also this is my first time on reddit.
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2021.06.21 10:11 emeraldengel2ZR 🐶 DOGO Coin🐶 (Unreleased) | LOW 500M Supply | 3% Redistribution | Deflationary | Presale coming this week!

🐶 DOGO is the meme coin that will help dogos on its’ way to the moon!🚀
Sit back relax and watch your holdings increase when you invest in DOGO!

L O W finite supply of 500,000,000! 🤯
Each transaction has a 5% fee:
- 3% is redistributed to hodlrs! ♻️
- 1% is burned 🔥
- 1% is sent to a wallet that will be donated to a dog charity of the community’s choice! 🐶

By having such a low supply and a deflationary burn DOGO will be scarce and will become even more scarce as time goes on. Driving up value when demand increases. Join us today to take a trip to the moon while helping a good cause! Initial offering coming soon!

D E F L A T I O N A R Y 🔥
DogoCoin is a deflationary crypto with a small, fixed supply. There will never be more Dogo coins in circulation than there are now. No more will be minted, and every time a transaction is performed; 1% of the coins being sold are burned. This means that every time a transaction occurs the supply simultaneously decreases.
P A S S I V E I N C O M E ♻️
Dogo Coin also redistributes 3% of all transaction fees to shareholders! This means that every time a transaction occurs holders will receive additional Dogo !
C H A R I T Y 🐶
1% of the transaction fees are sent to a wallet that will be used to help a dog charity of the community’s choice by polling.

T O K E N O M I C S:
Finite LIMITED Supply: 500,000,000
Transaction Fee: 5%
- 3 % Redistributed to HODLR’s ♻️
- 1 % Burned 🔥
- 1 % To he sent to a dog charity 🐶

L I N K S:
Website: dogocoin.io
Discord: https://discord.gg/XkTN99EGjB
Twitter: twitter.com/dogocoin_
Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x1899d701213adbd443d39fd3b429a56585f8561e
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2021.06.21 10:11 Icraveagoodone 32[M4F] PNW- Self improvement, positive energy, good food and a lot of PDA.

I'm just making a short little post hoping to find someone I vibe with. No pressure, no expectations, just chat, send stupid selfies, share old ones, and learn from eachother.
I'm a huge fan of self improvement. I love reading, and focus a lot on how to be a better person in terms of my interests but also just as a human. I want to leave a positive impact on the lives around me, and I'm trying to grow in that every day. Obviously, that lends itself to positive energy. Especially these days, it's hard to be on 24/7, but I do my best and I'd love to meet someone who just wanted to have our own happy bubble.
Beyond that, I adore fitness/nutrition, the outdoors, travel/exploring, history is something I love learning about and debating, I've been into paranormal things for as long as I remember and in general, I just do my best to stay open minded.
So let's vibe. Let's talk about what we learned from covid, let's debate which direction the economy is going. Let's share our stories of manifesting good thoughts, and laugh at all the bad dates we had. Let's just vibe, and see what happens next.
And the sexy pictures, of course
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2021.06.21 10:11 KCTurkeyTL 💎Pirate Chain (ARRR) KuCoin'de Listeleniyor!

💎Pirate Chain (ARRR) KuCoin'de Listeleniyor!
🤑Para yatırma açık
🚀ARRUSDT ve ARRBTC ticareti: 22 Haziran 2021, 12:00
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2021.06.21 10:11 Pessimist2020 Fighting Climate Change Can Also Mean Improving Equity

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2021.06.21 10:11 Frost_Walker47 How does hypixel gets there money inorder for them to continue operating and paying there admins?

Im just wondering how, it would really explain thing lol
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2021.06.21 10:11 erenjeager61 New here

I‘ve been playing some shogi with latin letters but i don‘t really know where to find good strategies since it‘s less popular than chess
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2021.06.21 10:11 sarahjohn9 Cloudstyle Mens Vest Fashion Slim Fit Double-Breasted Solid Vest

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2021.06.21 10:11 JollyJericho8 [Day 152] Posting memes until Gorgc reaches Rank 100

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2021.06.21 10:11 RiaTheAnimeGF just a random thought I had

Some anime-onlies seriously have the gall to diss Touma while praising Accelerator. Like, don't get me wrong, Accel's my best boy. But even I, still stuck in OT, realise how much he respects and even reveres Touma.
I'm pretty sure that he'd be one of, if not the first, to defend Touma in some random online forum/comments if necessary. He'd never outwardly admit it, but he would.
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2021.06.21 10:11 CrafterRealm Hmm.. intresting.

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2021.06.21 10:11 PantherFan17 3 day backpacking trip at Oil Creek State Park, located in northwest PA. Such a small and beautiful state park!

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2021.06.21 10:11 DwemerSmith she be smort doe

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2021.06.21 10:11 Zaiquo Ez

Sus imposter amog us
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