Go! Lets hear those epic cheat day stories! |

Lets hear those epic cheat day stories!

2021.07.31 02:51 DonCorleone1992 Lets hear those epic cheat day stories!

So I've been on a very successful cut diet for the last 3 months. I'm 5'10 and went from 137 pounds to 120 pounds. Dropped my body fat from 17% to 10%. Starting Aug 1st I'll be eating at maintenance for a while. Before all that though I'm allowing myself to celebrate by having a whole cheat day.
Not looking for any cheat day advice or how to do it cleaning or whatever. I have my meals pretty planned out for tomorrow and I'm excited. I wanna hear some of your beat cheat day experiences though. How crazy did you get with the food and calories consumed on that one epic no rules or restrictions day?
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2021.07.31 02:51 OkInvite7504 I'm gonna pull this bad boy out when I tell my grandkids a story 😂

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2021.07.31 02:51 SnowydontgiveaWHAT I see you! In the wild!

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2021.07.31 02:51 Yfndre Any advice or help?

i am a 18 year old guy, i am very quiet and reserved person so am absolutely not a popular person people always forget about me and am completely invisble to girls my friends are always asking me why i can't attract girls and i always say i don't know but when i leave them and go home i absolutely cry my eyes out because every single one of them can attract girls but i can't people are keeping telling me to wait and wait but it seems like things are not changing and i don't know what to do am kinda giving up and losing hope that i will never find someone or attract girls so is there any advice anyone can give to fix my problem?
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2021.07.31 02:51 Airconditionedemily Was served raw chicken at a restaurant….help.

Hi, about 2 hours ago I took a few bites of a chicken sandwich from a restaurant before realizing it was RAW. Not cooked. I have terrible anxiety around food poisoning and getting s. I’m crying currently bc I’m so scared of v. I don’t really have any symptoms except from the anxiety. Should I eat a little something since I didn’t have dinner? Am I really going to get s*? Ig I just need some advice haha. Thanks
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2021.07.31 02:51 iheritor Will wer zusammen auf die geile sau wichsen

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2021.07.31 02:51 1g0atm1lk Which characters see the ghosts?

I mean theres the obvious like Cloud and Tifa. But any others that definitely see them?
Also what are some possible connections between all these characters, any linkings or whatnot, maybe even from OG which gives them the ability to see the fate whisper things?
To sum it up; Who sees the ghosts, and what's some speculation for why.
Sorry if this question was answered in the Ultimania already.
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2021.07.31 02:51 TaxiDriverThankGod Does this apply to anyone else?

Often times when doing sections, I will feel really crap, and think that I will score trash and I just keep beating myself up while writing it, then I get the score back and I more than pleasantly surprised, not even surprised that it was better than bad, but surprised that it is actually good if not some of the best scores I have ever gotten. Then sometimes I will be doing a passage and being like "yea I'm the fucking man, I know all this shit and I probably got one or two wrong" Only to get the majority of questions wrong lol.
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2021.07.31 02:51 NerdismOfficial Seriously, how??

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2021.07.31 02:51 RebellionOfHell Anyone here surprised that Tri characters and the show itself were able to make it to the Newtype magazine marking the first time in history that the Digimon show and the characters made it while Pokemon and Yugioh continues to cater towards children to teens.

It is not often that the toy and game money grubbing franchise gets to have the shows and characters make it to the polls of the anime magazine geared towards adults that was made since the old days of Gundam and Digimon finally nailed it because of Tri.
While Pokemon and Yugioh continues to cater towards children to teen, Digimon added to a new mix by successfully executing it though Yugioh had exceptions like Arc V, DSOD, and Vrains that are more geared towards adults with a surprise twist in the mix.
Were you proud how the series managed to make to the magazine for the first time in history?
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2021.07.31 02:51 TSNMI_14 High and bored. Let’s be friends.

Any girls wanna chat? Send clouds? Talk about crazy shit? Or just... you know, become bffs? I was looking forward to one of my homegirls coming to kick it with me but I guess I’ll be spending the night alone. I’m down to Kik, Snapchat, whatever. 😊 Pm me (:
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2021.07.31 02:51 Ihatebeingcolorblind Is my jungle temple glitched or am I being dumb? (started yesterday lolol)

I don't have the image because I am the most technically dumb person to live ever but there is something in my cave that blocks the way down and it appears to be a jungle temple but I'm not exactly sure. Whats going on xD
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2021.07.31 02:51 mattimatt19 What does this symbol mean???

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2021.07.31 02:51 CanadianCannabis420 Setting up for the night

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2021.07.31 02:51 yuqqwechat 上海大学生“精子大比拼”结果出炉 交大选手获浓度、产量冠军

7月12日, “上海市人类精子库”微信公众号广发英雄帖,请上海大学生参加为期45天的“精子大比拼”。如今经过15天筛选,第一阶段比拼成果出炉。
本次比拼分成多个项目,包括精液浓度、精液量、精子质量等等,评选出不同的 “无敌”选手。所有参加这场比赛的人均为匿名形式参与,即使“获奖”也是“无名英雄”。
综合最强的选手数据为,浓度 1.06亿/ml+活力 70%+精液量4.0ml,来自中国人民大学 。
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2021.07.31 02:51 fallingspoonat_3am [OC] DA ULTIMATE TRIO! Me and ma boys as the pillar men :]

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2021.07.31 02:51 Jog_Local [M4F] Looking for an Advanced/Literate Writing Partner for Historical Fiction And Modern Storylines

Hello! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my post. I'm ideally looking for a long-term collaborative partner, with whom I can weave some character-driven, immersive storylines. Here's a bit about me:
Writing Style: My posts frequently range in the 3-4+ paragraph range. Granted, there are certain occasions when a shorter length is more desirable (especially in conversational, or dialogue-intensive scenes)—and this is certainly something I implement when necessary. I’m a strong believer in quality over quantity, and I’m hoping to find a fellow writer who has an appreciation for packing a large quantity of details in a condensed post (within reason).
Themes/Settings of Interest:

Collaboration: For me, the pre-writing, collaborative stage is as enjoyable as the writing process itself. I know that some writers prefer to jump head-first into writing the story itself—with minimal discussion. Based on experience, this approach is due to the fact that some writers fear that too much discussion may “reveal” too much of the plot prior to writing. While this is certainly a valid point, it is important for me to mention that my discussions do not pertain to plot; rather, they pertain to exploring the characters’ backstories, emotional orientations, cultural groundings, and other such factors. It’s more with regard to developing a creative discourse with my writing partner to truly immerse—and “live”—the experiences of our characters. To me, it is this level of exploration and collaboration that truly make roleplaying a much more engaging process as compared to solo writing.
Hard Requirements in a Writing Partner:
If this post has captured your attention or resonated with you in some way, then please, contact me! I would love to hear from you and know a bit about your writing background and aspirations. You can PM here on reddit to receive my discord information so we can embark on our writing adventure!
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you!
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2021.07.31 02:51 soviet_russia420 How do you stop the two guards from killing the other?

(D1) Im doing a clean run, and in the high overseer mission theres a safe with the code 203 and in the adjacent room one guard ends up killing another, how can I prevent this without getting detected?
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2021.07.31 02:51 HysteriaAi I returned my uhaul at the original parking spot, was that alright?

I returned my uhaul this morning to the original parking spot instead of the return lane. I went in store to ask questions and the lady told me to put my keys in the truck unlocked, she did not know that I parked in the parking spot.
I just hope that if she didn’t see it in the return lane she would go check the parking lot for it the same spot it was picked up.
I’m actually worried because all day on my uhaul account it still says that it is an active reservation in use.
I’m thinking about going back there tomorrow morning and asking about it.
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2021.07.31 02:51 Pokefanjonathan DID U SAY

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2021.07.31 02:51 Canolioli Everyone's favorite shoe for the weird uneven paths we walk!

Having issues and am indecisive. Please share your favorite brands and style of walking shoes. I have joint issues, if that helps! I've been looking at new balance, but my zoo has really uneven paths and a couple of inclined areas, so I'm unsure what type is best (hiking even???). Thanks!
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2021.07.31 02:51 arizona-lad He took a picture….

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2021.07.31 02:51 mvenable5177 Are dogs real?

They say animals can’t think. Isn’t a memory a thought? My dog remembers the shit out of the treat bag!
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2021.07.31 02:51 083dy7 Yay!!! Klaus is FINALLY in boxes!! Want him? Comment for Dodo code 🥳

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2021.07.31 02:51 Significant-League81 Trying to get feedback and help for my manga reader project

link >> https://github.com/Manga-Man/Miku-Manga
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